tagLoving WivesA Night With My Wife And A Stranger

A Night With My Wife And A Stranger


I walked into the bedroom and there was my wife, beautiful, 24 years of age, brunette, 5'3'' 110 lbs and stunning. She told me tonight was her night and I was going to make all of her fantasies come true. She told me to lye down on the bed on my back. We were in our guest bedroom because when we liked to do different things we didn't like to stain the sheets plus the master bedroom was more of a romantic place to make love. There, I lyed on the bed, as instructed, and she then picked a bag out of the closet which contained a few things. She began pulling out some straps.

She told me tonight I was going to be tied up and I was going to do everything she demanded. She tied my hands and legs to the four bed posts and propped my head up on two pillows, so my head was slightly elevated. Then she pulled out a bottle of goldschlogger. She demanded we both take 5 shots within 20 minutes. So, we did. At this point, we were both pretty tipsy, and she began giggling and jumped up on the bed after giving me my five shots. She sat very close to my face looking down at me with her white thong on and said, "now, I'm going to give you a night you'll remember forever".

Our guest bedroom is huge and has a day bed in it as well. She walked over to the day bed and banged the wall. In walked a good looking man I had never seen before in my life. He began kissing my wife's neck and rubbing her breasts.

My wife slid down, unbuckled his belt and pulled out his dick and began licking the tip and then quickly shoved it in her mouth. She was an unbelievable cock sucker and this guy was getting the blowjob of his life. She stopped sucking him and bent over the day bed looking at me, when I saw her eyes roll back into her head because he just entered her from behind. She loved to fuck from behind and she kept going back and forth and abruptly stopped when she knew he was about to cum.

There I was helpless, watching a guy fuck my beautiful wife and I couldn't even join in. She then came over to me and kissed me. She rose up and sat directly on my face with her soaking wet pussy. She was as wet as I had ever tasted her from the fucking and she was riding my face and rubbing her juices all over my face and I couldn't move at all. She then ordered the man to reach into our bag and pull out "the suprise". My wife had bought a strap-on, a very big one. She asked me if I wanted to suck her cock. Before I could answer, she shoved all 8 inches of it in my mouth and thrusted for a solid minute.

I was helplessly dazed from the shots of goldschlogger. She took the dildo out of my mouth and said, "good boy, and now for my real fantasy". She got down in between my legs and put the tip of her strap-on right on the tip of my ass. It was lubricated from my mouth and was about to be inserted into my ass. She worked the tip of it in before she eased the next 7 inches in. It felt incredible and I had completely forgot about the other man still in the room until my wife ordered him towards her. She directed him up on the bed as she was working her strap-on in and out of me now. She was also giving me a hand job at the same time. Suddenly, with my eyes closed and in the heat of passion I felt something touch my lips.

My wife stopped thrusting and stopped the hand job just as I was ready to cum and my wife said, "honey, I'm not giving you another thrust or stroke until that dick gets in your mouth.

The stranger put his dick so deep in my mouth I could feel his tip against the back of my mouth, but it felt so natural.

My wife then replied, "every time I push his back and his dick dissapears into your mouth, you get a stroke and a thrust.

Then he bent down and I swallowed all 8 inches of his dick as my wife continued to pound my ass with her strap-on. Before I knew it, I felt his cock swell up and he came directly into my mouth, I swallowed every drop which caused me to explode up my wife's chest.

My wife slowly pulled the strap-on out of me and began kissing me and licking the man's excess cum on my lips and chin. She kissed me again and said, "thank you honey, this was a dream come true, but we're not done yet. She handed me 2 more shots of goldschlogger and demanded that I drink them. She then sat up with her pussy on my chin and said, "now it's my turn to get fucked".

While still tied to the bed posts, the stranger got up and stuck his dick in my wife's ass as her pussy rested on my chin. He began banging and banging her as her juices and his pre-cum rolled down my face. Not more than 30 seconds later, she came all over my face and he pulled out (as she raised up) and he stuck his dick back in my mouth and finished again in my mouth with the taste of her ass all over his dick. Yet, it tasted so good. This was the best night of my life.

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