tagMatureA Night With Kelly

A Night With Kelly


Kelly was, and is, the high school hottie. Perfect in every way. Five and a half feet tall, beautiful body, long brown hair, a tan that I would kill to have. Pouting lips, and eyes that reach out and grab you like you wish she would with her hands.

She is athletic, has been cheer leading since middle school, and gives new meaning to the word's atmosphere, ambiance and intoxicating.

A magnet for the boy's, and most assuredly the envy of every other girl at the school. I know this because I knew… the Kelly's of my high school.

I am after school, as it were. My name is Laura Hayden, and I am 37 years old.

The years have been kind to me I think. I know that I am attractive, and I get approached relatively often. Just enough to keep my self esteem high, and my rejection lines well versed. My husband treats our three teen-aged boys and myself very well. There isn't much that I want that I don't already have. A perfect body I don't have anymore, but I look good for my age, and for having three kids.

The boy's friends even check me out when they come over. Stare is more like it. I enjoy the attention. One time I was even hit on in private by one of Jason's young friends. I was flattered, but in control of my emotion's, and the situation, discreetly declining this young mans come on.

Then there was Kelly. She was powerful in her way. Polite, but with the confidence of a much older person. Where Kelly was concerned, I was not in control of my emotions.

Kelly was in control…of everything.

At sporting events, football games and other gatherings, there she was. Cheering, and cheerful. The kids always pointed her out, and frankly she was hard to deny, or pass by without noticing. She excited everyone around her.

Kelly excited me too.

The only contact I had with her, and it wasn't ME, I swear!… was at one football game last year when we were all standing around the snack bar area after the game. Kelly was standing with her back to us a few feet away, and a small boy walked past, in between us and either bumper her ass or grabbed it. Kelly turned around mouth wide open. She wasn't mad that I could tell. But she thought it was me that grabbed her.

"It wasn't me!" I said as my face turned a cherry red because I knew I was the suspect here. She didn't say anything, but she smiled, and her head trailed away back to her friends as her eyes stayed with mine. That coquettish look she gave me, and the embarrassment of it all turned me on.

That was the last time I saw Kelly until about two months later when Jason told me Kelly asked him if I could chaperone a dance with a few of the other parents. Kelly was putting the dance together, and I told Jason that I would love too.

When Jason told Kelly that I would do it, she gave him her phone number and asked that I call her some evening to go over some details. So, I did.

I remember sitting in our bedroom alone holding the phone, and being nervous like I was back in high school trying to get the nerve up to call a guy, and ask him to the Sadie Hawkins dance. If you get the impression that I liked this young girl, you are right.

Besides having the perfect every thing else, she had the most sensual phone voice I have ever heard. We went over some minor details about the dance, and simply being told what was expected of me at the party excited me.

I was so turned on by this girl. I didn't know what to think. I didn't know what to do, and I hardly knew what to say. She could tell that I was nervous, and off balance I am sure.

We said our good byes. The dance was Friday. We talked on Tuesday night, and I shook like a new leaf on a tree for the next three days in anticipation.

Was I expecting anything unusual to happen? No. But there was something about this girl that had spontaneous, and unexpected written all over her.

Friday night was here and I was excited like a kid on Christmas Eve. I dressed in my black taffeta mini skirt, black sweater, dark brown nylons and black spike heels. I looked good, smelled good, and was walking and talking as good as I possibly could.

Jason and I got to the dance a bit before it started as Kelly suggested. Jason went somewhere. I didn't know or care where he went.

The decorations were hung, the DJ was setting up, and then I saw her. She waved me over to her, and I followed her command like a puppy wanting to please its owner.

The jeans she was wearing looked like they were spray painted on, and the sweater she was wearing fit her like a glove. Her perfume was sweet and sexy. I was more turned on, than at any time in my life.

Another woman has never affected me like that. Sure I know a great looking woman when I see one, but another female has just never aroused me.

Until now.

There was just something indescribably sensual, and polarizing about this girl. She was 18, and a senior in High School. I…was wet

The dance went on and the kids were having a great time. Watching Kelly dance to the music only turned me on more. Through out the evening she would come over to me and see if things were going ok. I would say yes, but Frankly… I didn't know! I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She caught me looking at her several time's, and in her coquettish little way, she would show her approval of my stares with a smile, and a look that made me weak in the knees.

Jason left about 11:30. He was tired, and a friend of his was driving him home. The dance broke up at about midnight, and the kids filtered out.

The DJ packed his equipment and left, and I was making sure all the kids that were still milling around at the door to the school got on their way. Kelly and the other parents were putting a few things away when I went back to the gymnasium. Kelly came to me and thanked me for helping, and asked me if I could give her a ride home.

"Of course I can Kelly"

She went to get her jacket and purse, and I waited for her at the door.

On the way to her house she told me that her parents were gone for the weekend and she was home alone. We chit chatted about the dance and were just winding down a nice night out.

When I was driving down her street, she asked me if I would like to come in for a few minutes. "We can have a cup of coffee, or whatever," she said.

I must have said "sure" or "yes" but I don't remember it. I do remember walking with her to the front door wondering to myself what the heck is going on here, and getting more excited with every step.

We got inside. Kelly put on some coffee, and checked the answering machine. I was in the living room looking at the photos and things on the wall. Kelly came and put on a CD. Some slow sexy R and B music.

There I am standing there looking at family photos on the wall and I felt her standing right behind me. I asked " who is this and who is that" She responded, but I could tell she was not interested in talking about pictures.

Kelly placed her hands on my shoulders and started massaging them as she whispered "The coffee is ready if you want some"

Coffee…yeah right. At that point all I could think about was, here I am, 37 years old, and all alone with this young fox massaging my shoulders, and not being able to speak. I felt like I did the first time I had sex with a boy. Knowing then, and now, what was happening. Wanting it to happen, and just being along for the ride.

Kelly turned me to her, and without hesitation put her arms around me and kissed me full on the lips. I moved my hands to her waist and closed my eyes. My lips were closed but she forced her tongue inside me. I tilted my head a bit to one side but then pulled my lips away from hers, and said "Kelly"

"Shhhhhhh" "it's OK…just get into it" she said to me as she kissed me again.

I could not deny her, or what was happening. I started to gently suck on her tongue, and moving my tongue against hers. She moved her hands from around my back to the sides of my head and French kissed me more passionately, and harder than I have ever been.

Our lips and tongues parted company, and she looked me in the eyes briefly as she moved her hands to my chest. She was massaging both of my braless breasts through my sweater, and running her thumbs across my hard nipples as she asked, "Did you like me kissing you?"

"Yes I did, but…." "Shhhhhh…you are very sexy Laura"

Still massaging my breasts and nipples she kissed me again. My hands fell to my sides. I was dizzy from all this excitement.

Kelly's hands left my chest, and as she was still kissing me they trailed down the sides of my body past the hem of my skirt. Teasing the sides of my nylon covered thighs with her fingers as her lips left mine once again.

We were still one and close as my head fell back and she moved her hands under my skirt to cup my ass cheeks. Her hands were strong, and she was confident as she squeezed them. She pulled me even closer to her as if that was even possible. "Look at me"…"I am going to make love to you, and you are going to do whatever I tell you to do" she said in a soft, deep, and dominant voice.

I didn't say a word, as she slowly released me from her grasp, took my hand, and led me to the couch. She was standing right in front of me, and slowly pulled off her sweater exposing yet another perfect attribute.

"Kelly, I don't…" "Shhhhhhhhhhh" she said to me pointing and waving her finger.

Kelly completely undressed in front of me. She put her hands on either side of my head on the top of the couch and straddled me. She reached down to my waist and pulled my sweater over my head, and tossed it over her shoulder onto the floor. "Play with your tit's" Kelly said…"

Kelly, I just…." " Heh…Laura Laura Laura" she said while letting out a small laugh. "Just play with those tit's like I told you, and don't play this Kelly I… but Kelly fucking game with me, ok?" " Kelly gets what Kelly wants, and you want this as bad as I do." "So deal, and get busy baby"

I exhaled as I reached down and fondled my breasts, and began to pull on and pinch my nipples. I couldn't take my eyes away from Kelly though. She was swaying to the music and watching me play. "Like this" Kelly said, as she moved my hands, and grabbed my nipples between her thumbs and index fingers.

"Pull on my tit's just like that" she said, as she continued to twist my nipples.

I reached up and grabbed her's and twisted and pulled gently. "Harder" Kelly said, as she released mine and bent towards me so her breasts were right in my face. "Suck on those tit's"…"Bite my nipples" I did exactly as she told me. She had long thick ones for a girl her age and I loved sucking and biting them. She held the back of my head and force fed them to me.

After a few minutes of that, and her telling me how much she's wanted to fuck me since that night at the football game, she pulled away from me and slid down to the floor in front of me. She parted my nylon covered thighs wide, and stroked them.

"I can smell you from here" she said, as she went all the way to my upper thighs. With her hands there she massaged my clit through my nylons with her thumbs.

"You are soaking wet babe…Did you fucking cum already?" I was speechless, with the exception of moaning.

She bent down and started nuzzling and licking my thighs, moving her way down to my feet slowly. She raised each foot separately to slip my pumps off, and began to lick the soles of my feet, stopping only to suck on my stocking covered toes.

Now I have always loved having my toes sucked, but sitting there half naked, with my stocking toes in the mouth of a naked teenage girl was …I mean…almost too much to even imagine.

I didn't have to imagine.

Kelly stopped for a second, and as she massaged my foot with her hands she looked at me…"Spread those toes for me" I did and she continued to slurp, and suck on them. Taking both of my feet in her hands she placed them on either side of her cheeks, closed her eyes, and moved my feet slowly against her face, keeping a rhythm with the music.

Sliding her hands to my ankles she pulled my feet away from her face, and moved her hands up to the backs of my knees spreading my legs high and wide. She didn't waste any time and went right to my pussy with her mouth, and began licking my clit right through the soaking wet nylon. I had not worn panties that night.

Kelly licked and sucked my pussy lips and erect clit like someone who has certainly done this many times before. I reached down and grabbed my legs and pulled them back even further for her.

"God you taste great and your fucking soaked!" Kelly said in a muffled voice as she continued to lap me up.

"Eat me" I said, and with that Kelly got even more aggressive, and lifted her face from my pussy, and with both her index fingers she pushed right through my nylons and made a hole. Reaching up with one hand and grabbing a nipple she put two fingers right up in my pussy and started fucking me with them.

" Oh God Kelly…. Oh my God!"

Kelly was cramming her fingers inside me furiously as she said to me, "You slutty little milf, you love this don't you, you whore…yeah you do" "Tell me you're my slut, and tell me you'll do anything I want"

"I'm your dirty little whore." "I'm your slut… tell me what to do!", I screamed to her.

Kelly didn't need any direction as she ripped my nylons wide open and pushed her face right into my wet pussy. She went right for the clit and was sucking and biting it, lapping my lips. I reached down and spread my pussy lips for her and she stuck her tongue right up inside me. She had a long tongue and it felt like a small warm cock in me.

I was freaking out, screaming and on the verge of cumming when she pulled away, and stood up in front of me. My legs fell to the floor and as she placed one foot up on the couch next to my leg, and started playing with her pussy.

I sat up straight, and she didn't have to tell me what to do next. I took two fingers and stuck them up inside her. Her pussy was completely bald and equally as wet as mine. I reamed her with my fingers and she was screaming," Fuck that cunt…FUCK IT"

I fucked this girls pussy with my fingers with all I had, and within a minute she came all over my hand, screaming, " You BITCH"…" You FUCKING BITCH…God Damnit"… "Oh FUCK". And as she mellowed just a bit, she grabbed the sides of my head, and with handfuls of my hair in her hands she fucked her soaking wet, cum dripping pussy with my face.

"Lick that shit up you whore…fucking clean me with your tongue"

Kelly pulled my face away, and still holding my hair said, "Nobody's made me cum that fast…Nobody!"

She pulled me to a standing position right in front of her and still holding my hair tightly she French Kissed me, then let go and plopped down on the couch. She pulled my skirt down, and off, tossing it in the corner. Next she placed her hands inside the waistband of my pantyhose, pulled hard and fast ripping them all the way down my legs. Laying back she said " Get those fucking things off and lay across my lap"

I managed to take off my nylons without falling over and did exactly as she told me. I laid across her lap face down. Kelly started massaging my ass cheeks with both hands. Then she spread them and started playing with my pussy again.

Holding me firmly down with her left hand on my lower back, she crammed two fingers straight up inside, and she pistoned me. I was screaming and she said " I'm gonna fuck your cute little asshole too slut…"And I don't want to hear any bullshit!"

"Kelly, Please…NO!"

She pulled out of my pussy and screamed, " WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST SAY?"

The next thing I felt was her slapping my ass. " Noooooo, please!"…She ignored me and kept slapping my ass even harder, grabbing my hair, and pulling my head back.

"You agreed to be my fucking whore, so shut the fuck up and do as you are told, or you wont be invited back!"

Kelly kept slapping my ass and laughing too. All I could think of when she said that was that I figured this was a once in a lifetime thrill. I never imagined that she had more things planned.

Kelly slowed her ass slapping pace and started rubbing me gently. "Wow, you're ass is redder than an apple Laura"…"See what you get when you piss me off?"

"Yes Kelly…I'm sorry…I wont do it again"

"Reach back and feel your swollen cheeks babe, and spread them for me"

I did and felt her drop some spit directly on my waiting asshole. She rubbed the spit in and then pushed her index finger right up in me. "OH, easyyyyy" I said. "Pleaseeee go easy, I've never done this before"

"Get used to it slut, you're asshole is mine now.", and with that more spit, and another finger.

The phone rang and Kelly pulled out of me and dumped me on the floor in front of the couch and ran to answer it. She came back and was talking to someone as I tried to sit up but couldn't sit, because I was so sore from the spanking. I stood up and reached behind me and felt my swollen ass.

Kelly walked over to me and said to the person on the phone, "Yeah, it's happening" "I told you it would didn't I", laughing as she said that. "Yeah, Yeah don't worry I have this one under control"

I knew she was talking about me to whoever was on the phone. She walked into the kitchen and hung it up. She came back a few minutes later and sat on the couch

I was standing in front of her and asked, "Who was that?"…Never mind Laura"

"The only question I want to hear from you right now is, what do you want me to do Kelly"

"Please Kelly what's going on?"…"Just FUCKING DO IT, Jesus Christ" "I cant slap your ass anymore…Do you want your tits slapped too? "Cuz I fucking will, and you know I will"

"What can I do for you Kelly?"

"Spread your legs, bend over and grab your ankles, slut"

I did exactly as she said.

Kelly got down on her knees behind me and tongue fucked my pussy again. This time though she had brought something with her from the kitchen. I could see it in her hands as I looked between my legs. It was a huge cucumber. She pulled away from me and between my legs showed it to me, and said, "This is for you baby"

That being said she stood up and started rubbing the cucumber between the lips of my pussy. Then she stopped.

"I have an idea," she said. Telling me to stand in front of her as she sat on the couch. She gave me the cucumber and said, " Slurp this dick" "Get it all wet"

There I was, totally naked, ass cheeks swollen from a spanking, standing in front of a teenage girl, and sucking on a cucumber.

"I love watching you suck that thing Laura" Do you have any dildos?" she asked.

"No Kelly I don't"

"Do you have a computer?" "And DON'T stop sucking for me"

"Yes, I have a computer"

"Then I am going to email you a list and some pictures of some toys I want for us Laura" "And some slut shoes and stuff while were at it"

I stopped sucking the cucumber for a moment and said, "You think I am coming back?"

Kelly said, "I know you are coming back Laura" " And…You're coming back whenever I say" "And if we can't meet here, you are going to rent us a room, got it?"

"Now give me that dick, and stand legs spread in front of me"

I did what she said and she took the cucumber and drove it right up my sopping wet pussy and fucked me like an animal.

"That's it Laura, comon baby." " You can do it for Laura, Cum for Kelly!"

I was moaning and screaming, "Fuck Me…. FUCK ME WITH YOUR TOY"

She drove it into me even faster and harder as I started to explode with cum.

"Oh yeahhhhh Laura…whewwwww, baby.

I had my fingers in my hair as I calmed down from THE hottest kinkiest orgasm I have ever experienced. I exhaled as Kelly drew the cucumber out of my pussy. She stood up and got close to me, and brought the cum soaked vegetable in between our faces and we both licked it and sucked up my juices.

She tossed the thing on the floor and put her arms around me, and hugged me. Drawing back she raised my head from her shoulder and said to me. "You are my pet now…My cute… little… milf… pet"

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