tagLoving WivesA Night to Remember

A Night to Remember


Did you ever have one of those dreams when you wake up you want to go right back to sleep and finish it? I had one of those just last night. But try as I could, as much as I wished I might, I couldn't go back to sleep. I got up and went downstairs to my computer and wrote this story.

I remember opening a door and walking into a room filled with naked people. A dozen or so couples having sex. Some on the couch, some on the floor, others on the coffee table. I did not recognize any of them nor did I recognize whose house I had walked in to. They were all just beautiful bodies of flesh touching, sucking and pleasing each other. There were many combinations of partners. Women with women, men with men as well as men and women together. I was mesmerized. Not sure, if I should join in or turn around and leave. The stir in my pants betrayed me and I shut the door behind me. There was really no place to sit or stand to watch and an arm came up and the most beautiful blonde girl reached out, took my hand and pulled me to her. I quickly undressed and began kissing this girl. Her kisses were passionate and lusty. Another girl with dark hair was licking her pussy and there were other hands massaging her breasts. Her lips were sticky with cum and I could taste sex on her. The taste was not revolting, and I hungrily continued to kiss her. Soon a hand was around my dick and it felt wonderful being stroked. Other hands began touching me and a cock was offered to my mouth. I have never has sex with a man before but in my dream I began kissing it. Licking up and down the shaft before taking it entirely into my mouth. I began fucking the blonde beneath me and the girl that was licking her before, started licking and playing with my ass. The sensation put me on overload. This is where I woke up. Damn!

I fixed coffee and got ready for the day. When my wife came downstairs I told her of my dream over breakfast. She asked me if I would really like to be involved in an orgy? I said I probably would as long as I didn't know anyone and it was just sex, not emotions involved. She said she also had fantasies of having sex with other men. But in each case, these other men had no faces. Just hard bodies and cocks.

My wife and I have been together for seven years and my kids for an earlier marriage are grown and out of the house. I am forty-three and my wife is thirty. The difference of age doesn't seem important. Our sex life at first was exciting and lately has been just run of the mill. This is not her fault. I just have been occupied with work and day-to-day stuff. But this dream last night seemed to really have got me going. She reached under the table and felt the hardness in my cock and offered to take care of that before I went to work.

She took my hand, walked me upstairs and we both stripped and jumped naked on the bed. Our kissing and touching each other got me further excited and soon I was feeding her mouth with my cock while fingering her pussy. She loves it when I finger her and she came quickly. She is a very good oral lover and lets me fuck her mouth as often as I like. She always swallows my cum and sometimes as a special treat will save some in her mouth and share the "snowball" with me afterwards. I know this is probably not normal for a guy to want to taste his own cum. But in my mind this cum is not mine but some other guys. When I am making love to my wife doggie style, I often fantasize that she is giving another guy a blowjob at the same time. I close my eyes and image her giving him head. This really turns me on. I once got her a black dildo and encouraged her to suck on it while I was fucking her from behind. She always goes along with my little requests but we have never actually tried anything. We both keep looking for the special guy to join us. There just never seems to be a perfect male body without a face walking around in the real world. I came in her mouth and she sucked me greedily until I went limp in her hand.

We showered and got ready for work. As I kissed her goodbye and thanked her for the earlier blowjob, she reminded me of the Halloween party we were invited to Friday night.

This group of friends from her work got a little crazy last time we were invited. The couple that host the party take Halloween as serious as most people take Christmas. Their entire yard and exterior of their house is decorated like a haunted house. With lights, fog machines, creepy music and blow up decorations. I looked forward to going this year since last time was so exciting. I went as Groucho Marx and my wife went as a nurse. But some of the other people attending the party last time dressed sexy and naughty. Some of the guys wore red thong underwear; showing off their packages then had leather chaps on and biker vest. The ladies were dressed sexily as vampires and devilish vixens. As the drinks and snacks were eaten and everyone got loosened up the flirting and bantering between the guests escalated. They had a fire pit in the backyard and many couples were outside enjoying the fire. Others were dancing to the music in the front room. Others were making out on the couch downstairs.

I asked the hostess where the bathroom was and made my way up the stairs and down the hallway. I opened the second door on the left and realized my mistake. I was supposed to find the bathroom, the second door on the right, the wrong door opened and there were two guests in costume having sex. I quickly shut the door. Maybe this year's party I will join in. A masked and costumed lover is sort of like a faceless person. Isn't it?

Friday night finally arrived. I decided to go dressed as a vampire. Might be some neck or other body part I could suck on later. My wife went as an angel. An angel she was! White flowing robe with costume wings attached to her shoulders. Her makeup was put on a little heavier than normal. Just the way I like it. Glossy lips and heavy mascara eyes. She had her nails done just for me. Long acrylic nails painted red for Halloween. A very sexy angel. One to make up for my evil ways!

We arrived at the party early and got acquainted with our hosts and some of the guests. We greeted each new couple that arrived and I was especially taken with a couple dressed as The Angel of Death and his gothic corpse. He was tall and dressed entirely in black. With a long flowing robe and skeleton mask covering his face. She was young and dressed as a corpse. Her pale skin, with blue lipstick and dark eyes. Her nails were painted black. Sort of a gothic sexy look. The kind of girl older guys dream of having sex with, but never actually getting the chance. She had a nice build and small breasts. My wife and I hit it off with this couple and spent most of the evening dancing, drinking and enjoying ourselves.

It turns out the Angel of Death was a friend of one of my wife's coworkers. His name was Carl and the young gothic girl was his girlfriend Sarah. As the party was winding down we offered to continue the party with them at our place. It was still early so they agreed and followed us to our house.

Once at our home, we stayed in our costumes and the girls made some snacks and drinks while I showed Carl the house. Carl and Sarah were really fun and suggested we play some music and dance with each other's partners. Sarah still had her gothic makeup on so my wife felt comfortable reapplying her lipstick and changing into something more seductive. I could tell Carl liked what he saw. My wife has large breasts and her low cut top left little to the imagination.

Sarah grabbed my hand and began dancing we me. I looked over and saw my wife dancing with Carl. Sarah was a pistol. What she didn't have breastwise she made up with naughtiness. She teased me endlessly while we danced. Touching me and rubbing my dick through my jeans. Giving me that "I want to fuck you" look. Sexual conversation continued and soon it came around to our sexual lifestyle. We admitted we had never "played" with another couple but had often talked about doing it with the right couple. Carl and Sarah said they had swapped partners before and enjoyed the swinging lifestyle. Sarah was bi and had had sex with several women in the past. She was willing to show my wife the ropes. She leaned in and kissed her on the lips.

My wife was shocked at first but then said, " what the hell" as she kissed her back. I looked at Carl in amazement as I saw him grinning from ear to ear. My wife and Sarah started really giving us a show and then my wife took Sarah by the hand and led her to the bedroom. As we watched them climbing the stairs, my wife said, "Come on up. You want to watch this don't you?"

We sprinted up the stairs behind them and watched as Sarah made love to my wife. She was sucking and licking her nipples and kissing her neck. Fingering her pussy. My wife left any inhibitions outside and came easily to Sarah's touch. Sarah began licking her juices from my wife's pussy and then my wife she said, " How about you two boys feed me some cock?" We both quickly stripped naked and climbed on the bed each eager to have her red nails and lips on our hard dicks.

So here we were. All four of us in our bed. My wife taking turns sucking both our cocks while Sarah was eating her out. What a picture. This beats the hell out of any "dream" I might have had.

Soon my wife said, " Honey, I need you inside me now!"

I climbed off the pillow went down to where Sarah was and guided my dick into my waiting wife. Sarah was enjoying all of it. She was pushing my ass watching my dick go in and out. A few times she pulled me all the way out and put me in her mouth. Sucking me, then guiding me back inside her. Then Sarah would kiss me. Sharing the juices of our lovemaking. The whole time Carl is getting the blowjob of his life. I can see his eight-inch dick is being swallowed over and over again by my horny wife. Sarah put her finger in my ass and I couldn't hold back any longer. Grunting in desire, I shot my seed into my wife. Sarah is smiling and my wife is still hungry.

Carl takes his turn and begins fucking my wife too. Sarah and I exchange kisses with my wife while Carl plows into her. My wife cums quickly and after her shuttering orgasm, Sarah tells Carl that it's her turn. Carl lies back on the bed and Sarah straddles him. My wife is licking and sucking his nipples and I take a turn playing with Sarah. I get behind her and hold her ass. I guide it up and down on Carl. Watching his dick go in and out of her. Carl explodes inside her and she collapses on top of him. My wife starts kissing her as I tongue her ass. It is so beautiful. I am soon hard again and Sarah tells me to have a go at it. I pull her towards me and get some lube out of the dresser and coat my dick with it. I push it inside and start to pump her ass. She is a wild woman. She is rocking back and forth. Moaning and screaming for me to fuck her ass harder. Carl and my wife begin kissing and fondling each other as Sarah and I continue our wild fuck session. After we both cum hard together, I am exhausted. But not Sarah, she and my wife start taking turns kissing and sucking Carl. What a night to remember!

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