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A Night To Remember


Everyone had finally left a few hours after the New Year had begun. Finally, they were alone. Though it was getting late, or rather early, neither of them was at all tired, but nonetheless they began preparations for bedtime. They made up a bed for her on the couch, the couch that was a favorite spot for making out and..other things..special activities.. He on the other hand would be sleeping in her own bed a room away, though if they had anything to do about it they would "accidentally" fall asleep together and spend the night in each other's arms.

She got up and went into the bathroom to change into her pajamas while he lay on the couch, waiting. It had been nearly two weeks since they had last touched, last kissed, and throughout that period apart they had both been exceedingly horny, fulfilling their desires and needs through shared stories of self-pleasure and a semi-failed mutual masturbation skype date. She was nervous, and giddy as she pulled her dress over her head and removed her bra, before doing the same to with her panties. For a second, she stopped, and stared at the reflection of her naked body in the mirror. Then, she picked up her favorite purple hoodie of his and zipped it up. She took a breath, blushing, and opened the door and walked out of the bathroom towards the couch.

He saw her coming, wearing his sweatshirt that nearly swallowed her. Gazing at her, he wondered what she had underneath; nothing? His dick twitched at the image of his love standing there naked beneath the soft fabric of his hoodie.

She smiled, grinning at him before she spoke.

"I'm still wearing a shirt and panties underneath—I really don't want someone to come upstairs during the night and catch us," she said regrettably.

He was disappointed for a second, but quickly brushed it aside.

"That's okay babe; as long as I'm with you tonight, everything's perfect" he said.

She blushed, and motioned for him to move over and make space for her on the couch.

She carefully climbed in, so her back was against the back of the couch and she was lying face to face with him. They pulled the sheets up over them. She smiled at him and he grinned back at her. She eased closer to him and kissed his waiting lips. He moved his hands to pull her body closer to his as the kiss grew hotter but she resisted at pulled back. She moved her hands beneath his shirt, feeling his body tremble as she made contact with his skin. Slowly, she pulled his shirt over his head, and dropped it to the floor next to them.

She caressed his chest, trailing her fingers lightly down to the waistband of his pants, making her fingers crawl across it as he gasped in response to her touch. She smiled and trailed her fingers back up his chest, teasing him. She kept repeating this, as he continued to gasp and sigh, their lips still locker together, as she ran her tongue over the roof of his mouth, evoking sigh after sigh. He moved his mouth to kiss her neck, her ear, but she pulled back and wouldn't allow it. He kept trying to grab her and pull her close, reaching over to caress her breasts or move his hand down to finger her but she refused, and told him he was not allowed to touch her until she told him to, not yet. He made a face but complied to her rules. With her fingers on his waistband once again, she moved them lower, latching on to his cock for a couple of seconds before releasing it. Looking down, she noticed a peak growing in his pants, and slowly removed her lips from his own. He opened his eyes and looked at her in confusion, wondering why she had stopped. She gazed at him, and smiling to herself as she removed her hands from his chest.

"I lied to you," she whispered seductively. (or at least as seductive as you can be when you're blushing red)

"What?.. What do you mean?" he replied in confusion.

"I lied to you.." she said slowly, as she moved her hands to the zipper of the hoodie, "...about what I'm wearing underneath.. The truth is.." pulling the zipper down excruciatingly slowly, she revealed only the softness of her skin—"I'm not wearing anything underneath."

He gazed at her in surprise arousal as she pulled the zipper down ever so slowly, to reveal her naked body beneath it, and she removed his hoodie. He looked at her body with appreciation as she lay there naked before him. It was all he could do not to rip his clothes of right then and there and make love to her.

She reminded him of her rule, and began slowly trailing her fingers once again down his chest. This time however, she moved her hands beneath his pants and moved down the couch, pulling them down lower and lower before freeing them of his feet. He now lay in only his boxers, and she gazed upon him with growing excitement (and arousal). He was finding it increasingly harder to keep from touching her, as his dick grew harder. She crawled back up beside him and returned her hands to his waistband, moving them slowly, so slowly beneath his underwear towards his growing erection. He gasped loudly, and she silenced his moan with her mouth as her fingers lightly traveled the length of his hard dick, light as a feather on its head. She pulled his boxers down, and then laid beside him.

They laid there, completely exposed, looking into each others eyes. His blue eyes stared into hers, begging her to let him finally touch her soft warm body. She moved her hands from his neck, trailing all the way down to his exposed penis, and ever so gently, grasped his penis.

She breathed lightly over his ear, and hearing him shiver in pleasure at the combination of her hot breath and her hand on his dick, she whispered "Touch me."

He didn't need a second invitation and immediately pulled her body to his and all but forced their two aroused bodies together, locking their lips as well. They gasped as they finally made contact with each other's naked bodies. She could feel his warm throbbing dick pressed against her hot thigh, and it only made her hornier. She grinded against his leg, taking it between hers, sighing at the tingling pressure it put on her vagina. His lips demanded hers as they began kissing feverishly, growing more and more aroused. Her hands wrapped around him and she scratched her nails down his back as he sighed and gasped. Then, she slowly trailed her hands down her back, to one specific spot. Knowing the effect it would have on him, she pressed her fingers into the spot on his back. The humping motion he made in automatic response pressed his dick even closer to her moist vagina. She breathed deeply and moved her position so they were perfectly lined up, and locked lips with her love, devouring his mouth hungrily and feeling his hard throbbing erection pressed into the crevice of her thigh and wet vagina.

Finally, she backed her body away from his a mere inches and found the spot on his back again. By now her vagina was enveloped in wetness and his dick was rock hard. She moved her hand to the spot, applying pressure and immediately he thrust forward, his hard penis making contact with the lips of her moist vagina. They both gasped loudly at the contact and momentarily froze. Then she moved to press the spot again and the head of his penis slipped barely into the opening of her warm vagina. He moaned at the pressure of her vagina on his erection.

One more time she moved to press the spot on his back again, but this time he stopped her, instead grabbing her hand and attacking her lips with his own. Their bodies intertwined and they rubbed against each other, both arousals clearly evident. Their desire for each other was growing greater and greater, and it was getting even harder for them to resist their urges. She pressed her body harder against his, encouraged by his muffled moaning as she covered his mouth with her own. His dick pressed against the opening of her vagina and as she pressed against him she felt it move further inside of her. He gasped loudly but then stopped her, moving backwards so he could look at her face. He cradled her face in his hands and looked at her with desire and love in his eyes. He caressed her cheek.

"Are you sure?" he whispered huskily, waiting for her reaction.

She looked at him longingly, "I want you" she said, closing the distance between them.

"I want you, now," she whispered into his ear, sending shivers down his body.

He kissed her, slowly, passionately, cherishing each touch, each movement of her lips and tongue. And then he moved cautiously forward, pressing his throbbing dick gently into the lips of her moist vagina. She gasped and moaned quietly. He did it again, moving deeper this time, hearing her breath heavily. He pulled out and slowly moved inside of her, and out again and again until she was begging him to be inside of her, to feel his pulsing dick inside her soaked warm vagina, to feel him pleasure her and her pleasure him.

He moved his dick gently inside her vagina, deeper as her body stiffened, and relaxed as he stopped and they repositioned.

"Maybe you should move on top of me," he breathed into her ear.

She could only reply with a nod of her head, as they carefully repositioned themselves, never breaking the contact of his erection pulsing inside her vagina. Once she was on top of him, he moved his hand down to guide his penis into her vagina. They gasped as her warm vagina enveloped his throbbing erection. He started humping her, but then stopped, pulling her face to his, before whispering into her ear

"Fuck me Lydia"

She started thrusting against him, growing wetter and wetter, as he moaned with pleasure. He could feel himself getting close to cumming but tried hard to wait and hold out. She was getting closer and closer with each thrust as she humped him. She could barely stand it. He could barely stand it.

"Oh fuck Lydia, please fuck me" he gasped.

She moaned deeply as her eyes rolled back in her head. She thrusted faster and faster on him, his throbbing dick inside of her. She was so close she could barely hold it in, and could see that he was in the same condition. She slowed down, savoring the feel of him inside of her, wanting the sensation to last as long as possible. She humped him, then finally couldn't stand it anymore and moved faster and faster, grinding against him, moaning and sighing loudly.

"Oh god...oh god Jake" she gasped on the verge of climaxing.

And then she thrusted harder and harder against him, her senses screaming, her vagina and entire body immersed in pleasure as she finally came, trembling and moaning so loudly, she had surely woken up the house. She continued moaning as she orgasmed, her wetness releasing over his penis inside of her soaking wet vagina, out onto his body.

"Ohh fuck!"

He couldn't hold it in any longer and he came, moaning with her, trembling beneath her body as he gasped her name over and over, in pleasure. He had never felt anything near to this pleasure, it was amazing. He thrusted in and out of her as he orgasmed, his eyes rolling back in his head with pleasure. After every last ounce of cum seeped out of his penis they slowly stopped humping each other, gasping and trying to catch their breath.

He slowly pulled out of her and then just held her in his arms, both spent.

"Thank you" she said, breathless.

"Thank you," he replied, "that was..."

He couldn't think of any words to describe what it felt like making love to her; there were no words to describe it. He kissed her deeply, holding her tightly in his arms. She sighed in his embrace, knowing she never wanted to leave them, never wanted this feeling to end. As normal breathing returned, the two exhausted lovers fell asleep in each other's arms, perfectly content.

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