tagGroup SexA Note For Three

A Note For Three


The club was packed to the brim and the music boomed throughout the place. Alex was new to this but wasn't exactly here to dance, she was here to get laid, and that was exactly what she would make happen! The music penetrated her ears causing her to shout to anyone who was stood nearby, if only to get their attention.

Alex searched the club and was oblivious to the fact she was the only one on her own, everyone else was in couples or groups. She walked over to the far corner where a group of young men were stood. This was her first invitation of the night.

Alex had written her apartment address and a time on two pieces of paper. All she had to do was wait, after she had found someone who she could tell was as desperate as her, and given them the paper. It wouldn't be hard.

"Are you celibate?" she asked the man nearest to her. The man looked taken aback.

"No!" he replied with a smile. It was a sexy smile that made Alex horny as fuck.

She leaned in and gently stuck the tip of her tongue in his ear moving it up and down softly, causing a tickling sensation which she knew made the man want more. "Prove it" she shouted. With that she shoved a piece of paper in his hand and walked out of the club.

Half an hour later she was in her apartment. The door was open and she was in the shower. After leaving one club she had again successfully given the paper to another man, who she knew wouldn't disappoint her: she had an eye for these type of men.

She heard the door open softly and smiled to herself, continuing to caress her breasts. The bathroom door opened and John walked in, the first man she has seen. His jaw dropped open, he couldn't believe it.

When this woman had randomly walked over to him he had thought it was a joke, he didn't think he was going to ever lose his virginity. And especially not in Spain! His penis was throbbing, he knew what he wanted and he knew now that this was obviously what the woman wanted. He continued to look at this beautiful brunette touching herself, rubbing her body in the most wanting way.

His erection began. He began to undress when he heard the door open. Another man walked in and smiled to himself. "Great!" The new guy thought. He was bisexual and had never had a threesome before. He saw the naked woman in the shower and the half naked man stood next to him, on his way to a full erection, and automatically got excited. Quickly catching up with John.

Adam ran his hands down John's chest suddenly, knowing that there was no need to waste time. He moved closer rubbing his erection against his own, making him even more excited. John leaned in and kissed him hard, he was straight but he desperately needed to lose his virginity, plus this was fucking making him harder than he had ever been.

Alex got out the shower and walked over to them and broke them apart. She began to unbutton Johns pants, slipping her hand in his boxers to gently stoke his member, moving her hand up and down his shaft softly. He moaned and helped her undress him, he was ready for this!

Adam was already naked by this point, and on his knees. He bent down in front on Alex and twisted her so she was facing him, but still capable of undressing John. He stroked her pubic hair, which was only neat around the edges, this wasn't a problem to him though. Women didn't expect men to wax so he didn't expect women to either.

He started at the top and gently let his forefinger run slowly down her lips. He moved his hand under her and gently stroked her as he leaned in. He kissed her softly before slowly licking her clit. She moaned and he put more enthusiasm into it.

John was now naked and looked at Alex's wet naked body. He kissed her and began sucking on her tits, he gently sucked her nipples and played with them, making them erect. He moved around the back of her, knowing that he wanted her! He wanted her so badly. He grabbed the tub of Vaseline off the counter and rubbed some onto his fingers. He rubbed her arsehole, pushing his fingers in and swirling them around gently. Alex didn't mind. "The rougher the better" she said.

Adam lifted his hand up and began to rub Alex softly, he didn't care what she said, he wasn't the type to hurt someone, even in pleasure. He slipped two fingers into her and she moaned glad of the penetration. He continued to give her oral yet explored her with his fingers, and rubbed her outside with his thumb. He pushed his fingers in deeper and pulled them towards him, she moaned louder and her clit pushed outwards.

He continued to finger her g-spot, aware that john was getting ready to enter her. He hurried his pace, not wanting to miss this. Alex began to moan even more, this man was fucking good! She was on the brink of cumming and she knew she wasn't about to stop it, she just hoped he didn't.

Alex pushed his head against her, the pleasure was so amazing, she definitely had a talent for spotting these people. Adam was still fingering her arsehole and gently kissing her neck. She could feel his erection pushing against her and she was glad she had two men and not one. She had never been fingered in two different places at the same time before, and both were making her excited.

Adam made one final push against her g-spot and kissed her softly; she came and moaned at the pleasure that these two people had created. He removed his fingers but licked the excess cum from her pussy, god he loved the taste. He stood up and kissed john over her shoulder, he broke away and stuck his fingers in his mouth. He had to share after all.

John licked the cum from Adam's fingers and gently removed his fingers from Alex. She was ready. The three of them removed themselves from each other and grinned. The made their way to the shower which was still running smoothly.

It was cramped, but how they liked it. John grabbed alex and roughly inserted himself in her, she cried out in both pain and pleasure. The both moaned as he began thrusting himself further into her. Adam grabbed his dick and began wanking himself. John saw him and grabbed it. "No" he panted. Adam looked confused as john led him by his dick. Then he clicked, john wanted him.

Adam turned round and stuck his end into him. He then removed it. He was teasing john and he knew that he liked it, he entered him again, going a little further this time, before pulling out again. Both Alex and john moaned as he slid his cock into Adam's arse fully, thrusting his hips as he did.

The pain seared though john but he relaxed as Adam said. God that was good pain. He began thrusting himself further into Alex, making him precum and get ready for the big one. He felt warmness in him and realised that Adam had cum in him.

"Sorry I couldn't hold out, your just so goddamn tight" grinned Adam. He felt himself slowly deflate and became immediately disappointed.

He saw john thrust vigorously into Alex and saw the relief on his face as he finally came inside her. Alex gave a loud moan as she experienced the best fuck she had had.

Now it was Alex's turn to give head. She bent down in front on Adam and put his limp and wet cock into her mouth. She began to lick his shaft and began swirling her tongue around him. She felt him come back alive again and she gestured him to sit down. She turned to john and did the same thing, making him hard again. She rubbed Adams cock until he was fully erect again and moaning beside her.

She moved Adam to the centre of the shower, leaning against the door, and sat on top of him, inserting him in her. She turned to face john and began to slowly suck his balls as Adam grabbed her by the waist and slowly moved her up and down, he wanted to savour this.

She sucked on his balls slowly. She licked them one at a time then made her way up to his cock. Alex stroked her tongue along his shaft then wiggled it in his pee hole. She felt him shiver with excitement. She put the head of his dick inside her mouth and began to pleasure him in a way he had never been pleasured before.

Adam thrusted himself further into her and moaned as she moved with him. This woman was a tease. He felt her orgasm and made himself work harder, to get more from her. Holding out was hard though and he knew he wouldn't last long.

John was enjoying this deeply. He had been bummed, bummed someone, fingered a beautiful woman's arse and was now getting head! He grabbed Alex's head and made him face fuck her, this was amazing! He came slowly, spurting it deep into her throat. He felt her swallow and clean his dick before she took him out of her.

Both Adam and john had cum in her at the same time, the feeling was phenomenal and made her come, just at the thought of all the cum inside her. She felt relieved and collapsed on top of Adam exhausted. John slowly sat down next to them. He had just fucked a man. And he had enjoyed it. He hoped no one found out about this, but he would definitely want this again.......

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