tagBDSMA Normal Tuesday

A Normal Tuesday


"I'm exhausted," I think as I open the garage door with my remote control. It's seven o'clock in the evening, a long day. After the door opens, I edge into the two bay garage attached to my home. Taking my purse from the passenger side seat, I wearily open my car door and start toward the kitchen which is the door from my garage.

As soon as I open the door to my home, my darling slave/wife runs to greet me. She has a huge smile on her face as she drops to her knees at my feet. I feel better already. She has my glass of Merlot on an antique silver serving tray which she raises high above her bowed head.

"Welcome home my Mistress," she coos sweetly. "Your slave is happy You are home."

I take my glass of wine and enjoy a healthy sip. She places the tray on the floor and beams up at me still grinning.

I point to my feet. "Then greet me properly my slave," I command sternly.

She quickly leans forward, the palms of her hands on the floor along side my shoes and starts to lick and kiss them eagerly, passionately.

All of the stress and weariness of my work day vanishes. My slave wife's submissive adoration truly warms my heart... and other things.

I casually take another well deserved sip of my favorite wine while watching my lover worship my plain work shoes, only black patent leather pumps with rather low two and half inch heels. I enjoy watching her for twenty or thirty seconds. She does not falter or hold back. She is truly expressing devotion.

"Enough slut. Kneel up," I command with an icy cold voice. My heart soars knowing that we both love our relationship. My seeming coldness, her instant obedience is pure love.

I lean forward and caress her silky golden brown hair. She turns her head to kiss my hand.

"Stand now, Janet, my wife. I will use my slave later," I state with a smile. "How was your day?"

Jan unfolds from kneeling gracefully, drapes her arms around my neck and kisses me deeply.

"Fine Marie, a good day," she explains casually. "Did all the laundry, cleaned the big bathroom, vacuumed, went grocery shopping and found prime rib roasts at half price so bought five to put in the freezer. Amie (our daughter) got home at four PM and is doing homework upstairs in her room. I'll have dinner ready in twenty minutes. Is lasagna, Caesar salad, and garlic bread OK?" she asks concerned about my approval.

"Sounds delicious Jan," I reply draining my first glass of wine. "I'll go upstairs to see if Amie needs help with her homework." I place the empty glass on the kitchen counter knowing Jan will refill it before I return.

I knock on Amie's door. She's ten years old and certainly deserves privacy. "Come in Mother," she almost shouts through the closed door. She knows it's me. Jan is "mommy." I'm "Mother" which I think is adorable. That must make sense to a girl with two moms. Mommy is always home. Mother is often out working hard to provide.

Amie shows me that she is solving quadratic equations in algebra. "Good heavens!" I think, "I doubt I could help her with those!" Amie is in an advanced class at school. I rub her shoulders and tell her she's doing a great job. She smiles at me and diligently goes back to her homework. I reflect that she's already is fluent in French and Spanish. She's starting to learn calculus and some German. She's in some classes at a high school level. I feel like a dummy. I sneak out of the room, glad she did not ask for any help.

Eight o'clock Jan shouts up the stairs "DINNER!" and Amie comes down in a minute. She's a good girl, very smart, polite, well mannered, and she knows dinner is at eight on week nights so was ready.

I was goofing around on the computer in my home office and was less prepared. I mutter a curse under my breath as I save the link to a highly erotic lesbian bondage story I was reading. "I'll get back to that later," I think as I wander to our kitchen.

Amie is helping set the table. Knives and forks, napkins placed properly. Jan sets a plate of garlic bread in the center of the table, three plates of lasagna, three bowls of salad at each seat. It may not seem proper to some people, but all three of us have a glass of red wine, just as some Europeans might. Amie has a half glass.

We enjoy our dinner and chat about Amie's school work, my business, Janet's housework, gardening, the weather, and celebrities in the news. Amie wants to wear lipstick and we both say "No!" immediately. We chat idly, great family fun. We avoid the horrors and tragedies too common in the news. We finish by 8:30. Amie and Jan clear the table. Amie excuses herself to get ready for bed.

I smile at Janet as she puts the last plate in the dishwasher.

"I want you upstairs naked in ten minutes slave," I command sternly trying hard to look domineering. "You will get your collar and offer it to me."

Janet squeaks, "Yes my Mistress!" and hurries to shove glasses in the dishwasher and wipe the counter tops. It is plain that she's eager and thrilled as she works quickly and efficiently. I do not help.

I saunter up the stairs casually. I knock on Amie's door and she tells me to come in. She's already in her flannel jammies with butterflies as a design. I think she's adorable. I kiss her forehead and help tuck her in. "Good night sweetheart," I say with love. "Good night Mother," she replies and rolls over on her side, her favorite sleeping position. I close the door to her bedroom behind me.

Entering my bedroom I finally take off my my business suit jacket and skirt. What a relief! I dress as any sensible business person would at work but that's not me! I kick off my sensible shoes. I hang the skirt and jacket in my closet. I roll down my plain sensible beige pantyhose. I throw my blouse, bra, and hosiery in the laundry happy to be rid of them.

I know I only have a few minutes before Janet arrives and transforms into my slutty slave so I hurry. I quickly powder inside my black latex hose and gloves. I love them. I roll the hose up my legs. I slither into the shoulder length gloves, ardently making certain the gloves and hosiery are perfectly smooth. I strap on my favorite sandals with oodles of straps and buckles and four inch stiletto heels. My breathing deepens. I'm becoming the dominant slave owner, the true "me." I wish I had more time to fix my makeup but it will have to do.

I quickly grab my black leather waist cincher and wrap it around my torso. I suck in my gut and pull the laces tight behind my back. I tie them off just as I hear Janet ascending the stairs to our bedroom.

Oops. She is still wearing a simple shift dress and flats. She's no where near ready. I think it is best to ignore her and fix my makeup.

Janet frantically strips, tosses her dress and plain shoes to the side, runs to our dresser to grab her collar. On nights when it's "spur of the moment" her collar is only a pet store spiked dog collar. Of course even $10 pet store collars can be padlocked so she grabs a padlock from the drawer too.

I casually apply heavy eyeliner, thick mascara, blue eye shadow, and dark cherry red lipstick while I watch Jan out of the corner of my eye.

Janet has the leather collar and padlock in her hands. She walks toward me naked and kneels, bows her head, and holds up the collar offering it to me.

"My Mistress, this slave begs You to please take this wench to use as you please," she whispers seductively. Jan is obviously aroused already.

I take the collar and padlock. "Lift your head slut," I command dryly.

She obeys and in two seconds she has become my slave slut after I wrap the collar around her neck snugly, but not too tight, and padlock it.

"Get your miserable ass on my bed slave," I command as sternly as I can manage. My slave scampers to obey instantly and places herself centered in our bed.

Nonchalantly, I pick up two pairs of the many sets of handcuffs that are always in our nightstand. I cuff her right wrist to her right ankle, her left wrist to her left ankle. She does not move. She expects this. Now she is sitting on her ass on our bed, spread open nicely, but not restrained much... yet.

Under our bed is a heavy eight foot chain and a few padlocks. They are always there. They are used quite often so why put them some other place?

Grabbing the handcuff on her right wrist and ankle, I padlock the chain to the middle link of the handcuff chain. I move to the other side of the bed. I pick up the heavy chain from under the bed. I grab the handcuff on her left wrist and ankle pulling it slightly out to the edge of the bed. I padlock the chain to the center link of that handcuff. It is not necessary to make this very tight. This is all heavy steel. The cuffs would cut into her horribly if too tight. It is beautiful and amusing that she can move quite a lot but she's spread wide open and not going anywhere. This is enough. My lovely slave wife slut is now helplessly trapped, chained securely in the center of our bed.

"Comfy sweetheart?" I ask while running my latex clad fingertips along her slit. I smile sweetly while lightly toying with her cunt.

"Yes my Mistress," Janet replies as submissively as possible. She tugs her steel a little testing them. "Your slave is eager to please You," she whispers with a sensuous seductive look on her face. I know she loves this. Steel chains and nickle plated handcuffs are jewelry to us. I think she is more beautiful than any magazine cover girl this way.

I say nothing as I recline comfortably between her widely stretched legs. I always lay over her, wiggle my arms under her thighs so I can lean on my elbows and conveniently reach her pussy and ass.

Glazing at her dispassionately, as an object, property, I slide my hands anywhere I wish. Heaven for me. I'm sure my nostrils flare, my pupils dilate. I certainly feel perfect. This is my place in our love.

My fingertips are already wet from wandering around her vulva. I abruptly shove two fingers in her cunt. She gasps and strains against her chains. I stop.

I doodle my index finger around her clit for about a minute, watching her squirm and tug her chains. Janet seems too close to enjoying this, I stop.

I slide two fingers into her sopping wet pussy. She moans and squirms even more. I stop after a few seconds.

Looking back under me, I see that her lips are parted, her bosom rises and falls, breathing heavily. Her pupils are dilated. Her nipples are hard. She says nothing but is obviously on the edge and craves more.

I press my cunt down on her mouth, easy for me in this position.

"LICK! KISS! Serve me slave!" I demand in a stern clear loud command.

She obeys instantly, which pleases me. I lean over and finger fuck her ass with my already wet latex clad fingers of my left hand. "It is important to not mix up which fingers go in which holes," I think. I do always keep this sort of thing straight.

My slave Janet is frantic. She's licking my slit, sucking my clit, shoving her tongue inside me trying to reach my G spot, but all in a random mess. My bitch is plainly out of control.

"Sweetheart, we don't have time for this," I state rather dryly. I reach into the nightstand drawer to pick up a cute little leather quirt with a jeweled handle I found in a sex store. The jewels are fake but it still looks feminine and I like it.

I kneel up for as moment pulling my twat away from her mouth.

I lash at her cunt viciously three times with the quirt directly to her most sensitive parts. Janet screams and yanks her handcuffs and chains wildly.

"Now darling, you will start by licking my slit. Gently, lovingly, slowly, one lick a second. Only when I command will you suck my clit. Understand slave?" I explain carefully.

"YES my Mistress!" she replies still trembling in severe pain but begins to kiss and lick my labia lips tenderly when I settle back on her mouth.

"Good girl. Continue. Remember slave. The quirt is still close at hand," I say rather plainly but press myself more onto her mouth again.

She loves me well. I'm very aroused. I press myself even harder onto her mouth. I'm quite pleased by Janet's slow regular deep licking of my slit.

"Mmmm," I moan. "Good slut. Now suck and lick my clit," I command. I start finger fucking her ass harder.

I reflect that submissive women need and appreciate firm commands. Janet is sucking my clit, then flicking it with her tongue, slowly, adoringly, slavishly. I am on the verge of orgasm about to take a roller coaster ride.

"NOW sweet slave!" I scream, "Lick, kiss, hard, fast, NOW! NOW! NOW!" as I pump two fingers in her ass with my left hand and shove my right FIST in her cunt.

Her scream is muffled by my sopping wet vulva. Her mouth and tongue flail about frantically. I might have pushed her too far.

In a moment, I develop a regular rhythm of fisting her cunt and finger fucking her asshole. My darling slave/wife mirrors my thrusts with her lips and tongue. The result is Nirvana!

I explode with a fabulous "O." Cumming and cumming and cumming, gushing with each climax.

My beloved slave gurgles and gasps, she mouth and face flooded with my hot wet juices. She also thrashes around in her chains deep in her own orgasms. I hope she does not hurt herself with the handcuffs.

"Wooooo!" I think at the end of a particularly glorious "O." I kneel up, lifting myself from her face.

"Stop honey. I can't take any more," I state rather plainly considering our situation.

I slide around and kiss my slave/wife passionately. Still helplessly chained, she responds as best she can.

Sadly, It's 10:30 and I work tomorrow. I unlock her handcuffs thinking it might be best to leave them padlocked to the chain this time.

My beautiful slave quickly gets to her knees beside me, wraps her arms around me, and kisses me deeply with oodles of tongue.

"I love You my Mistress!" she blurts out. "I love YOU!!"

I pick up the key from the nightstand near the bed, unlock and remove her collar.

"I love you too Janet. Let's get some sleep," I say giving her a sweet kiss back and slapping her ass. "We have the rest of our lives to continue this."

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