tagErotic HorrorA Nightmare Encounter

A Nightmare Encounter


My first attempt at an erotic horror and a large warning now this story has a guy being attacked and sucked off by a female zombie. In the highly likely event that this doesn't arouse you then please don't wait in sending angry hate mail reminding me of what a sick monster I am. I am also aware that this fetish highly unusual and won't be erotic to most to which I can only say sorry for.

This story contains graphic descriptions of an undead rotting zombie with lots of oral sex, supernatural enlarged organ, spit fetish and anal play. This story is complete fantasy and fiction and is only designed for entertainment purposes all characters are made up and placed over the age of 18 and this story is R18 so no one under that age should be reading this.


Scotty is on his way home from seeing his girlfriend Shelly, It's late and to save time he takes a short cut through a small park. It's almost like a local forest with lots of wide open grassy spaces and a good collection of tall healthy looking trees all clustered together. It's a peaceful space being very late at night, the park lights are all on illuminating the path he is walking on. Up in the clear night's sky shines a full moon glowing down onto the park. Scotty always thinks the locals underestimate what a pretty park they have here; to have such a big area of land with very few bits of litter and to always have it looking very neat and presentable is a very rare thing indeed. Scotty and his family had moved around a lot before settling in this quiet part of Middle America and he likes the place a lot.

Not just for the beauty or the tranquil laid back nature normally surrounding him or for the fact he is currently dating the hottest girl at college. For Scotty the fact that this place is so boring is the best part of it, nothing ever happens and for a 19 year old whose parents live a fast paced exciting lifestyles with high ranking jobs and a love of the social life peace and bit of self-reflection time suits Scotty down to the ground. The park is a classic example of the whole town's nothing exciting around attitude because the best most locals could do if you mentioned the park is to tell of an old ghost story. The park was apparently made over the top of hundreds of 19th century settlers who had died then buried here before the church and graveyard was moved in the first few years of the 20th century.

Scotty loves the outlandish nature of the myth and has already been told the tale so many times by different people. He has lived here less than a year and has already heard the tale at least a dozen times showing him just how little happens here. It's also why he feels so assured to walk through the park late at night. Unlike in the city muggers and serial killers are not lurking behind every tree this is a quiet town with no danger at all. Scotty decides to take a shortcut to get home quicker leaving the well-lit path and cuts through a cluster of trees to his right. Cutting through the trees Scotty knows this short cut saves him 5 minutes and it is rather beautiful to be walking around all these big tall trees. The grass is a little longer here as Scotty walks with purpose trying to see the many tree tops in just the shimmering moonlight.

He really needs to get home quick after a very heavy session with his girl Shelly. They had still not had sex yet but after dating for only a month Scotty is more than happy with his night's work with the sexy dark haired girl. In her room he had finally got to see her topless and had been enjoying kissing those firm tanned tits before annoyingly Shelly' parents came home. They didn't catch them thankfully but still being interrupted has left Scotty with a serious case of blue balls. He was so close to getting the shy girl to touch and maybe wank him off but having seen her sizable boobs up close Scotty is more than happy with getting to touch them. It's going to be hard walking home so horny but Scotty accepts it could be a lot worse and maybe tomorrow she will be ready to have mad hot sex with him.

Readjusting his aching jeans Scotty has a little rub at his swollen bulge thinking about the hot wank he will have in his shower when he gets home. Picturing Shelly's C cups helps bring a smile to his face while cutting through the thick trees. Scotty starts to notice that it is really quiet, almost silence around the park. Admittedly in a sleepy town like this it isn't too surprising but Scotty can't hear any animal sounds either and that is unusual. The low hanging moon casts some light on the new path he is creating walking into the thicker uncut grass looking around straining his ears trying to hear any of the local wildlife. So strange he can't even hear a single bird or even a simple dog bark, Scotty pulls his jacket up a little higher as he treks though the long grass.

Scotty suddenly hears a groan, an odd low groan that punches though the silence air that makes him swing around looking for the noise. What the fuck was that? Scotty thinks having never heard any sound like that before. It was a very deep grunt and it didn't sound like an animal in fact it didn't sound like anything living. Scotty looks around at the dark surrounding trying to find the sound but his eyes can only just see a few feet in front of him. The low groan pierces the air again and Scotty isn't easily scared but would admit to being a little freaked out by that strange sound. The deathly quiet was unnerving but having a strange sound he can't identity has really got him feeling paranoid.

His ears can just pick up the low groan but he has no idea which direction it is coming from leaving the blonde teenager slightly scared. The groan whistles though the darkness one more time and this time Scotty stops dead still looking all around him to try and pick up on what is making that ungodly sound. It could just be a dog howling at the moon but no dog Scotty has ever heard makes an odd wailing sound like that. He looks around the tree filled part of the park and can't see a single animal around him or anything that would make a creepy groan like that. Scotty tries to calm down telling himself it's just the darkness that is making the creepy sound. He knows the dark plays tricks on the human senses making them believe things are far more terrifying than they really are.

Feeling a little embarrassed about being spooked out so easily Scotty keeps walking on when the air is suddenly filled with a new sound. Something is sniffing like a dog; Scotty turns around in a slight panic as that sniffing sounds real and so very close to him. He once again wheels around looking in every direction but sees there is nothing near him but something is definitely making a loud sniffing sound. A loud ugly sniff that really makes him feel uneasy wondering what the hell is making that scary sound like a hound smelling out meat. The poor teenager is really unnerved now sweating hard his neck constantly turning around trying to connect something to that noise. He picks up the pace walking quicker though the trees hoping to distance himself from the weird groans and sniffing sounds.

Quickly he moves through the trees and into some deeper grass probably leaving mud stains on his sneakers. He is still looking behind him hurrying forward Scotty's ears are straining to hear more creepy sounds coming from somewhere deep in the park. Still sure it can only be some kind of animal Scotty looks around trying to work out where he is and what is the quickest way to get home. He has walked so far into the collection of tress he can't see any clear patches of grass or the well-lit concrete path. Struggling to get his bearings Scotty nearly jumps when that dog sniff sound again comes from almost right behind him. Scotty is really freaked out turning round walking backwards as he looks everywhere in the darkness for the thing that made such an awful sound.

This short cut through a dark park was a bad idea thinks Scotty breathing hard moving his head at every leaf rustle and crunching grass blade he steps on. Scotty is now quite worried by the scary sound and breaks out into a run. He darts though the trees running deeper and deeper into the darkness his brain on overload wondering just what the hell is making those sounds. Hearing the growl again almost makes him squeal like a girl pushing his legs to go faster charging across the grass. He isn't sure he is running the right way but all Scotty knows is that he wants out of this park and away from those creepy noises. He keeps running hard, lungs on fire as he charges though the park desperate to get away.

His right foot however misses a step and gets caught in a small divot tripping Scotty up. The fall is at full speed and his momentum sends him falling over hitting the ground hard then barrel rolling several more times before coming to a painful stop just by the trunk of a large tree. Scotty has left big marks in the grass where he fell and rolled so his knees and hands are coated in mud. He moans in pain as the fall hurt him but his senses are still quivering afraid of the strange noises coming from somewhere around him. He looks up and sees nothing chasing him and now there are no sounds at all making him feel like a right idiot for freaking out. Getting himself all panicked then taking a humiliating trip for nothing.

Dusting down the muddy knees of his faded jeans Scotty's dignity is happy no one saw him freak out and fall down when in front of him a hand suddenly shoots out from the earth. He screams the loudest scream of his life watching a human hand spring out in front of him. It doesn't look like any normal human hand though as it is all rotted and looks a deathly pale grey. Scotty squeaks in terror as more of the arm begins to emerge from beneath the mud. Slowly Scotty watches this cold rotting hand digging at the cold mud trying to get free. He is paralyzed in fear watching the cold grey arm clawing in the air, he can see marks and bruises even places where sections of skin are missing or hanging off. There is a sickening smell too as he looks at the nail less arm trying to dig its way out.

It is the most disgusting thing Scotty has ever seen until second soaked in mud hand pops free seemingly looking at a seated and scared Scotty. The second hand is as grey, dead and rotting as the first with chunks of skin and even a middle finger missing while it claws at the earth. Scotty wonders if this is a nightmare some horrible nightmare he can't wake up from watching two undead hands digging at the earth. Sat back against the tree trunk he can only watch in totally shock at the grey stained and dirty hands continue pulling at ground just in front of him. He has a horrible feeling the thing that made those evil noises earlier is now trying to rise out the ground at him. That feeling of fear keeps him from moving watching one of the wrists with a decayed bone he can see though the many holes it its skin and he feels sick watching the hands slap and grind away pulling up big lumps of mud.

Scotty only becomes truly terrified of his situation when clawed out of the mud pops a human head growling at him. Panic runs through Scotty's head all he do is scream in fear seeing a head looking across at him. The head seems barely able to support its own weight looking around the darkness while the hands either side of it keep pulling away at the dirt. A large grey ugly head is now out of the earth growling into the silent night looking like the most frightening sight. The thing has long blonde hair most of it is covered in dirt and there are patches all over its skull where big chunks of hair are clearly missing. The cold dead lifeless eyes stare back at Scotty, the whites of its eyes the only things left as the pupils are long gone. Looking so ugly Scotty doesn't even know if he has stopped screaming yet with his heart beating like a train burning his lungs of air keeping his scared mouth open.

The face is the same decayed dark grey that its hands are, mud dripping off different parts of the rotting ugly face. It has flacking skin and dried stains all over the various marks and bruises across its dirty smelly disgusting features. There is a large hole in its cheek stained with what could be dried blood or some mud it picked up rising out of the ground. Scotty has never seen anything so ugly and horrifying watching the rotten dark grey flesh hanging off parts of its face. Various parts of the face are dropping down; its nose and chin look like they are both barely hanging onto its face. The ugly looking thing is also missing part of its bottom lip and the jaw is hanging loose and wide open like it is broken. It is making some primal moans and grunts that have clearly scared away every animal in the area and only Scotty remains frozen in fear.

A long dark grey tongue flops out of the wide open mouth and the thing is huge. It's nearly a foot long unfolding downwards mouth like a rolled up carpet. It's such a freaky supernatural tongue that is moving around almost like it's alive like some hideous snake. Scotty watches the thing move around wondering just how big and wide it is sticking out of its face. It almost looks like the tongue is weighting the whole head down as it's vastly bigger properly bigger than any of Scotty's own body parts. He is looking at the head and hands and now this huge freakish almost supernatural tongue now swirling around at him the only though running though Scotty's scared mind is zombie. The thing has to be a zombie rising out of the earth looking cold, undead and with skin and bone looking rotted like it's been around for decades. This massive thick tongue unfolds out moving around with dark coloured goo acting like saliva dribbling all down its huge tongue.

The tongue is nearly as long as Scotty's arm and it scares him so bad that he closes his eyes for a second trying to wish the nightmare creature away. He opens his eyes again to see the zombie sniffing again with the remaining parts of its nose while big green globs of drool drip down the massive tongue staining its grey chin and the ground beneath it. No human tongue is that big waving in front of him moving around more than the buried zombie is. Scotty tries to slide backward but only hits his back against the tree truck behind him. He is so scared a zombie something from out of the movies pulling itself out of the ground in front of him. The snarling and deep sounding groans fill up the empty air of the park. Each cry scares Scotty a little more resting against the tree shaking from head to toe shocked and scared beyond rational thought.

Scotty feels ill looking at this disgusting rotting undead corpse rising up from the ground with the grossest looking tongue ever seen by human eyes. Now he can see it's a female zombie not just from its long dirty blonde hair but the more the undead monster pulls itself from the ground Scotty can see it has a pair of breasts. Much like the rest of the zombie's body the breasts are deeply unattractive dark grey and sagging rotting in places with one nipple missing. It is a hardcore rotten zombie that has probably been under ground for longer that it was alive and it shows. Scotty wants to throw up but can't still unable to get his legs to see the danger and run away from the clear and troubling danger. The dirty disgusting female Zombie keeps on rising out of the ground pulling away at the earth all the while keeping her cold dead eyes fixed onto Scotty. All rotten and broken it's an ugly thing and Scotty wishes he would stop shaking in its clearly unsettling presence.

Its massive tongue still hangs out salivating at him while inch by inch this ungodly oddity pulls itself from the earth. Scotty watches in pure fright as it uses its weak and rotten arms to grab and drag itself away from the hole. The legs and feet are just as grey, rotten and disgusting as the rest of this sick looking freak of nature. One rotten bright yellow knee cap hangs out of its skin while her legs look dry with flacking dead skin and big marks from where the body was crushed underground. One Arm is hanging broken and limp from its side also dark grey and missing large slabs of skin making it look like an unfinished puzzle. Slowly it starts crawling forward big chucks of flesh missing from round her belly and thighs while her feet are missing toes skin barely hanging on. Scotty is terrified beyond thought watching this monstrosity slowly trying to detangle all its joints pushing up hard on the mound of earth trying to stand.

It stands on its muddy, slimy feet towering over Scotty who squeaks then screams in terror when this most disgusting of zombie females starts moving closer. Growling it shoves its arms forward trying to grab Scotty who just rolls off to the side in time, his heart rate up sweating hard his adrenaline pumping in fear. His brain finally shifts into gear making Scotty get up and ordering his legs to start running which he does. The teenager charges off into the night panting hard, his eyes still disbelieving the horrific sight he just witnessed. He runs as fast as he can, charging though trees and long heaps of grass but he is barely out of breath before the zombie pounces. With speed and agility one wouldn't think would come from a walking bag of bones and rotting flesh the zombie catches Scotty by the knees tackling him roughly down to the ground.

He grunts in pain once again hitting the dirty ground at speed his chin bumped off a patch of grass leaving a bruise while his chest slaps right down in some dew covered grass and mud. The front of his jacket and the t shirt underneath now have mud stains as Scotty moans winded from being tackled by a lighting fast zombie. His skin crawls making him recoil when he hears then feels that undead mass of rotting flesh pressing against his back. Scotty can feel it sitting on his legs and the smell and odd sensation of it makes his eyes water. Becoming fearful for his life Scotty braces himself for the biting and flesh tearing he knows zombies to be all about hoping death is short and quick ending all this uncertainty and fear. Opening his eyes Scotty can still hear the zombie breathing on top of him but strangely it's not ripping him limb from limb.

The waiting is strange and somehow manages to be even more unnerving than anything else that has happened tonight. Then something happens than scares him right down to the bone when the zombie's undead hand starts rubbing up and down his back. He nearly screams shivering with fear wondering just what on earth is going to happen to him as a zombie has caught him and is petting his back. Big flakes of skin break off her decomposing hands sticking to the back of his leather jacket as she starts sniffing again. She sniffs the air and then starts sniffing him like a curious dog and Scotty is petrified wondering just what will now happen to him the waiting just pure torture on his nerves. Fighting back tears of his impending doom Scotty knows zombies don't sniff people to death so he has to wonder just what the hell this dark grey creature of the night is doing to him.

He tries struggling but the zombie is surprising strong using what must be supernatural powers not only to reanimate but to have him cleanly pinned down in the cold dark ground. Zombies cannot and don't exist he keeps telling himself while feel a real life one sitting on his back like a school yard bully waiting for something. He is more scared than he has ever been before feeling the zombie's weight shift on top of him feeling the cold lifeless hands running up and down his back. Scotty trembles like a frightened child before he jumps when the rotting hands roughly grab onto the back of his jacket. Even while looking weak and barely able to stay together the female zombie shows off some amazing power in ripping clean down the back of Scotty's leather jacket.

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