tagBDSMA Night Out

A Night Out


We meet at a hotel. My Master gets a room. When we get upstairs, I am ordered to strip and lie on the bed. I take off all my clothes and lie down. Master ties me to the bed with my arms and legs stretched out towards each corner. A blindfold is placed over my eyes. I hear Master rummaging around in his bag then a humming. Something is placed near my cunt that is vibrating just enough to frustrate me but not enough to get me off. Master ties it in place. He squeezes and twists my nipples. I hear my Master walk away, then the door closes.

I'm left there. How long I don't know, but I keep getting so close to cumming. Except it is never quite enough to send me over the edge. I imagine Master is downstairs in the bar. I picture him having a drink and chatting with some guy he just met. Master is telling him about me and what is going on upstairs. The man won't believe until Master shows him some pictures of me in a red lace babydoll touching myself.

The thought of my Master doing that makes me even wetter. I hear the door reopen. It has been about 45 minutes. I want to beg, but I know I am to remain silent until given permission to make noise. I feel a hand on my chest. It pinches my nipple, but this isn't my Master's hand. The fingers are too small and the nails scratch me as they pinch. I strain up as my nipple is pulled further and further. It hurts, but I love the pain. Hair brushes against me as she leans over causing a shiver to run through me. A tongue skims across my nipple, barely touching. I arch up seeking more contact. Her mouth closes over my nipple, and I moan. She switches to my other nipple. Her teeth nip me lightly as her hand wanders down to the vibrator strapped to my leg. Quickly, she unstraps it.

Her fingers rub my cunt gently. She circles around and around my clit, never completely touching it. I press my hips closer to her fingers, but the harder I try the more she withdraws. One finger slowly enters me, then a second. The fingers move in and out, faster and faster. I know I'm not allowed to cum without permission, but I can feel it building. Before I can bring myself under control, I cum screaming, coating her fingers with my juices. She brings her fingers to my mouth and I suck them, tasting myself. As I calm down, I hear my Master's voice. I flush as I realize what I have done. Master says something to the woman, but I'm too worried to concentrate on what is being said. After a minute, Master walks the woman to the door and the room is silent.

Master remains silent, but I can feel his anger and know my punishment is coming. Something swishes, breaking the silence. It is slapped lightly against my left tit and I recognize Master's flogger immediately. The flogger reigns blows on my tit, alternating between the left and the right. I whimper softly, to not incur anymore of Master's anger. Master is standing near my head as he flogs me. Sometimes between swings Master runs his cock across my face. I try to lick him as best I can. A warm glow has spread over my tits and the flogging is getting me wetter each time one lands. A blow lands directly on my cunt and clit. I start to scream, uncaring of the consequences, but Master is ready. When I open my mouth, Master shoves his cock in. I run my tongue along his cock as best I can. Master straddles my chest and begins fucking my face. I run my tongue along the underside of his cock as Master moves in and out of my mouth. I gag a little as Master fucks my mouth. Master pulls out before he cums. I beg him to cum. I want to taste him so bad.

"Not yet, slut. You haven't earned it. You need to deserve my cum." He says. I know Master is right.

I am wet and aching to cum again because Master fucked my mouth. Master gets off the bed and goes back to his suitcase. He returns quickly and pushes something hard and round up my cunt. It is a vibrating egg, one of Master's favorite ways to punish me. Master controls the remote and can be ruthless. I squeeze the egg in my cunt. It feels so good. I was aching so badly for something to fill me. Suddenly, the egg comes to life. I arch up off the bed. I strangle a moan in the back of my throat. The egg changes speed, vibrating faster. I rock my hips trying to get more. I'm getting close, but I know I must not cum if I don't want a worse punishment.

I hear Master stand and move around the room. He rustles through his suitcase. He is seeking something and the anticipation adds to my building orgasm. I hear a swishing sound next. I cannot tell if Master has a whip or the flogger again. The egg stops as quickly as it started. I keep raising my hips up and down hoping for some relief. Master approaches the bed and grabs my nipple as he bends down to whisper in my ear.

"This will hurt, slut. I want to hear you scream. Answer, slut." He says.

I say, "Yes, Master."

The flogger slices through the air again. Master pinches my nipples, pulling them further and further. I moan and whimper. Master attaches the clamps to my nipples without warning and I cry out at the unexpected pain. Master has used the clover clamps, which I find just a little too painful.

I hear the flogger before it lands. As it lands across my tits, Master turns the egg back on high. I scream. I am flogged again and again. Master gets everywhere but my cunt. I dread and ache for him to get me there. I am on the razor's edge of a massive orgasm. Master stops flogging me and again whispers in my ear.

"Cum when I tell you, slut, or there will be severe consequences."

He stands and this time brings the flogger down directly on my cunt. As he brings it down a second time, I hear him order me to cum. I scream as I cum and the orgasm just continues as he brings the flogger down repeatedly. Finally, I stop. The blows keep coming, but I'm so sensitive they are uncomfortable. Master sits beside me on the bed and removes the nipple clamps. I whimper as Master pinches and twists my tender nipples.

After a particularly painful pinch, Master says, "Now you will take care of me, slut."

Master leaves me and cross the room. He turns on the stereo. Music with a rhythmic beat fills the air. I know what this music means: a hard fast fuck, out at least I think I know, but Master continues to surprise me. I hear the top of a bottle pop and something squish as out flows out. It is lube. I imagine Master coating his hard cock and balls.

"Open your slutty, cunt mouth," he orders.

I hesitate and he slaps my face. I don't hesitate a second time. Master places his hard cock across my open mouth.

"Stick your tongue out and lick, slut."

I lick as much of his chick as I can, then Master puts his balls in my mouth. Immediately I start licking them and when I've licked all that I am able to, I suck as much into my mouth as I can. As I lick and suck, Master grabs my tits twisting and squeezing so hard it brings tears to my eyes. I don't want the pain to stop though as I am captivated by it and what Master does to my body. Master takes his balls out of my mouth, but I stick out my tongue hoping for one last lick. Master next puts his ass over my mouth.

"Clean my ass, slut. I want to feel your tongue in my asshole." I don't respond quickly enough, so Master slaps my tits extra hard.

Master unhooks my right hand and places it on his cock. Instinctively, I begin to stroke. Master covers my hand and applies more pressure and speed. I continue as he wants when he moves his hand away. Master alternates between slapping my tits and cunt, and grinding his ass into my face.

"You love sucking and licking Master's ass, don't you, slut?"

I make no acknowledgment of Master's question, because I know he knows I don't like to do this. When he realizes I won't make any response, Master re-hooks my wrist and turns around. He slaps my face and spits on me, then grinds his ass even harder onto my tongue.

He keeps doing this until I can respond, "Yes, Master."

The last time he turns around it isn't to slap me but to shove his massive, hard cock deep down my throat. I try to manage, but Master is so big and he is fucking my face so hard, I can only gag. I try to swirl my tongue around him, but Master is moving too fast. I love when he uses me like this.

Master slows down enough to turn around to slap my cunt with the flat of his hand and I try to yelp in surprise, but Master just slams his cock further down my throat. The muscles of my throat squeeze Master's hard cock as I gag. Master twists my nipples before slapping my cunt again. Master bends down and takes my left nipple into his mouth. I scream again as Master bites my nipple. Master bites my other nipple, then pulls his cock out of my mouth. I keep trying to get Master's hard cock back in my mouth.

"I'm going to untie you now, slut, then I'm going to lie down on the bed. You are to fuck yourself with my cock. Make sure you do a good job, slut."

Master lies on the bed where I was and I straddle him. Master lies there and I know I'll have to do all the work now. I reach down and grab Master's hard cock. I slide it inside myself slowly, squeezing Master's incredibly hard cock with my cunt muscles. Master groans and I slide Master's whole cock inside my cunt. I hold myself there squeezing Master's cock with my cunt and reach up to play with my nipples. Master groans again and says, "Move, slut." I raise up and thrust down slowly, taking Master's cock back into my cunt. I swivel my hips and am rewarded by more noises from my Master.

I can see Master has reached the point where he doesn't want me to tease him any longer. I start fucking him in earnest. Master just lies there letting me fuck him as I do all the work. Master grabs my tits. He pulls my nipples and clutches them as I ride him up and down. Finally, Master starts to move. Master pounds into me and pulls my tits. I move with him. I can tell by how hard Master is riding me and the noises he makes that Master is close to cumming.

"Don't cum, slut."

I cry out at Master's decree. I am so wet and ready to cum again. The air is filled with the scent of my cunt. Master pushes up into my cunt and I press down as Master cums inside me. He feels so good and I want to cum with him, but I control myself just barely. I lie down next to Master when he orders me to. "Reach down to your cunt and play with your clit. If you get any of my cum on your fingers, I want you to bring them up to mouth and suck the cum off." I reach my fingers into my cunt and find my clit immediately. I rub, but I quickly encounter some of Master's cum. I do as instructed and bring my fingers to my mouth. I enthusiastically clean my fingers and bring my fingers back searching for more. My fingers stray from my clit to the hole of my cunt. Master slaps my hand away.

"Bad, slut. Only touch your clit. I want you to make yourself cum."

I play with myself and when I get some cum on my fingers I suck them clean. I start to cum after a minute and Master pinches both my nipples. I scream and Master slaps my cunt as I cum. Master puts his fingers in my cunt, then pushes them into my mouth. I taste myself and when I stop cumming, Master keeps placing his fingers in my cunt making me taste our combined juices.

"You are still on thin ice, slut. One more infraction and there will be a harsh punishment. Understand, slut?"

"Yes, Master."

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