tagErotic HorrorA Night's Tale

A Night's Tale


It was another Saturday night, mid summer, eleven o'clock and still over 100 degrees. Heather didn't mind the heat or the lack of humidity; she just hated the short night. It didn't get dark until 9 and was already starting to get light by 5 am. Still it was nice to get out and just walk around even if this wasn't the best part of town.

Heather knew her friends would be aghast if they knew she was out by herself. It just wasn't done, anything could happen. A woman alone stood a good chance of being raped or robbed or both. Of course being with a group sometimes was no help either as Gloria, Heathers oldest and dearest friend had discovered when she went out with a group of her friends to a new club. They had had to park several blocks away and got jumped as they were headed back to their car. Some of the women had gotten away and run for help, two got robbed and beaten up, and Gloria, well Gloria got taken by the gang.

The cops were no help. Oh they filled out their forms and interviewed every drunk in a five block radius, but that didn't help Gloria whose naked, raped, and tortured body was found ten miles away in a dumpster a week later.

Heather had spent a lot of hours on the internet and discovered Gloria was only the last in a long string of kidnapped and raped women that this particular gang had used and thrown away. The cops knew who they were but never found enough evidence to do anything.

Heather also found a pattern in the times and places these animals attacked their victims. She knew if she spent enough time in the right areas it would lead her to the ones responsible. However she had been at it now for six weeks and hadn't even gotten close. The cops had put too many units in the gang's areas and they were keeping a low profile, at least until some other big public tragedy caught the public's attention. Then the police units would fade away and open season would be declared by the gang and it would be business as usual.

Heather caught site of several of the gang members tonight already on the prowl and unlike the last few weekends she hadn't seen a patrol car in several hours. She was dressed as their favorite prey, business casual with a little flair, several buttons on the slightly small blouse undone, and the jeans just a little too tight.

She decided to cut through the alley to check out the club on the side street, one block over, hoping to find the one gang member that the group had identified. Of course he had an alibi, he was with his girlfriend, or was it his mother. Did assholes like him even have mothers?

Heather had just passed another side street when she realized they were behind her. She started to turn when several figures appeared in front of her. She had found her gang or rather they had found her.

"Lady, you're either a cop or a reporter." Strong hands grabbed her arms from behind. "Don't matter either way cause we are gonna fuck you up." Heather started to struggle when something hit her hard over the head.

The gang ripped open her shirt and pants, quickly checking her for a wire. When they decided she wasn't an undercover cop, they picked her body up and dumped her in a van and drove away. Inside the van they stripped her pants, blouse, and bra off and cuffed her arms behind her back. The usual rounds of crude and lewd comments followed as they described what they wanted to do to her breasts, cunt, and ass. Followed by the usual bragging about how she was gonna love it and how she had never had such big strong hard cocks in her life.

The van finally turned into a warehouse far from where she had been abducted. Here, Heather decided, is where they bring their captives. A safe place, far from nosey cops or neighbors; a place where they can torture, rape, and abuse women with little fear of being heard.

Heather was again tossed over someone's shoulder and carried to a cage where she was tossed on the floor. Two other women were in the cage looking somewhat the worse for wear. One, a Latina looking woman was crying quietly and continually. She wore less than Heather by one pair of panties and multiple burses. The other naked woman was just staring at the ceiling, sprawled on the floor. Looking into her eyes Heather could see there was no one home. Whatever they had done to this woman had broken her mind.

A couple of hours later and the warehouse had begun to fill with noisy gang members. The music had been kicked up until it was hard to hear anything over the nasty rap/crap hip hop whatever they called this electrical static these days. Gang members kept coming by the cage, making crude comments to all three women and informing them how they were going to be raped, in what hole and with what crude phallic symbol. Baseball bats, dildos and bottles were just a few of the items mentioned.

Heather and the crying girl stayed far enough back from the cell bars to escape the groping hands, but still got hit by globs of spit while being called whores and cunts, etc. Heather kept watch for the one gang member she was looking for but so far he had not joined in on the fear parade the gang used to rattle the women.

The music got turned off, the gang members moved away back to the center of the warehouse leaving just two guards to watch the women. The Latina girl started moaning and praying over and over in Spanish for deliverance from the evil. Heather smiled at her and the girl looked up with tears streaming down her face. "They will be coming now. They will take us and rape us and beat us with belts and sticks and make us do disgusting things to them and each other."

"What happened to her?" Heather asked.

"The evil ones raped her and made her watch as they killed her friend, they gave the poor woman to their dogs to tear apart. Tonight, they will kill her because her mind is gone and she's no fun anymore."

"How long have you been here?"

"Forever, I don't know, there were five of us. But one by one they kill us. You're the first new one in a while."

Yeah, Heather thought, about six weeks.

Four of the gang members came to the cage and took the girl from the floor. They dragged her out and not one sound did she make. A few minutes later they could hear the sounds of a motorcycle running back and forth across the warehouse and lots of yells from the gang but they never heard a sound from their companion.

The same four came back and took the girl. She screamed and fought and pleaded to no avail. The screams went on for quite some time. Heather still had not seen the one gang member she was looking for but figured she would get to see most of the gang members when her time came. It was sometime after 1 a.m. when the four gang members returned for her. Heather put up a fight but she was held by the four and marched into the center of the warehouse. Lights were aimed at a center area where Heather could see the Latina girl getting fucked by three men on a dirty mattress. She had been set down on one of the asshole's dick, which had been pushed, into her ass. Another bent her backwards and was shoving his cock deep into her pussy while a third was sticking his filthy member into the crying girls mouth and face fucking her.

The rest of the scummy bunch was waiting to watch their newest fuck slave get hers. Heather looked around past all the lights but still didn't see the one she wanted. The four released her and backed off in a circle surrounding her, to see if she would run. A voice told her to remove her panties, her last item of clothes. Heather recognized the physiology behind this, if the victim undressed herself even if she had no choice, it worked on her mind that she was willing to be raped. It removed the last vestiges of hope from the victims mind.

She slowly put her thumbs in the side waistlines of her panties and pushed them down. Heather stopped when they were at her knees and stood upright, her arms hanging at her sides. This gave the gang a good look at her heavy hanging breasts, her shaved pussy, and well-rounded ass. The catcalls and comments got filthier as she stood there. She was told to finish taking her panties off. She gave a little wiggle and the panty dropped to her ankles where she simply stepped out of them.

Heather stood defiant, fists at her hips and legs slightly spread, letting them all have a good look. She heard the asshole come up behind her and felt his hands reach around her naked body to grasp her tits and crush them in his strong grip. She let out a little scream. That generated more comments and laughter from the watching crowd. She could feel the man's hard prick jammed between her bare ass cheeks as his hands groped her body.

He twisted her head back and licked her cheek. Heather snarled at him and jerked herself out of his grasp. He laughed, after all he was in control, and a little fighting spirit just made the rape all that more fun. He was putting on a show for his buddies as he stalked her around the mattress where the Latina girl covered in slime from the many cocks that had fucked her lay quietly crying. The gang wasn't finished with her by a long shot but for now they had new and more interesting prey to play with.

Heather continued to back away from the leering big man as he tried to capture her wrists and regain control. A belt slapped across her ass from one of the circle of men. It was designed to distract her and also let het know the limits of the play area. Heather ignored the slap and kept circling. She knew if he caught her wrists the play would get much more serious. Taunted by his friends the big man finally rushed Heather.

Heather dropped and rolled to the side kicking the big mans knee as he reached for her and missed. Her kick knocked him off balance, crashing him into his friends but didn't break the knee as she had hoped. She was up and facing towards him as he regained his feet. One of his buddies caught his shoulder and he looked back at them, that was the opening Heather needed she took two quick steps, leaped into the air and kicked him square in the face. The hard heel of her foot broke his nose and snapped his head back sharply; he was out cold before he hit the floor. Heather slapped the floor with her arms, rolled, and regained her feet and her panties.

She stood there, her breasts heaving as she fought to catch her breath. She was covered with smudges of dirt and scraped in places, but she still had her panties. She defiantly stepped back into them, covering herself. She knew fighting back would make things worse when they grabbed her, she didn't care.

The catcalls changed, instead of teasing and taunting they now took on the edge of fear and anger. Where before they had called for her antagonist to garb her tits and pussy, now they yelled for her new foe to mess her up. Suggestions ranged from cutting off her tits to stomping her to death. Not much of an improvement.

Still only one asshole moved into the makeshift center ring of this sadistic circus. He was smaller, wiry and tough looking. He moved like a fighter, balanced, quick and kept his center of gravity low. Heather knew he wouldn't be tricked as easily as the gorilla. She started to circle, waiting for an opening but someone in the crowd got impatient stabbing her ass from behind.

The knife stabbed her in the meaty part of her left ass cheek. Heather knew it wasn't deep but it made her jump forward and that was what her opponent had been waiting for. He struck with a stiff finger blow just below her rib cage, his fingers sank into her flesh hitting the nerve cluster and paralyzing her breathing for a few moments. That was all it took. He had her down on the floor and men were holding her arms and legs down and spread far apart. Her conqueror ripped away her panties and placed himself between her legs to claim his prize.

She screamed as his first thrust penetrated her, pressing his thin, long cock deep inside. Hands mauled her tits, grasping, crushing, and twisting her breasts seeking not sexual gratification but to cause her pain and humiliation. Other hands grasped her hair, forcing her head back, and her mouth open to the dirty penis shoved within. Knees crushed her arms, deliberately pressing down on the delicate elbow joints trying to cause pain and damage.

The cock shoved into her throat choked off her screams of rage and pain, her face was slapped over and over. Her legs were pulled and twisted to cause the most pain as the men fucked her. The first man came inside her and was replaced by a bigger thicker cock.

The rapist face fucking her filled her throat with his cum and his jism, drool and snot filled her nose from the inside. She snorted trying to clear her clogged membranes and draw a breath before the next motherfucker began raping her mouth. Instead a fist smashed into her cheekbone and then another fist hit her from the other side. Her head was wrenched back again for the next dick, a huge thick thing, already dripping with precum as she followed its path to her forced open mouth.

That's when she saw him. The asshole that had taken her friend away from her; subjecting her friend to rape and torture and finally death. The one that had taken a vibrant, sweet, and harmless woman and turned her into a pitiful sex toy thrown into a dumpster like a used tissue when they were through with her.

She stretched her neck further to open her mouth even wider and took in as much of the thick nasty cock as she could swallow. Her eyes smiled as she sank her fangs into the blood-engorged cock and the asshole didn't even notice. To him it seemed as if she was swallowing his cock sucking at him for all she was worth and she was. They didn't even realize that the game had changed when he dropped down on her, slamming into the other asshole in her pussy.

He reacted by smashing his fist into the dead man's face knocking him off her and out of her blood-smeared mouth. The blood from the dead mans cock raced through her body healing her wounds and giving her the unnatural strength that made her race feared throughout the world.

She wrenched her legs free of the hands holding her spread and locked her ankles together squeezing the man in her pussy. She crushed him in a second and was amused that his body's last act was to cum all over her thighs as she tossed him away with a flick of her hips and legs.

She twisted her arms and grabbed the cocks and balls of the two men who had held her arms down. She crushed them as her elbows had been crushed, slowly and with out mercy.

The gang members still hadn't grasped the situation for they piled on her, raining down blows that she barely felt. She bit into a bared neck as her fingernails grew into the talons she would use to defend her self in fights with others of her kind. She ripped and twisted and broke anything that came into reach of her questing arms.

The tide turned as the remaining members of the gang started to try and escape the mad women who was killing and maiming them. Automatic gunfire rang out as someone decided what was needed was more firepower, accuracy however was lacking. Several of the scrambling gang members were hit and went down but not a round hit Heather. The gunman ran out of bullets and Heather snapped his neck before he could reload.

She spotted her target and took off after him. She was slowed several times by men trying to take her down, most using makeshift weapons of some sort, all died before they could manage to score a hit. She caught up one of the weapons, a medium length pipe and threw it javelin style at the escaping murderer. The pipe went through his thigh and she was on him seconds later.

Heather picked up the pipe in one hand, twisting and tearing it free of the flesh. He swung a fist at her face; she caught it and broke his arm. Heather told him of her friend Gloria, told him of her life, her ambitions, and goals, while one by one breaking every bone in his arm and legs.

The warehouse had grown quiet, except for the whimpering of her victim. Heather lifted the man by the throat, explaining that it was hard for her to make friends and that they were all the more precious because of that. To lose such a friend due to an act of insanity by such as this gang just made her mad enough to reveal herself; an act frowned upon by her kindred.

The man died in her hands and she threw the corpse aside. Her fangs slowly retracted and her talons retreated as she calmed. She walked through the warehouse picking up guns and shooting corpses to hide traces of how they died. She punctured holes in the gas tanks of several cars and a motorcycle, fire being the great cleanser of evidence, when she heard the whimper.

Lying on the mattress was the Latina girl, still alive after all they had done to her. Heather bent down and gently cradled her head. She stared into the girl's eyes until she became calm and quiet. Heather kissed her forehead. "Via con dios." She snapped her neck and lay her back down on the mattress. Heather dragged the mattress and its pitiful burden outside and away from the building before tossing in a lit road flare.

Wearing a dead mans leather jacket and jeans, the vampire walked away from the burning building, already preparing her plans to move to a new city and start again.

Forever is such a long time to live.

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