tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Night Time Drive

A Night Time Drive


I love to show off in public. My husband used to get nervous when he knew I was in that mood, but now he never complains. I think he likes it when he sees other men and women looking at my body, wishing they were with me. And I know he loves it when I get horny because of the show I make!

One evening when we had decided to go out to a local bar, I was getting hornier by the minute thinking of the fun we would have. I wear a 36-D bra, and I decided to wear a black, lacy one that had holes in the cups where my nipples would show through. On top of that, I wore a hot pink, silky blouse that was fairly thin. Thin enough that you could see my bra through it, and you could definitely see my hard nipples poking out under the fabric. I decided on a black pair of suspender-type pantyhose, the kind that has nothing to cover the entire ass and crotch area. Over that, I put on a short, black leather skirt. It was so short, you could almost see the skin at the tops of my thighs, and if I bent over, you could definitely see my shaved pussy. I finished off with my black four-inch heels, and we were off.

As we drove to the bar, I casually lifted my skirt enough for him to see what I had on underneath, and reached over to feel his instantly hard cock through his jeans. He had a grin from ear to ear. I soon noticed he wasn't going in the right direction for the club we were supposed to be going to, so I asked him why. He said he wouldn't take me to have my fun until he had a little of his own fun first. He smiled and unbuttoned his jeans. Shocked to see that he wasn't wearing underwear either, I was only too happy to oblige. I sucked his huge cock as he drove down the busiest street in town, with one of his hands on the wheel, and the other with a grip on my hair.

He didn't even give me a chance to suck it the way I love to, he just kept shoving my head down until I could feel the head of his throbbing dick in the back of my throat, and then pulling up until the tip almost popped out. Over and over. The first time we came to a stoplight, he rolled down the electric windows. I could hear that there were people next to us, I could hear them talking about us. The whole time I was getting wetter and wetter just knowing these strangers were watching me suck this big cock. I managed to maneuver myself so that my ass was facing the open window, and he lifted my skirt a little more so that the people in the next car could get good view of my wet slit. I was so turned on just thinking that all the driver would have to do was stick his hand out his window, and he could have his fingers in my hot hole. As we pulled away from the stoplight, he told me they were keeping pace with us. He wanted me to give them a good show. So I reached between my legs and started fingering my clit. I love it when he talks dirty to me, and he didn't let me down. He told me every single thing to do. When I felt him grow so big I thought I would choke, he finally came. I felt like such a whore licking and slurping his hot come, and I loved it. I can't help moaning, and making noise when I suck him off, and I get so hot when he comes, I get even noisier.

I licked him clean, and by this time, I almost couldn't take it. I had given them a show, and I couldn't wait to turn around and see who my audience was. It was a good looking, thirty-ish man driving, and a blond with great tits giving him a hand job while she was playing with her rock hard nipples. One look at those blue eyes of hers, and those beautiful tits, and I was almost ready to come. I knew I had his come all over my mouth, and while I pulled my slippery fingers up to my mouth and sucked my juice off of them, I knew I had to act like every bit the slut I felt like. He pulled us into a nearby parking lot, which was not too crowded, and they followed. We both parked parallel to one another a few stalls apart, and I opened my door. The other driver opened his door, and as he swung his feet out onto the ground, the blonde came around to his side of the car and stood in front of him, with her back to him. She lifted up her skirt, and I could see her blonde bush. She then sat back on his cock and started to fuck him slowly.

I took this cue, and opened my blouse. While my man pinched my nipples, I rubbed my clit hard. The sight of her fucking him faster and harder made me wetter, and I rubbed faster, too. My husband opened my front closing bra, and rubbed and squeezed my tits while I stuck two fingers into my aching pussy. As I leaned back on him, I kept banging myself with one hand while I fingered my clit with the other, never taking my eyes off of her pussy slamming his amazing cock over and over. About the time I thought I couldn't take it any more, I reached a mind-blowing orgasm. I am a screamer, and there wasn't a person in that parking lot that didn't hear me coming then. The other two reached their climaxes at almost the same time, and afterward, we all just kind of got dressed and pulled away without a word.

On the way to the club, I thought I would really like to run into them again, but I have never seen them since. Of course, that doesn't mean I don't have other wild stories to tell you...

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