tagLoving WivesA Night Out

A Night Out


We were due to meet friends in Town that night. We went to town but they cancelled at the last minute. We were dressed up for a good night, you in black skirt, shorter than you normally wear, white figure hugging blouse with black sexy bra, thong and heels. You were feeling really desirable and I couldn't keep my hands off you, but you weren't ready to go home so we decided to stay out anyway.

I took you into a bar which had live music later but was still fairly quiet. I got you a glass of wine and we sat by the window in comfy leather settees in what was a nice alcove. We chatted a while and I got you another glass of white wine as the bar got busier. We were doing some people watching and saw a group come in all laughing and joking. There were six of them. Two girls, dressed for clubbing, and four men. Two were obviously the boyfriends and the other two appeared to be friends of the group. They were about thirty-ish and we tried to work out there nationality and what they did etc. They got drinks and started to look around for somewhere to sit. The place was now full and the only other seats were the other two leather sofas in our alcove

They walked towards us with one of the single guys slightly in front. He was early 30's, 6'2" well built, with cropped hair and light black skin. He was smartly dressed and had a smile on his face. He introduced himself as Ryan and asked if they could join us as there were no other seats. We said yes and everyone exchanged names. The other single guy was called Pete, about 30 again, white well built and a bit quieter than Ryan.

We started chatting and I popped to bar to get more drinks for us as you had finished your second glass of wine. For the next hour or so we had a good chat and laugh with them. Ryan was clearly the outgoing friendly one and he kept the conversation moving. We were both on our forth drinks and very merry having a good time. The live music started and the lights dimmed a bit but we continued to chat, just getting a bit louder to compensate for the music. A couple went off to dance and the conversation got a little risqué, with everyone having to reveal there most passionate moment, or first erotic experience etc. We were all laughing at each others embarrassment as we answered and you blushed when you brushed quickly over your encounter with Ben. Ryan tried to get you to reveal more details but you were circumspect and we all laughed at how much you blushed. You took a long drink of you wine and I revealed how big, Ben was. You nearly choked and Ryan asked if you liked big men. I said you did and you punched me on the arm. Everyone laughed and then started to interrogate Ryan. He told a detailed story of a threesome he had had. I could see that this turned you on as you listened intently asking a couple of questions and trying to embarrass him.

One of the other girls blurted out that she had had a threesome and it was awesome. Her boyfriend gave her a quizzical look and everyone laughed. Ryan then asked you if you had had a threesome, you said no and he said I bet you'd love it. You squirmed and denied it and he said maybe you will find out one day. I got up and went to the toilet and to get us more drinks. Ryan said to me as I went, if it was ok to dance with you. I said it was up to her. He just grabbed your hand and dragged you up. I got back and watched as you both gyrated around. I took a photo with the camera in you purse.

After a while you came back and I asked if you had enjoyed it. You laughed and said he is big I'll tell you that. I quizzed you and you revealed that when he had pulled you close you could feel his member growing and pressing against you.

Ryan then suggested truth or dare. Everyone was well oiled by then and we all agreed. It went round in turn and when it came to you, you said truth. One of the girls said, "What was the naughtiest blow job you had done." You laughed and said you weren't sure. I said, what about Ben in the car after your curry night. You punched me again, while they insisted you told that story. You then recounted the story of being dropped home drunk and then arranging to be picked up by Ben and taken to a quiet spot and he was all over you. By now you were very turned on and had drunk a lot so you told the story with relish, about how you had gone down on his large cock and sucked him off. Everyone cheered and Ryan said, "Did you spit or swallow?"

You laughed and said you didn't remember and they all said together, "She swallowed."

We all laughed and truth or dare continued round the table. When it came back to you you said dare as you didn't want to answer any more questions and how daring can it be in a bar full of people and music.

One of the girls said, "You have to snog Ryan!"

We all cheered. Before you could answer Ryan lent over, grabbed your waist and pressed his mouth on yours. You felt his tongue slip into your mouth and one of his hands slide down to grab your arse. They all cheered again and I took some more photos.

The evening carried on. A few minutes later you asked me where the toilets were. I started to point, but Ryan said, " I'm going to, I'll show you."

You walked off with Ryan dragging you by the hand and he showed you to where the ladies are. Just before the door is a small dark alcove where some coats are hanging. Instead of releasing your hand Ryan pulled you into the alcove and began to kiss you on the mouth. You felt his tongue in your mouth again. You tried to resist a bit but you were so horny and in any case you had already snogged him so no big deal. You responded. After a few seconds his hands dropped to your arse and he pulled you close. You could feel how hard and big he was as he pressed against you.

He then turned you around and pushed you against the coats. You put your hands up to stop yourself being smothered by coats and turned your head to look over your shoulder to ask what he was doing. Before you could he started to kiss you again and his hands felt there way up to your breast. He pushed his hand into the top of your bra and began to pinch your nipple. You wanted to sigh but his tongue was still in your mouth. His other hand dropped down and pushed up under your skirt. His finger flicked across the lace front of your thong and then his hand pushed down under the material and started to rub you clit gently. You shuddered.

He carried on massaging you clit and nipple, whilst exploring your mouth with his tongue. Just as you thought you might cum he stopped and turned you round. His hands went to your shoulders and pushed you down on your knees. Without thinking you undid his belt and trouser button and then slid down the zip. You pushed both you hands into the waist band of his boxers and freed his cock so that it bounced free. You grasped the shaft and was mesmerised, even in the low light, at the contrast between your creamy white hand and the blackness of his long thick shaft.

Ryan must of got impatient as he grasped your head and pushed the tip of his cock against your lips. You opened your mouth and began to lick his tip trying to work out if you could get his size in your mouth. The decision was made for you as Ryan thrust his cock into your mouth. He began to fuck your mouth as you responded sucking and licking as best you could. This didn't last long and he said, "Lets see if you spit or swallow?"

You felt him tense and then thrust into your mouth holding you head firmly against him, feeling his ball's bounce against your chin. Before you could decide whether to let him cum in your mouth or not, you felt his seed hit the back of you throat and slide down. Not having much choice you drank him down and felt him start to gently thrust in and out of your mouth again. You kept licking and sucking him clean, as he began to grow smaller. He said, "Wow that was brilliant, you know how to give head."

He put himself away saying, "I'll see you back at the table." And then was gone.

You were so horny, desperate to cum and not sure what had happened. You went into the ladies and cleaned up re-applying some lip gloss as the original was smeared along Ryan's shaft. After a few minutes you returned to the table. I said you were a while. You smiled and I caught a sideways smile from Ryan who said, "Maybe she had a bite to eat."

An hour later we were all still having a good time. Pete said, "Why don't we go back to mine and continue the evening with a few drinks and some food?" We all agreed. About midnight we walked as a group to Pete's house on the edge of the city centre. We all sat round and continued drinking and laughing. We tried a few more games. You seemed very unsettled but still enjoying yourself. We were both pretty drunk. You asked Pete where his bathroom was and he said he would show you. You followed him upstairs and he started to give you a tour. You followed him into a bedroom and he told you it was his. He said it was really cool in summer and he loved the cane rocking chair at the foot of his bed. You stepped over to it and rocked it. As you did you sensed Pete was behind you. He grabbed your waist and turned you round laughing and said, "Your next dare is to snog me."

You replied "I thought we had finished truth and dare." "Oh no," he said, "its my house so my rules say we are still playing."

He then lent in and began to kiss you passionately pushing his tongue deep in your mouth and drawing your body close. He was so strong you couldn't resist and for the second time that evening you responded to the kiss of a stranger. His hands wondered over your body and down to your arse. You were so horny at this point you didn't care. You just wanted to cum. Pete pushed his hand under your skirt and started to rub your clit through the lace of your black thong. You stopped kissing him and moaned. He turned you both round and sat back into the rocking chair pulling you with him. You moaned don't stop I need to cum. You were on his knee, knees apart allowing him access to your soaking pussy and kissing him, your tongue exploring his mouth. He pushed his fingers round the material of your thong and you felt one slide easily into you. You gasped, becoming more desperate to cum but he stopped pulling his face away from yours. He said, "Ryan tells me you definitely swallow is that right?"

You looked into his blue eyes and smiled, "Maybe."

He said, "I cum, you cum!!!"

You sighed and slipped off his knee between his legs with your knees now on the floor. Right then all you wanted was that orgasm because you knew it would be massive. You quickly undid his trousers and freed the large shaft from its confine and sank your mouth over the tip and along the shaft. For the second time that night you gave great head to a stranger, and you loved it. All doubts were gone as you buried your face with gusto on to his hard stiff manhood.

You expected Pete to come soon and would give him the same treatment you gave Ryan earlier. After all fair was fair, and you had found it to be a big turn on. What you didn't expect was Ryan's hands to suddenly grab your waist and push your skirt up. You couldn't react as Pete had your head firmly on his shaft which you were in any event continuing to suck and lick with relish. Ryan said, "Every girl should know what three-some is like, by being fucked by two men."

You could feel him ready himself behind you pulling your butt up and pushing the tip of his rock hard cock against your still soaking pussy. In one long slow thrust he entered you all the way. You were so wet that there was no resistance even though he was very big. You stopped sucking for a moment, all be it Pete's member remained in your mouth, so that you could savour the powerful thrust and sense of filling you got from Ryan's shaft.

After a moment you resumed sucking off Pete and Ryan began to fuck you hard like an out of control piston. There was no gentleness about this just hard raw fuck with you pinned from both ends. You pushed your hand under your body and began to rub your clit as you felt a massive orgasm build. You felt Pete tense and cum and you kept sucking him down as Ryan continued his unrelenting momentum. Pete's erection began to subside as you licked him clean, but after a couple of minutes you felt him begin to spring back to life. You had stopped sucking him and were moaning and shaking your head as Ryan fucked you harder and harder.

The noise had brought me up and I watched the scene mesmerised before taking more photos. You looked back at me with pure lust in your eyes as you let out a huge scream as the orgasm washed over you. Ryan rammed home once more and stopped to unload again into your willing body.

Before you could do anything Pete told Ryan to pull out and he turned you round. With out hesitation you sat back on his lap feeling under you for his shaft to guide it into you. You then began to bounce up and down on his newly hard cock. I watched the sight of you with your back to Pete, skirt round your waist, blouse undone with you breasts free and shaking your head as his large cock fucked you. The second stranger to do so that night.

I took a couple of photo's and then stepped forward to push my own cock into your mouth...

What a night!!

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