tagMatureA Night On the Town

A Night On the Town


It was a Friday and Susie was getting ready to head home from work. It had been one of those weeks. You know the kind. It makes you want to go out and find whatever might pop up. On her way home, she was thinking about places she could go. She was tired of going to the same place over and over and figured she was due a change. There was this new club across town that she overheard some people talking about, the Green Iguana. It sounded like a place to check out.

When Susie got home, the only person to greet her was her cat Belle. She didn't have a steady boyfriend or girlfriend for that matter. That didn't keep her from being one of the horniest women around. Before her shower, she decided to pleasure herself. She went to the drawer where she kept all her toys. She picked a nice big vibrator. She began undressing. Once totally naked, she laid on her bed, legs spread nice and wide. She began by fingering herself. She was extremely wet. So wet, she could hear the sounds of her finger moving in and out.

She finally could stand it no longer. She turned on that vibe and rubbed it across her swollen clit. It made her tingle and want it that much more. She slowly slid that 10 inch vibe up deep inside her, squeezing on it as it went. Moans escaped her lips. She began fucking herself hard with it. As she went, she could tell she was getting wetter by the second. She came in minutes. Hard. She was out of breath, and ready for her shower. Tonight she was going to try and find the real thing. It had been quite some time since she had.

After her shower she went to her closet to find the tightest fitting and revealing outfit she owned. This will be the 2nd time she's ever worn it. It consisted of a black mini skirt and tank top. The top was almost see through. She wore no bra. She didn't need to add pantyhose to this outfit, as she had a great set of legs. Her tits were pressed against her tight shirt, and in the mirror she could see her nipples bursting to get out. A little make-up and she was ready to go.

She found the place rather easy. It looked busy. That was good. She figured she had better luck finding what she wanted. Once inside, the place was a little on the dark side. Making her way to the bar, she could sense some men's eyes on her. That made her tingle again. She came here for one thing and one thing only, to find a man and to suck and fuck his brains out. She sat at the bar, ordered herself a Long Island Iced Tea. Her favorite. She wasn't there long when this handsome stranger she had seen when she came in ended up sitting next to her. She could tell he was pleased with her wardrobe selection. She had big breasts and new how to use them.

They made some small talk and found out they were both single. Also, they both had not had sex in a while. As they got to know each other, they got closer and closer. She found his hand on her thigh. It excited her to no end. She wanted him to go up further. He'd be in for a nice surprise if he did. She wasn't wearing panties. Being so close to this man had made Susie even wetter. She leaned over and whispered in his ear to move his hand up her thigh, to up under her skirt. He did as asked. As his hand touched her wet pussy, she saw a spark in his eyes. She also noticed a nice bulge in his pants.

She told him she lived across town. He said that wasn't a problem because he lived right around the corner. They decided to get out of there and go to his place. It only took a minute to get there even though they walked. She could feel his eyes all over her. At the doorway, they started kissing, feverishly. Their tongues entwined together. His hands feeling her up and down. Her hands feeling him up and down as well.

The minute they were inside his place, he shoved her up against the wall. Holding her there. Locking his eyes to hers. He could tell she wanted it just as bad as he did. He ripped off her shirt, to expose the most beautiful pair of breasts he'd ever seen. His mouth moving all over them, her moans exciting him even more. She took her hands and unzipped his pants, pulling them and his boxers down with one swoop. His large and very hard member exposed. She looked down and licked her lips. He could tell she wanted it.

He let go of her against the wall and she slid down to meet his cock. She took it in hand and gave some long slow strokes, while licking the head all over. Now it was his turn to moan. After a few moments of that, she swallowed his entire cock. He was impressed. She watched him as she bobbed her head on his cock faster and faster. Her mouth so warm and moist, wrapped tight. He just stood there while she sucked on him like no other woman had done before. She sucked and licked his balls as well. She knew he was close when he hardened even more inside her mouth. She wasn't the type to stop though. She loved the taste of hot cum. So Susie sucked till he exploded. Loving it. Wanting it. Needing it. She continued to suck, keeping him nice and hard.

Looking up at him she said, "now that you're still hard, what are you going to do with it?" He took her over to the couch and said you just watch. He bent her over the couch, and with that short skirt still on, could see part of her ass. He wanted that pussy so bad. He got on his knees for a minute and began pleasuring her with his tongue and fingers. She was soaking wet. He couldn't believe it. Before long, she was cumming on his face. She was screaming as she came.

What came next was no surprise. He stood up, his cock still hard as a rock and put it deep inside her pussy. God, she felt like heaven. He pumped her nice and hard. She screamed for him to fuck her harder and he did. Her screams aroused him that much more. He felt her cum on his cock as he thrusted her hard and deep. He just kept fucking. He was not going to stop. He put a finger down there and got it wet from all her juices and shoved it in her ass. She seemed to enjoy that even more.

The next thing you know, his cock is out of her pussy and buried deep in her ass. She's absolutely going nuts now. He can feel her quivering, feel her arousal. His cock moved in and out that sweet tight ass faster and faster. She begged him not to stop till he came. She wanted his cum in her ass. He obliged. After them both cumming again, they fell into an exhausted pile on the couch. She had such a lovely body and he couldn't believe his good fortune.

Little did he know, when Susie went out that night, she had planned on doing this with someone. That's when he noticed the wicked smile on her face. He asked her what it was about. She just said, she couldn't be more relaxed and was just going over in her mind what just happened. He told her, if you liked that so much, stay and we'll see what other things we can get into. She liked that idea, and so she stayed. She thought to herself, this perhaps is the beginning of a great relationship. At least she hoped so.

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