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A Nude Day Carol


After watching the 25th different version of "A Christmas Carol" during the Holiday season last year, I was inspired to create an erotic version of the story, and Nude Day seemed to be the perfect holiday for the setting. There are some scenes of male/male sex and BDSM, so if these bother you please be warned and don't say you weren't warned. I put it in Exhibitionist/Voyeur because that is what the main character is throughout the story. Oh, and my apologies to the spirit of Charles Dickens.

I am a long-time reader on Literotica, but this is my first submission and hopefully not my last. Please enjoy and vote.


Elizabeth walked into her office, glad once again to be in her wood-paneled sanctum. She carefully set the leather briefcase down on the mahogany desk next to the cup of coffee her assistant had placed there moments before. She then removed her scarf and gloves, handing them to Roberto in their well-rehearsed morning dance. As he left to place her things on their shelf, she sat down and logged into her computer and savored the hot beverage as the familiar start-up tune played from the computer speakers.

As she opened her email program she heard Roberto in the front office talking to someone.

"So, you going to be there tomorrow?"

"You know it, sweetie." she heard Roberto's reply. "I've got something special for you."

She heard kissing sounds and then the door open and close. A few seconds later Roberto appeared in her doorway, a little red in the face.

"Who was that?"

"Just Hank from across the street, Ms. Groome. He was just checking to make sure I was going to the party tomorrow."

"You know I don't pay you to play kissy face with your boyfriends."

"Yes Ms. Groome, I'll see that it doesn't happen again."

"Very well, what do we have for today?"

And with that, the business day began...

She never understood why her husband had chosen this location, but she had to admit that Harold had negotiated one hell of a deal on the lease. While the business remained in this location, the annual rent increase was tied to the CPI, so now after 20 years and a couple of real estate booms, they were paying less than half what it would cost anywhere else in town.

Of course, that also meant that she had to walk past the strip club with the bright neon sign advertising "Girls! Girls! Girls!" that was between her office and the parking lot. It wasn't an issue in the morning, but when she left in the evening she occasionally had to deal with rowdy, drunk young men who tried to pick her up, figuring since she was walking through the parking lot she must be a dancer at the club.

Her office window faced the bar across the street. She figured it was a gay bar since she knew Roberto and his partner hung out there after work most nights. The club was called "Beach Bums", and their sign featured a muscular guy laying, front-side-down on the sand wearing just a thong, looking back over his shoulder winking at the viewer, which did nothing to change her opinion of the place.

At least those two places usually didn't start getting busy until after she had locked up for the night. The sex shop next door was another matter as they seemed to have a regular stream of people walking past her door all day. Most of these were middle-aged old men who shuffled past her door going to the shop, then shuffling back to the parking lot a half-hour later empty handed. She wasn't completely oblivious and figured the guys were going there to jack off in the video arcade. Occasionally you might get a young couple or a group of giggling girls getting things for a bachelorette party. Sometimes these people would come in her office door, but quickly would realize they were in the wrong place and back out again.

Until his death seven years ago, Harold McBride had been one of the shrewdest people in the real-estate business, at least in this city. He started off as a realtor, but quickly realized that it was easier being a mortgage broker and letting the other guys try to match up buyers and sellers. When Elizabeth came to work for him, he was just starting to build a business in the sub-prime market, financing people who wouldn't normally qualify, then when they couldn't pay he would foreclose on the home and turn it into a rental property, in many cases renting it back to the very people he had just foreclosed.

He originally hired Elizabeth to be eye-candy for the front office, but quickly realized her real value was much deeper than that. Her keen financial sense and her ruthless manner when dealing with foreclosures and the occasional eviction moved her quickly from secretary to full business partner. After a few years, they had grown their holdings to the point that they managed most of the rental property in town.

Their marriage had always been more of a business arrangement than a matter of love. Harold used to joke to his friends that he married her just so she couldn't be forced to testify against him, but she knew that there was more truth to it than either of them wanted to admit. Harold was always the wheeler-dealer, and would sometimes take what he called "non-cash payment" if someone couldn't pay their rent. Usually this was in the form of jewelry or electronics that he sold through a dealer friend in another state. More than one woman had tried to offer themselves in trade, but Elizabeth walking into the room usually ended that negotiation quickly.

Sex was never really part of the relationship as they were both too engrossed in the business to ever really care about it. In fact, other than occasionally crossing paths while one or the other was coming out of the shower, they rarely even saw each other naked which suited Elizabeth just fine. She had been raised with a strict upbringing. Her father was a banker and like most men of that era left the rearing of his two daughters to their mother. Her mother took this job very seriously, always making sure they were dressed as proper little ladies, and constantly reminding them how a lady should behave. When they got to be teenagers, mom had explained that sex was a duty that a wife did only for her husband, and her "womanly virtues" should be reserved only for that man alone. As she grew up, Elizabeth realized how out of touch with reality this was, but habits learned in childhood are hard to overcome.

When Harold died, right in the middle of a real-estate crash, she inherited the business and was left to manage it on her own. Dealing with all the foreclosures and evictions had honed her cruel edges to their sharpest and hardest. It wasn't her fault if people bought more home than they could afford, and if people couldn't pay their rent she went by the letter of the law in processing evictions. She ended Harold's "non-cash" deals when one guy came into the office offering to "comfort the grieving widow" in return for rent forgiveness. She pulled a big hunting knife out of her desk drawer and told him he would have to leave the collateral with her until he had the cash to pay up. Fortunately for her, he turned tail and ran out of the office, but the incident made her realize how vulnerable she was. The next Monday she hired Roberto to manage the front office to provide some semblance of security for her.

The help wanted sign had only been in the window for a couple of hours when Roberto walked in and seemed to check all the boxes she was looking for, a strong, young male to deter any other men from thinking they could push around the landlady, but also found him capable of doing bookkeeping and similar office chores. At first, she worried about him trying something with her, then one day he mentioned that he couldn't stay late because his partner, Carl, was making them a special dinner. With the realization that he was gay any concerns about him hitting on her disappeared and she was able to focus on the business...

She was just reading the latest sob-story email from one of her tenants when she heard a commotion in the front office.

"Hey Roberto! Is Dragon Lady in?" Edward gave him a conspiratorial wink.

Roberto cringed inwardly and hoped she hadn't heard, but he gave a smile to Eddie and said, "Ms. Groome is in her office"

Eddie was the only one who could ever get away with calling her by that name. The first time she came to visit he was five years old and misheard "Aunt Elizabeth" and replied, "Hi Aunty Lizard Breath". She thought this was cute and the name stuck. During his rebellious teenage years, the name evolved into Dragon Lady when she had to discipline him. Elizabeth secretly liked the name, but would never tell the boy this lest he start calling her something worse.

He walked into the office without knocking and gave a loud "Aunt Elly, you are looking marvelous today! Have you lost weight, or have you just finished collecting the month's rent checks?"

"Hello Edward. What brings you down to this part of town?" Elizabeth scowled at the interruption.

"Well, as you know tomorrow is National Nude Day, so I'm out shopping for my party and wanted to stop in and invite my favorite aunt to come and join in the festivities."

"You know how I feel about nudity, yet every year you come in here and waste my time inviting me to your naked pool party where God only knows what things go on. I would think by now you would get the hint and give up."

"If you tried it just once, I'd bet you'd like it."

"Go away"

"You could wear your swimsuit, but from what I can see of you in that outfit you would have nothing to be embarrassed about without it."

"Go away!"

"Are you afraid you might find that you like it so much that you might find yourself fitting in with your neighbors here and become 'the naked landlady'?"

"GO AWAY!!!"

"Okay, okay." Eddie laughed, holding up his hands in surrender, "but the invitation still stands."

As he walked through the outer office he said to Roberto, "How about you? You're welcome to the party as well."

"Thank you, but I already have a party to go to tomorrow. It does sound like a fun time though."

"Stop bothering my assistant!" came the yell from the other room.

Eddie blew her a kiss as he walked past her window on his way to the sex shop. Several minutes later as he passed by with two big bags, he stopped at the door long enough to slide a piece of paper through the mail slot. Roberto walked over and picked it up and chuckled as he threw it in the trash can by his desk.

At the end of the day, Roberto knocked on her doorframe and said, "Do you have anything else for me, Ms. Groome?"

"I don't think so. Roberto, are you really going to a naked party tomorrow? No wait. Don't tell me. None of my business, and I don't need a harassment claim."

"Oh, I don't mind telling you. Beach Bums, across the street, is going nude from open until close tomorrow in celebration of the holiday. They post signs and warn everyone before they pay the cover so nobody gets surprised, and the bouncers make sure everyone's dressed again before they leave. Most folks spend the day at the rooftop area catching sun and cooling off in the spray ground. After sunset the action moves to the dance floor, and after 10 or so things can really start to heat up. A group of us goes every year."

"Oh my."

"Well if there's nothing else, I'm going to call it a week. See you on Monday then."

"Goodnight, Roberto."

"Goodnight, Ms. Groome."

Elizabeth shut down her computer, grabbed the stack of papers from her inbox and put it in her briefcase, closing and locking it. She retrieved her scarf and gloves from the shelf in the front office where Roberto had left them neatly folded. She grabbed her case and started out the door when she remembered something and walked over to Roberto's trash can.

"ADAM'S TOY CHEST - NUDE DAY SPECIAL, 10 percent off all merchandise one day only. Strip to your underwear and get 15 percent off, strip nude and get 25 percent off the total purchase price."

"Oh my God" she thought, "what would the cleaning crew think?" and tucked the paper into her purse, turned off the light and walked out the door. As she looked up from locking the door, she jumped because in the reflection she saw a man standing right behind her, but as she turned around to confront him, nobody was anywhere nearby. Looking back at the door she saw only her face looking back at her.

As she walked to her car, the sounds of Jimmy Buffett came from the roof of Beach Bums, "They say that you're a snow queen, honey I don't think that's true. Why don't we get drunk and screw?" She reached her car just as the second run through of the chorus was finishing, and she caught herself humming along.

She started the car and turned on the radio to try to get the Buffett song out of her head when the speakers blare "I'm too sexy for my shirt". She hits the button to change stations and hears "It's gettin' hot in here. So hot let's take off all our clothes." Another press and, "Tequila makes her clothes fall off." Press, "I'm cold and I am chained lying naked on the floor". Press, "Raspberry beret, and if it was warm she wouldn't wear much more." Press, "I like big butts and I cannot lie" Press, "Come on I want your naked love". Press, "C'mon let's go skinny dippin'" Press, "Oh yes they call him the streak." Press, "It's been one week since you looked at me".

"Ah, finally." she thinks and settles back, buckles her seatbelt and starts to back out of her spot, then the realization hits her as she smashes her finger on the power button to turn off the radio, "I can't believe it, Bare Naked Ladies!" She drives to her home in The Heights in silence...

Home was one place where Harold hadn't cut corners trying to save money. The mansion was located on the top of the highest hill, above all their neighbors, with a lovely view of the city down below. A cast-iron fence kept out unwanted visitors. As she reached the top of the hill, a press of the button on the visor opened her gate and garage door.

Once inside, she looked out the kitchen window at the sunset beyond the pool. She started the oven to heat her dinner, then opened the fridge to pull out the foil covered dish that had been prepared for her. As she stood up and closed the door her reflection in the polished surface showed a man's face just over her shoulder. She froze and stared at the image, then suddenly gasped in recognition, "Harold?" She blinked and the image disappeared. "What is it with me tonight?" she wondered, then shrugged and went back to what she was doing.

While her dinner was heating, she changed into her swimsuit and light silk kimono then returned to the kitchen where she poured herself a margarita from the pitcher in the fridge, put her dinner on a plate and headed out to the patio to enjoy her meal. The sun was just passing below the horizon as she finished the last bite, she took the dishes back into the house and refilled her margarita.

Setting it on the table by the pool, she removed the silk kimono and folded it neatly over the chair. Her swimsuit was a standard black one-piece that covered her completely. She had been brought up to believe that being naked was somehow evil, or at the very least embarrassing, so although there was no chance of anyone spotting her, she remained properly clothed even when swimming in her own back yard. Her body was well toned from the twenty-five laps she swam every evening, with long, lean legs and a tight ass that Eddie joked could turn coal into diamonds. Her narrow waist was offset by the broad shoulders she had built up from pulling her body through the water. Her breasts were average size, and even though she was well into her 40s, they showed no signs of middle-age sag and if she were to ever allow someone to see them might be considered perky. As she climbed out of the pool, the cool night air caused her nipples to harden and poke at the spandex material, although she hardly noticed as she dried off, grabbed the kimono and headed into the house.

In her bathroom, she hopped into the shower still in her swimsuit and washed off the pool smells, then slid the straps off her shoulders and slid the wet fabric over her breasts and down her body. Giving the suit a squeeze to remove most of the excess water, she hung the suit on the bar in the shower to dry out for tomorrow night. The sounds of the splashing water from the suit combined with the spray of the shower were loud enough that she didn't hear the deep moaning sounds coming from the other side of the clear glass door. She finished rinsing her hair and turned off the water, wrapped herself in a terrycloth bathrobe, stepped into her slippers and walked to her bedroom rubbing her hair with a towel. She grabbed the remote from the nightstand and turned on the TV to catch some of Jim Cramer's rantings about the week in the stock market. She had just changed into her night gown when the image on the TV turned to a silent static. "damn cable's gone out again", as she hit the power button to turn it off.

It was then that she heard the strange sound of bells in the distance. She knew the soundproofing on the house was impeccable, so it had to be coming from inside the house. She ran over to close and lock the bedroom door as the sound got closer and louder. There was a high-pitched pinging sound that alternated with a low clunk followed by a low, ringing tone that continued until the next pings started the process over. She grabbed her cellphone, but it was dead, so she dropped it on the bed and went to get the pistol out of the night stand. The sound kept getting closer and closer until it sounded like it was right outside her bedroom door. "I have a gun!" she yelled through the door.

Before she could do anything else, she saw a head materialize through the closed door, followed by the strangest sight she had ever seen. It was a man, which was obvious from the erect penis presenting itself. but that was hardly the strangest thing. His nipples were pierced with mini barbells, and hanging by a short chain from each barbell was a small silver bell. His arms were strapped behind his back, forcing his chest up so the bells dangled free and made a clear ping with every step he took. Below his cock, a ring wrapped around his balls with a cowbell hanging below by two thin chains, this swung back and forth with each step generating a loud clunk followed by a pure ringing note as it ran into the metal fork hanging in back. As he came further into the room, she could see that the top of the fork was attached to something that disappeared up his ass. After his next step, a moan escaped around the ball gag in his mouth, and it was only then that she recognized her husband.


She put the gun back into the night stand and sat on the bed. Harold's ghost wiggled his jaw back and forth until he managed to work the gag out and down to his chin. "Hi Elizabeth".

"What in the hell are you all trussed up like that for."

"I came back to warn you. In life I focused so much on business, making money and building my empire that I failed to share pleasure with anyone, even myself."

"But Harold, you always seemed so happy with each success, and you shared that pleasure with me."

"That's not what I'm talking about. I mean physical pleasure, sexual pleasure, orgasms, not merely job satisfaction or mild amusement. Life is supposed to be about real, physical pleasure both giving and receiving, everything from a hug or kiss to full mind-blowing orgasms gets taken to the afterlife with you to be relived over and over. Those who fail to bring much pleasure experience with them into the afterlife end up like me, tormented to be kept on the edge of release and only getting satisfaction according to the number of times we gave or received an orgasm in life. I thank goodness for my horny teenage years that I get any release at all."

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