tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Night Through The Looking Glass

A Night Through The Looking Glass

byLeigh Brant©

New York is a big town. A town where you don't know anybody, a town where you are always on the run and a town that never sleeps. The streets are lined with buildings, all crammed in to small lots, leaving the city no room to breath.

Robert Davis, a twenty-five year old stockbroker, lives in New York. He has only been here a year and still is not used to how things are run. He leaves his Madison Avenue apartment and starts off his normal Friday with a stop at "J&C Bagel Co." There he orders a plain, toasted bagel with plain cream cheese and a large orange juice. He sits down at his favorite booth in the back of the bagel shop, the one next to the window, and eats his breakfast while reading the paper.

Robert finishes his bagel ... looks down at his watch and realized he is almost late for work. He gathers up the paper and heads out the door to work knowing that if he can just make it through today he will have the weekend ahead of him. Mandi is supposed to accompany him to the theater tonight. They are seeing Shakespeare's, "A Mid Summer Nights Dream."

About half way through his day ... Robert gets a phone call from Mandi. She says that she has to cancel their date for tonight. She has come down with the flu and does not feel up to a night on the town. Robert, a bit saddened slouches down into his chair. Not wanting to attend the theater alone ... he decides to pick up a movie and order pizza.

Its 5:45pm and Robert is leaving work late. He stops by Blockbuster and picks up a movie and then heads home. Pineapple, green pepper and chicken sound good. He picks up the phone and calls Pizza Hut. Hanging up the phone ... he has 30 minutes before the pizza will be here so he decides to take a shower and relax before dinner!

Steam is rolling over the glass door of the shower filling the entire bathroom. Robert can feel the water running over his shoulders and down his back washing away the tension of the day. He places his hands on the cool tile in front of him, closes his eyes and lets the water run over the length of his body. Just as he begins to relax the door bell rings! Turning the shower off quickly, jumping out and wrapping a towel around his waist, he runs for the front door!

Robert opens the door and takes his pizza from the delivery girl, pays her what he owes and then closes the door and goes to the living room. He slides the movie in the VCR and turns the lights off. Right as the movie begins he starts to miss Mandi ... but .. pushing the feeling he eats his pizza and tries to get into his movie.

* * * * *

Robert slowly opens his eyes ... blinking them a few times trying to get them to focus. He looks at the clock ... 12:30am. He must have fallen asleep during the movie. That's alright ... the movie really had not interested him anyway.

Stretching out his legs he looks over at his big window, the one that looks out over New York City, and he sees the telescope that Mandi bought him last year from Christmas, she knows how he likes to star gaze. He decides to do a little star gazing tonight and walks over to the telescope, sits down on the chair behind it, and looks through it out into the big black sky. It is kind of a cloudy night .. but he can find a few stars here and there.

After about 20 minutes of looking for stars he gives up. It is too cloudy out tonight and it is almost impossible to find anything worth looking at. He takes his eye away from the telescope and looks out at the city. The apartment building across the street only is mostly dark with only a few lit windows. He notices two bodies in the one almost directly across from him ... they almost look as if they were dancing. Robert takes the end of the telescope and brings it to his eyes and cautiously brings the apartment across the street into view.

Two people, a man and a woman, are standing in their window looking out over New York City as well. The woman is stunning. Standing there in a short, black cocktail dress with her auburn hair pulled up into a bun. The man standing with her is dressed in black slacks and a white dress shirt. He is standing behind her with his hands folded across her stomach and his chin resting on her shoulder. He begins to kiss her neck, she smiles, and Robert can almost hear the sweet nothings that he is whispering into her ear.

The woman turns around and kisses her mate so tenderly. Their lips just barely parting when he slides his hands around her waist and pulls her into him pressing their bodies so close together. They kiss passionately and you can see their tongues teasing each other. His hands slide down over her perfect little ass ... squeezing it gently.

She pulls back and then leans in for a quick kiss and whispers something in his ear. She walks off towards the bathroom, disappears inside and closes the door. He slides off his shoes and takes his tie off. Lying down on the bed to await the arrival of his partner, he closes his eyes and relaxes.

Robert takes his eye off of the telescope and looks around his apartment to make sure no one is watching him. He feels a rush of adrenaline through out his body. He has always wanted to watch someone without them realizing what he was doing and now he had his chance. He puts his eye back to the telescope.

She walks out of the bathroom wearing nothing but her black, satin thong and matching bra. The man sits straight up in bed and a sly smile spreads across his lips. He slides off of the bed and meets her half way, looking her up and down as he leans in to kiss her lips. He softly bites her lower lip and slides his arm around her back placing his large hand in the small of her back. The break their kiss and his free hand moves up and lets her hair down, watching it fall around her sexy little face.

They start kissing each other heavily, his back towards the bed, they start walking backward never breaking their kiss. The back of his knees hit the bed and he falls backward onto it taking her with him. She straddles his waist and finally her lips leave his. Moving down his chest, she starts to unbutton his shirt kissing all the way down to the waist of his pants. She then slides back up his body kissing him again.

He wraps his arms around her and rolls her over placing himself on top of her. He smiles down at her and teasingly leans down to lick her lips. Licking from her lips down to her chin and softly biting it, then continuing to lick down her neck stopping only to place tiny little kisses along her collarbone. Kissing still down her now heavily rising chest, he licks the valley between her full breasts dragging his tongue along the top of her bra. His lips rest on top of her left nipple gently sucking on it through the material. He reaches behind her arched back searching for the clasp that will free her perfect tits. He undoes the clasp and then looks up and smiles at her. He takes the left shoulder strap between his teeth and slowly drags it off of her shoulder, doing the same with the right, and then pulls the article completely off tossing it across the room.

Robert, starting to feel the bulge in his pants harden, shifts uncomfortably in his chair, his eyes never leaving the apartment across the street. He sees the man begin to lick his partners' nipple. Flicking it ever so softly with his tongue, taking it now between his lips, suckling it deep within his hot mouth. His fingers are dancing across her rising and falling tummy working their way down towards her hot spot. They begin to rub the outside of her panties ... gently ... teasing her more now ... his mouth switching over to the other nipple. Sucking it all the way into his mouth ... he slides her panties to the side and starts dragging his finger up and down her pouty lips. Her back arches ... and a smile crosses her face.

Her hands being to run through his hair, he leaves her hard nipples ... and kisses down her tummy. Finding her navel he circles it with his tongue, placing a kiss on it, and continuing to kiss farther and farther down. His hot breath just now crossing her panty line ... falling across her soft lower lips. His extends his tongue to meet her slit, dragging it along the top ridge from top to bottom, taking his fingers and parting her lips. His tongue slides down the left side of her clit then back up along the right side, never actually touching it. He blows softly on the hardening little button.

Robert has his pants off by now. His throbbing member is so hard ... his eye still never leaving the eyepiece. His hand is wrapped around his cock, slowly dragging his fingers along the shaft, watching his neighbors.

He is on the floor now ... kneeling at the bottom of the bed. He pulls her towards him sliding her ass right to the edge of the bed. Pushing her legs apart, he spreads her soft lips with his fingers and flicks his tongue across her hard little clit. Her back arching, he places his lips all the way on it sucking it into his mouth. His finger finding her hot spot ... slowly sliding into the first knuckle. Grazing his tongue over her clit, teasing it. Pushing his finger in a little further now ... the second knuckle disappearing. Her hips pushing down to meet his hand ... his finger all the way inside of her now. He begins to move it slowly in and out of her while his tongue flicking faster over her clit. Her legs wrapping around his head so tight ... her back arches up off of the bed, her lips part and an orgasmic moan escapes her lips.

Roberts hand starts moving faster and faster along the length of his shaft, squeezing lightly, feeling the temperature of his apartment being to rise.

His head comes from between her legs; he picks up her quivering body, and moves it up into the middle of the bed. Sliding his leg between hers he leans down and kisses her hard. Her hands around his shoulders ... holding onto him so tight. He spreads her legs apart farther, takes the head of his cock and drags it along her pussy lips. The head of it pressed against her clit, rubbing slowly back and forth, teasing her. He slowly slides the head in. Kissing her, moving his hips back and then forward again pushing farther into her, little by little working his manhood into her body.

Roberts breathing starting to get very shallow as his hand moves faster and faster up the length of his shaft now. His head showing signs of perspiration from watching the man and the woman in the apartment.

He pushes her legs all the way apart moving his hips back and forth, his hard cock rocking inside of her body. He pushes her arms up above her head, pinning them down with his, as his fingers intertwine with hers, kissing her. His body starting to pick up speed ... licking her nipples ... the expression on her face is indescribable. Thrusting his cock deep within her then pulling back until he is almost all the way out of her and then back in again. Repeating this process over and over again.

Robert finally taking his eye of the telescope leans back in his chair, stroking his cock faster and faster. His hand wrapped so tight around his pulsating member. Fingers dragging along the underside of the shaft, pulling harder and harder. Arching his body against the back of his chair his hand moves faster, harder ... wrapped so tight around his cock. He throws his head back and shoots his hot, sticky cum all over his chest. Lying their catching his breath he sits up and puts his eye back up to the telescope and looks out into the apartment again.

His cock so deep inside of her now, her arms wrapped around his shoulders, nails digging into his back. He thrust hard, her back arching up against his, her lips parting and a loud moan echoing in the apartment. Wrapping her legs tight around him, pulling him into her, his hips moving faster now, the thrust getting harder. He rolls her over. Now she is on top, straddling him.

Leaning down she kisses him, long and deep. Placing her hands on the headboard she begins to bounce on him. Dangling her tits, the nipples so hard, in his face. He leans up and sucks them in deep. She sits up on the balls of her feet and bounces her pussy up and down on his cock, spreading her lips so he can go deeper. He is bouncing up to meet her, their bodies smacking together. Up and down the length of his shaft she goes, taking every inch of him in. His back arching, hips moving up to meet her, he explodes, shooting his cum deep inside of her. His back falling against the bed as she still rides him ... wanting every last drop of his cum inside of her.

She collapses on top of him ... lying there. Their bodies moving up and down in unison as they try and catch their breath. He rolls her over and lays beside her looking into her eyes. They mouth words of love to one another, exchange kisses and turn off the light.

Robert finally leaves the telescope for the night. That was nothing like he had ever witnessed! Crawling into bed ... the phone rings.

"Hello", he says into the phone.

"Hi, baby", the soft voice on the other end says. "I just wanted to call and tell you I love you."

"Mandi, I love you too sweetheart."

He hangs up the phone and closes his eyes.

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