tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Nude Vacation in France

A Nude Vacation in France


I just completed four years of college, attending Yale University on an academic scholarship. To my surprise, my parents awarded my efforts with a trip to the French Riviera for an entire week, covering all expenses. Luckily, they weren't coming along with me as part of the gift.

I consider myself to be just an average guy, though admittedly I do get some attention from the ladies from time to time. I'm 6 feet 2 inches tall and weigh around 190 pounds. I'm not a jock by any stretch of the imagination but do take pride in maintaining a fit body, working out at least every other day. I'm not a hairy guy, so only a little trimming is required to keep my body smooth and neatly trimmed. I've been called a clean cut American boy many times.

I have dark brown hair and eyes, olive skin and am average to above average in the equipment department, my cock stretching to almost 8 inches on a good day. OK, maybe that's is stretching it a bit, but I'm always well over 7 inches long and never had any complaints about my size. I'm no porn star but confidant of my stature with the ladies.

I've heard many interesting stories from my friends about France and how liberal and uninhibited they are over there. I guess most of the men wear bikinis on the beaches and some beaches are even topless. I couldn't wait to see if the rumors had any merit to them.

In preparation of my trip, I sent away for a varied selection of swimwear, not certain of what would be appropriate or what I'd even dare to wear. I purchased everything from full board shorts to a very risque bikini with a lined pouch to accentuate my assets. Fuck, just trying it on gave me an erection. I wasn't sure I'd ever really dare to wear it but I was hoping to get up the nerve to.

I had never traveled solo before and was a bit nervous doing so as the big day approached. Going to a foreign country for the first time was a little nerve racking as well. One thing in my favor was that I spoke fluent French, thanks to my many years of paying attention to my French teachers and studying.

It was a long flight, almost 8 full hours in the air from New York City. Most people slept during the flight, not me, I was so excited I couldn't relax.

By the time we landed in Paris I was so worked up with excitement that I almost forgot to retrieve my carry on bag and had to go back for it.

Customs wasn't nearly as time consuming as I had imagined, collecting my luggage and finding myself waiting for a bus within a half hour after landing. It was a very warm day in Paris, the temperature had to be in the mid eighties. The bus ride to my hotel would be a two hour ride, luckily the bus was very comfortable and air conditioned.

Upon arriving at the resort, I barely had the energy left to fully take in it's beauty, I was exhausted! After checking in and settling into my room, I finally relaxed and flopped onto the bed for what I thought would be just a few minutes. Unfortunately, I didn't wake up until after 4AM, still wearing the clothes I'd traveled in.

I had no idea what the time difference was between New York and France but figured I had slept for at least ten hours. I turned on the television, took a shower and got back into bed, unable to sleep any longer. It was strange watching television in French and seeing American shows with French dubbing. I surfed through the channels, noticing some very sexy shows and commercials, the French definitely were a lot more free spirited about sex than Americans. Some of the commercials featured topless women!

As the sun came up, I decided to spend my first day out on the beach with my Kindle, relaxing and soaking up the sun. I did some research and to my surprise, there were clothing optional beaches everywhere! The beach in front of the resort was topless only, I figured that was probably all I could handle. Now I had to figure out what to wear without seeing what other people were wearing on the beach for myself first.

So, I slid on my sexy little bikini and wore a more conservative suit over it figuring I could peel off a layer if and when I got up the nerve to do so. I packed a bag, including sunscreen, my Kindle, sandals, beach blankets and sunglasses.

It was about 9AM as I strolled onto the beach. I was amazed how many people were out this early in the morning, how many beautiful people! Damn, most of the women were topless, even mothers with their children! People of all sizes and shapes were wearing little to nothing. I was definitely going to have to find a place to set up quickly as my bulge was already becoming obvious.

I settled in on my beach blanket, my eyes hiding behind my mirrored sunglasses, roaming over the scenery. I tried to leave enough room around me to be inconspicuous as I scanned the beach, my growing erection now beneath me as I lay on my stomach to hid my excitement. Almost every woman on the beach was topless, most wearing g string bikini bottoms leaving very little to the imagination. My cock struggled to be freed from my suit as I repositioned, allowing my cock to point upward beneath me.

Most men on the beach were wearing as little as the women, something you just don't see in the United States, and I liked it. Guys were walking around displaying their goods, some actually looked good. I figured now was the time to peel off a layer and expose my European style swimwear. Now, I didn't want to say this before, at the risk of appearing weird, but my suit had a special feature.

I did some reading and discovered a few companies selling very risque menswear and actually purchased one of these suits. It has a cock ring sewn in. I'd never heard of it before, let alone worn one but it seemed interesting and even appropriate for this trip. The thing is about this cock ring, I wasn't aware it looped under my balls and kept me in constant state of arousal, but maybe that's what the intention was with them. It definitely lifted and pushed my cock forward, as if on display. I think it looked hot but the guys back in school would have had a field day making fun of me wearing it....

So, here I lay, on my stomach wearing this little number, with a semi erect cock. It would take a while before I got the courage to turn over and reveal this little number, in the meantime, I continued hiding behind my sunglasses taking in the view. There were many beautiful, sexy women arriving at the beach, most with their mates, but some in groups of singles ladies.

I stayed in my same location for quite a while, at least a few hours before I got up the courage to flip over, exposing my daring new suit for the world to see. I have no idea why but for some reason I felt like everyone on the beach would look and stare, in reality, nobody gave a fuck what I was wearing. I was a typical American, worrying about what others thought while the French people just did their thing, not giving a shit what people thought.

I couldn't help but to check myself out, my cock displayed and well outlined as I lay on my back. I must say, I looked pretty fucking hot! Just then, I caught the eye of an admirer near me, checking me out as well. She was beautiful too, topless, with a great set of tits pointing skyward. The only problem was, her husband or significant other was lying next to her, oblivious to her looking my way.

Fuck, she was hot and actually winked at me! I pretended not to notice but my growing erection gave me away as the head of my cock pushed forward, tightly contained in my little suit. Fuck, I couldn't turn over either, that would surely make her think I wasn't interested in acknowledging her attention.

I smiled back, sheepishly, afraid to draw attention from her husband or boyfriend, not knowing how he'd react to his woman looking at another man. She smiled back at me, I swear seductively this time.

I tried to not stare at her gorgeous tits, partly due to her man's presence and partly to my growing erection. It didn't work, either way, as I kept stealing glaces at her as my excitement grew. It didn't go unnoticed either, as my female admirer kept looking at me, even saying something to her man as he glanced my way. Fuck, I was probably in deep shit now.

I buried my head in my Kindle, hoping that reading would take my mind off this sexy lady, not to mention the hundreds of other half naked women on the beach.

"Hey, my wife says you are hot," the husband shouted over to me.

What the fuck? Did I hear him correctly? How do you answer that? I smiled and tried to think of something to say.

"Want to join us?" she asked.

Damn, talk about putting me on a spot. I wasn't quite sure how to react as this had never happened before. So, I stood, readjusted myself, pointing my cock downward a bit and slithered over toward them.

"Hello, my name is Steve, I'm an American. I can speak French if you like'" I said.

"Not necessary, we both speak fluent English as most French people do. Join us please," the husband said. "My name is Jon, my wife is Michelle."

"Pleased to meet you. I'm all alone on vacation, it's nice to have someone to talk to," I said.

"We love to make new friends, especially men from America," Michelle said.

"Are you adjusting to the topless beaches yet? Most Americans have a hard time adjusting," Jon said.

"Well, to be honest, it's difficult controlling my growing excitement to all of the naked bodies," I admitted.

"I hadn't noticed, you seem very comfortable, and sexy," Michelle said.

"You'll find that we French people are very liberal sexually, sex is just sex. We're very free with our sexual exploration and enjoyment of others," Jon said.

"I'm not quite sure what that means but I like what I'm seeing so far," I said carefully.

"My wife likes what she sees as well. She noticed you immediately and thinks you're the second sexiest guy on the beach," Jon said.

"Thank you," I answered not knowing what else to say. I got the hint that she thought Jon was the sexiest guy.

"How long are you in France for?" Michelle asked.

"One week, this is my first day."

"We'll have to tell you about some other beaches if you think this one is sexy," Michelle said. "Please sit and join us."

I sat on their blanket as we talked throughout the morning. We all ordered drinks from the roaming cocktail waitresses and got to know each other better. Of course, the topic got steamy as they explained to me how free thinking the French were when it came to sex. I really had a hard time controlling my growing erection, Michelle kept staring at it.

Time passed quickly as hours passed, we hit it off like long lost friends. Michelle was being very flirtatious and Jon seemed to enjoy her flirting.

"Would you be interested in joining us at our flat this evening?" Michelle asked as she touched my thigh.

My cock twitched with excitement as I was at a loss for a reply. She made it easier for me to decide as her hand slid up toward my cock, brushing against my balls.

"My wife would like for you to join us, I would as well,' said Jon.

"I'd love to but I'm not sure what you're suggesting."

"I'm suggesting that you come back to our place and fuck my wife with me,"Jon said without hesitation.

Michelle's fingers traced my cock as it hardened, grasping it firmly as it swelled in her hand.

"You have a great cock, I want you to fuck me," she said.

Damn, Viva la France! I couldn't fucking believe my luck.

"You're a very sexy couple but I've never been with a couple before," I said, panting with excitement. "I'm not sure about this. She is your wife."

Michelle slid her hand into my bikini, grasping my hard cock as she looked me seductively in the eyes.

"OK, you convinced me," I said.

"Let's get our things together and go to our place," Jon said.

Michelle released my now throbbing cock as I tried to tuck everything back in. somehow trying to conceal my excitement before standing. I wrapped a towel around my waist as I retrieved my things, following them closely behind in anticipation. It was a short walk to the parking lot as we arrived at their car. Jon unlocked the car, getting into the driver's seat, Michelle opened the rear door.

"Let's sit it the back," she said as she threw our bags into the front passenger seat. "Unless you'd rather ride up front."

I quickly jumped into the back seat, joined by Michelle as she closed the door behind us, As soon as Jon started the engine, Michelle slid next to me, her lips searching for mine. My lips hungrily met hers as Jon watched in the rear view mirror.

Our tongues met, exploring passionately as her hand slid into my lap, searching and gently caressing my growing bulge. I finally reached for her tits, kneading them as our lips were joined. My cock had sprung to attention, stretching the thin material of my bikini to the point of almost tearing. She must have sensed my situation as her hand reached into my suit, freeing my cock.

My cock ring was still buttoned, wrapped around my balls as she stroked my cock. I reached down with my free hand, unsnapping the cock ring, freeing my balls. I squeezed her tit, noticing how firm and solid they felt, surely fake tits. I'd never felt fake tits before but was certain hers were. They were wonderful, large tits with very hard buds for nipples. Michelle sighed as I pinched her nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

She had both hands on my cock now, one gently stroking up and down the length of my shaft as the other cupped and fondled my balls.

"You have and incredible cock Steve, so big and beautiful," Michelle whispered seductively.

"You are such a sexy, beautiful woman Michelle,", I replied.

"Are you tow having fun back there?" Steve asked as he watched us in the mirror as he drove.

"Oh yes, thank you for inviting our guest to come home with us," Michelle answered as her head moved toward my lap.

I felt her hot breath on my cock as she examined me, all the while sliding her hand loosely and slowly the length of my shaft, aiming the head of my cock toward her mouth. As I watched her anxiously and intently, her tongue flickered on the head of my cock, dipping into the tiny hole, now leaking clear, salty liquid. Her tongue collected the moisture from the outlet at my cock's tip, smearing it around the head as she delicately licked the sensitive underside. My cock twitched and swelled with excitement, her saliva glistening in the sunlight. She traced the entire length of my shaft, up and down several times, wrapping her tongue around it, my cock bounced in reaction to each time she did this, my excitement oozing steadily.

I was so engrossed by her masterful oral skills, I had forgotten to respond by showing her any attention. All I could manage was a few grunts of approval and massaging of her tits. I was ready to cum and she hadn't even had my cock in her mouth yet.

"Fuck Michelle, you're so good I'm afraid you're going to make me lose it too soon."

She ignored me and slid my entire length into her mouth, pushing down hard until the head of my cock was deep within her throat. She didn't retract but continued pushing downward, contracting her throat muscles, milking me. Her moans were muffled by my cock filling her mouth as I moaned with pleasure.

"You better stop," I grunted. "You'll make me cum!"

She never answered as she slid back up the length of my cock, her lips wrapped firmly around my cock. Then she plunged downward, slamming my entire length into her, gagging as her nose pushed into my neatly trimmed pubic hair. Her hand under my balls pushed upward, forcing as much of me into her mouth as humanly possible, her throat making gagging sounds as it contracted an milked me. Her tongue lashed at my balls as she had my entire shaft in her mouth.

My cock began to swell as the rush of an intense orgasm was now unstoppable, building as my cock jerked, swelled and spasmed. She greedily engulfed my member, not letting me hold back as I tangled my fingers in her hair, pushing myself upward into her awaiting hot mouth. My jaw clenched as I arched to shove deeper into her, erupting with a forceful orgasm, chocking her with the volume and force of my ejaculation, splashing my hot, gooey semen into her mouth.

She never paused as I unloaded a huge load into her, slamming my cock upward as she greedily slurped my milky offering, cum now oozing form her mouth as she forced me deep within her throat. I grunted, moaned and growled as I emptied into her mouth, pushing forcefully into her mouth until my last surge of cum oozed from the tip of my cock. She never released my cock from the grip of her tight lips until it started to soften, twitching as the final drop escaped me.

"That was absolutely delicious," Michelle said as she cleaned the remnants of my explosive orgasm from my cock and pubic hair with her tongue. 'I can't wait to fuck you!"

I was totally spent and didn't think I had another one in me but shut up as she sat up, licking her lips, still staring at my cock.

"Great show Hun," Jon said from the front seat.

"It was an even better show back here," she answered.

We arrived just a few minutes later at their place. I dressed quickly, pulling my suit up, tucking everything back in and followed then both into their home, a nice little place close to the beach. It was a modern little beach house with others built exactly the same all around it. It must have been a community all built at around the same time.

As we all stepped into the house together, Michelle took me by the hand, comforting me or welcoming me and lead me to their living room area. Their living room had a wonderful ocean view with a huge picture window facing the beach.

"Wow, what a beautiful view!" I exclaimed as I stood in front of the window, gazing out toward a post card quality scene before me. As I stood there, staring in amazement I also noticed totally nude people lying on and walking around the beach. Not one single person had a stitch of clothing on.

"Do you like our beachfront property?" Jon asked.

"Do I ever! Is this a nude beach?" I asked.

"I thought you might notice that first," Jon said. "Yes. It's a totally nude beach. Does that make you uncomfortable?"

"I don't think so but I'm not sure I can parade around with no clothes on."

"You don't have to but I think you'll fit in just fine," Michelle said.

"Let's get something to eat, then we can go exploring if you like," Michelle said.

We enjoyed a nice, light meal of a shrimp salad, cleaned everything up and went out the door toward the beach. The beach was only a few steps from the house.

I don't know why it surprised me but as soon as we walked out the back door, Jon and Michelle disrobed, leaving their clothing on their deck before stepping onto the beach. Michelle looked stunning and Jon was her perfect match. I had no idea but his cock was much larger than mine, even totally limp. I'm glad I hadn't known how big he was before Michelle had given me a blow job or I would have been self conscious.

I was debating whether or not to join them in stripping down to my birthday suit when Michelle spoke up.

"Hey Steve, take it all off and give the ladies something nice to look at on the beach."

It was getting late, I'd had a few drinks and my courage was telling me to go ahead so I slowly, reluctantly removed my shorts and joined them. My cock was already growing though with the excitement of others seeing me naked in public. I was no slouch but paled in comparison to the size of Jon's big cock, even though I was semi erect. Thank goodness I had cum once already or I would have had a full erection.

"Very nice," Michelle said as I disrobed and joined them, all holding hands as we walked down the beach.

"The wonderful thing about living here is that you have freedom to do just about anything you like when you like. There are always sexy people meandering about, and people are very friendly and free spirited here," Jon said.

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