tagBDSMA Night to Remember Pt. 04

A Night to Remember Pt. 04


So there I was, in an unfamiliar hotel room, naked and tied up by a beautiful dominant woman. I was on my knees, bent over with my face on the sofa as she penetrated me with a vibrator and slowly caressed my penis which she'd covered in oil. I kept wondering how I'd ended up in this situation. I was having the most amazing time.

She had whipped me thoroughly and used me for her sexual pleasure and I'd stayed for more. For me this was being pretty reckless, but I was pleased with my decision. Scared at times, but very much alive. I was so happy to be her slave.

"That's good, isn't it, slave?" she asked, kneeling behind me and working the shaft into my arse.

"Most men don't understand how much pleasure they can receive from their anus. They think it's wrong, for some reason. Dirty or taboo, perhaps. But you get it now, don't you slave?"

I nodded and let out an "MMmmmm....."

The vibrator stretched me but was not painful. I had learned to relax and take it into me. I no longer feared it.

"Up now, slave" she commanded.

I lifted my head from the sofa and raised myself upright on my knees. She continued to push the vibrator in and out with one hand.

"We mustn't forget these little things..." and she switched on the nipple clamps, causing strong vibrations into my chest. This was a dull ache and I was powerless to it.

She continued working my shaft slowly up and down, my erection strong and aching to come. She expertly caressed me and, with a similar slow and gentle rhythm, worked my anus with the vibrator. She was giving me just enough pleasure to keep me stimulated as much as possible without reaching climax. This went on and on and with her face close to mine. She kept an eye on me and when I gasped she eased off. I tested the ropes which tied my wrists and ankles but I could do nothing. She had total control over me and she knew it. In that moment I submitted fully, more than I had to anyone before.

The pleasure continued to rise, building in me. The vibrations in my chest and arse continued and I felt like I was losing control. I didn't know what would happen. I felt I would explode.

"Please Mistress, I'm close. Please may I come?" I begged, aching for release.

Then it stopped. She quickly withdrew the vibrator from inside me and let go of my cock. She switched the nipple clamps off, abruptly and removed them. I was shocked.

"Please?" I gasped

"No, no, slave. I will decide when you get to come. Not yet..." she said as she got up and walked to the bed behind me. I struggled and groaned in frustration. How cruel she was. How she enjoyed her power over me. She had showed me without doubt that I was her slave.

I could hear her handling something metallic and twisted around to see if I could find out what she would do to me next. Her cruelty was constantly inventive. She seemed to have an endless selection of torture and stimulations to inflict on me. I both feared her and adored her.

When she returned, she sat on the sofa right in front of me and I could see she was wearing black leather straps around her waist. Inches away from my face was a shiny black penis emerging from her crotch. She was wearing a strap-on!

She smiled and she must have found the look on my face amusing - a combination of shocked and dumbfounded. She stroked the shaft which must have been about eight or ten inches long. She wore a black lace top which showed off her beautiful cleavage. I was confused by her feminine beauty and this strong masculine shaft before me. I knew what was about to happen. All I could think was "Oh, shit. Now I'm really in trouble!"

She had more rope with her which she tied around my chest and biceps to form a kind of harness, restricting my movement further, much like the straps she'd used earlier. A few minutes later I was expertly bound, she sat back and admired her handiwork. She took hold of the long rope which led to the noose on my throat and slowly pulled me towards her.

"Kiss it, slave" she commanded.

I looked her in the eye, confused. She reached for her flogger on the sofa beside her and administered a crack across my back and shoulders.

"I'm sorry, Mistress!" I said and kissed the tip of the black shaft. I kept doing this and looked at her for a sign of approval.

"That's right, slave. Now, lick it. Up and down the shaft."

I obeyed, immediately, fearing another lash from her whip. I imagined how many men she had penetrated with this shaft I now licked. How many women she had fucked with it. I was humiliated, excited and scared. She maintained her grip on the rope around my neck and I licked the dildo up and down eagerly.

"Very good, slave. Now suck it" she said. I was shocked. I hadn't expected this when I'd seen her strap-on. I'd expected her to fuck me but this shocked me more. I was emasculated by her cock, confused and humiliated but as I obeyed her and took the shaft into my mouth I felt a strange pleasure from my submission. I sucked the shaft, my head bobbing up and down repeatedly.

"That's very good, slave. Have you done this before?" she asked, playfully. I tried to tell her no, or shake my head but could barely make a sound. The shaft was wide and filled my mouth.

"Clearly, you have hidden talents, slave" she laughed and stroked my hair as she pulled my head onto her cock. I started to gag as the tip entered my throat.

"That's right, slave. Now, swallow it." she said, pulling my head closer and forcing the tip into my throat. I coughed and started to panic. The tip jabbed in and out, choking me. I tried to pull away but she held me for a while before letting go of the rope and I fell back onto my heels, gasping for air, coughing, stifling the urge to vomit.

"I can see you're in need of throat training. Unsurprisingly. Some other time, perhaps."

She got up and moved behind me.

"Up! Now bend over, slave!" She ordered and I obeyed, slowly, hesitantly. I knew what was about to happen.

"Yes, Mistress," I mumbled as my face pressed into the sofa.

She moved closer to me and I could feel cold oil being applied to my anal area which she worked gently and slowly into me. Then she paused and soon I could feel the tip of her shaft against my arsehole. She grabbed the noose rope and pulled it tight.

"Now, take a deep breath and relax slave." Slowly she pushed into me, my anus yielding and stretching as she entered. I gasped, tried not to tighten and submitted as the hard dildo slid inside. The feeling was amazing, on the brink of pain but if I yielded, waves of pleasure as she reached a stop. My eyes closed and I let out a long groaning "ooooohhh!"

Then , slowly moving back and forth she began to fuck me, thrusting deeply in and out. My sphincter burned and tingled from the force as it stretched and loosened. I'd never known anything like this before. I tried not to fight it, not to struggle in my bonds but to accept her mastery over me. I submitted to her graceful, rocking motion.

"Mmm....you like that don't you, slave?" She said, slapping my right buttock and continuing to grind, slowly, magically.

With her left hand she pulled on the rope tied round my neck and lifted me from the sofa. Soon my head was pulled back leaning alongside hers as she kissed my neck and continued to fuck me. Her right hand reached round to hold my chest, my stomach and then down to my cock which she stroked and masturbated with a matching rhythm to the shaft. My back was arched and she held me in this position for some time, thrusting and pumping into me.

Time melted away as I lost myself in the overpowering sensation and surrendered. Eventually she loosened her grip on the noose and pushed me back onto the sofa. I exhaled long and hard and let out a muffled "fuuuuck" of delight which made her laugh.

Her movements slowed to a halt and I felt her slowly withdraw the hard cock from within me. She released my penis from her grip. She stayed kneeling behind me as she picked up something I couldn't see.

"Now, slave, a little something to spice things up." She said and I felt cold liquid drops on my arse. Then it started to burn, slowly, building gradually, glowing, tingling and then seconds later the deep unmistakable fire of chili. I didn't know what to do as the burning filled my anus and continued to grow.

Then I felt the hard tip of her cock on my anus and with a quick, decisive thrust she was in me once more. I let out a yell of surprise as the burning sensation spread into my bowel and started to glow. "Oh fuck!" I grunted and marvelled at the building pain in my nether regions. This was beyond anything I'd ever felt before. She started to pump and thrust into my loins with unrelenting power and the noose tightened on my throat once more. My hands fought the ropes around my wrists as I panicked and tried to get free. As I tensed, my anus tightened and blasts of pain hit me, forcing me to submit. I had no idea what was happening to my body. I thought she would destroy me. I begged her to stop but she ignored me, her cruel hips pounding into my arse, which was both burning and strangely numb.

Again she pulled my head back alongside hers as she bit my neck and fucked me, hard and fast. With her right hand she reached up to my mouth and pushed a small bottle between my lips. A few drops of liquid dropped into my tongue - chili! It's burning glow forming and building in my mouth. I could hardly believe it! Now I was burning at both ends, exactly the torture she'd intended. She covered my mouth with her hand to stop me spitting it out but it was too late. My mouth too was filled with the painful burning sensation of chili fire.

I struggled and writhed in agony on my knees, my body shaking, my heart racing, my breathe rapid, my mouth and anus burning. I couldn't escape the overwhelming feeling. I squirmed in her bonds but they held me well. I shook my head and she held me with her hand over my mouth as I begged her to stop. Her hips kept thrusting and slowly ground to a halt. She withdrew the dildo from my arse and removed her hand from my mouth. She let me drop to the sofa as I groaned.. She got up and let me moan as she went to the end of the bed and took off the strapon. I craned my neck to see her, standing at the foot of the bed smiling with satisfaction and holding a length of rope.

"Are you suffering, slave? Mmm? Are you on fire?" she whispered into my ear, tracing her long nails down my back.

"Get down on the floor, slave. On your belly." and she guided me off the sofa with the rope round my neck. I slowly slid to the floor and lay on my stomach, my hands tied behind me, my feet tied tightly.

"Please, no more, Mistress. Please". I begged.

"That's right slave. It's time for you to have a well-earned rest".

I could feel her tying the rope between my ankles and groaned at the thought she would hogtie me. I felt her pulling my feet towards my hands and felt her tying my ankles to the ropes around my chest. That's what she intended the harness for - it made sense now. There was no point in complaining. If she wanted to keep me tied, she would. I already knew that. She was in charge and my protests meant nothing. I think she enjoyed them, knowing her torture was getting to me.

I lay there on the thick carpet, hogtied, my anus burning, my mouth glowing, the pain slowly fading. She gagged me and then I felt her pull a black cloth over my head and was plunged into darkness by some kind of hood. I was her prisoner once again. I surrendered.

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OUCH!!! Everything suitable for a slave to endure....but the chili, I don't know. That's nasty!

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