tagGroup SexA Non-Traditional Love Story

A Non-Traditional Love Story


Allison was by far the most gorgeous girl I'd ever dated. She was only 25 years old and 5'5'' tall with long strawberry blonde hair. She had a beautiful face that was highlighted by ice blue eyes and a warm inviting yet mischievous smile. Her body was incredible with perfect natural c cup tits topped with long sensitive nipples, a narrow waist, full hips and the most incredible round ass I had ever laid eyes on. She was a stripper and made her living with her sexy body and her outgoing personality. That's how we met.

It was two years after my divorce and a year after the end of a passionate but tumultuous relationship with the woman for whom I had left my wife. I was sitting at the stage of a strip club with a group of friends when Allison walked up to me. I was there for a bachelor party and I'd been drinking pretty steadily but I was far from drunk.

Allison asked me if I wanted a private dance and one look at her was enough to send blood rushing to all the right places. Thirty minutes later we were sitting alone talking after a three song $90 private dance that was by far the hottest I'd ever had. It was clear that we shared a strong mutual attraction and by the end of the night we had exchanged numbers and set up a tentative date for the following Wednesday. Talking to Ally was easy and I was completely at ease when I asked her out. I knew she would say yes and I had no doubt we would have a great time.

A month after our first date we moved in together. Dating a stripper can be difficult but I knew in my heart that she wouldn't hurt me and that made it bearable at first. She worked three nights a week and would come home each night wake me up to fuck. That made it much better than bearable. After we fucked she would regale me with stories of her night. My favorites were the stories about the girls she gave lap dances but I also actually enjoyed hearing about her giving lap dances to guys too. Knowing that she was coming home to fuck me after work turned her job from a detriment to a benefit.

Like most strippers Allison was bisexual but according to her she much preferred the hard muscular body of a man to the soft curves of a woman.

''I love cock too much to go les,'' she often teased.

When I told Ally that I loved hearing about the lap dances she suggested that she bring a girl home for a threesome. I had no problem with that and a week later she stumbled in on Saturday night at 3:00am with a pretty blonde in her early 20's in tow. They were both obviously drunk when they walked into our bedroom to wake me up.

''Baby, this is Lisa. She came into the club with a group of friends and I gave her a private dance. We talked and I knew she'd be perfect for our first threesome.''

Allison was always a take charge girl and she had her pretty friend naked and on her knees in no time.

I watched as the pretty blonde settled between my girlfriends beautiful legs and started to lick. I found out later that it was the girls first time with another woman but what she lacked in experience she made up in enthusiasm. Ally came hard as the girl licked her wet pussy beside me in our king sized bed.

''I want you to fuck us both,'' Ally said softly. "Fuck her first.''

I looked at my gorgeous girl friend and then at the blonde.

''Fuck me,'' the blonde panted as she lay back on the bed. My cock was already hard after watching the girls go at it so I rubbed my dick across her wet pussy lips and then slowly sank it inside her.

Ally kissed me deeply and played with the blonde's small perky tits while I fucked her to her first climax of the night.

''My turn now baby,'' Ally said as she lay beside the petite blonde. Lisa had finished cumming and I was still hard and ready.

I climbed between Ally's splayed thighs and sank my girl juice glazed cock inside her wet pussy as the blonde straddled her face.

Ally licked the blonde's smooth shaved pussy until she came in a thunderous climax. It was clear that my beautiful girlfriend knew her way around a pussy.

I fucked Ally hard until she came again and then I rolled her over and entered her from behind as the blonde lay beneath her. Ally and the blonde kissed and caressed each other as I fucked Ally hard and fast until I blasted a thick load of man juice inside her quivering cunt.

''I want you to eat your cum from my pussy while Kim and I get you hard again,'' Ally said breathlessly. It was the first time she had ever suggested something like that and while the idea was a little disgusting I knew the payoff would be well worth it.

I lay on my back as Ally straddled my head and Kim knelt between my legs. I could see my thick cream oozing from Ally's pussy and it simultaneously grossed me out and excited me as she lowered it to my mouth.

Ally's pussy touched my mouth and she squeezed her pussy muscles forcing the warm goo from inside her. It was thick and creamy but it did not taste bad. I swallowed my seed as Lisa and Ally took turns licking and sucking my cock and balls.

I licked my cum from Ally's pussy and then flicked my tongue over her clit until she came again as they brought my 39 year old cock back to life.

''Fuck Lisa again baby,'' Ally said as she climbed beneath the pretty blonde.

I eased my rejuvenated cock into Lisa's liquid core as Ally licked her hard clit. I fucked her with long slow strokes as my girlfriend licked her to several climaxes. I felt my cum boiling in my loins and I thrust my cock into Lisa's pussy hard and fast.

The sound of slapping flesh filled the room as I pounded my thick six inch cock into Lisa's soaking wet pussy.

''Cum inside her baby,'' Ally panted from her position under the sexy blonde.

''I'm gonna cum,'' I cried out as I passed the point of no return. My legs quivered and I buried my cock deep inside Lisa and filled her pussy with hot thick juice.

Lisa rose up and let gravity drain my man juice into my girlfriend's mouth. Ally slurped up my cum and held it in her mouth as she pulled me down and kissed me deeply. We shared my juice in a hot warm snowball. We both swallowed my cum and continued to kiss. It was an incredible sensation and such an intimate expression of our feelings for each other.

''I love you,'' Ally said softly. It was the first time she had said those words to me and my heart soared.

''I love you too honey,'' I replied honestly. I had been saying those words to myself for weeks waiting for her to say them first.

The smell of sex hung heavy in the air as the three of us drifted in and out of consciousness.

''Next time we'll have to mix it up a little,'' Ally said softly. I knew what she had in mind and I was ready.

A week later I was at the club watching Ally work. It was the first time I had seen her work since we had moved in together and it was very hot knowing that every guy and girl there wanted her.

Her moves were raw and sensual, just like the first time she danced for me and when she went back to give a guy a private dance I imagined her grabbing and rubbing the guy's cock just as she had done to me months earlier. My cock stiffened at the thought of Ally rubbing a stranger's cock. The more I thought about it the more I realized that I really wanted to watch another guy fuck her.

Ally walked to the back room with a young well built guy and I approached one of her fellow dancers. I wanted to watch her in action.

Amber, a thick brunette with big tits and a very pretty face led me back to the private room. She knew Ally and I lived together and she figured out pretty quickly what I was up to.

''You like to watch,'' she whispered as she kissed my neck. Her hands slid down my body and found my hard cock. ''You are nice and hard,'' she teased. ''Is that because of me or is it because you see your girlfriend behind me grinding her gorgeous ass against a hot guy's dick?'' She emphasized 'hot guy' and my dick inexplicably twitched.

''Both,'' I moaned. Her hand was stroking my dick through my pants and I knew if she continued I would cum in my pants.

''You want to watch him fuck her don't you,'' Amber said playfully.

I moaned softly. ''Yes.''

''You want to watch his cock sliding in and out of your beautiful girlfriend's pussy don't you?'' she said softly as she continued to rub my cock through my pants.

''Yes,'' I groaned as my dick spasmed and blasted a huge load of cum in my pants. ''Yes I do and she knows it.''

''I think you're all done here,'' Amber giggled as she kissed me on the cheek and squeezed my spent dick.

I paid her and walked gingerly back to the stage with a thick squishy load of cum in my pants as Ally finished her private dance.

Allison was next on stage and I stayed for her set then waited for her to walk over and sit down beside me.

''Did you enjoy the show baby,'' she asked playfully.

''God yes,'' I replied. ''You are gorgeous baby. Absolutely gorgeous.''

''Are you gonna take off?'' she asked.

''Yeah, I'm gonna get some rest before you get home so I can scratch your itch. I love you.'' I kissed her softly and gave her a hug.

''I love you too,'' Ally said as she smiled brightly. She really did love me. ''I will see you at home. I'm really horny already so be ready.'' We kissed again and I left so I could change my underwear before cum soaked through my pants.

Girls talk. Amber told Ally about my reaction to watching the private dance when they were back stage together.

I had been asleep for a few hours when Ally got home.

''Wake up baby,'' she whispered as her mouth engulfed my cock. ''Mmm, I can still taste the cum on your dick. I wish I had known she was jerking you off so I could have turned around and watched.'' She slowly stroked my dick as she talked. ''Amber told me you got really hot when she talked about me fucking another guy while you watched.''

''Yes, it'd would be so hot,'' I moaned as she continued to slowly stroke my hard dick.

''Would you like to watch that tonight?'' she asked. "Would you like to double team me with that guy from the club?''

''God yes,'' I said emphatically. I thought she was speaking hypothetically. I thought we were role playing until she called out and he walked through the door.

''Baby, this is Brian.''

He quickly took his clothes off as Ally continued to suck and stroke my dick. He moved behind my girlfriend's perfect heart shaped ass and rubbed his cock across her swollen pussy lips. His dick was the same length as mine but slightly thinner with a big thick mushroom tip.

''Is this what you want,'' he asked as he slowly sank his cock inside Ally's wet cunt.

''Yes,'' we said in unison as he started fucking Ally with long languid strokes.

Ally slurped and sucked on my cock as Brian held her hips and fucked her with long slow strokes. It was amazing to see her respond to his dick as she pleasured mine and it made me feel closer to her than ever.

Ally told me to turn around and she knelt over me in a 69 position. Brian stayed behind Allison and I watched up close as his dick slowly split her swollen pussy lips. Her thick meaty pussy lips clung to his rod as he slowly withdrew and I watched in awe as his dick plunged back into her liquid core. I was mesmerized as his dick slid in and out of her slick wet hole. It was just inches from my face. I wanted to lick her delicious pussy and I didn't care that there was a dick in it. I slowly raised my head and flicked my tongue across her hard clit.

''Oh god baby. Do that again,'' Ally groaned.

I flicked my tongue across her clit again.

''Yes baby. More.'' She was panting and she buried her face in my groin as Brian started to fuck her harder. Her tongue slid across my hard cock but it was clear she couldn't concentrate on my dick as he fucked her.

I sucked her clit into my mouth and ran my tongue over it repeatedly making her moan loudly. I could feel Brian's slippery shaft rub against my nose with each thrust of his hips and his balls slapped gently against my forehead.

Brian was fucking my girlfriend hard and I threw caution to the wind. I sucked hard on her clit and Ally went wild. Her body shook uncontrollably as she came harder than ever. I knew her clit would be too sensitive to pay it any attention but I was not content to just watch. I pushed my mouth against Brian's shaft and forced my tongue into her pussy.

''Holy fuck baby, that feels so good,'' Ally moaned loudly. I was sure our upstairs neighbors could hear her but I didn't care. Ally was enjoying herself and so was I. That was all that mattered.

I continued to force my tongue inside her cock filled pussy as her juices dripped onto my face.

''Just like that baby, '' she cried out. ''Don't stop baby. I'm gonna cum again.'' Ally's body shook from another powerful climax and her legs collapsed. Her pussy pressed hard against my face and Brian's cock rubbed across my lips as he thrust his hips hard against Allison's perfect ass.

Ally took my cock back into her warm mouth and slurped furiously on my cock as she pumped my shaft with her hand. She had always given amazing blow jobs and I was soon fighting not to cum.

''I'm gonna cum,'' Brian groaned. ''Where do you want it?'' He asked Ally.

''In his mouth,'' she answered. I was terrified. I wasn't gay and despite the undeniable fact that I had licked his shaft as he fucked my girlfriend I certainly didn't want his dick in my mouth let alone his cum. I was pinned beneath them and helpless.

Ally continued to pump and suck my cock and I felt myself pass the point of no return. My cock began to twitch as Brian pulled his cock from my girlfriend's wet pussy and furiously stroked it. I knew what Ally wanted and I was powerless to stop it so I opened my mouth and accepted my fate.

Brian pushed his pussy juice covered rod into my mouth as Ally's head bobbed over my stiff dick. I started to cum seconds before Brian's cock spit his warm seed into my mouth.

I held his juice in my mouth as Ally did the same with my thick cream. She climbed off me and turned around to face me. Her beautiful face descended to mine and our lips met in a soft kiss. Our lips parted and cum spilled from her mouth into mine as our tongues entwined in a sloppy wet pool of warm goo. Cum spilled from the corners of our mouths as we swished it back and forth between us. We swallowed the mixed cream as we continued to kiss deeply.

''I love you baby,'' Ally said sweetly.

I felt stronger than 100 men. ''I love you too honey.'' My chest filled with pride and I pressed my lips to hers and kissed her deeply as Brian dressed beside us. It was clear to him that he was merely a means to fulfill a fantasy and nothing would come between our love.

-To Be Continued-

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