tagAnalA Night of Gifts

A Night of Gifts


It was Saturday night in December. The party had been going on for hours. Cards and board games, music and food, drinking and lots of loud laughter. I have been living with Cory for about three months now, and tonight was just another one of our weekend gatherings for gaming. No special occasion. The kids were in bed, and the guests were starting to leave. It was almost 2:30 am. We said our goodbyes and made plans for our next gaming session. While Cory was walking out the last of the guests, I decided to go get ready for the night, I had a special surprise for my boyfriend. I went into the bedroom and pulled out the shopping bag I had hidden earlier this week. Inside was some sexy black lingerie, some handcuffs, a new bottle of anal lube, and some nipple clamps. I also put on some fishnet stockings, and the lingerie was mostly lace, and it was see-through enough that he would be able to see my nipples through the lace. I put on the lingerie. I heard Cory come back in and lock the door. I put the bottle of lube and the clamps next to the cuffs on the nightstand. I left the lights off except one lamp by the bed, so he could still see me when he walked in. I stood by the window, leaning as seductively as I could manage. Cory walked in and said, "What's this Amber? A present for me?"

I circled around so he could get a full view. "Yes lover, this is just for you." At that moment, he came over to me and stood in awe, soaking in the sight of me. He placed his hands on my side first feeling the lace, and slowly moved his hands to my breasts to give them a firm squeeze. He leaned in as to kiss my mouth but then shifted and went to my neck. Lightly biting and sucking. Then up to my ear and finally to my mouth. My hands moved all over him, one at the back of his neck and the other around his back, gently massaging him.

We stood there, with me pressed against the wall for several minutes just kissing and pressing into each other. Until finally I could feel his hardness pressing against me. After kissing his ear, I softly whispered to him, "I have more presents for you." Then he asked, "Oh really? What could possibly top this?"

Then I slid around him and slowly walked to the night stand. I sat on the bed and held my hands out presenting him with the gifts. "Oooh you naughty girl, when did you get these?"

"I got them a few days ago while you were at work." Cory then walked over and picked up the handcuffs. "Alright kitten, let's start with these." He then proceeded to put the handcuffs on me and then lifted my hands above my head and started kissing me. I tried to lower my hands to put the behind his head but he held my hands firmly into place so I couldn't move them. While he was kissing me, his other hand lifted my lingerie and he started to rub my cunt with his fingers. I could feel myself getting wet and I know he could feel it too, because he said, "Mmm, there's my wet girl."

I couldn't do anything with my hands, so I just lifted my hips and pressed into his hand. He pushed his fingers into my vagina and started pumping away hard, I felt myself cum twice from the finger fucking. Then he pulled me by my cuffed hands down onto the floor on my knees and pulled out his hard cock for me. I started licking his cock, and his balls trying to get everything nice and wet. Then I took his cock into my mouth, and at this point I was able to use my cuffed hands to massage his balls and cock while I continued to suck hard and deep. He put his hands on the back of my head and started to push his cock in deeper, gagging me and making my eyes water. Then he started to fuck my face as if it was my cunt. Pulling out to let me catch my breath and then shoving it right back in there. Deep and hard and fast. Suddenly, he picked me up and tossed me on the bed. He climbed on top of me, lifted my legs up high and started fucking my pussy, while holding my hands above my head pinned to the wall above us. While he was fucking me, he started to suck my nipples. And started biting them hard. I inhaled sharply at the pain while also saying, "Oh hell yes baby, just like that. I like that." He bit my nipples some more. Always pinching the one he didn't have his mouth on. He then reached over and grabbed the nipple clamps, while still fucking me. I was actually scared of these, but I knew it would be exciting for him to see me with them on. He put one on. I screamed a little at the pain. He put the other one on. The sensation burned and I could feel my whole body responding, thrashing a little while still being fucked.

At this point, my moaning has become closer to a scream with each thrust. He fucked my pussy for a while, but then reached over for the lube. He pulled his cock out and coated it in lube. He added the lube to my hole and slide his finger into my ass, opening the hole up and fucking me with his finger for a bit. Then he got his cock ready to slide into me. At this point we've had so much anal sex that my hole has adjusted to his thick size. There's still a tightness to my ass that causes his cock to have to push in slowly, and it makes him groan deeply, almost like a growl as he gets his cock into my ass. At this point, my legs are high on his shoulders, my hands are pinned above my head, my nipples are on fire and he is fucking me in the ass. He gets his whole cock in all the way and then starts to slide back and forth, fucking me in and out. Fucking my ass hard. While he's fucking my ass, he reaches down and removes one of the nipple clamps. A sharp pain shoots through me and I scream and buckle from the pain. So much that when he goes for the other one, I feel myself pull away a bit, but he gets it off anyway. The pain is intense. But I feel myself cumming from it.

He reached down to put his finger in my vagina while still fucking my ass. "Oh girl you just came." and he took his finger covered in my cum and stuck it in my mouth. I sucked my cum off his fingers, never losing eye contact with him. Then he grabbed my leg and flipped me over and let go of my hands so he could put both of his hands on my ass cheeks. He started pounding my ass even harder until I felt him shake and slam into me one final time to cum inside my ass. He collapsed on my back. And we laid there with his cock still in my ass, bodies covered in sweat, trying to catch out breath. He slid his cock out of me and laid down beside me. kissing me. "I love this new lingerie on you girl."

"I'm glad you do." I said.

"How did you like the clamps?"

"Honestly I'm not sure. They were super painful and intense. I'm okay with using them occasionally, but maybe not all the time, okay?"

"Okay. I understand." He said.

"Did you like having me in handcuffs?" I asked.

"It was sexy to have you pinned down unable to do anything with your hands." He said.

"Sometimes I get worried that I'm going to run out of ideas to keep things exciting in bed." I said to him.

"Don't worry honey, we can always mix up the stuff we do. And we don't have to get crazy all the time. I love fucking you, it doesn't matter where or how we do it. I just enjoy the hell out of fucking you."

"Awwww, I love fucking you too." I said with a dorky grin and a giggle. "Okay, we can sleep now lover."

Then we both said goodnight and kissed each other one more time before passing out in each others arms.

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