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A Night with a Goddess


"Am I a king or what?"

My good buddy Jonathan, for the millionth time (or what felt like the millionth time), had beaten me and my friends in bowling, nailing a score of 239. I was second, with a score of 186. My other two friends Eric and Simon got 174 and 150, respectively.

That was only the first game, though, as we booked a second game for a little later. We decided to head to the snack bar for a little feed before commencing the next game. It was a Friday night here, but only us and maybe two other groups were present. Not usually common, but Saturdays were always busy, which is why we booked for Friday. I won a little radio competition that got me a coupon to come here with four of my friends, but only three of them were available, so we had to stick with that.

Me and my friends were just chilling, eating a big basket of fries, and celebrating our graduation from college with some beer. Simon paid for all of it, as he scored the least points in the previous game. It was a great time to be alive.

Whilst everyone was conversing, with Jonathan tipsily boasting about his landslide victory, I got up and walked to our lane we used. On each lane there are lane records, for men, women, seniors and kids, of the most points scored. The highest score on our lane for the men was 256; 17 points more than Jonathan's score. The women's record was 244, the seniors was 253 and the kids was 214. 'Jeez,' I thought, 'never thought kids could bowl so well.'

I started to return to the snack bar when I noticed someone who had just entered the place. It was a small female figure. I was looking at the back of her. She had blonde hair, with small pink streaks on the tips. She was wearing what looked like a leather jacket, a pair of black tights and leather boots. From behind I could see she was looking around the place, seemingly confused. Then she turned around and my jaw dropped.

It was... Alexa Bliss, the Goddess of WWE, a 5-time Women's Champion. That was who turned around. She was right here, in the flesh, at my hometown, under the same roof as me. She was looking around the place all confused. I just couldn't believe it! Alexa frickin' Bliss! I could only stare in shock as she kept looking around.

I turned to the snack bar where the guys were still talking and mucking around. None of them were hardcore wrestling fans like me, but they do know the big stars like John Cena, Stone Cold, The Rock, etc. I hoped if I introduced them to her they would be quite excited.

"Excuse me, can you help me out here?"

I turned back to now find Alexa standing right in front of me. She was admittedly stunning. Her bright blue eyes making contact with mine. She was a shortie, being 5 feet tall (Five Feet of Fury being another nickname of hers). I stood there paralysed in shock, struggling to get words out.

"I... uh, you're... y-you're..."

Alexa smiled at me, knowing that I recognised her.

"Yep, it's me."

I kept standing there, but I wanted to do something. I slowly walked to her with my arms out. Because of her height I had to bend down a bit. I went in for a hug and she graciously accepted.

I was now hugging Alexa Bliss. 'What the fuck is going on?!" I thought. We hugged for a good 30 seconds, with her laughing a little.

I let go of her. "Holy shit! I-I'm a huge fan of yours! Wh... what?!" I said gesturing my hands at her.

She laughed again. "I get that a lot."

I had to take a few moments to compose myself.

"Sorry, that was weird of me. I'm Elijah by the way," I said holding my hand out.

"Nice to meet you," she said before shaking my hand.

"So... what brings you here?"

"Haven't you watched Raw last week?"

Ah yes, now I remember. Alexa had decided to take some time off. She had just lost the Raw Women's Championship, and she was written off TV by having Ronda Rousey break her arm. But I knew she wasn't really injured, because I didn't see a sling on her shoulder.

"Right, Ronda broke your arm," I said a little sarcastically, which made her giggle.

"I just wanted some time off from this hectic schedule, you know? It's really overwhelming on us."

"I hear you," I said.

She smiled again.

"So was this the first place you wanted to travel to?"

"Yeah, Buddy recommended it, probably 'cos he's Australian as well."

I knew who Buddy was. Buddy Murphy, Alexa's ex-fiancé. Even though they're no longer engaged, they remained good friends.

"You seemed confused when you walked in here."

"Yeah he told me to come here, because he's been here many times. It doesn't look like any bowling arenas back in the USA."

"Alright, you booked a game?"

"Actually I haven't."

"Oh, well I can help you with that. Follow me."

I walked to the counter, Alexa following behind me. The woman behind it was busy doing her own thing.

"Hello, what can I do for you?" She asked.

I pulled out the coupon I won and showed it to her. She looked at it then looked at Alexa.

"This your fourth friend?"

I nodded and she did a little computer work.

"Alright, all sorted," she said smiling.

"Thanks so much."

We began to walk back to the snack bar.

"Fourth friend?" She asked.

I gave her the coupon to look at. She read it aloud before looking at me.

"I won that in a competition, and I only had three friends that were available. I hope you're fine with this."

"I am! Thank you so much!" she said gleefully.

"No problem. Oh look, there's my friends."

We arrived at the snack bar, where the guys were still chatting.

"Hey guys." I said.

"Hey, Eli, where've you been?" Eric asked.

"Oh, just at the counter."

"Who's this fine lady?" Jonathan asked, still a little drunk.

"This is Alexa."

"Hi," Alexa said in a cute voice.

"Heeeey there little lady, you come here by yourself?" Jonathan slurred.

Alexa felt a little awkward before I leaned towards her.

"Don't mind him. He's had a few... you know," I said, doing the drinking gesture with my hand.

"Ah OK," she nodded.

I allowed her to sit on my chair and I grabbed another chair from a different table.

"So guys, Alexa here is a WWE Superstar."

The guys suddenly turn towards me and Alexa. Simon almost spat out the sip of beer he took.

"Wait... she works for WWE?" he asked.

"Sure do," Alexa replied.

The guys were in awe. "No way! Have you talked to John Cena?" Eric asked.

"Yeah I have a few times."

The guys simultaneously said, "woooooaaaaah."

"What's he like?"

"He's actually a cool guy. I was huge fan of his when I was a teenager, so it was great to talk to him."

The guys were still in awe.

"Have you won any championships?"

"Five," she replied smiling.

"WHAT?! That's like... the third most ever!" Simon exclaimed whilst slamming the table, making Alexa jump a little, but laugh.

"We're not as big as fans of wrestling like Eli here, but damn, to meet someone who works for the biggest one of them all... wow," Eric said.

"Aww thanks, I'm honoured," Alexa said.

I got up from the chair. "I'm going to the counter. Don't worry Simon, this is on me." Simon breathed out a sigh of relief.

"Anyone want anything?"

Jonathan of course wanted another can of Jack Daniel's, Eric wanted a soda and Simon didn't want anything.

"Alexa, you want anything? I think there's red wine here."

"Oh sure yeah. Red wine sounds nice."

I walked to the counter and ordered everything. Whilst I waited, I heard the guys asking questions to Alexa. I was happy they were getting along with her. She's a big star in WWE, but she's a down-to-earth lady, completely different to her mean-girl-esque, 'Blissed-off', character she plays on TV.

I returned to the table with everyone's drinks. The second basket of fries would be coming in a few minutes.

"So Alexa, how come you're here when you should be in the USA travelling?" Jonathan asked.

"I wanted to take some time off, so they wrote me off TV by having Ronda Rousey 'break my arm'.

"Ahh ok, and you came here first thing?"

"Yeah, a friend of mine recommended here."

I knew she didn't want to say who it was, because the guys, especially Jonathan, would try to hit on her.

After another 10 minutes of chatting, and the guys getting to know Alexa, it was time for the second game. We all got up and headed to our lane.

"Just so you know boys, I'm quite the bowling expert."

"Oooohhh... Little Miss Bliss think she can handle the big dog?" Jonathan stated, acting too big for his boots. I got his joke instantly. "I destroyed these guys in the last game, so there's no chance in hell that I'm losing to a puny little GIRL."

Myself, Eric and Simon all went, 'ooooohhhh', with Alexa smiling at Jonathan.

"We'll see about that," she said, before slowly giving Jonathan her signature, 'blissed off' facial expression, mouthing 'you're done' at him, which intimidated him a little, before she winked and smiled again. She's the queen of facial expressions.

We got to the lane. Jonathan went first. He bowled and got a strike.

"Huh? Huh? Ain't I great?" Jon said walking back with his arms out, giving Alexa a little smug look. I was starting to like this friendly rivalry these two were having.

I was next. I got 7 pins in the first shot, and spared it in the second. Eric knocked over 6 pins, and Simon knocked over 8.

Finally, it was Alexa's turn. She stood up and slowly walked to get her ball.

"Watch and learn, boys." She said before turning to the lane.

She bowled. The ball started going left, but it curved back into the middle and knocked all the pins down.

She turned back and smirked at us. Holy shit, she was gonna destroy us.

The game went on. And as predicted, Alexa was destroying us. She would get strike after strike, and if she didn't get a strike, she almost always got a spare. Alexa and Jonathan were neck and neck, both of them talking smack to each other to get into each other's heads. I was surprised to see Jon still bowling very well, given that he was a little bit drunk. I was in fact not far behind them, and Eric and Simon were practically battling for third.

At the fifth frame on Alexa's turn, Jon leaned near me. "That chick's got nice looking ass, don't ya think, mate?"

I rolled my eyes, due to his drunkenness, but then again, I have seen her in her wrestling gear, which showed quite a bit of her quote-on-quote 'biscuit butt' that left little to the imagination. Jon's drunk talk might've been annoying, but he wasn't lying, either. Alexa did have one good-looking behind.

Eventually, the game came to an end. Alexa had beaten the women's record for our lane, with a score of 272. To add to the shock, I was second, and I beat the men's record by one point, with a score of 257. Jon came third with 252, Eric had 197, and Simon got 210.

"DAMN IT!" Jon said, "If only I wasn't drunk, I would've gotten a perfect game."

Alexa walked up to Jon, putting her hand on his shoulder. "Awww, it OK, kiddo. Better luck next time."

Jon looked down at Alexa, seemingly a little annoyed, but he calmed down. "The better bowler won," he said. They shook hands.

Because myself and Alexa broke out respectve lane records, we were allowed to choose a prize at the counter. I got myself an AFL football in the colours of my hometown team, and Alexa chose an elegant bottle of red wine. 'Of course she would choose that,' I thought.

It was now 6pm. After a fun time, we left the building and walked outside. Eric called an Uber for him, Simon and Jon. Alexa was also going to get an Uber herself, but I offered to take her back to her hotel in my car, which she accepted.

The Uber arrived in about 5 minutes. The guys were set on heading back to their respective homes. Myself and Alexa waved them goodbye as they left. After they disappeared from view, we began to walk to my car.

"So what do you do... Elijah is it?"

"Yeah. I've just finished my final year at university. I majored in planetary science. But believe it or not, I'm also a part-time pro-wrestler.

"What? No way! That's so cool!" She replied.

I smiled and blushed a little. "Yeah. I work for the local wrestling promotion. We travel around the city for shows, and sometimes around the state or country. I'm hoping to move up to full-time now that I've finished uni."

"You totally should. Wrestling may be tough, but it is quite a fun career," she said.

"For sure," I replied.

We got to my car.

"This is a nice car," she said, "What model is it?"

"It's a 2014 Toyota Camry."


We got inside and Alexa checked out the interior.

"Wow, so clean."

"I clean it whenever I can. It usually stays like this so I don't do much."

I started the car and began to drive out of the parking lot. As I got to the exit, Alexa told me to wait.

"Listen, Elijah, is it alright if we... go someplace else other than back to my hotel?"

"Um... sure, as long as I get to spend more quality time with you," I said, giving her a little smile.

She blushed a little.

I thought for a second of what we could do.

"I know a restaurant we could go to."

"Huh... so a date?"

"Wha... n-no no no, not a date, n-not at all." My cheeks were beet red.

Alexa could only laugh at my embarrassment. "It's OK, I'm fine with that."

"Really? You sure?"


"Alright then."

We headed off. It was a nice 10-minute drive. We chatted about wrestling, hobbies, and even Alexa's pets, including her pig Larry-Steve (she explained about why he's called Larry-Steve). I told her how much different she was in real life compared to her character on Raw. She told me that's the case with pretty much every one else she works with, but the person who matches their on-screen persona in real life the most would be The Miz. We laughed hard about that.

Eventually, we arrived at the restaurant. It was a Mexican restaurant that I had been to many, many times. Most of the staff knew me well.

We got out of the car and walked inside. We were hit with a smell of Mexican spices. I was quite used to it.

"Jesus that smell," Alexa said.

"I know. Nice eh?"

"It's.. alright I guess."

The head chef, Ricardo, spotted us and came over.

"Ah Elijah, welcome back. And I see you've brought a date with you?"

"Hey, Ric. We're just friends, nothing special."

"Oh ok, well aren't you going to introduce me?"

"Oh yeah sure. Ricardo, this is my friend Alexa. Alexa, this is the head chef of the restaurant, Ricardo González.

"Hello, nice to meet you," Alexa said, putting her hand out.

"The pleasure is mine, miss Alexa," Ricardo replied, graciously shaking Alexa's hand.

Ricardo turned to me. "I'm glad you came, Elijah. Today's special is chicken burrito with chilli con carne, and nachos topped with spicy chorizo."

"Sounds great, Ric."

"Excellent. I get a table for you and start preparing your meals."

Ricardo led us to an empty table. We sat down and he returned to the kitchen.

"This place is actually quite nice," Alexa said, looking around.

"I've been coming here for many years, since I was a kid. It was the first place I thought of that I could take you to."

"That's so sweet of you," she replied.

We chatted for a while longer before Ricardo returned with some of our food.

"Here you go, chicken burrito and chilli con carne. I'll be back with the nachos."

Alexa looked down at her food. "Looks very delicious."

"Yep, best burrito in town. We'll wait until the. Aches come then we'll get stuck into it."

Shortly afterwards, Ricardo returned with the plate of nachos.

"There we are. Enjoy."

"Thanks, Ric."

Ric left and we dug in.

"This is amazing," Alexa said with a mouthful of food.

"This place knows it's Mexican. It's why I always come here," I replied before I bit into a corn chip.

We enjoyed our meals thereafter, with Ricardo returning to ask if it was good. Alexa heavily complimented him, to which Ric thanked her.

After a lengthy feed, I paid for it, said goodbye to Ricardo and the staff, and we left the restaurant, returning to my car.

"So? What do ya think?" I asked Alexa.

"I've been to many Mexican places back home, but this... this is by far the best place I've been to," she answered, smiling at me.

"Told you you'd love it." I smiled back at her.

I drove to Alexa's hotel in the city. I parked outside the building.

"Well... this is it," I said, looking into Alexa's bright blue eyes.

Alexa looked back at me. For those brief moments, I just took in her beauty. I consider pretty much all the women in WWE very attractive, but Alexa would have to be in my top 3. She just had this glow on her face. Her bright blue eyes, her blonde hair, her cute smile, her round face... she was drop-dead gorgeous. I would know why so many pervs on Instagram hit on her.

"Do you... want to come inside?" Alexa asked me.

I snapped out of my daydreaming. "Huh? Oh um... do you want me too?"

"I really love spending time with you, Elijah, and I really don't want it to end so early. Besides, I'm here for two weeks and I've only been here for three days.

I blushed a little. 'She loves spending time with me,' I thought. My heart felt like it grew three times it's size. She was right, too. It was nearly 7pm. I also didn't want it to end early.

"Sure, I'd love to," I replied.

Alexa's smile returned and she hopped out of the car. I followed suit and we headed inside the hotel. We walked to the counter.

"This a guest of yours?" he asked.

"Yep," she answered, showing him her pass.

"Alrighty, all good."

We took the elevator up to the 11th floor. Alexa led me to her room. She unlocked and opened the door.

I walked inside. Damn, she got a good room. There was a king-sized bed, a walk in bathroom, a giant 60-inch TV on top of an entertainment set opposite the bed, and a big window with a view of the nearby buildings. Everything looked so modern and pristine. I saw a few suitcases lying around.

"Neat," I emphasised.

"Thanks," Alexa said as she took off her leather boots and jacket, "This was the best place I found online. 4.5 out of 5 stars."

"Was it cheap?"

"Nope not at all."

We both laughed. She had a lovely sense of humour.

I went and stood at the window. There was minor traffic down below, as well as some people walking. I could hear faint police sirens, and the sun was just about setting. I've never been overseas, and I've never experienced living in other cities much more bigger than here.

"I'm just gonna take a shower real quick," Alexa said.

I turned to see Alexa with a change of clothes in her hands.

"OK, sure."

She smiled before disappearing into the bathroom.

My eyes widened as she shut the door. She was going to shower, in my presence, whilst I'm doing nothing. Alexa Bliss... was gonna shower... mere metres from where I'm standing. My brain went into debate mode. Today's debate is, 'Should I sneak into the bathroom and peek in on 5x WWE Women's Champion, Alexa Bliss, whilst she showers?"

The arguments began.

-No... I just can't. It's creepy.

-But... it's something others could only dream of.

-But those 'others' are mostly social media pervs. It's too disrespectful.

-But she has arguably the greatest figure in WWE.

-But if she catches you you're dead meat.

-This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You get to see Alexa Bliss, ALEXA BLISS, completely naked.




I heard the shower turn on. My head was hurting from this stupid debate. I sat down on the bed and tried to compose myself. I took three deep breaths. My heartbeat went down and I was calm. I then started to think.

'OK... I'm gonna do it.'

I slowly got up and turned to the bathroom door. My hands were shaking, in fact my whole body was shaking. I'm actually gonna pull this off. But I need to be careful. If she catches me I'm dead fucking meat. This is a death wish, and I've signed the contract for it. If I win, I live. If I lose... ugh. I shuddered at the thought of Alexa beating the shit out of me. Absolutely nothing like wrestling. I mean a SHOOT beating. That right forearm of hers will ACTUALLY knock me out cold. I just need to be careful. She may be 5ft, but she can be as tough as the guys, maybe even tougher.

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