A Nude Scene


Last fall, I enrolled in an introductory acting course at the local community college. I had been interested in acting for a long time but never felt I had either the talent or the skills needed. I decided to give it a whirl; it could be fun. The worse that could happen was mild disappointment that I didn't actually have the flair for the theatric that I had hope. But I already knew that!

The course turned out to be much more fun than I had imagined. And, I gained increased confidence that I actually did have some talent after all. The course was taught by Professor Joan Hannah, a youthful, graceful, attractive woman with a great deal of stage experience. Although it was an introductory course – the run-of-the-mill, standard acting course that community colleges everywhere offered – Dr. Hannah brought an excitement that always kept us attentive and inspired to test the limits of our abilities.

All the classes were good, but the last session was mind-blowing. I am still trying to process what occurred. It may not have helped my acting, but it did explode the categories that had previously held my creative imagination in check.

All of the classes focused on a particular skill or quality that actors and actresses should have. They had titles like "Delivering Dialogue" or "Holding Dramatic Moments." The exception was last session, which was simply labeled "Final Session." Given my experiences so far, I was excited but expected something similar to the previous classes. In truth, I had no idea what we were in for.

On most nights, Dr. Hannah stood before the class waiting for us to assemble. However on this night, she kept us waiting ten minutes before she made a very dramatic entrance. Suddenly from the back of the room, she announced, "Tonight's theme is the nude scene." She then walked to the front wearing a very thin, white cloth draped around her waist and tied with a rope. Her breasts were bare.

I was a bit shocked but even more intrigued. Dr. Hannah has some very attractive round breasts that drooped ever so slightly as they were obviously natural and swayed as she walked. Her nipples were large and visibly erect. My eyes were glued on her until I realized that she was followed by a completely nude man with clearly large penis.

As she walked to the front of the class, she asked if anyone thought that he had become an actor during this course. Several of us raised our hands, but she said that she had meant the question as she asked it – actors, not actresses. She chose two somewhat at random – Jeff and Norm – and asked them to come to the front of the room.

"Sometimes, actors and actresses were required to do nude scenes," she said. "I believe that this is the hardest challenge an actor or actress may face. I also believe that this challenge is much harder for men to meet than women. Quite frankly, as you can see with my friend, this is because the male genitals are more prominently displayed, and thus the male actor is much more exposed to his audience. When a man disrobes, he makes himself more vulnerable to the gaze of the audience. Not only is his body revealed, but also his sexual mind displayed. But more on this later."

She continued, "An actor must be willing to uncover the private, the personal, the conventionally hidden part of him, and he must do it in a very public way." Dr Hannah untied her rope and let her skirt fall, exposing her lower half. Her public hair was shaved and the slit that contained her sex was in clear view. She had a very attractive and sexy body.

Dr Hannah called her friend forward and asked him to stand beside her and face the class. She continued, "Actors doing nude scenes need to encourage their audience to actually, fully look at them. You must make them into voyeurs! Many in most audiences will hesitate when presented with a nude figure and thus not fully taken in the vulnerability that the scene required of its actors. It is the responsibility of the actor to compel the audience to look at him. In the case of my friend, this means looking at his manhood!"

Dr. Hannah walked to the console and pushed a button and the famous "large penis" scene from the TV series Rome appeared. Atia is assessing a gift that she wants to give to a rival. It is a slave with a very large penis. She makes the comment that a large penis is always appreciated. After it ended, she stood back and looked her friend over in a same manner. She turned to us and asked, "Did you look as I looked?" With a nod, she dismissed him and replaced her dress tying the top part over her shoulder. It now reminded me of some that women in ancient Greece might have worn.

She then turned her attention to Jeff and Norm. "Please remove your clothes." As soon as Jeff and Norm had stepped out of their pants, she ordered them to stop. They still had on their underwear but nothing else. Dr. Hannah turned to the class and asked. "How many of you would like them to stop right here, go no further, to limit the exposure they offer you? I was surprised that about half the class raised their hands. She then turned to Norm and demanded that he remove his final garment. He did.

Norm was completely naked. He had a firm, muscular body that was attractive, subtle, and seductive. While very fit, he was not overly bulky in the way that some men become when they spend too many hours at the gym. Dr. Hannah again addressed the class. "Where do your eyes go?" No one volunteered an answer. "It's a simple question. No tricks involved. No mysteries. No need for reflection. Where does your eye go?" Again silence.

"It goes to his penis." She was right. Although I wouldn't admit, I had already checked him out. His member was of average length, circumcised, somewhat thicker than normal, the head of his penis was partially covered by his foreskin. I also knew that Norm was nervous and thus his scrotum held balls were tightly to his body, which caused his penis to stick our more than hang down.

"This actor has given you a chance to see him completely. He has confronted his vulnerability and conquered it. He has done this for you, to communicate something of importance to you. Yet, you have left him down; you have not played your part. You have looked away, but not fully, willingly looked. Indeed, you have denied him his opportunity to act. You have been dishonest by looking but not seeing. You looked but pretended not to look."

Dr. Hannah then asked Norm to walk around the room and to gaze into the eyes of the people he met. She asked us to stand when Norm approached and look back into his eyes. The rest of us should look at Norm's body and to notice how it moved and changed with each encounter and also to observe the interaction of a clothed and naked person and the effect of this interaction on both of them.

I was amazed at what I saw. The encounter between a nude and clothed person was essentially aesthetic in nature and surprising asexual. The naked man seemed more open and revealing of who he was. He sought to hide nothing in both senses of the word. His character was on full display, as well as the personal dimensions of his maleness. I was reminded how the ancient Greeks thought that conducting their politics in the nude was a sign of their civility and honesty.

I would have guessed that the clothed person would have had a degree of power and control over the naked male, but I was wrong. She, in this case, seemed receptive and passive in her response. He revealed, she observed. He displayed, she viewed. He exposed, she watched. He was not naked because she was clothed; she was clothed because he was naked. He, not her, defined the context.

All this stood in sharp contrast to my response to their encounter. For me, effect was almost completely sexual. He was inviting her into his realm of intimacy. The latent potency of his clearly visible penis drew me in as well. The tension within me mounted as I sought to physically identify the sometime fine line between flaccidity and slight arousal. I was strongly drawn to his nudity in a highly sensual, almost lustful way. Moreover, I began to trace with my eye the actually dimensions of his penis, the length of his shaft, the bulge of his glans. I fantasized his arousal – the lengthening of his shaft, the rise from his body, the pulsating anticipation, the thickening, growing dimensions of his loins.

I had not expected this and, as I tried to take it all in, Dr. Hannah called a halt to this experiment. She then turned to Jeff and actually ordered him to remove his underwear. Jeff's penis was very large, in fact, much larger than the previous man. He was also circumcised, and the head of his penis was fully exposed. He had a very long shaft but was only a little thicker than Norm. He too had an ideal body, but I had to admit to myself that I looked at his penis first.

Dr. Hannah addressed the class in a very aggressive tone, "Did you look?" Heads nodded almost in unison. "Then what did you see?" Silence. "Well, what did you see? No tricks. No mysteries. No need for reflection. What did you see after you looked? Well! You saw a comparison. Admit it. Consciously or unconsciously, you compared Jeff's and Norm's penises."

Giggles went up across the classroom because we knew that she was right. "And so, what did you see? Jeff has an impressive display there, even if I say so myself. Is Jeff more of a man because his dick is larger? Is he a better actor because his dick is larger? A better lover? A more interesting person? No? Then why do you care? Why?! Still, you all compared, didn't you!"

"Well, let me show you more." She continued, "Being nude is one thing, but exposing your sexual nature is another." She walked over to Jeff and, grabbing his penis, began to stroke it. "As you might have imagined, a man is again in the harder position. No pun intended."

Dr Hannah then asked for a female volunteer. I almost jumped out of my seat. "Alice, you seem a bit eager. Please come forward." I walked to the front of the room. "Please remove your clothes." I had expected this, but I hadn't envisioned how it might feel to actually get naked in front of everyone. All I can say is that I pushed my reticence aside and unbuttoned my shirt. There was no way to stop until I had taken everything off.

"Now, Alice here, has a very erotic body, very attractive and sexual in appearance." I know I must have blushed because I was not use to someone speaking so opening about my body in such a public forum. "Is she aroused? Hard to tell. Are you aroused, Alice?" I responded that I was a little, but the truth was that I was dripping wet.

By this time, Jeff was on the verge of an erection. His penis had lengthened by several inches, but he was not yet fully engorged. The head of his penis was more than slightly swollen and his shaft showed signs hardness. "Is Jeff aroused? I would judge that he is partially aroused, but not yet entirely there." She intensified her stroking making sure that we saw completely his full length. His penis seemed to reach to the middle of his thigh, but I am sure that I am exaggerating. In a matter of seconds, Jeff stood out a mile. His penis was massively thick. Dr. Hannah's hand barely encircled it. Although he was as erect as he was going to get, she kept stroking his excited manhood.

"There," she said, "I think we have almost reached our goal. Alice, are you aroused? Class, what do you think? Hard to tell actually. Is Jeff aroused? Does anyone doubt that he is? Who is more exposed in his or her sexuality? Can anyone doubt that it is Jeff? Who is in a more vulnerable state? Can anyone doubt that it is Jeff?"

Dr. Hannah continued stroking Jeff vigorously. After about several minutes, his organ finally came. He groaned and erupted in several massive spurts. His sperm covered Dr. Hannah's hand as she slowly moved it back and forth over the engorged head of his penis. His entire shaft glistened with his ejaculation. Without moving or speaking a word, she held on to his penis until it went fully flaccid.

Stepping away from Jeff, Dr. Hannah asked the class what we now saw. I must confess that I find a still swollen, spent penis very erotic. The way it hangs there, obviously enlarged but exhausted, excites me. I had my eyes glued to his penis as did the rest of the class. Still, no one spoke up.

Jeff, drained of the sexual energy that sustained him through Dr. Hannah's hand job, seemed to feel especially vulnerable and exposed. He turned slightly away and tried to hide his manhood with his hands. Dr. Hannah would have none of that. She encouraged him by saying that now was the hardest part. He had to conquer his feeling of modesty and boldly lay his nakedness before us. He moved his hand to his side but you could see that it was a struggle.

Speaking to the class, Dr. Hannah continued, "So you are still unsure about what you see and how you feel? Is it clear what Jeff feels? Are you able to match his example?" She stepped toward Norm and pulled him to the front of the class. He had a raging erection. "Alice, I will take Norm, and you should take Jeff. For the next 10 minutes, we will simulate a sex scene before the class."

I am not sure what happened between Norm and Dr. Hannah, but I can tell you in vivid detail what transpired between Jeff and me. I went to lie on a table and then spread my legs. Jeff placed himself between them. His penis was filly limp and clearly spent, and so I thought that it would be pure acting on our part. We kissed and stroked each other bodies, and my sex became aroused, wet and available. Soon, I noticed that this large thing between my legs was actually hard. As we began to hump each other, I maneuvered myself so that, on one of his thrusts, he entered me.

I could hardly believe his size. I wasn't sure at first if I could fully take him. But after a few careful thrusts, he was fully in. I felt my arousal mount almost immediately. I guess that the entire evening had made me quite ready. I began to groan and soon felt the waves of an orgasm come over me. I let out a scream and wrapped my legs around him as I continued to ride his massive penis. His large member pulled at my clitoris heightening my pleasure. Soon, I felt another orgasm coming on. Again I screamed and felt as if I might faint. Still his hard, massive manhood continued to fill me with intense sensations.

I felt his tension rise and the intensity of his trusting mount. Finally he came. He arched his back, left out a groan. After several spasms, he fell spent into my arms. The class erupted in applause. I looked over and saw that Dr. Hannah was looking on with approval. As Jeff pulled out of me, it was clear from his glistening penis that what we had been doing was real, not simulated, sex. Even more than that, it was clear that it was terrific sex. She commented that the best acting is always the real thing.

I remember little about the rest of the night other than I got dressed and made it home. To be honest, I was more than a little sore because Jeff was, as I said, very large. As I went to sleep, I thought about what it would be like to actually perform before a real audience the scene that Jeff and I had acted. I then realized that I HAD preformed a real scene before a real audience. I fell asleep and dreamed that I was on stage naked with an actor as large as Jeff. He came toward me and led me to his bed. I made him stand before his audience until I brought him to a full erection. I took him in my mouth, my sexuality fully exposed. I long to do it night after night.

People say your dreams lead to new lands. It's a nice thought and I truly hope it is true.

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