tagBDSMA Night to Remember

A Night to Remember


Nick couldn't wait for this evening. Rachel was coming to visit and it had been a long time since her last visit. He had a number of things planned for his willing slut tonight. Washed and dressed he drove to the car park where he had agreed to meet her. She was already there and he couldn't help but smile as she stepped out the car. Her pink hair caught the headlights and glowed as she walked towards him, her coat zipped up, heels and skirt on to show off her gorgeous legs as she reached his car and slid in.

"Hello Sir..." She smiled nervously... "It's good to see you again..."

By way of a response he leaned over, gripped the back of her neck tightly and pulled her too him where he kissed her passionately. She moaned into his mouth and he felt her whole body relax into him, giving herself to him, a willing participant in everything he had planned for her tonight. Putting the car into gear Nick pulled out of the car park and set off for his first destination.

As he drove they quickly caught up on how they were both doing, but neither of them could really focus on anything apart from the oncoming naughty fun. Nick reached over and slid his hand up between her thighs.

"Good girl... No panties just like Sir asked, and did you do the other thing?"

She looked around hesitantly then undid her coat. Underneath the coat she was naked from the waist up. Nick's hand immediately drifted up to gently cup her large full breasts. He rubbed his thumb over her nipples making her moan and pinched them slightly as she pressed her thighs together in excitement.

"I can't wait to get my teeth into these slut." Nick said, eliciting another excited moan from his princess.

Turning down a dark country lane Nick guided Rachel's hand to the front of his pants and she knew what to do. Deftly she undid his belt and pants as he drove and wiggled them open. His hard cock was already straining at the material and as soon as she touched his boxers the head of his shaft slid through the gap at the front and began to twitch against the warmth of her hand. She undid the button and slowly wrapped her fingers around the length of his cock. He had teased her the other night whilst she was at work about imagining his cock every time she wrapped her fingers around the beer pump and it had been on her mind all night at work... However it was nothing compared to the thick, hard, warm flesh that now filled her hand and her thoughts.

She slowly slid her hand up and down his length, listening to Nick's breathing change as she stroked. He focused on the driving but very aware of his pink princess teasing the length of his shaft. He pulled into a layby down the quiet country lane and turned off the car ignition. Sitting back he closed his eyes for a moment savouring the feel of her fingers working the length of his shaft. Knowing his plans for the night he didn't want his first climax just yet so he gently removed her hand and pulled her in for a kiss.

Undoing her coat fully, he opened it and breaking the kiss leaned down to capture her right nipple in his mouth. He circled the nub with his tongue, flicking it over the top. As he did so he slowly slid his hand up her skirt and teased her clit. Pushing two fingers inside her already wet hole he rubbed his thumb over her little button as he finger fucked her tight little cunt. Her moans were louder now as her hips bucked against his hand. His other hand gripped her throat tightly. Holding her throat, finger fucking her tight hole as he bit down on her nipples - her cries filled the car now as her body shook and trembled under his assault.

Slowly he withdrew, leaving her gasping on the chair - the marks of his teeth bright against her soft skin. Her eyes were closed, her face flushed as she panted for air. He reached over and twisted his fingers in that glorious hair. She knew what was coming next and willingly let her head be pulled down to his lap. His shaft pressed against her lips as she opened her mouth to take him inside.

As she slowly swallowed his cock he heard his phone ring and with his finger to his lips answered it. He gently guided her to start with, letting her work his shaft in and out of her mouth, the feeling of her tongue on his cock was exquisite as she pleasured him. Listening to the person on the phone he made a few short replies, trying to keep his voice as normal as possible with his beautiful slut doing all she could to distract him.

He let out a soft moan of his own then tightened his grip on her hair. Ending the call before the person at the other end could become suspicious he gripped her hair tightly and she knew what came next. He heard her take a deep breath then forcing her head down on his cock he pushed as much of it into her mouth and throat as she could take, and then pushed a bit more. He felt her gag and choke and loved the noises that she made. Pulling back he gave her a brief respite before repeating this again. Every time he did it she could take a little more. Eventually he started to fuck her mouth like he would her pussy later. Thrusting his cock in and out, tilting her head up so he could see her mascara running as the tears leaked from her eyes.

That look of abject submission and humiliation as he fucked her face sent him over the edge and he exploded. Stream after stream of his cum filling her mouth as she greedily tried to swallow it all. He grunted with the effort of his orgasm as he came so hard. Finally spent his body relaxed and he loosened his grip on her hair. She licked and sucked his cock clean like a good little slut as he stroked her hair gently.

"Good Girl..." He whispered to her as she moaned around his shaft in pleasure.

He slowly tidied himself up a bit then presented her with a little present he had picked up. A small clitoral vibrator that he had prepared earlier filled her hands.

"As we drive to the next spot I want you to masturbate using this princess. If you get close to cuming ask my permission before you do."

She nodded her assent and turning it on the buzzing sound filled the car as Nick turned the key and they got underway. Driving down the quiet country roads with his slut masturbating next to him, breasts on show and skirt pulled up it was only a few minutes before Nick felt his cock stirring again. He grew hard and tense in his pants, straining against the material as he listened to her breathing change.

"Please Sir, may I cum..."

"Yes Princess... but say my name as you do..."

"Oh fuck Nick... thank you!" She came hard as she tensed up next to him, her eyes closed, panting as she climaxed as he drove.

Slowly, as she came down from her climax, he guided her hand back to his shaft as she teased and stroked him gently. He reached a small bridge that crossed the motorway and pulled up to a stop. It was a quiet bridge, one of the mainly unused ones that suited him perfectly. He stepped out of the car and walked around to her side of the car.

"Get out of the car my gorgeous slut. Leave your coat."

His arousal spiked at the look in her eyes. She was incredibly turned on but incredibly nervous as well. Hesitantly she did as she was instructed. He took her hand and led her to the apex of the bridge. The cool night hair had hardened her nipples and she looked confused. He spun her around and bent her over the railings of the bridge. Her tits hung down on display to all the passing motorists below them. He lifted her skirt and, quickly freeing his cock from the confines of his pants, rammed his thick hard cock into her tight little hole.

She shrieked as she felt him rip into her then cried out in pleasure as he fucked her hard and fast. Her legs were shaking and only the railings and her white-knuckled grip kept her from sinking to the floor as she felt his thick shaft slam into her over and over. He wasn't gentle but she didn't want him to be. Having already cum once Nick was able to last quite a while. A few cars beeped at them as they sped under the bridge, people seeing the half-naked woman obviously being fucked hard out in the open. Finally getting close Nick grabbed a handful of her hair, pulled her back up against his chest and sank his teeth into her collar bone. She came hard as he fucked stream after stream of his cum into her tight cunt. He filled her pussy with his second load of the night and slowly slipped out of her.

Released from being pressed against the railings she sank to her knees, her legs too shaky to hold her weight. He smiled and pressed his cock, slick with their combined juices, to her lips. Eagerly she cleaned him off, loving the taste of them mixed together. He helped her to her feet carefully and supported her back to the car. Settling her in he moved round to the driver's side and swiftly set off, keen to get away in case anyone hadn't appreciated the show they had just put on.

Nick passed Rachel a drink, letting her have a few moments to recover. She was curled up on the chair next to him now, breathing deeply as she recovered from the excitement of the last hour. The night wasn't over yet and Nick slowly drove them around town until they came to the house he had been at earlier. He had prepared something special for tonight and hoped that Rachel would enjoy it.

Stepping out of the car he walked round and opened the door for her. She had slipped back into her coat now that they were in town and he led her down the short path to the front door of the house. Opening it he let them inside and took her coat, hanging it on the pegs that were behind the door.

"Just go through into the front room gorgeous - I left you a little present."

Smiling nervously and with more than a little curiosity she opened the door to the front room and stopped. Her mouth dropped open in shock and Nick couldn't help but let out a little chuckle. He gently pushed her bum, ushering her into the front room where her present was tied up on the coffee table. It was someone Nick had been chatting to for a while - a young woman, named Nat... nineteen years old and a virgin in every sense. She had started chatting to him on a kinky website, the same one he had met Rachel on, and after a few months of conversation and a few social meetings they had decided that this would be how she lost her cherry. She was a masochist and loved pain, she trusted Nick above all others and had liked what he had told her about Rachel. Tonight she was their plaything and by the end of it she wouldn't be a virgin at all.

She was young, innocent-looking with wide eyes that stared at them both, her look a mix of excitement and trepidation. Unable to speak because of the ball gag in her mouth and unable to move because her wrists and ankles were cuffed and tied to the table she was helpless before them. Nick and Rachel had spoken about dominating someone together and here was the perfect, innocent little toy for them to break. She was wearing a pair of white, lacy panties - the only reason Nick hadn't stripped her of them as well was that with the application of a bit of bondage tape she had a clitoral toy wedged against her little button and it had been turned on for the last hour that he had been out. Her large full breasts and very aroused nipples hung down underneath her, swaying as her expression glazed over again, another orgasm washing through her. Nick wondered how many times she had cum whilst they had been out.

"Does she please you my pretty princess?" Nick stroked the back of Rachel's neck before leaning into kiss the side of her face. Her eyes were wide as she took in the site of her. "She is ours for the night, to tease, to train, to corrupt and deflower... We will be her first for everything..."

Rachel seemed almost in a daze as she walked over - dressed in just her skirt and heels as she traced her nails down Nat's spine. Her back arched as the nails left thin red lines on her oh-so-pale skin. Slowly she hooked her fingers into the panties and then with a swift tug pulled them and the tape down, the toy dropping to buzz loudly on the table in the silence of the room. CRACK! Rachel had left a crimson handprint across Nat's ass. The widening of her glittering green eyes and the squeal that escaped around the gag spoke to her reaction. Rachel slowly traced her fingers around the handprint she had left on the young girl's cheek. Revelling in the heat that she felt pulse from the flesh. Walking round in front of her Rachel gripped a handful of the girl's purple hair tightly and tilted her head up.

"Is what my Sir says true? Are you our willing little fucktoy tonight? Can we do whatever we want with you slut?"

Despite the grip on her hair Nat managed to nod her head in agreement. Walking round behind her again Rachel traced the tips of her fingers over the girl's hairless pussy. Slowly pushing two fingers deep into her cunt she leaned down and bit the young woman's ass - leaving teeth marks in it like Nick had done to her less than an hour ago. The groan that escaped around Nat's gag had Nick's cock throbbing in his pants. He sat down in the chair nearby and undid his pants. Slowly stripping he sat back and wrapped his fingers around his thick shaft, gently stroking his full hard length. He watched Nat's eyes widen - this was the first time she had seen his cock up close and personal and it looked so much bigger in person.

Rachel leaned down and whispered in her ear, "He's going to fuck each of your holes with that slut... he's going to break you so the only cock you crave is his..."

Nat whimpered slightly and pushed her ass back against the fingers that still invaded her pussy. Rachel could feel the barrier and knew Nick was going to have fun taking her cherry. But at the minute she was flushed with adrenalin and wanted to see this young slut hurt. She had never realised how much of a sadist there was in her until Nick had helped bring it out.

"Please Sir... I want you to take her ass first..." The wicked evil grin that split Rachel's face and lit up her eyes almost made Nick cum then and there on the spot.

"Whatever you request princess. She is your toy for tonight."

Nick walked around behind Nat, picking up the small bottle of lube on the way. Rachel grabbed a chair and pulled it up in front of Nat. Shimmying out of the skirt she sat with her legs apart, her cum filled pussy on display to Nat's wide, anxious eyes. She reached forwards to grip her chin and tilted her head up to look at her.

"My Sir is going to fuck your tiny virgin ass with his big thick cock. You will not break eye contact with me at all whilst he does it. Do you understand?"

Nat nodded her head, her eyes going even wider. Rachel had a pinching grip on the girl's chin and a fist full of her purple hair as Nick pressed the head of his cock against her tight little asshole. He dribbled some cold lube on her tightly puckered hole and smeared it around with the head of his cock. Then putting some more up and down the length of his shaft he pressed the head of his cock to her little rosebud and pushed. Gripping her hips tightly he strained and pushed feeling her sphincter slowly stretch to accommodate the head of his shaft.

Rachel hadn't thought the girl's eyes could get any wider but she was wrong. Tears started rolling down her cheeks as Nick's thick cock stretched open her back passage. She was shaking and guttural groans escaped round the ball as he finally popped the head of his cock inside her ass. Nick slowly pushed the rest of his cock inside her tight, deflowered ass. She whimpered with every inch that he forced up her tight hole. Rachel leaned down to kiss the tears off her cheeks as Nick finally buried the full length of his thick cock into her ass. Dribbling some more lube over it he slowly worked his cock back and forth, stretching her and opening her up until he could start to fuck her properly. His cock slowly rocked back and forth, invading her over and over as she groaned into the gag. She never once broke eye contact with Rachel as Nick slowly fucked her ass.

His movements were more forceful now, thrusting in and out of her harder, pushing her forwards. Rachel braced her back, pushing the young girl back onto Nick's throbbing cock. With how hard he was, how tight she was and how hot it was watching Rachel dominate the yung woman Nick was getting very close to cuming. With gritted teeth he told Rachel that and she turned her attention back to Nat.

"Did you hear that fucktoy, my Sir is about to blow his first load deep into your tiny little ass. Not so tiny now his thick cock has stretched it out. You took that like a good little slut... Ready for his cum? I want to hear you

Beg him to cum in your ass..."

Rachel unbuckled the gag and dropped it on the table under her, then slapped her cheek sharply... "Beg him like a good little cumdump..."

"Please, please Master... Cum in my ass... Please cum in your slutty little fucktoy..."Her voice was so young, sweet and full of a mix of pain and pleasure that Nick exploded on the spot. He rammed his cock into her hard and flooded her bowels with his cum. Jerking and shaking as stream after stream of his seed was pumped deep inside her. He leaned heavily on her, breathing hard as he saw spots in front of his eyes at the intensity of his orgasm. Pulling out with a small pop he watched streams of his cum drip down over her pussy.

"She's all yours Princess... I'm going to get a quick shower and recover for a few minutes..." Nick smiled as he walked off.

He wasn't long in the shower but after three powerful climaxes he felt much more refreshed when he walked back into the room with just a towel round his waist. What greeted his eyes was everything he had hoped for. Rachel was lying sprawled on the chair, legs apart and moaning loudly at the ministration of the young woman kneeling between her legs. Nat was un-cuffed as well as un-gagged now, her arms resting on Rachel's thighs as her tongue worked Rachel's cum filled hole. Well, it had been cum filled but at the rate Nat was eating her pussy out she had probably swallowed all of Nick's cum from before. Nick perched on the edge of the sofa to enjoy the view as Nat's tongue worked Rachel's clit. For someone with no experience she seemed to be a natural, licking and teasing Rachel until Nick watched the tell-tale tensing up that signalled another orgasm for his princess.

Rachel pushed her away sighing as she trembled on the chair, her legs shaking in the bliss-filled afterglow of her orgasm. Nick walked over and gripping Rachel by the throat tilted her head up to kiss him.

"Enjoying your present my gorgeous slut?"

"Yes Sir... Very much so..."

Nick pulled Rachel to her feet and spun her round, pushing her on her knees on the chair and leaning over its back. He entered her cunt roughly, fucking her with his steel hard rod. His cock was starting to ache now and he knew he had one or two more climaxes left in him. Turning to Nat he ordered her to go round the other side and kiss her Mistress. She quickly obeyed and Nick enjoyed the sight of his gasping slut kissing the young woman as he pounded her tight hole. She came again hard and he pulled out of her... fully erect and hard and ready to take Nat's virgin cunt.

Rachel was approaching exhaustion herself now and the three of them staggered upstairs - they fell into the large king-sized bed - Rachel on one side of the bed, Nat in the middle with Nick opposite them both. Nick slowly raised himself up over Nat as Rachel took hold of her hair, keeping her head firmly looking up at Nick. Positioning himself carefully Nick rubbed the head of his cock against Nat's tight virgin hole and then slowly began to push. Rachel had enjoyed seeing the look in Nat's eyes as he took her ass but he was loving seeing the widening shock in her eyes as he thrust forward sharply, breaking her cherry and making her his.

She was incredibly tight, nearly as tight as her ass had been wrapped around him. He thrust forwards hard and fast now. Rachel leaned over and bit down on Nat's sensitive nipples making her squeal as Nick hammered his cock in and out of her. She was soaked from all the play and his shaft was slick with a multitude of fluids as he thrust into her over and over. Rachel's hand descended to tease his cock and her clit with every thrust and before long Nat was cuming, multiple orgasms as her Master's cock buried itself in her over and over and over.

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