tagIncest/TabooA Night Out with Daddy Ch. 02

A Night Out with Daddy Ch. 02


I stepped into Suite 521, a beautifully plush space with an elegant sitting room and most impressively a king size four poster bed, full of damask throw pillows and a deep purple satin duvet. The furniture was dark cherry wood, upholstered in cool blues and purples; very inviting and enveloping. It was a perfect den for the dirty, fun you had planned.

Feeling nervous and just a bit over my head, I spotted the bar and fixed myself a quick drink. I sat on the edge of the bed, nursing the drink and taking deep breaths. The smell of your aftershave and your sex permeated my hair, my skin and my body; it made you seem so close and the nearness of you always calms me.

I noticed our toy box at the foot of the chaise in the bay window and smiled at how well you had planned. On the chaise was a dress box, no doubt with my outfit for the evening. I moved toward it, stepping out of my heels and unzipping my dress as I did so, until I reached the other side of the room, wearing only my bra, garters and stockings. There was yet another note taped to this box:


I promised you fun and Daddy always keeps his promises. Changing into this outfit will vanquish all those butterflies in your tummy. Remember that I will be here to guide you if you need me, so there is nothing to be nervous about babyone. All you have to do is be bad for Daddy and you will please him very much.


I lifted the lid off the box and found a gorgeous black leather corset that laced up the front with a satin burgundy cord and a matching satin g-string. There were also thigh high fish net stockings and a pair of closed-toe, six inch black leather platform heels. A small pouch held some other accessories: a black satin choker with a burgundy tear drop stone, matching nipple dangles and a naughty little clit-clip provided by Daddy for his lamb's secret pleasure. Rummaging through the box, I found a new whip with a burgundy handle and caressed it lovingly. My pulse quickened with expectancy, this would be mine from now on, no more pretending, no more playing dress up or using Daddy's whip; your Girl would have her own toy to subdue and punish.

Knowing you would allow me plenty of time to prepare I decided to shower because as much as I loved being covered in your scent, I thought you would surely prefer vanilla and citrus over booze, aftershave and cum. Besides a nice steamy shower would help me focus and relax as I covered the hills and valleys of my body with sudsy bubbles and powerful streams of hot water.

Next came hair and makeup and what I lacked in experience I would make up for in visual effect. I dried my hair and slicked it back into a kind of hair style that bumped forward a bit, and flowed long and straight down my back. It made me look much tougher and a little crueler than you know I am. With just a bit of artistic flair I covered my eyelids with maroon, black and silver shadows, swooping into cat like points under my neatly arched brows. I curled my long lashes and coated them with thick, black mascara. Finally, I traced my heart shaped lips with a dark liner and filled them in with a deep, glossy wine colored lipstick. The ability of properly done makeup to transform my sweet little girl face, sun kissed cheeks and all, into a cool, sophisticated fuck Mistress always emboldened me.

I lathered my body with lotion and then dressed; beginning with the jewelry, relishing the tiny pinches on my hard pink nipples and equally hard little clit, and then followed up with the stockings, panties, garters and heels. You were so right Daddy, as soon as I had that corset tightly cinched around me, the narrow steel boning pushing against me rigidly, lifting and displaying my big, pretty fuckgirl tits, barely able to contain them, I felt a sudden rush of assurance. The 5 inch heels and cut of the corset and panties made my legs look impossibly long; adding such stature always makes me feel so commanding. I stood in front of the mirror, admiring myself from every angle, tilting my head, assessing myself through your eyes; I was pleased as I was sure you would be.


I was leaning casually against the bedpost, stroking the whip as the three of you rambled through the door. Lexi appeared to be in much higher spirits and to say you were enjoying the fawning attention she poured on you would be an understatement; your arms were linked and I noticed her red lipstick on your collar. Dave stood back, seemingly unthreatened, his tux jacket thrown over his shoulder. It took a minute for your eyes to adjust to the dim light, but when you all noticed me a collective hush fell over you. Dave moved toward me, his breath ragged as he lowered himself to his knees in front of me, reaching out to caress my calf tenderly.

"Oh Mistress", he moaned in adoration.

I pushed my hand into his hair, tracing down his face until I held his jaw gently in my hand and guided his face upward. I deeply understood his need to fall at my feet, it was a feeling that often washed over me in your presence but you had trained me to have more restraint, more self-respect. You wouldn't allow me to be so completely submissive, you preferred your good girl to have a stronger independent streak.

"Stand-up my sweet and go sit in that chair across the room. Mistress will tend to you soon, I promise. But first things first, I must address my Daddy and set some ground rules for him and this naughty little slut at his side."

I moved toward you and Lexi; she rolled her eyes at me and pulled tighter against your body, wrapping her arms snuggly around your waist. I tilted my head and smiled haughtily at her. You and I locked eyes and I uttered just a single word,


You extricated yourself from her arms as gently as possible, not wanting to wound her but also clear that my demand was to be met. You stood in front of me, your face inches from mine, my breath on your neck; I gripped your collar and pulled you down until we were eye to eye.

"Who is your Girl?" I demanded gruffly.

You smiled proudly, admiring the way the outfit you had selected came together so perfectly before you. You touched my cheek fondly,

"You baby. You're my Girl."

"Good Daddy. Don't forget it. Now come here."

I pulled you by the lapels of your jacket and shoved you down into a chair. I straddled you, pulled your head back by your hair and shoved the handle of the whip between your lips; you bit down and held it in place while I stroked my fingernails against the back of your neck, sending shivers up and down your spine.

"I expect you will ask my permission before you touch, discipline or fuck that trashy little whorebaby Daddy. I am a kind Mistress so I will allow you those pleasures, but you will only do it at my request. And no kissing her on the mouth. Those are my lips to kiss. You won't need permission to touch me tonight, only permission to touch her. Do you understand me my Daddyslut?"

You nodded, humming affirmatively as I removed the whip from between your teeth. I took your jacket and bow tie off and unbuttoned your shirt. Holding your face in my hands I kissed you deeply, your hands squeezed and pushed on my firm, round ass as you sucked my tongue passionately. We got lost in the kiss just a wee bit longer than our spoiled little girl preferred and before long she interrupted us, complaining loudly,

"Hello??? I want a little action too!"

I pulled away from your kiss grudgingly, my thumb pushing into your mouth; you sucked dutifully, rubbing your cheek against my hand. Kissing the cleft of your chin before I pulled away I implored you softly,

"Who's my good Daddy?"

"I am your good Daddy baby... I'm your good boy."

With a satisfied smile, I turned my attention to the moody, demanding fuckbrat in the middle of the room.

"It seems like Mistress has herself two very good boys and one very bad girl. Now, how are we going to teach this girl to behave herself?"

Lexi laughed wickedly and slid to the ground, slinking her dress up over her ass revealing her naked, shining cunt. Falling on all fours like a needy little animal she growled seductively.

"We don't need to play her stupid games. Let's just fuck. Come here Daddy, I will suck that cock and you, my new Daddy, come and take this nasty cunt. Shove it into my tightness. I am already so wet from fucking your fingers in the elevator."

I shot you a sharp look from the corner of my eye. You smirked at me a little guiltily. Luckily, neither of my good boys moved, though your cock did begin to stir at the sight of her nakedness. I stood over her, looking down as she posed for you, her back arching dramatically to give you a good look at her cunt.

"Oh, you don't understand at all, Alexis. It's the games they need, the games they love, the games they crave...Either of them could fuck any little slut they wanted, but they've chosen us, their own pretty little girls. Why? Because it excites them to be bad. It thrills them to have power over us or to give us all of that power and submit like good, sweet Daddies. So, you can learn to play the games and please him like no other girl in the whole wide world could dream of or not, in which case, I'll take him from you quicker than you could imagine."

I slid down to my knees gracefully and reached out to touch her face softly. She glared at me as she straightened up; we both sat on our knees facing each other, squaring off. Both you and Dave watched intently, mesmerized by the power play taking place. She scoffed at me.

"Oh please, your Daddy wants me soo fucking bad. You should have seen him groping me in the elevator, whispering in my ear, calling me all kinds of filthy names." She looked at you and winked wantonly.

I was not shaken.

"Of course he wants you, I want you too. You are beautiful. I hope that sooner than later you will shut your mouth so I can get to fucking you in front of our two Daddies. But babydoll, don't fool yourself into thinking that we couldn't replace you with any pretty little tramp walking down the hallway right now. And your good Daddy deserves more than that.

In case you haven't noticed, while my Daddy may want to fuck you fast and hard right now, your Daddy hasn't stopped thinking about me since the moment he saw me. All he can think about, even as we speak, is how he going to please me. My Daddy just wants to use you. Your Daddy wants to cherish me. If you want that I can teach you how to get it."

She looked at me sullenly.

"I want that. And I want to dress up like you." She demanded crossly.

I stood up, pulled her up by the arms and dismissed her outright.

"Certainly not. We have something for you to wear that suites you better Alexis. Daddy, come, undress her."

You moved toward her and grabbed her lustily, eager to hold her tiny body in your big, masculine hands. She whimpered a soft little "oh" as you yanked on the neckline of her dress, pulling it, tearing it down the middle until it hung from her body in shreds. You proceeded to strip her completely, groping and probing her, tan, warm body with abandon until she stood in front of you, so naked, so vulnerable, her wild dark brown tresses all that could cover her.

As you prepared our misbehaved girl, I sat on David's lap; he scooped me up enthusiastically. I guided his fervent hands to my breasts and he whispered hoarsely

"Please, may I kiss your neck Mistress?"

I acquiesced and he moved his open mouth to my neck, licking and kissing at the small freckles on my collar bone pleasantly. His hand moved down to my babypussy, rubbing it firmly through my satin panties, as he lips moved up to my mouth. For just a fleeting moment we kissed, his soft, fine lips pressed against mine gently, his tongue just starting to push into my mouth when your booming, commanding voice cut in.

"Emily. The rules apply to you as well bad girl. Your kisses are mine. Do you understand?"

I looked at you wide-eyes and nodded docilely. I put my finger to his lips and pushed them away from my mouth and we turned our attention to you and Lexi. He stopped kissing me, though he was getting bolder in how he pushed on my cunt, caressing the growing wet spot on my panties with his thumb, his fingers slipping underneath the edges secretly.

From a small bag you pulled out a studded black leather collar and fastened it around Lexi's neck carefully attaching the cupless black leather bra, trimmed in chains. Her big, perfectly round, tanned tits, so beautiful in their artificiality, were lewdly on display in this sub outfit. I was surprised by how lovely she looked, the chains stretching across her DD's, kissing at her long, brown nipples. You held out a black leather thong and she stepped into it gingerly, your hands dragging against her legs as you pulled them up. The silver chained g-string slipped between her big supple ass cheeks and she cooed gratefully.

Your eyes followed her intently as she bent over to strap on the 5 inch black leather ballerina heels with studded ankle straps. Even from across the room I could tell your dick was raging, longing to slap against that big, juicy ass. When she stood up straight, she wobbled and fell into your arms, unable to navigate the difficult way all of her weight was distributed to the tip of her toes. I chimed in with my next directive,

"Tie her arms behind her back Daddy. And push her down on the floor just like you like, her cheek on the ground, her knees tucked up under her, her ass high in the air."

She didn't struggle against you at all; in fact she seemed utterly eager as you roughly positioned her to please you. You couldn't turn your eyes away from her undulating ass, your mouth watered, wanting desperately to taste her little asshole. I burned with envy, watching her on display for you, in my position. But I pressed on,

"Now Daddyluv, take out your big, hot cock, baby's cock, and slap it against her naughty little asshole, over and over. Make it sting Daddy. Show her how bad little girl's get punished with Daddy's big, hard cockslaps."

It didn't take long before you were on your knees behind her, pulling your big stiff cock out of your dress slacks and jerking it in one hand, the other hand stroking the small of her back, roughly kneading her asscheeks. You scooped a finger full of her nasty girlcum from her cunt and spread it on her asshole, pulling it wide open with two fingers. It was so shiny and red, you couldn't help but take your finger and just slightly push it in; she purred for you.

"Uh,uhhhh, Daddy!"

David watched, somewhat shaken but mostly excited by his bad little girl's submission. His cock pushed hard against my leg. My cunt drizzled so much girljuice for you Daddy, so much it dripped down my thigh. I thrusted my hips upward at David's hand and he finally pushed his fingers in me, tugging gently at my clit-clip until that wet swirl of babycum made it slip off. He started jerking your baby's hard little cumbutton expertly. I giggled and gasped but was still focused on you and Lexi. You were fingering her asshole a little too kindly for my liking and I wanted to draw you out of your trance so I urged you on.

"Slap it now Daddy."

Biting your bottom lip and grunting rhythmically, you slapped her asshole with your thick, punishing rod. She yelped and whimpered, crying out from the sharp, intensity of all that focused force on her tender asshole. You moaned "ah, ah, ah" every time your cock made contact with that precious little butthole.

Her voice trembling and tiny little gasps escaping her lips she began begging for relief.

"Oh, God, it hurts. Please stop. Please eat my asshole. Uh, kiss it Daddy. Fuck my ass with your tongue. It hurts so bad... I need your tongue in me, please Daddy!"

I knew you wanted to do this more than anything, but she had not earned this pleasure and I could not allow you to give it to her yet.

"No Daddy! Move away from her."

I got up from David's lap, though he tried to hold on to my waist as I moved away from him. When I got to you I pulled at you until you rose from behind her, your hard veiny dick, red and throbbing in your hand from the intense pleasure of smacking it against her tight asshole.

I pushed you against the wall and pulled your hand from your cock. Your breath was heavy and gasping as I gripped the back of your neck and brought your face down to mine.

"Calm down you bad boy. Lexi does not deserve that nice, slippery Daddy tongue in her, quite yet. She still has some punishment to receive Daddyboy."

You pulled at my hips, grinding against me lustily, imploring desperately,

"I need it bad Baby. Please let me have your asshole, just a little bit Baby. Daddy wants to taste you..."

I pushed your hair behind your ears.

"Shhh, you dirtyboy... Remember what you told me Daddy, if we wait, it will be all that much more exquisite. I am going to go give that naughty little girl the rest of the punishment she so badly deserves and your kind, pretty little Mistress, will allow you to stroke that yummy cock while you watch, okay my good boy?"

You nodded readily and took your seat, stroking your cock slowly, trying so hard to make it last like such a good, good Daddy.

I turned my attention to David and the little slut, lying on the carpeted floor so ready to get fucked.

"David, pick up you little whore daughter and lay her over the edge of the bed."

He lifted her by her waist and carried her to the bed, laying her over the foot of it on her belly, her short legs dangling, unable to reach the ground. I rummaged through the toy box and found your long lengths of silk rope. Standing on the bed, I tied the ropes up high on both of the posts of the footboard.

As I climbed off of the bed, Dave moved away from Lexi stroking her sweetly before he left her. Standing behind her, I untied her arms and then yanked her up by her hair. I held her tightly against me with one arm as I reached for the rope and slipped her wrist into the pre-tied loop and then did the same with the other. She looked so lovely, her arms stretched high above her head, her toes pointed straight down ontop of those torturous shoes. She arched and struggled beautifully.

I licked her neck with a firm, pointed tongue, shoving it crudely into her ear as I reached my hand down into her slick slutcunt forcefully. She grunted as I hissed in her ear.

"You are going to get it now you bad, bad whore. I am going to whip that hot, little ass so fucking hard until you are begging me to stop, until you are crying out for your Daddy to come and save you and then I am going to make him give it to you. What do you think of that you dirty, little fuckcunt?"

I moved my hands up her body, fondling her tits roughly and put my mouth on her neck. I tasted salty tears dripping down from her cheeks and my heart dropped. She was scared. She gasped through silent tears,

"Please don't hurt me."

She was sobbing silently and her entire little body trembled underneath my touch. Even though I risked disappointing you Daddy, I couldn't let her be so frightened, she was tugging at my heart and I needed to comfort her.

I moved to the bed, sitting on my knees in front of her restrained body and took her pretty, tear streaked face in my hands. I kissed and licked her hot tears away whispering soft appeasements into her ear.

"No, no baby, please don't cry. Mistress won't hurt you if you don't want her too, I promise. We are just playing babyone. Shhh, my good little girl."

Her breath began to slow as I wiped her tears away. I moved closer to her so she could rest her head against my tits as I stroked her hair sweetly.

Her mouth at my chest, she began to softly suckle at the top of my tits, her tongue snaking in between my cleavage. She finally lifted her head and with a tiny, cracking voice spoke,

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