tagNonHumanA Night With The Count

A Night With The Count


It was approaching midnight, and Jasmine had just put away the last of the candy for the neighborhood gouls and goblins. As she reach into the cabinet to clear a space for the bowl of treats, the doorbell rang. "Dammit! If it's more of those thugs from down the street, I'm gonna shoot them!" She stomped back into the living room, and slung open the door, ready to give a piece of her mind to whoever had the nerve to arrive so late. When she looked out onto her porch, however, there was no one to be seen.

"Great," she thought, "Now they are going to start playing games with me. " She leaned out of the door and using her most menacing voice called out, "I know where you live, and I'm sure your parents might not appreciate a visit from the police!" She listened for the sound of running feet and laughter, but was greeted with silence. Just as she was about to slam the door shut, something dark flew by her head. Jasmine ducked and let out a surprised yelp as the thing fluttered once around the living room then down the hall.

"A fucking bat! I do not need this shit tonight!" Not one to be undone by a flying rat, Jasmine located a frying pan and went on the hunt for the offending critter. Down the hall she went, eyes scanning for the animal. The only open door off the hallway was the one leading into her bedroom. "Oh, this is just fucking marvelous!" She stalked into the room, the great white huntress, looking for her prey. She looked in every corner, in the closet, in the bathroom, but the bat was nowhere to be seen. She stood, hands on her hips, bemused. "Aha!" She had the sudden inspiration to check under the bed. As she bent down to look under the dust ruffle of her bed, she didn't notice the dark figure that seemed to materialize on the other side of the bed from her.

"Can I help you find something?" Jasmine shrieked and bumped her head in her haste to get up from the floor. She stood up with the frying pan clutched in her hands like a tennis racket. The man she faced was about six foot nine, dressed from head to toe in black. She looked at him speechless for a moment. Her eyes travelled up and down, taking in this menacing figure before her. He was attired in a coal black suit, not exactly Armani, but expensive and fashionable nonetheless. His black hair was also stylishly cut. What captured her attention were his eyes, icey blue with bottomless, deep pupils. "Wh... wh... who are you? What are you doing in my house, m... m... my room?"

"Forgive me... " His voice purred with some sort of European accent. "... I did not properly introduce myself, I am Count Manos, a lonely traveller in your country. " Jasmine shook her head, thinking that someone was playing a very bad joke on her, or perhaps she had hit her head a little harder than she thought looking for that damned bat. "How did you get into my house?", and where did that bat go? "Again, forgive me, I did not mean to intrude, but I was only seeking shelter, I was... ah... I had a confrontation with some local young men. " He smiled disarmingly at her.

"But... I... where... uh... " Jasmine cursed at herself for stammering and making a fool out herself in front of this stranger, Damn it! If she could only stop looking into those eyes, they were confusing her and jumbling her thoughts. He just kept staring at her, smiling, she felt helpless, rooted to the spot. She never saw him move, but before she knew it he was standing next to her. She caught a whiff of a slightly spicey, musky cologne, she assummed it was, anyway. She suddenly became aware that her panties were uncomfortable, and very, very wet. He leaned in closer, and brought his eyes just inches away from hers. She felt that she knew how deer must feel, staring at those oncoming headlights. She distantly heard a dull thud as the frying pan slipped from her weakened fingers. She began to feel herself falling, then suddenly she was in his arms. As he laid her down on her bed, she realized that she was naked, yet searching through her fogged mind, she could not remember taking them off. She thought she could remember something about a stranger in her house, standing in her bedroom, but she didn't have time to think about it now with this gorgeous creature kissing her and playing his fingers all around her body.

She barely realizes her body was responding to his touch, and yet she knew her hips were moving and was that moan coming from her mouth? Why, yes it was! How nice, she tought. His lips left hers and moved down to the soft, tender skin of her neck. There he kissed and licked, and lightly grazed his teeth across the skin. He was going to make her cum soon with his fingers, she was on the edge. When the first wave hit her, she felt a brief, sharp pain at her throat. Then her world exploded, blinding light seemed to burn past her closed eyelids, a million images flashed through her minds eye, images both terrifying and erotic. As she came down from this intense sunburst of an orgasm, she realized he had entered her, his cock thrusting in and out, deeper and deeper. She felt herself responding once more, her senses heightened like never before. She looked up through half closed eyes at him, and watched his pale body move on hers.

She looked at his face, and was almost shocked at the savage snarl on his bloodstained lips. Blood? Where did all that blood come from? Her mind was desperately trying to warn her of something, but she couldn't quite grasp the danger. He increased his tempo, each thrust becoming more forceful than the last, seeming to go all the way into the center of her being, to her core. Then suddenly he erupted inside her, and she felt as if someone had poured molten metal into her womb. But despite the searing pain, her body ultimately responded to the pleasure, and she came in great wracking spasms, heaving her ass off the bed as she met his final thrusts. She felt as if she passed out for a moment, and when she came back around again, he was lying beside her, gazing at her face. When she opened her eyes fully, he smiled at her, a very wide and toothy smile.

She gasped as she realized that his canine teeth were way too long and wickedly sharp. They were still pink from her blood. "If it is possible for one such as I to find love among mortals, then I have indeed found it. " She just stared back at him, fear paralyzing her. "Please, do not fear me, precious one, I come not to take your life, but to give you pleasure. " He moved down her body, tracing with fingers and tongue, till he reached her throbbing pussy. She felt herself begin to immediately moisten again at his touch. As he flicked his tongue over her clit, he eased three fingers inside her. Once again, her body betrayed her and began to move on it's own.

As she moved, he added another finger and began fucking her with them. Soon, she was bucking and heaving, crying out for more. He folded his thumb over and began to push into her, harder and deeper. Soon, his hand was buried deep inside her and she was slamming her hips down on it, trying to take in more. Jasmine thrashed about, and moved her hips up and down, feeling an amazing fullness, and yet craving more. Her orgasm washed over her like a tidal wave, only it was a succession of tidal waves, one after the other, endlessly, until, she simply passed out. Jasmine awoke as the sun peeked through her blinds. The light seemed to be just a little too bright this morning. She shook her head, and tried to remember the details of the erotic nightmare she had last night. She eased out of bed, noticing that her pussy was very sore.

On the way to the bathroom, she tripped over a frying pan. She frowned trying to remember why there was a frying pan on her bedroom floor. As she looked into the bathroom mirror, she noticed that she was a little pale, then her eyes widened when she saw the two tiny holes in her neck, crusted over with blood. A voice with an obscure European accent seemed to echo in her mind, "I have left you a gift, a small token of my love. "

The End

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