tagGroup SexA Night of Mini

A Night of Mini


Before I got married, I was a very sexually active person. I seldom had one on one encounters. Even when it was one on one, there was always someone watching and waiting. A friend of mine, the guy who took my cherry when we were 16, liked to show me off. I'm not a perfect 10 (short and a little on the plump side), but I have the perfect mouth for blowjobs. One night, Joe picked me up from work and asked if I wanted to go to a party. I told him I was tired and wanted to go home. He told me he was talking with some guys at the party about the best blowjobs they had. He told them that he knew the best cocksucker in town and would prove it. He knew I wouldn't turn him down after a compliment like that. We went to the party. He took me straight to the kitchen for a drink. I noticed that there weren't any women in the living room when we walked through but thought nothing of it.

After a few drinks in the kitchen, he said, "Let's fuck." We went upstairs to a bedroom. When I went inside, there was a guy sitting on the bed. I had fucked him before, so it didn't surprise me that he was there. Joe told me that Mark was getting married and wanted me to show the groom what a real blowjob should be like. He didn't know that I had just fucked Mark last week. I also didn't know that the guy was getting married. I started undressing as I walked over to the bed. The groom laid down on the bed, I crawled up between his legs. I slowly started licking his cock up and down, flicking my tongue over his balls. Just as I sucked his cockhead into my mouth, I felt Joe enter my pussy from behind.

I have to tell you, my favorite sex act is giving blowjobs. I love the feel of a cock sliding through my lips. There is just something about having a cock in my mouth that makes my pussy drip. Mark, the groom, had already had too much to drink, so he was soft when I started sucking on him. I sucked his whole cock into my mouth, pressing my tongue on the tip. My friend rubbed my ass as he slid his 9 inch cock into my wet pussy. The faster he pumped my pussy the harder I sucked the groom's cock. I could feel his cock hardening inside my mouth. As I squeezed his balls, I started sliding him in and out of my mouth. I heard the door open. I turned my head to see who had come in, never letting go of the cock in my mouth. Three guys came in. I noticed one of them unzipping his pants as he said "I want some of that." My friend started slamming his cock into my pussy then, harder with each thrust. I felt the groom's cock swelling and pulsing in my mouth. I sucked harder and pumped my hand up and down. He shot his cum straight down my throat. I wasn't cum hungry as I am now, so I gagged. My friend pulled out and rubbed his cock on my asshole. I could feel his cum, hot, sliding down the crack of my ass to my pussy. He pulled me up and pressed just the head into my ass. He whispered in my ear, "Show these mother fuckers what a real blowjob is. But don't let anybody, (he pressed his cock in deeper) anybody, in my ass."

The groom moved off the bed. Kneeling on the bed, I checked out the guys who had just came in. Two of them I recognized (I had fucked them before too). All three came to the bed. I leaned towards the one who already had his cock out. I sucked him into my mouth, swallowing half of his hard cock. I wrapped my hand around the rest and twisted my hand around and around. The other two guys started undressing, Mark sat on the bed rubbing his cock watching me. I looked over to the corner where Joe was standing, with a big smile on his face. Once the other two were undressed I swallowed the cock in my mouth and reached for the other two. Sliding my hand up and down on one, down and up on the other. I held the cock in my mouth, humming around it. It wasn't long before I could taste the pre-cum. I pulled away. He told me to lay down on my back so he could fuck me. Again I found myself with a cock in my pussy and a cock in my mouth. I loved it.

I don't know when the room became full of men. Or how many there were. I just know that I had every size cock imaginable in and out of my mouth and pussy all night long. I remember a few saying, "It's me again". :) My eyes were closed most of the time, so I couldn't tell who belong to which delicious cock I was sucking. But I do remember two. A guy who never fucked me before. I swallowed his cock whole, held it in my mouth. Then I licked down to his balls. When I sucked his balls into my mouth, he asked me to lick his asshole. Yuck! He offered me money, I still said no. Every time he came back, the amount went higher. I still said no. But if I had the chance now, money or not, my tongue would be in as deep as I could force it, wiggling around. Maybe a finger or two along with my tongue. The other guy I will never forget is my friend. Joe never fucked me again during the party. Just stood quietly in the corner watching.

When he took me home in the morning, he made me a nice bubble bath. As he rubbed soap over my tits, he asked if I had enjoyed myself. I told him I was sore as hell but loved every minute of it. He spread my legs and rubbed my tender pussy gently. He told me how proud he was that I could handle all those guys nonstop. I asked him how many were there, he said 15. I could not believe I fucked that many men in one night! My pussy massage felt so good, I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. Soon, I felt something pushing against my tight asshole.

Then he whispered in my ear, "Very good Baby. you kept it closed for me." He took me to my bed then. Without him telling me, I got on my hands and knees. Spread my legs wide. And waited. As he rubbed my back, he slowly slide his hard cock into my ass. The deeper he got, the tighter my ass closed around him. I got the best ass fucking that night. :)

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