tagBDSMA Night Of Pleasure

A Night Of Pleasure


She sits by the window and waits for his car to pull into the drive. As she sees the headlights of his car approach her face lights up along with the glow of the candles in the room. The car pulls into the drive as it comes to a stop she watches with bated breath as he steps from the car. She smiles as she sees his sexy body sway with each step. His uniform tight fitting on his handsome body. He walks to the door and turns the knob to enter the house. He walks in and looks toward her.

She smiles and instinctively lowers her eyes to the floor. He closes the door and stands there. He looks to her by the window and clears his throat. He says in a thundering voice. "come to me my girl." She looks up for only an instant. Rises and walks quickly to him. As she drops to her knees in front of him. Her eyes automatically looking to the floor. He reaches down and pulls her up to him as he wraps his arms around her and she instinctively wraps her arms around his neck. As her legs wrap around his waist. He kisses her long and hard as she returns his kiss.

She works at the tie around his neck. Undoing it and slipping it from his shirt as she lets it fall to the floor. As he walks across the room with her in his arms. He ends the kiss and smiles at her as she returns his smile with a sexy one of her own. He walks to the fur rug in front of the fireplace. He kneels on the floor and lays her down upon it as she looks up into his eyes. He looks down at her and smiles. Liking that she is wearing what he asked her to wear when he left that morning.

"a black teddy with her hair pulled up loose on her head as she does her make up with very little to show she has any on at all except the deep red lipstick and black nine inch high heels."

He runs his hand over the black teddy and smiles more as her nipples tighten under the material. She looks up at him and ask softly. "may I undo your shirt and take it off of you please." He smiles and tell her. "yes you can. But that is all you may do to me." "tonight is your night and I will pleasure you." She looks into his eyes shocked but smiles up at him. He looks down at her and smiles. As he lowers himself down and kissing her deeply again. He removes the teddy from her shoulders exposing her breast as he takes her left nipple into his mouth. She moans softly as she feels his mouth on her nipple. As he runs his hand down to her thigh.

She feels his cock grow bigger in his pants against her leg. She smiles and moans deeper. He caresses her mound as he sucks her nipple. His cock getting bigger and bigger he stops long enough to remove his pants. As he lowers himself back down to her he buries his face in her mound. She gasp with surprise then moans loudly at the pleasure he is giving her. She runs her hands through his hair as he licks and sucks her. Moaning with pleasure as she feels her muscles tighten and her juices flow freely from her very soul. Only he can do this to her. Her Master.

She writhes and wiggles grinding her hips to his face. His tongue working it magic on her. She moans louder and calls out Masterrrrrrrr. Yes Masterrrrrrr. He looks up to her and smiles. Leaning back down he kisses up her belly and chest to her nipples again. Sucking each one into his mouth as she moans and pulls at his hair. His cock so close to her now. She can feel the head at her opening. Knowing if she moved her hips just a little he would slips into her. She cups his face in her small hands and pulls him to her. As she licks across his lips tasting her juices. He kisses her deeply as she sucks on his tongue. He moves a little and slips into her as she moves her hips to meet his. He moves in and out of her as she moves her hips with him.

As they move in unison making their own music. Lost in one another. She feels him as he slides in and out of her. Her muscles tighten around him as he drives deep into her. Moaning with pleasure as she cums hard as she feels him throb inside her. She feels the pressure builds in her more and more as her body is racked with a shuddering long hard orgasm. He explodes deep into her as he cums with a deep low growl. Thrusting deep and hard into her as they both cum together. Their bodies shaking and sweating together as she looks up at him and smiles.

Wiping the sweat from his brow. He looks to her and kisses her deeply as she wraps her arms around him. With him still inside her she reaches to the hearth and pulls the warm blankets over them as she whispers. "I Love You Master."

He looks at her and smiles. Nuzzles her neck and whispers in her ear. "I love You too my girl." A small contented sigh escapes their lips as they fall asleep in each others arms. A smiles on each of their faces.

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