tagErotic HorrorA One Night Killing

A One Night Killing


She wore a long, red Calvin Klein dress. It was long and sparkly with a thigh high slit. Her hair was dark, long and straight and about up to her hips. Her skin was glowing. She barely wore makeup, only black eyeliner, mascara, blush, and red lipstick to match her dress. Her body was curvy. Not like the big girl curvy, but, like the hour glass curve. She had the body of a goddess. Every man and sometimes women wanted her. And her name? Luna. Luna Martin. For now.

She got invited to a private party. As she entered the ball room, all eyes were on her. No one knew who she was but they were amazed of her beauty. After a good minute or so of starring the host of the party cockily walked up to her.

"Hello, Ma'am. Do you know this is a private party? I have no idea who you are." This man was very handsome. He had on the classic tux. His eyes were hazel and they went great with his tan skin tone.

"Oh how rude of me! My name is Luna. Luna Martin." She shook his hand. "I am filling a spot for Mr. Green; he got sick and asked me to come."

"What a beautiful name. Are you his cousin or something, Ms. Martin?"

"Oh please call me Luna. And yes I am we are very close. He is like my brother."

"Okay, Luna. Would you like a drink." He said taking a step closer to her.

"I am parched." Luna said with a sexy smile on her face.

"The good liquor is in my study. Would you follow me please." He took her by the hand and lead her to his office. The rest of the people followed them with their eyes. Before they entered the room, the man turned around and said "please, enjoy the party". No one knew what he was in for.

Once in the office Luna took a seat on the big leather sofa while the man poured her a drink.

"I'm sorry I didn't get your name." Luna said.

"Oh how rude of me. My name is Jacob James." He handed her a drink.

"so what do you do Mr. James?."

"I own a gas company," he sits down on the chair across from Luna, "oh damn it" he yelps.

"Oh what's wrong?" Luna tried to sound like she cared.

"Nothing. I just had a tweak in my shoulder. But its nothing."

"Well, no one like discomfort. Let me help you." Luna gets up from the couch and walks around to the back of the chair. "Take your jacket off." Luna whispers in his ear. As so he did and Luna started massaging his shoulders. She stops and says, "It's kind of hard to do this with your shirt on."

"Oh well that's not a problem" he winked at her and she giggled.

He had a very nice and muscular body. "You must work out" said Luna. She started to massage him again.

"Yea a little." He said with a cocky attitude. After a second of silence he says "you have magical fingers. The pain is gone."

"Thanks! You should check out my other talents" she whispered in his ear.

Jacob immediately felt blood rush to his cock. Luna bent over the chair and softly kissed his ear, down his jaw line, and back up again. "Do you wanna play with me?" she wispered. Jacob just nodded.

Luna walked around the chair and stood in front of him. She unzipped her dress and let it fall to the ground. She had on nothing underneath. Luna could see the bulge in his pants and she kneeled down in front of him. She unbuckled his belt and pulled off his pants and boxers.

His cock was beautiful. It was long and thick.

Luna Started at his balls and she slowly licked up his shaft all the way to his tip. She swirled her tongue around the tip of his cock and slowly went down his shaft. She sucked on his balls and stroked him. Jacob had his head back and he was moaning. Luna was very good at what she did.

She went back up his cock with her tongue and she wrapped her mouth around the top and started sucking. Jacob grabbed her head pushing her to take more in her mouth.

Luna didn't have a gag reflex so she was amazing at deep throats. She swallowed his whole cock. Jacob threw his head back and grinded his hips against her mouth. "Oh god baby if this is what your mouth feels like id live to feel that pussy."

Luna giggles and switches spots with him. She spreads her legs wide revealing a perfectly bald pussy. Jacob got close enough to smell her pussy. He couldn't believe how good she smelt. Then he licked all around her pussy to get her nice and wet, even though she already was dripping.

Jacob sucked her clit and slowly teased her pussy lips with his finger. "You're such a tease" Luna said. Jacob just smiled but he didn't stop licking her. He slowly slid one finger into her pussy. It was so warm, tight, and wet. He started fingering her pussy faster. She just got wetter and wetter. She started to rock her hips against his mouth and hand. Jacob slid another finger in. He pumped his fingers and sucked her clit the fastest he could. He soon felt her body quiver and her pussy tighten around his hand. "oh god right there! Don't stop!" he soon pulled out his hand. It was covered in her juices.

Luna took his hand and sucked off all her juices. Jacob got up and turned her around so that she was all on fours. He took the head of his cock and rubbed it all over her pussy to get his cock nice and wet. Then he slowly stuck it in. Her pussy tightened around his cock because it was so thick. As soon as he fit it all into her tight pussy he started fucking her pussy hard and deep.

Jacob kissed her back and with his right hand he reached around and rubbed her clit and with his left he played with her big tits. Luna couldn't help herself. It felt so good she had to cum. "I'm gonna cum!" Her body quivered and her pussy tightened even more on his cock. "That's right baby cum all over my cock." And in an instant she came all over his cock and her juices dripped down his balls. As soon as her orgasm subsided Jacob shoved her down on her knees and shoved her dick inside her mouth. "Suck off all your juices." He commanded. She sucked all of her juices of his cock; she can tell Jacob was getting close. His breathing got quicker and he was grunting and moaning.

Luna put one hand on his shaft and the other hand cupped his balls. He soon came deep in her throat, she felt his cock pulse and pump loads of thick cum in the back of her throat. Luna loves the feel of hot cum going down her throat. Jacob pulled out of her mouth and squeezed the last drops of cum onto her tits.

Jacob was tired from emptying his sack so he flopped down on the couch.

"Jeez. You are amazing!" he said

"Well it's a gift." Luna said. "Umm... do you have a towel?"

"Oh yes. Sorry about that. Wait here while I get it for you." Jacob went to the bathroom. Luna heard him using the bathroom. This gave her some time to look around. She softly knocked on the walls and knocked on the floors with her heel. As soon as she heard the hollow sound she was looking for, Jacob opened the door. She quickly grabbed the envelope opener off the desk. "Here you go darling." He handed her the towel.

"Thank you! Let me help you get dressed." Luna grabbed his shirt and walked up behind him.

"Oh thank yo-" he was cut off a sharp pain in his neck.

In one swift motion, Luna has stabbed him in his neck and quickly made her way across his neck. When she heard a soft whistle she knew she had cut his wind pipe. She put the shirt to his neck so he doesn't get a lot of blood on the floor. She tied the shirt around his neck.

She quickly went around to the room to the hollow spots she felt for. She got the envelope opener and used it to open the floor boards and walls. She was happy to find some money and what looked like very important bank papers. She put all that stuff into her purse.

She went in to the bathroom and got a small towel and wiped down everything she may have touched, especially Jacob. She put the towel in her purse. She got dressed and made her way down stairs. Everyone yet again stared at her amazing beauty.

When she walked by an old woman walked up to her. "Hello. Where is my son. I saw you go up with him." Luna started to tear up.

"Well I thought he wanted to talk to me but he just wanted my body. Your son is a pig. Im sorry I have to go. I feel disgusted with myself."

"Oh?" The old woman was surprised her son did such a thing. "Well then, maybe you should leave. I will give him a stern talking to once he comes down." They both let out a giggle

"Nothing can change a man."

"That is true. What's your name dear?"

"Jessica Lin."

She shook the old lady's hand then walked out the door. In her head she was thinking about a trip to Malibu where she heard that a hot millionaire just got a divorced. She smiled to herself as she got into her red BMW and drove off into the night, planning her next seductive outfit. A girl's got to look killer.

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