tagRomanceA Night to Remember

A Night to Remember


Dubb sat in his truck his heart rate accelerated at the thought of the evening to come. He reached down for his 40 oz to take a swig hoping that would calm his nerves. He'd been married to Michi for a few years now and their relationship was seriously on the rocks. He would do anything to win her back and when she brought up the idea to him, he jumped on it. Besides, he bought those damn boots for her and he'd be damned if he never got the chance to see her in them other than that first night when she'd put them on for a brief moment to model them for him. She did look hot in that outfit she chose to put on with them. He smiled as he remembered her in that pair of beige skorts that just covered her luscious ass, the beige striped top that enhanced her plump, delicious breasts and tied around the back of her neck, the cute beige, leather derby cap and those boots. He almost got a hard on looking at her and wanted to take her upstairs right then and there and ravish her thick, voluptuous body but he had to keep his cool because he'd pissed her off earlier that day and had to coerce her into putting the boots on in the first place. He knew she only did that just to shut him up but the fact that she did it anyway after the way she was feeling towards him, let him know that she cared.

He saw her when she got off of the bus and headed towards the fast food restaurant not too far down the street from the motel they agreed they would go to after "accidentally bumping into each other" at the fast food place. His dick immediately got hard and he couldn't even see the outfit she had on under her street clothes but he saw those thigh-high black three-inch heels. He'd always had a fetish for wet hair and boots. They could have been any kind of boots, but mostly knee-high or thigh-high. He took several deep breaths to calm himself down so he wouldn't exit the truck with a raging hard-on.

Michi entered the fast food place and headed towards the counter to place her order. Her heart rate was going a little fast knowing that she was about to embark on a fantasy she'd had for years but was never able to truly share with her husband because she never thought he would care enough to try and make it happen. In her mind, he always just seemed more interested in getting her in bed with another woman. She remembered bringing up role-playing to him before and it seemed as if he just brushed it off. He never knew how much that bothered her. As she stood at the counter dressed in the outfit that he picked out for her under her street clothes, she felt sexy as hell. She wasn't a beautiful woman but she carried herself with such confidence that when people saw her, they just felt her beauty rather than viewing it. She was a short woman standing at just over five feet and she was a bit overweight. Some people would call her thick, others would call her voluptuous, while others still, would simply call her fat. She didn't care. She was comfortable in her skin. The only thing she really had an issue with was her teeth as she had yet to get braces and they were crooked but apparently that really didn't matter to a lot of people because of the beauty she radiated from within. Her smooth coffee with just a hint of cream looked soft to the touch. She never really had a problem with acne and for that she was grateful. She looked at the menu behind the counter with her big dark brown lying eyes and pursed her firm small lips together as she contemplated what she wanted to order. She tossed her head back making the strands on her platinum blonde wig flare out and decided on a double cheeseburger meal. No, she was not afraid to get her grub on. When she was hungry, she ate and it was evident in her weight. She weighed in at around 200 lbs. but she couldn't see it. She just figured it was all in her tits, ass, hips and the little bit of gut she'd put on over the past ten years or so after she'd gotten her tubes tied.

"Excuse me?" a familiar voice said in her ear. " I know this is going to sound cheesy but I couldn't help but notice you when I saw you walk in. I have this fetish for boots and let me tell you, you are rocking those boots."

She looked up into those oh so familiar light brown eyes surrounded by the sexiest eyelashes that would darken to different shades depending on his mood. He was a good foot taller than she was, her head barely reaching his chin. She took in his appearance liking the outfit he'd chosen to wear for the night. He knew she always liked him in black and took full advantage of that knowledge. He even decided to put an earring in his left ear for the occasion. He smiled at her with his full lips, the bottom lip just a little fuller than the top. She remembered telling him that he better not ever shave his moustache again because he just didn't look right. He could shave the goatee but he'd better keep the moustache. He chose to wear both his moustache and goatee for the occasion. His wore his hair in a bald fade and she noticed that he did indeed go to a lot of trouble for this night because he'd finally colored the gray that was usually evident around the temples. He looked younger like he did when they first met and that made her insides quiver. He wasn't a big man by any standards but he'd let himself go just a little over the years weighing in at 235 lbs where he'd never weighed more than 225 lbs in all his life, even when he was a retired high school football player that still lifted weights on a regular basis.

"I'm not sure whether to be offended or flattered," Michi responded in her husky voice. That was another thing she hated because when people who didn't know her called the house trying to get her to get some stupid credit card, they would mistake her for a young adolescent boy and she was so far from being a male, it wasn't even funny. She took it in stride though. Her voice never bothered Dubb. In fact when she first sent him that message on the phone chat line all those years ago, there was something about it that drew him in and he couldn't get enough of hearing it. He'd given her his number not sure if she'd ever call him but she did and here they were almost twelve years later. It was the best thing he'd ever done as far as he was concerned.

"Oh, it was definitely a compliment. So, what are you doing tonight? You got a man waiting on you at home?" Dubb replied with a devious grin.

Michi giggled loving the way he was getting into this role-play. "Actually, no, not that I know of. I told him I was going out to get me something to eat and he said he had a friend he had to meet so not to worry about rushing home. Why? What did you have in mind?"

"Well, I was thinking maybe you and I could go somewhere and just talk for a bit. I'm from out of town and don't know anyone. My motel room is just right up the street but if that would make you uncomfortable, we could just sit here and talk." Dubb replied wondering how she would respond to the out of town comment.

"How would your gal feel about you being holed up in your motel room with some strange woman you picked up at a fast food restaurant?"

"Oh, she wouldn't care. She's pretty cool like that and understands that stuff happens. Besides, she's most likely doing her own thing."

"You don't have a problem with that? Her doing her own thing while you're out of town?"

"Well, I do but I can't be a hypocrite now, can I?" Dubb smirked.

"No," Michi smiled at his frankness. "I guess not."

Michi agreed to go to the motel with Dubb so they could "talk" knowing they would be doing so much more than that. Her insides were practically melting at how well things were going and at how Dubb seemed to know just the right thing to say to make this fantasy a reality and as realistic as possible. She got her order and waited patiently while Dubb placed an order of his own. Once they received their food they headed out to his turquoise green truck and he opened the door for her. That was not an occurrence that happened very often but he knew she liked that shit so he wanted to make this night a night she would never forget and maybe she would forget about all this divorce nonsense. She belonged with him and he aimed to prove it to her.

Michi climbed into the truck ready to get this adventure under way. They made it to the motel room and she giggled at the mirrors on the wall, thinking, "So, he was paying attention." She removed her jacket and made herself comfortable on the bed in her skirt and t-shirt so she could eat because she knew she would need her energy for what was to come. She wasn't even nervous like she thought she would be. This was her husband so why should she be nervous? It was just that this was something new to both of them. Something they had never done before with the role-playing. They were still themselves and they kept it real with what they talked about but she had chosen for this night that he would only call her Michi (his pet name for her when he was really feeling her) and she would only call him Dubb (who she liked to call his alter ego). It was going well. They ate and talked like they had just met and were just getting to know each other and their situations. She brought up the divorce and that made Dubb wince for a second but he had to remember they were role-playing. He wasn't her husband that night but some guy that just happened to come along who wanted to hang out with her among other things. Of course, he didn't play on the "other things" he wanted to do, choosing to let her take the lead. She did right after she spilled her guts about her husband cheating on her. He almost felt like shit for her throwing that up in his face once again but he decided to just go with the flow because he loved her with all of his heart and he knew this last indiscretion was just a bit much for her to take and it would take some major work on his part to get her to believe in him again. He fucked up and he knew it so he was willing to take whatever he could get by way of intimacy with his wife.

She looked at him and smiled knowing by the look in his eyes that he was struggling with all that was going on but was determined to follow through with this fantasy without going off on her. That's what usually happened when she brought up the divorce. He didn't want to lose her and it was hard for him to hear her talking about divorce so he'd go off on her even though he knew that was the last thing he needed to be doing but he was hurting and he felt lost. He couldn't imagine his life without her and would do anything to make things right for her and prove to her that she would from that moment on forever be all the woman he needed. She didn't buy it though but she was willing to keep an open mind hence the fantasy night. Michi leaned towards her husband and brushed her lips across his. He wanted to just crush her to him but decided it would be best to allow her to take the lead and control since she always said he tried to control her and this would be one night she would not be able to say that. Michi felt her heart rate skip a beat at the touch of those soft full lips lightly brushed up against hers. She wanted to just take her husband right then and there and the rest of the fantasy be damned but she had to do this right. She reluctantly pulled herself together and got up off the bed excusing herself to the bathroom. Besides, she really had to pee.

While Michi was in the bathroom Dubb sat there in turmoil. He so wanted to go into that bathroom with her. He had to keep his cool though and it was extremely hard because he wanted her so bad. He wanted to feel her naked skin next to his own. Hell, he just wanted to go home and she was home. He felt himself getting choked up at the situation knowing that this night was no guarantee that she still wouldn't divorce him but he had to try. If she was really serious this time, because she'd threatened to leave him before on many different occasions but always took him back, he didn't know what he would do. She was all he knew and he couldn't picture his life without her. He swore to himself at that moment that if she came around this time as she'd done in the past...he really didn't expect her to because she was so adamant and it had been over two months since she said she wanted a divorce and although she said she would keep an open mind, she would always find a way to let him know that she hadn't changed her mind...he would never, ever cheat on her again. If she went through one of her infamous worry spells he wouldn't just assume that she was fucking someone else. He would just accept that she was worrying about bills and shit and be patient and wait for her. No, fuck that. He would make sure she never had to have a "worry spell" again.

While Dubb sat on the bed fretting over what to do to save his marriage, Michi took care of her business and stripped revealing the outfit Dubb had bought for her. They had gone to Simply Fashions one day before school started to try and help their daughter find some school clothes that she was willing to wear and noticed that they carried very nice looking lingerie for women of Michi's size. Because of Michi's 38 to 40 DD breasts depending on which bra she wore it was hard to find cute, sexy lingerie that Michi was happy with that fit her properly. Personally, Dubb could have given a damn if it fit or not. It was just going to come off anyway but he was learning that she had to be comfortable in what she was wearing because in her mind, she wasn't just wearing it for him. She was also wearing it for herself. She revealed a slinky black spaghetti strapped nightie that didn't quite cover her ass cheeks and a fire engine red thong just to throw in some color to the outfit. Michi looked down at herself loving the way the little nightie felt against her skin and it didn't look half bad accentuating her sexy curves.

Michi emerged from the bathroom and it was then that she began to feel her nerves. She knew Dubb would go completely ga ga but at the same time, she still felt nervous waiting for his reaction. Dubb heard the bathroom door open and saw her step tentatively into the light. He knew she was nervous because she kept tugging at the skimpy nightie and wouldn't meet his eyes. His heart swelled with so much love for her at that moment that he knew he would never be without this sexy sensual woman in his life. Then as he got a better look when Michi true to her character gathered her confidence and strutted into the room like an accomplished model his dick began to swell with the desire he'd held in for the past month when Michi cut him off and refused to give him any more pussy. He'd been tempted to cheat again having a very high sex drive but he remained strong and didn't give in. At that very moment he was glad he didn't but he wished he would've had enough sense to get that first nut out of the way because he knew it wouldn't be very long before he exploded. Hell, he could already begin to feel the pre-cum oozing out of the tip of his now throbbing hard on.

Michi struck a pose for him ready for him to mention the digital camera because he was supposed to have brought it. She wasn't going to post these pictures on the Internet because she was through with all of that. Well she wasn't entirely through. She still wrote her erotic stories and still flirted and even had cyber sex from time to time but she was definitely through with showing her body off for all the perverts in Internet land to see. She'd removed all of the pictures she'd had posted knowing that some crazy pervert out there probably stole the pictures anyway to jack off to. "That's one of the many chances you take when you put yourself out there like that," she thought to herself as she had deleted her old life on the Internet and re-invented herself.

Dubb felt like he was going to explode with desire and tried to get himself in check. He knew he had to handle things right this night so as not to piss his wife off by becoming overzealous but dammit, it was hard. He watched as Michi gathered even more confidence and began to shimmy in front of him dancing to the beat of some unknown tune in her head. She was shaking the bottom of that sexy ass nightie in her hands and wiggling her thick hips in front of him. She turned as she danced and he got a good look at her brown juicy ass shaking in front of him. He could see the ripple on her ass cheeks with each shake. His hard on continued to strain against the tight black jeans he chose to wear. He needed relief and he needed it soon. Suddenly, he remembered the camera but knew that taking pictures in his state and frame of mind wasn't going to help the situation any. He was libel to break that damn camera trying to get to her. He jumped up and made some flimsy role-play excuse to get to the bathroom so that he could go ahead and relieve that first nut. While he sat there on the toilet seat stroking away at his dick, Michi walked in on him. He jumped in embarrassment berating himself for not locking the door. Michi had only caught him jacking off once in all the years they'd been together and then it was because he wanted her to.

Michi licked her lips wanting to taste her husband in her mouth. She had a funny feeling she would make him cum orally this night. She knelt down before him and looked up at him with her big brown eyes full of passion and didn't hesitate to remove his hand from the shaft of his dick all smooth with the veins poking out in the effort to release the cum. She knew that he would not need much physical stimulation before he would be shooting his load down her throat. She licked her lips again and placed those perky pink lips around the head of his cock and gave it a gentle pull, suck and pop as she pulled her mouth off allowing the air to mingle with the wetness of her spit. She did this several times driving Dubb insane with the desire to just shove his member deep into her mouth. He couldn't deep throat her, he knew but he knew how far he could go and he so wanted to just feel it. She was teasing him mercilessly. Finally, she sucked him in as far as her small mouth would take him which was pretty small at that time as his dick was harder for her than it had ever been before. He could swear he must have grown another inch or two but didn't complain as he relished in the feel of her hot, wet tongue massaging the shaft of his dick as she worked one of her hands expertly up and down the length of his dick.

No his wife didn't make him cum orally very often, mostly his fault because he'd never truly let himself go worried about disrespecting her, but this night she would and he would be hard pressed to even try to stop it. She continued to work her magic on his love rod and before he knew it, he was screaming like a bitch. He loved and hated that she had that kind of power over him. He lost his control and just let it flow finding just enough strength to look down into her eyes. Her eyes were glowing with satisfaction as she popped his dick out of her mouth mid ejaculation and stroked cum all over her cheeks and chin. Dubb couldn't tear his eyes away loving the way she looked with his love juice all over her face. She'd done this before but very rarely and it was always too much for him to handle so he'd always closed his eyes just to relish in the feeling. He decided as the pleasure took over his body to have the whole experience and actually look this time. His body started to convulse uncontrollably as he felt himself cumming again just at the sight of his cum on his beautiful wife's face. Damn, she just gave him his first multiple orgasm and he thought only women did that shit. He couldn't keep his eyes open as he began to feel weak with the all the tingling sensations running through his body. He felt heavy like he wouldn't even be able to stand up and yet he felt light as a feather at the same time.

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