tagBDSMA Number's Game Ch. 03

A Number's Game Ch. 03


Chapter III - In Master Twelve's Chamber


I have never shown Thirty-Seven any favor that she has not earned. She has always served me well. Under my tutelage, she has become versed in philosophy and literature and has surpassed my abilities in the art of playing violin. Over the years, I've grown quite attached to her. She has become my closest confidant and I've passed many nights in conversation with her. Though I have not spoken it in almost ten years, I remember her true name: Marisette.

I would call her friend, were she not my Prime. It is my greatest hope that upon her Emancipation Day, she will wish to call me friend once we're on more equal footing. She would be the first to do so. I cannot blame her if she doesn't. Still, I hope.

The guards having let her in, she kneels beside my bed, cups her breasts and bows her head before she speaks. "Master, I have news."

I stretch and rub the sleep from my eyes. "What is it, Thirty-Seven?"

"It's regarding Two Hundred and Seventy-Six, Master."

Sixey. The small one. So weak and sickly. "Has she taken ill?"

"No, Master," Thirty-Seven says. "And I was very careful with her, as per your request. The groomer should be with her now."

"Very good," I say. "Have the medicus inspect her anyway."

"I will, Master," she says and then looks me in the eye, a privilege she has earned many times over. "Regardless of her health, you'll want to be certain of her... condition."

It isn't like Thirty-Seven to be cryptic. I'm alert now. "What are you trying to say, Thirty-Seven?"

"Your new Tithe claims to be a virgin, Master."

"Then you have full permission to flog the truth out of her."

Thirty-Seven looks away. "I believe her, Master."

Now I'm wide awake. There simply are no virgin Tithes. I cannot imagine a young woman not saving that most precious gift for someone they love—or at least that they believe they love—before entering the lottery. But I guess to some, love means nothing. She'll not earn any special favor for it here, but still... I've never taken a virgin before.

"Have the medicus make sure," I say. "If she's lying, make her regret it. If not, her virginity belongs to me."

"I understand, Master," she says and then turns to crawl away.


She looks back over her shoulder, her auburn hair cascading to the floor, her green eyes flashing. She is as beautiful as the day she arrived but a thousand times more experienced. I feel my cock begin to stir.

"Tell the medicus," I say. "Then hurry back."

She smiles knowingly. "Yes, Master. Thank you."

I grin in return. "I will. Very soon."

As she crawls away, on perfect display as always, I can see her nether parts already beginning to swell and flush. The guard lets her out. I lie back, brimming with pride and pleased with the knowledge that Thirty-Seven normally prefers partners of the fairer sex. Though she would accept into her any cock that I command her to take, it pleases me to know that she has come to desire mine.

I sit up and swing my feet off of the bed, look down, and then remember the thin young man I've kept shackled there overnight, the one who has served as either my bedroom chair, table, or footstool for the last week. Poor boy. I can find little more use for him than furniture. As a Tithe, I had many men and many men had me, but by nature I don't like them. Though his pretty, girlish face is enticing, what is between his legs is of little interest to me. It is, however, bright red and hard as a rock.

"Good morning, One-Ninety-One."

Using the hand I've left unbound for just this purpose, he places slippers on my feet. "Good morning, Master."

I've not spoken much to this one beyond the occasional command, but he carries them out swiftly and without complaint. A thought occurs to me. I look at the position he is bound in and consider the path from the door to my bedside.

A cruel one, Thirty-Seven. Her hairless nether regions couldn't have been more than a foot from his face when she delivered her message to me. She has learned well, that one. Perhaps a bit too well, for she occasionally "forgets" that I am Master here. "How long has it been since you've come, One-Ninety-One?"

"Almost two weeks, Master," he says, an edge of excitement creeping into his voice.

"Look at me, Tithe," I says as I begin gently tapping the tip of his cock with my slipper. "You fancy Thirty-Seven, don't you?"

"She is exquisite, Master." His face is a mixture of agony and ecstasy as I stop tapping my foot and instead lightly stroke the length of his shaft. I feel his cock begin to throb beneath my slipper.

"She doesn't much like men, you know," I say. "She'd never allow you to fuck her."

The poor, heartbroken creature remains silent, just as he should, but his disappointment is easy to read. He's been good and has served me well, so a reward is in order. Thirty-Seven, on the other hand, disappoints me. She knows she is not to commit an act of cruelty without my permission. She must be punished.

Which was exactly what she was hoping for.

"Poor boy," I say. "She'd never choose to couple with you. But if you could, where on her body would you most like to come?"

One-Ninety-One closes his eyes and shudders. "In her ass, my Master."

"You've thought of that often," I say and then grin. "If I were to allow you to share Thirty-Seven's company with me, do you think you could refrain from coming in her for an hour?"

"Yes, Master," he says desperately.

The tip of his cock, already dripping, says otherwise.

"I doubt it," I say. "And I'm sure you don't want to disappoint the pretty lady. You'll just have to come twice. After almost two weeks, I imagine you can do that, can't you, One-Ninety-One?"

"Yes Master," he says, quivering. "Thank you, Master!"

The door swings open as Thirty-Seven returns. I smile at her wickedly.

"You're just in time." I reach for the keys that lie atop my bedside table. "One-Ninety-One and I were just talking about you."

"Yes, Master?" She kneels perfectly, but further from the young man's face than before, now that I am upright. I unlock the young man's shackles and he kneels beside her.

"Present for inspection, Thirty-Seven."

"Yes, Master," she says and then turns, lies flat and spreads herself open to me.

"Not to me." With my slipper, I gently nudge her backside toward One-Ninety-One. "To him."

Perfectly obedient as always, she complies. One-Ninety-One's entire body is as flushed as his face and cock were just a moment before. His cock bobs lightly, his breathing heavy.

"Check to see if she is wet, One-Ninety-One." I grab his hand as he reaches for her. "Use your nose, Tithe."

He bends and places his nose against her crotch. "A little, Master."

"Correct that," I say.

"Yes, Master," he says. "Thank you, Master."

He thrusts his tongue against her labia and begins to lick. A small moan of pleasure escapes from both Tithes. My cock grows erect as I take a handful of Thirty-Seven's auburn curls into my fist and pull her closer. Gently, I kiss her nose and then say, "You know your duty, Thirty-Seven."

"I do, Master." Thirty-Seven leans forward, takes me into her mouth, and begins to suck me slowly, her head bobbing slightly, her auburn hair falling into her face. I smooth her hair back into two ponytails and use them like reins, guiding her mouth further down onto my cock. "Is she as delicious as you thought she would be, One-Ninety-One? Is she wet enough?"

He stops licking long enough to answer "Yes, Master," then plunges his face back into her crotch. Thirty-Seven moans around the mouthful of cock.

"Suck him, Thirty-Seven."

She turns, presenting me with her wet and swollen cunt. I quickly slide my cock into her and she gasps before taking the Tithe's cock into her mouth. One-Ninety-One shudders as she begins to suck. I feel her tense and relax her vaginal muscles, just as she has been trained to do, milking my cock. I can tell by the look on One-Ninety-One's face that he is already doing his best not to come.

"At my command, I want you to come on her face, One-Ninety-One," I say, thrusting deep inside of Thirty-Seven's hot, moist hole. "Thirty-Seven, you are to keep your mouth closed. I don't want you to swallow a drop. I want you to wear it all."

One-Ninety-One's breathing comes harder. He begins to quiver. I thrust harder, faster. "Come now, One-Ninety-One!"

One-Ninety-One pulls his cock from her mouth and furiously jerks it, spraying Thirty-Seven's lips and cheeks with his massive load. He collapses forward, supporting himself on one hand.

"Don't let him go soft, Thirty-Seven," I say. "Suck what's left from him and get him ready again."

She does, and I can see the mixture of pleasure and agony on the young man's face as his cock begins to throb again. I stop thrusting into Thirty-Seven and lie on my bed.

"Ride my cock, Thirty-Seven. One-Ninety-One, moisten her other hole."

Thirty-Seven mounts my cock, her hips rocking frantically, desperate to come. I slap her ass. "This has nothing to do with your pleasure. Be still."

She does. I begin to slide my cock slowly in and out of her as One-Ninety-One licks her anus. "You were cruel to this poor boy," I say as the young man's come slides down Thirty-Seven's face and drips onto her ample breasts. "For that, you are not allowed to come today. He is going to come in your ass, as was his wish and then my come will mix with the come on your face. You will wear our come the rest of the day as a reminder of your misdeed. Understand?"

"Yes, Master," she says, a look of shame spreading across her come-soaked face.

"You may fuck her, One-Ninety-One."

One-Ninety-One grabs his cock and eases it into her anus, slow and shallow at first, then deeper, growing faster with each thrust. I continue to pump away at her vagina. I stop when I hear One-Ninety-One cry out. I feel his cock pulsing deep within her as he fills her with his semen.

"Both of you, on your knees facing one another."

They comply, their faces less than a foot apart.

"Now look him in the eye and say you're sorry," I say, jerking my cock.

"I'm sorry, One-Ninety-One," she says just as my cock erupts, soaking her pretty face in even more come. Spent, I collapse back into bed.

"Mmm... now to ensure Thirty-Seven has learned her lesson," I say. "There is a skill you'll need to learn sooner or later, One-Ninety-One. I believe you know where my crop is, Thirty-Seven."

She hangs her head and crawls to the footlocker at the end of my bed, opens it and removes my favorite crop from the chest with her teeth. She then returns and places the crop before One-Ninety-One, who smiles delightedly.

I close my eyes and smile as Thirty-Seven receives her punishment, but my mind wanders to her message from before and I am unable to relax. A virgin Tithe? Could this be what I had sensed in her? An innocence?

Something is amiss, and I'm not sure if I like it.

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