tagInterracial LoveA Normal Married White Wife

A Normal Married White Wife

byDr S Crow©

There I was, a good, middle-aged, middle-class white wife, with a husband who fucked me from time to time in the privacy of our bedroom. I was happy and normal.


My name is Melissa, I have been married for 12 years and I have recently found that my sex drive far surpasses my husband’s. He makes me happy but there are times when I get so horny I could fuck and fuck all night. I have been reading stories during the day and masturbating but the ones that really get me off are the interracial ones. I always cum with an explosion whilst rubbing to a story about a white woman fucking a black man. Sometimes (always) when my husband is pounding into me, especially from behind, I imagine it is a black lover, the garbage guy, for instance and I moan really loud and start muttering obscenities, “Yeah..... fuck me, fuck me..... with your big cock... fuck me hard....” I wonder if I have ever muttered “fuck me with that big black cock...” Anyway, when I start reacting like this hubby really pounds into me, so I must be doing something right! When I feel him cumming in me it gives me one more orgasm. But I’m still thinking about that big black cock.

Open letter to all married white women craving black fucking:

I wrote the above a few months ago. Amazing what can happen to totally change your life in a couple of months. How to explain this change? First of all, I am now incredibly confident in any day-to-day situation. I don’t take any shit from any white men (or women). I can control any white man and practically have them cumming in their pants at the same time. It’s like I am high on cocaine or something, but I have never done that in my life. I now manage a team of men and have them eating out of my hand All except one, that is, Joe. I have him eating out of my pussy. Well, that is to say, he has me whenever he wants me. Joe isn’t a particularly handsome black man but he knows how to turn a white woman into a slut. And once a woman has really discovered what it is to be a slut for a black man she can never go back.

What is it about black fuckers...? They do, they bring out the slut in me. And what does that mean, exactly, you are wondering. It means I have the best sex ever, cumming and cumming with the least effort. Sounds good, doesn’t it. It is. It is fucking good. That’s what sex is all about, isn’t it? Orgasms. Great fucking long orgasms and lots of them. Well, that’s what I get. Whenever I want it.

Let me explain what happened. I had read a story here by Dr S Crow called For Ladies Only, I think, and in it he described me, exactly. He wrote about different fantasies women have but the one that was mine.... well how did he know that? It was about being fucked and used by black men. I read it and masturbated and then I wrote to him. He encouraged me to go further with my obsession for black cock. And I did. He told me that if I were to give the slightest come-on to any of these black men I met in my day to day life (I live in the South and meet lots of them. I am constantly wet) they would try to follow it up. And so I started flirting and the reaction was instantaneous. Wow! I could smell their testosterone. I could taste it! I’d flirt with a guy in Wal-Mart and then have to masturbate in my car before I could drive anywhere. Then when I got home I would jump on my husband and fuck his brains out. He wondered what had got into me but didn’t complain!

Then one day I was flirting with the guy from UPS. I invited him in for a coffee. He wanted it sweet, long and black. And so did I!

By this time practically all I thought about was fucking and sucking big hard very black cock. I was on the net looking at photos, videos, reading stories. Married white women getting themselves fucked to pieces by black studs. It really didn’t matter if the black guys in question were particularly handsome, though I do prefer the gorgeous ones, of course. I got to realise that I was just obsessed about fucking ANY black man. I was masturbating more and more. Really had to make sure I had lots of spare batteries for my vibrators!

Anyway, here was this 20 something, very handsome black dude – and so confident, it made my pussy squirm – sitting in my living room sipping coffee as I flirted with him. I was naked under my T-shirt and I could feel my nipples puckering hard. I was wearing baggy trainer bottoms and wished I had been wearing something tighter that would show the outline of my cunt to this handsome black boy. I could see the outline of his cock through his tight jeans and really wanted to put my hands on it. I suppose I must have been giving off this really horny vibe because the next thing I remember he was sitting next to me with his hands all over my body and all I could do was moan and whimper and spread my legs. It felt so fucking good, already. I think I was actually cumming. He had me naked and sitting between his legs worshipping his big hard black cock. It was beyond anything I had ever imagined. I really was cumming as I sucked and swallowed it. He held my head and just fucked my face, calling me his white-slut. Each time he used the words my cunt spasmed . I wanted him to shoot his thick hot spunk into my mouth but he had other ideas. He just picked me up like a rag doll and hung me over the back of the couch with my bare butt in the air and I let him. He started to spank my ass cheeks with his long hard black cock and I was loving it. But I so much wanted to feel that dark meat pumping into my hungry cunt. I reached round and pulled my cheeks apart giving him maximum exposure to my pussy and ass hole. He had to choose one of those holes. No man in his condition could resist such an offer. He rubbed his cock head around my puckering anus and then pressed it against my soaking cunt. Then, taking hold of my hips roughly, simply using me, he thrust his cock all the way into me and started to fuck me like a man possessed.. I was cumming instantly and must have been making so much noise because he jammed his hand over my mouth but I started sucking on his big black thumb imagining it was his cock. I came again, even harder, screaming as I felt his huge cock start to throb inside me. I could actually feel the spurts of hot spunk – at least six – shooting into me and each one made me cum and cum and cummmmmm.

When I recovered I was still lying naked over the back of the couch and I could feel the huge gobs of spunk drooling out of my cunt and down my thighs. I reached behind me to get fingerfuls to lick and to savor. It was so thick and creamy and smelt of pure sex. As I sucked it off my fingers and went back for second helpings I imagined it pumping into my mouth, rubbing his hard throbbing cock as I sucked on it. As sated as I was my hand went to my cunt and fingered it, bringing me off once more.

That evening I had it all sorted out in my mind. It was very simple, in fact. Somehow I had crossed a barrier, a truth had been revealed to me. I was a slut for black cock. And, I loved it. Not only that, I now knew I could get as much as I wanted. I was surrounded by it. I lived in Heaven!

But.... And of course the 'But' was John. I still loved him madly and he was getting the best sex he had ever had. But how could I tell him why?

I had never even told him of my fantasies of fucking black men so I couldn’t suddenly tell him I was getting as much black dick as I wanted. Practically every day, in fact (and sometimes a few times a day).

Dr S Crow had advised me to encourage my hubby to talk about his fantasies so that then I could start to reveal mine.

While we were having sex I would talk about the twin teenage daughters of our neighbours and was surprised to learn that John actually fucked me harder when I told him to imagine them both slurping around his cock and fighting for his cum as he shot his load over their faces. Actually, the idea of watching him in that position while I was being fucked by a black man started making me cum in a different way.

Anyway, I was in control of our sex life now. It happened little by little. Being used and abused by black guys, being their fuck toy, was somehow making me more and more sure of myself. Very strange to explain. John and I were now sharing fantasies, looking at porn on the net and we were open about everything to do with sex.

Except one thing. He now knew about my fantasies of black cock but he didn’t know the reality. But I did now know that seeing me being fucked by another guy would turn him on. In fact all I had to do to make him cum was to describe in detail what it would be like if he were to be watching me fuck and suck another man. Sometimes it was a black man. I knew I had him. I knew he was going to join my club.

(This was written for one of my readers, M.....a. I hope she enjoyed it.) Dr S Crow

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/08/18

Yes, I just knew I had him right where I wanted him...

So you can imagine the shock I received along with the papers I got the next afternoon from the Bubble Gum chewing and snapping teenage Process Server. Thanks a lot Dr S Crow

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