tagMind ControlA Nudge to the Gray Matter Ch. 01

A Nudge to the Gray Matter Ch. 01


Just so you know, this tale involves women being tricked into giving blowjobs and having sex. Just because our hero is a perverted guy doesn't mean he is heartless. Thus nobody gets pregnant and there are no STDs to be passed around. Enjoy, just don't believe.


I guess the first time I thought it was on August 2 of this past year. I was studying out by our pool when my mom came out to swim and sun bathe for a while. When I glanced over at her as she dropped her huge towel from around her shoulders I nearly shit. She had on the smallest, thinnest, whitest bikini I had ever seen! "My god mom," I blurted out before I could stop myself.

"What?" Then she looked down and giggled before bringing her eyes back up to mine. Luckily I was looking at her face and not where my eyes really wanted to go! She smiled and said, "You were quite a bit younger the last time I could get into this suit! Your dad loved it..." She paused looking pensive for a moment as she remembered my dad who had been killed in a construction accident two years earlier.

She wiped her eyes then looked at me and said, "Sorry, I didn't mean to ruin the mood. But I've been working out and my diet has been going good so I tried it on and...TADA...it fits me again!" She spun around and I gasped again at how fucking gorgeous she looked. "Is this...is this too much for you, son? Should I go put on my old suit?"

"OH NO!" I nearly shouted, then more calmly went on, "I mean, you've been working hard at putting yourself back together, as you have called it, and you should be able to enjoy being successful at it. I just, um, I just didn't know my mom was so hot! WOW!"

"Oh stop it you silly goof!"

"Honest mom, you should have suitors breaking the door down to be with you! WOW!"

"Now stop teasing your old mom," she said as I saw her nipples harden into very noticeable points poking through the thin material.

"Oh no you don't mom! Seeing what I am seeing tells me that you are most definitely NOT OLD! My friends would say you are 'mighty fine' and 'sizzling hot' as well as a 'super MILF', but none of them would say you were 'old', no way!"

"When did my son become such a silver tongued liar?"

"Trust me mom, I'm not lying."

"Oh just study your books!" Then mom easily dove into the water and began swimming laps like usual. After about twenty minutes she stopped in the shallow end and stood up while using her hands to push most of the water out of her hair. This gave me a front on look at her from mid-thigh up as she stood there in her nearly transparent bikini. No wonder my dad had loved her in that suit, holy shit was she HOT!

I managed to be looking at my book when she looked at me so she didn't see the newly forming lust in my eyes. After her laps were finished she did several different dives (she was a diver on her college swim team) and I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. I swear her suit looked totally invisible and god did she look awesome as her luscious tits bounced and swayed as she did her dives. Damn did I have one hell of a boner that I was trying to hide in my shorts!

Having gone swimming often with her I knew my mom was finished swimming when she took one last dive and swam several laps while hugging tight to the bottom of the pool. Damn she is like a fish in the water! My younger sister Tracy stepped out to ask me something but instead said, "Good god John, what kind of class are you taking that gives you such a woody?"

Hey, I get them a lot -- I'm only 19 -- and she never misses a chance to razz me about them. "Shut up dick breath," I said as my eyes went to our mom as she surfaced by the steps and then stood up and walked up them wiping the water again from her face and hair. Shit, I could hardly see her suit!

"Oh good, I was wondering where mom was...ghhhhhh" Tracy said with a gasp as she finally looked at our mother walking straight towards us. It took her three tries before she could finally say, "God mom, cover yourself!"

"This is no worse than when you wear your bikini, so I don't see what you are upset about...OH MY GOD!" Mom had finally noticed that all four of our eyes were riveted to her incredible tits and pussy that were as clearly visible as if she was wearing one layer of clear plastic sandwich wrap. Her hands went everywhere trying to cover herself till Tracy handed her the towel.

Mom tried to say something to get this situation under control but kept stopping herself, not certain really what to say. Finally I gave her a reassuring grin and said, "Mom, now I know why dad liked that suit on you so much! Like I said, WOW!"

"Oh shit," mom gasped before she ran blushing into the house.

"God you are such an asshole sometimes," Tracy said turning towards me. "At least my pervert brother didn't get this hard-on from 'The Psychology of Advertising'! Thank god for that or I'd really be worried about my brother the pervert."

As she said that her hand had grabbed my still rock hard cock and gave me a super hard squeeze making me yelp in pain/surprise. "Bitch!" I yelled as I grabbed her right tit through her t-shirt and gave her a good squeeze and nipple twist. Shit, she didn't have a bra on and her tit felt great, I guessed it to be a firm 32B. She slapped my hand away and ran off again calling me a 'pervert', her favorite nickname for me.

So there I sat for over 30 minutes waiting for my rock hard shaft to go down so I could go inside where I could shower and jerk off to visions of my nearly naked HOT momma and the feel of my sister's tit! At first I was just pissed at myself for sprouting the biggest boner of my life because of my mom; but then I realized that she now as sporting a perfect and firm body of 34C-22-34 made up of 108 pounds on a sexy 5'3" frame. Her great tan along with her green eyes and light brown shoulder length hair didn't hurt either. Then as I thought about it I wondered if my studies about subliminal messages might just get me into my mom's honey pot!

Before I knew it I also thought that if it worked on mom then it might just work with Tracy as well. After all, her hand felt great on my cock and her tit was still making my fingers tingle! She was one year younger than me and sported an incredible 32B-20-34 body on her demure 5' frame of about 90 pounds. She has store-bought blonde hair that looks great on her in spite of her deep brown eyes.

As for me, I'm not all that much. I shot up to 6'2" tall but only weigh about 140 pounds so I'm not exactly a macho man. All my workouts, running and weight lifting never did give me any bulk to my body. They have made me strong as an ox along with great stamina but you wouldn't think so to look at me! Finally I chuckled as I wondered what Tracy thought when she grabbed my fully hard 9 inch cock before she ran off with a very surprised face.


So I had made up my mind to somehow use my studies to bone my mom and hopefully also my sister as an added bonus. I just hoped this shit worked! No way did I want either of them to know what I was doing! While studying at the library I read EVERYTHING they had about subliminal message advertizing. Surprisingly after much digging I was able to find obscure books and articles that told me everything I needed to know; from where to place the message to how long it needed to appear on screen to how often to repeat the message for best results.

Since I was always making little movies with my video camera and special computer video editing program and then showing them to my mom and sister, I knew I would have no problem getting them to watch my special project.

After several trials with mixed results I finally made my first real success video. It was just mom and me at home so I grabbed two Cokes then handed her one and said, "Hey mom, would you please watch this little movie I made?"

"Sure honey, I need a break anyway," she said as she took the Coke and I started the video. At four minutes I chuckled when mom, right on cue, said, "John, are you thirsty? I'll get you something to drink." She giggled when I lifted my can and took a sip then went back to watching my little gem. At the seven minute mark she, again right on cue, said, "Would you like it if I rubbed you feet for you?"

I presented her with my feet and she worked them good as we watched the final three minutes of the video. Just as I had programmed into the video she sat back when it ended and said, "I hope that made you feel good. I myself am soooo relaxed!"

Finally she let my feet slide from her hands and gave me a kiss on the cheek as she got up. As she left the room she said, "I liked that video, son. You are so talented!" As she left the room I reveled in the knowledge that mom had reacted positively to every hidden message in the video! That told me I would soon have my wish.

Later that day mom went shopping when I had Tracy watch it with me. Just like mom had done, Tracy offered to get me a drink at four minutes into it, then massaged my feet before telling me she was so relaxed.

But then school started again at the local Community College where I found myself in two classes with the hot neighbor girl, Samantha (Sam). She had never seemed to like me so neither of us knew that the other was such a fan of making movies. We learned this when we found ourselves in two classes on film making. Then for the first project our professor paired us together.

I liked it as she is not only HOT but has the most incredible camera I had ever seen. She in turn was very impressed with my editing programs. These factors alone made certain we would be working closely together this semester. We took a break one afternoon while studying at her house and I asked her to show me some of her short movies. She did and they were pretty darn good making me happy to have her as a partner for more than one reason.

"Hey, I'll run home and get two of mine for you to watch," I said just before I scurried home to get them. The first was just a plain movie short, but the second one resulted in her offering me a Coke and then she massaged my feet for the last three minutes of the video before she told me how relaxed she was.

After the movie ended Sam looked down and asked, "Um, why am I rubbing your feet, John?"

"I don't know. You offered and I accepted." I told her softly. "It felt really nice." I tried to get her to continue but she refused. That told me I had to add another instruction or two into my long sought special movie. No way did I want mom or sis stopping their blowjob halfway or less through it! That would just 'suck'!

One other thing I decided was that Sam would be the first female to view my special project! I mean...she is HOT! Take Hillary Duff and multiply her beauty by a factor of three...that would almost give you Sam. H......O......T......HOT!!! And she is about 6 months older than I am!


I made two versions of our project: one without any messages in it so we could turn it in for credit; and the other to use for MY special project. The moment I had it complete I grabbed the disc and headed over to Sam's house to show it to her. By then I was just announcing my presence and walking in so her mom had to tell me that Sam was shopping as I walked through the living room.

As I turned to leave her mother, Carol, asked, "What's that? Is that the project you two have been working on? Can I see it?"

Well, after much discussion I relented and we sat down to watch it. Hey, her mom is the source of Sam's good looks so this was NOT an unpleasant idea. As expected Carol soon looked at my crotch while I pretended to be watching the TV. Another two minutes later and she looked at my crotch again, this time spending much longer than the first time. I had put instructions into the video every two minutes so I nearly shit when less that a minute had passed before Carol reached out and rubbed my cock through my jeans.

I groaned at her touch and she softly said, "Does this feel good John? I hope so; you have a nice cock in here." I groaned again and she really rubbed hard as her fingers wrapped around my shaft. "Oooo, it's getting much bigger, John. Let me give your big cock some room!"

This sexy married woman then slipped off the couch and knelt between my legs as her fingers deftly opened my jeans and tugged them down. I lifted my hips as she pulled my jeans and boxers down my legs together. She shoved them to my ankles with one hand as the other returned to stroking my nearly full length cock. "Oh my god, John, I've never seen one this big before!"

My mind was going nuts wondering how this would end since her back was towards the screen where the message would appear telling her not to worry about what she was going to do...I mean what she was already doing. By then she had both hands on my shaft as lust covered her face. "Oh my goodness, there's more of you sticking out of my hands than I have in my grasp! And my fingers can't even reach around you, oh my god it's so beautiful, John!"

She stopped all talking then when her lips engulfed my bulbous head as her tongue swirled round and round about it. I groaned softly and she pulled back. "Do you like that?" she asked looking right into my eyes. "If you do then I know you are just going to love this!" Keeping her eyes locked onto mine she leaned back in and took my tip between her lips again. Then she pushed forwards and my entire 9 inches slid right down her incredible throat.

We each groaned as she bottomed out before starting to massage my shaft with her talented throat muscles. "Oh my god, Carol! Holy shit that's so good!" Sam's mother kept right on staring into my eyes as she turned and twisted her face on my shaft while her tongue slithered all over the part of my shaft that was inside her mouth. Slowly she pulled her head back and my cock slid over her fast moving tongue until just my tip remained within her lips. She then attacked my tip with more determination than I thought any woman would when giving head.

I hadn't scored a double much less a homerun on a date in at least two months so I was horny as hell. That coupled with Carol's incredible cock sucking abilities meant this blowjob wouldn't be a real long lasting one. Still it was over five minutes before my hips started thrusting up into her devouring mouth as we both resumed moaning in unison.

Carol pulled off of me and gasped hurriedly "Cum for me, John! Give it to me, I want all of your cum!" Then she dove back onto my cock sucking madly on the first four inches or so as her hands frantically jerked on the rest of my cock.

"Oh fu-u-u-u-uck that feels so good!" I groaned.

"Um hmmm!"

"Oh god, I'm almost there!"

"Um hmmm, um hmmm, um hmmm!"

"Oh god...I'm cumming in your mouth," I gasped as my cock grew within her lips and then my balls exploded shooting seven huge ropes of cum into Carol's greedy mouth. No girl had ever let me cum in her mouth before and I was amazed at how fucking good it felt. Holy shit, I was amazed I didn't just keep on cumming until she stopped working her tongue and lips on me. My balls tried but to no avail.

I held her head in my hands as if trying to prevent her from pulling off of me. I didn't need to as she stayed right on me sucking and slurping at me for all she was worth. My head fell back with my eyes closed as she just kept right on working my shaft with her incredible mouth and throat. Finally I felt her lips slip from around my very happy shaft and I lifted my face back up and opened my eyes.

"My god Carol...what are you doing?!" I cried out as she straddled my hips and slipped her pussy down over my shaft. She didn't stop until my entire 9" cock was completely engulfed by her super moist and hot pussy. "Oh god this feels so good"! I moaned in disbelief.

"Oooooooo yes you feel so damned good inside of me! Oh shit yes," Carol moaned again as her hips started moving nearly the full length off of my shaft before reversing direction and crushing her clit between us. It seemed like no time before her hips were pounding onto me hard and fast as her face took on the look of a lust crazed wench. Her pussy clamped onto me after about two minutes and she cried out "Oh fuck me I'm cumming!"

I thought she was fucking my shaft fast until she said that. It was then that a hidden switch inside of her was turned on and her hips were pounding onto me at least at twice their previous speed! If she had managed to maintain that pace for about two more minutes I know I would have came again, but she went dead still after about 45 seconds and over two hundred thrusts with her hips.

"Oh...my...god........that...was...SO...good!" Carol moaned again as her pussy clamped down around my invader for several seconds before she groaned, "Oh god yes, that felt so good."

I didn't move at all as I just enjoyed the incredible sensation of her wonderful 39 year old body pressed against mine. After about a minute her head slipped to my neck and she kissed me lightly where my shoulder curved up into my neck. She kissed me again about two inches higher and then again right behind my ear making me groan as she softly said, "Oh baby, that was real good. It's been quite a while since you made me cum like that. Baby? Baby?" she said as her eyes opened looking at my youth-full hair.

Her arms pushed her away from my chest and thus deeper onto my cock. She tried to lift off of me but I held gently to her as she gasped, "John! What are you doing to me! What...why...why am I on top of you...like this? Oh my god, nooooo!"

She again tried to move off of me as I gave her an upwards thrust while holding her to me. Carol moaned and her eyes closed for a moment before they reopened and she looked right into mine.

"Holy shit, it looks I just raped the neighbor boy!" Her hips rolled in a circle twice before centering once more as she said, "Make that the neighbor's young MAN! I'm not sure why I'm up here doing this. I remember wanting to suck your cock -- it's divine -- and the next thing I know I'm cumming like rockets on the fourth of July!"

"Are you okay," I asked gently.

"NO, I am NOT okay! But I haven't cum that good in years so I hope you can keep going for a while and shoot that cannon of yours one more time! But this time YOU are going to fuck ME!" We worked together at repositioning so she was on the bottom, then I started pulling nearly fully out of her before sliding all the way back into her creamy fuck hole. Wow was she slippery since her huge orgasm on my shaft!

Three minutes later she screamed "Oh god yes, I'm cumming on your cock! Oh fuck yes...oh god don't stop don't fucking stop!" She silenced herself by shoving her tongue down my throat to my ass hole (well, okay, not really but it sure seemed like she was trying to do it). That was the BEST kiss I had ever gotten and I had gotten some pretty good kisses. Her body was jerking all over underneath me as my hips maintained the speed of my thrusts but greatly stepped up the power of them. I had to knee walk on the carpet to stay with her as the couch moved with each thrust.

Finally she released her tight hold on me and ended her kiss as she gasped, "Holy fuck John, when you decide to fuck, you REALLY FUCK! Good god, don't stop...I want to feel you blast my insides with your cum!"

So I went right back at pounding her pussy with full strokes (no girl had ever let me put the entire thing in her before) as she worked at meeting me thrust for thrust. About six minutes later she started moaning "Oh god yes...oh fuck...oh god I'm so close...oh John fuck me...oh...oh...OH GOD YES...YES...YES...OH FUCK I'M CUMMING!"

Her pussy tightened around me like a vise and I managed to give her three hard and deep thrusts before my fire hose cock exploded into her again. She really had my balls charged up this time as I managed 8 massive ropes of jizm before my balls gave up. Our bodies pounded against each other for about a minute more before we slowed our pace and then stopped with my cock slammed super deep and tight within her cum filled pussy.

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