tagRomanceA Night With Angel

A Night With Angel


Sitting at his desk, with way too much to do and way too little time to do it in, Marcus went over the call that his girlfriend had given him just a few hours earlier.

Angel had called him and (while Christmas music was blaring in the background) told him she wanted to give him an early Christmas present, and said he might be a little surprised by what she had planned...but that he should just trust her on this one and go with it. Even though he was not exactly into the Holiday season, and all that went with it, he listened to what she had to say. She gave him instructions on what to be wearing and even what cologne he was to have on. His girl was being a little mysterious, which was not usual for her. She was usually very quiet and reserved, and basically ignored him when he started in on her about trying something new. This time, she definitely had his attention.

Angel did not look as if she would be as shy and quiet as she actually was. Marcus had always thought her to be beautiful, standing at just a little less than 6 foot, with long golden brown hair and the most gorgeous blue eyes he had ever seen. She had a wonderful full figure...some of his friends thought she was a bit on the chunky side, but he didn't see it that way. She was soft and well rounded, she wasn't perfect, she wasn't a model, and she wasn't stuck on herself. These things, combined with the fact that she was also very honest and very loyal to him, were things that made him even more attracted to her. They were also both in their late 20's and had a lot in common. A friend had introduced them at a family get together a few years back, and the two of them had been together ever since.

As he trudged to his car after work, he saw the snow lightly falling and the lights on Main Street just starting to come on. I guess you could say it looked like a winter wonderland, snow lightly falling, lights twinkling, and the towns Christmas tree shining in the distance. Angel loved this time of year, and somehow managed to get him into the spirit of things...sooner or later. Noticing that it was starting to get darker by the minute, he decided to stop daydreaming and get home. He had gotten off work a little later than expected, but still had plenty of time to make it to Angels at the designated time.

On the counter in the kitchen was what appeared to be a Christmas present. He read the attached card, which simply said: "OPEN NOW." He did. Inside the box were a pair of red silk boxers, a red silk shirt, a red tie, a bottle of cologne and another note that read..." I figured you might be running a little late tonight, so I took the liberty of getting a few things for you...you can provide the rest of the wardrobe! Love you, and see you at 9. ANGEL."

Marcus surveyed the contents of the box, picked up the tie, and thought: "Great, she probably has some sort of party planned." Not exactly what he wanted, but there was not much he wouldn't put up with for his Angel.

He realized that this was going to be a different kind of night after all, as he walked through her front door at the allotted time and noticed that the only light was coming from the candles that were lit all around the room. Well almost only light, in the corner, looking a little out of place stood her small Christmas tree...lit up and decorated to the max. There was some strange music playing in the background, definitely not Christmas type music! And he could smell incense as well.

Just as his eyes adjusted to the lighting, he felt a set of familiar hands on his back, and a blindfold was then put over his eyes. As Marcus started to speak, she whispered: "Shhhhhh." in his ear. He was then led into her room, over to the bed, and encouraged to sit down. His boots and socks were removed, and his shirt and pants were slowly to follow. He was now sitting there in the red silk boxers that she had bought for him. The room was warm, but he could not help but feel a little chill go up his spine as the tempo of the music began to sound rather eerie, like something you would hear on one of those horror movies. (He made his imagination stop at that point...before he started thinking of Freddie or Jason...that would definitely not get him into the mood she was obviously going for on this night!)

Just as the tempo of the music changed to something a little more relaxing, she got on the bed behind him, gently raking her long fingernails down his back. He moaned a little at the contact, but didn't want to make too much noise for fear that she might stop. He need not have worried, for she was in far too much a state of arousal to even think of stopping!

Angel instructed him to lie on his stomach, which he gladly did. She began to massage his back and shoulders, using her long nails now and then...leaning over slightly as little kisses and little flicks of the tongue were placed everywhere her hands went. When she got down to his bottom, she caused him to jump and let out a little sound of surprise as she none too lightly spanked each cheek, and then covered them with kisses where she had made them turn pink. Her hands continued to wander...going down to his inner thighs and just barely touching his very sensitive nut sacks...she leaned down and began to kiss and lick on his thighs, snaking her tongue into that area as well. He was definitely squirming now! She loved the noises he was making.

Angel could hear as well as feel that his breathing was getting heavy, and that he was very into the treatment he was receiving. Her lips were making fiery trails all over his back. Every time she would stop, she would lean over and kiss and lick his ears...making purring noises as she did so. Finally, she helped him to lie on his back...taking each of his hands above his head and loosely tying them with the restraints that she had put there earlier. Marcus had never been tied up before, but decided to go with it.

Her nails and lips began to make the same motions on the front of his body as they did on his back. When she got to the nipples, however, she lingered there, licking and sucking, as well as sliding her body down and moved her hips so that she was positioned just above his now very aroused, very hard member. She ground herself down onto him a few times. He was breathing heavily now, and little moans would escape now and then as she moved to the rhythm of the music, or raked her nails lightly over his chest.

She decided to move down all the way now, to what she could see was a very aroused part of his body. Marcus wanted to reach out and touch her so bad that his palms were getting itchy. But, he knew this was all a part of the seduction...he had been instructed not to touch. (And he would behave...for now! The restraints were loose enough to where he could get out of them if he wanted.)

At first she just teased him by taking her fingers and tracing the outline of his now very hard, very aroused dick. Up and over, down, under...and then onto his upper and inner thighs. She was driving him crazy, and she knew it! Deciding to end at least part of the torture, she removed the boxers. His proud pole stood at attention, and she could not resist reaching down and giving the head a little kiss, licking the little drop of pre-cum that had formed there. His body jumped slightly at the contact of her lips and tongue, and he could not help but moan and curse a little under his breath. This made her smile, but he could not see that, since he was still blindfolded.

Again, she moved her body over his...surprising him when the wetness between her legs met his hard dick, her still covered nipples meeting his exposed ones. She moved over him, letting him believe she was going to lower herself over his hard shaft...but not going any further than a touch. A few more moves like that, and Marcus knew he would lose what little control he felt he still had!

Before she really knew what was happening, Marcus was over her...pinning her down to the bed with his body. No more restraints, and no more blindfold! Angel could see the heat in his eyes, and she wondered what he would do now. A little chill went up her spine at the thought! The first thing he did was to feast his eyes on her body, and the outfit she had chosen to wear tonight...red silky bra with white fringe, and matching red panties, and there was also a red bow in her hair. He had known the panties were crotch less he had felt that when she had been moving against him earlier.

Wanting to give her a little of what she had done to him, he flipped her over onto her stomach. She gave a little noise of protest as his hand connected with her ass cheek...first one then the other. He would kiss and licking away the sting each time. He decided to do this a few more times...loving the shade of red her white skin would turn each time. (Smiling to himself, he thought that even Santa's rosy cheeks couldn't hold a candle to the two he had in front of him!!) Trying to keep silly thoughts at bay, he began concentrating more on the pleasures before him. He could tell she was getting very aroused, and very wet. Taking his tongue, he touched the inside of each thigh...very close to the moistness, but not quite touching the place she wanted him to touch most of all.

Deciding that he was getting way too aroused to hold out much longer, he turned her over onto her back...using the restraints as she had done to him. He straddled her, and began using his hands in very erotic ways on her breasts. She could feel his hardness pressing into her as he moved. He positioned his dick so it just touched her very sensitive clit. When he started his ministrations on her breasts, he would also move his hips, causing her to inhale sharply each time he made contact with that certain little nub! Angel tried to move so that he would be inside her, but he wasn't going to let her have her way just yet.

Marcus removed the bra, and began licking and sucking on her nipples...causing her to move and moan even more. Then he moved his dick a little more, stimulating her clit. Slowly, he moved down to where the opening of the crotch less panties was...they looked so nice on her ...that he decided to leave them on. Putting a finger inside her, he noticed she was very wet. Looking up, he saw that she was licking her lips...he took the finger and put it in her mouth, letting her get a taste of her own juices. She sucked his finger as if it was a lollipop...she knew he loved that, so she made sure to do a good job of it. He took in a deep breath at the sight she made sucking on that finger...his dick was throbbing, as if telling him that it wanted that kind of treatment. He wasn't sure if he could hold out for that, but decided it did seem like a good idea!

Moving his body back up to her head, he placed his dick at her mouth. She put her tongue out to lick the head, and then opened her mouth to allow him access. He placed a pillow under her head so she could more easily suck on him. As he began to move his dick in and out of her mouth, she began to moan and suck and lick even more. It felt so good that he did not want to stop...but he had other plans.

Soon he was back down between her legs...spreading her pussy lips. Seeing that wetness made him hungry...he moaned a little as his tongue tasted her sweet juices. Letting his fingers find their way inside her, he began to finger fuck her gently while he licked her clit and the area around it with his tongue. He knew she was about to cum, when she started moaning and mumbling his name and telling him how good it felt. She begged him not to stop; he assured her he had no intentions of doing so! She almost screamed out that she was about to cum, so he began licking more and also moving his fingers in and out of her faster and harder. When her orgasm hit, it hit hard. "OOHHH, OHHH, damn... oh God...I'm cummmmingggg!!!" As her hips bucked, he kept licking, making her moan and shout even more, he could feel the juices flowing heavily...he went down and began to enjoy them, as her body started to calm down.

Marcus wanted to get inside of her in the worst way. Taking her legs and putting them up on his shoulders, he slowly entered her. He moved his dick in and out, setting up a steady rhythm of slow and easy and going into fast and hard then back to the slow and easy again...the look on her face told him she was enjoying this. He leaned in and kissed her passionately, the wetness from her pussy still on his lips. She kissed and licked all the juices away, and then smiled as she let out a little moan of satisfaction.

Somehow, her hands were now no longer restrained, and she was reaching down to play with her clit as he began to pick up the pace. She wanted to cum at the same time as he did, knowing that not only would that give her more pleasure, but it would tighten her walls around him and make it better for him too. Watching her play with her clit was really getting to him, when she told him she was about to cum...that was all it took.

As her hips lifted to meet his thrusts, he felt her orgasm at the same time he felt himself let go. The feeling was intense, and they both let out moans at almost the same time. "Oh, Marcus, yeah baby...gimme all of that dick!! Oh, Oh, Oh...damn!! YESSSSSSSSSS!!" He couldn't hold back what he was feeling..."Hell yeah baby, oh damn this feels so damn good!!" He pushed into her a few more times as he felt her walls tighten around him...milking his dick of all the liquids it held.

Feeling very spent, he collapsed on top of her, bringing his head to rest between her breasts. She caressed his back and shoulders as she kissed his head and sighed deeply. Getting into a more comfortable position, they lie in each other's arms and fell asleep.

Some time in the night, Marcus awoke. His dick was hard again, and pressing into Angels ass as she lay against him in spoon fashion. He could tell by her even breathing that she was still asleep, but he also knew that he had to have her again! Positioning himself at the entrance to her pussy, he began to move his dick slowly up wards, gently holding onto her hips as he did so. Soon, her body began to respond by moving backwards onto his throbbing shaft. She began to make little moaning noises, yet she still appeared to be asleep. He reached around with one hand and began to gently play with her clit, making her moan even more.

Her hips were now meeting his every thrust, and it felt so good he didn't want to stop...just when this thought entered into his head, she moved so that he was no longer inside of her. Angel loved making love doggy style, and that's the position she put herself in. (Obviously she was awake now!!) Face down, ass up...man how he loved that sight!!

He got behind her and put his dick at the entrance to her pussy. Going in just a little at a time...not wanting to rush it. She began pushing her ass back towards him, wanting to feel all of him inside of her. He still held back, teasing her...until with one forward thrust, he planted himself deep within her. Angel moaned loudly and as he began to move in and out of her faster, she was thrusting her ass back to meet his every movement. It wasn't long before she was having another orgasm, screaming at him to fuck her harder. She had never been one to use swear words or be this vocal, and he found he was definitely enjoying this new side to her!!

Feeling that familiar tightening sensation in his balls and up along his shaft, Marcus knew he was about to cum. He also knew what he wanted to do with this load...pulling out just in time, he quickly told Angel to flip over...she did as she was told. Soon she had streams of his hot, sticky cum shooting all over her face and chest. Then she decided to do something totally unexpected...

Before he knew it, Angel had him in her mouth and was sucking and licking what was left on and in his now slightly softening dick. She was actually cleaning him off with her mouth and tongue! That was something she had never done before, something she always said she would not try. As she finished licking him off, she lay down with him, and passionately kissed him. Then she whispered..." Merry Christmas!" and she then drifted off to sleep.

As Marcus lay there with her in his arms, he realized that once again, his own private Angel had proven to him just how good the Christmas season could really be!

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