tagLoving WivesA One Time Thing

A One Time Thing


Jennifer was feeling a little anxious. It was Thursday afternoon. She was in the first day of a two day meeting in Atlantic City. She was to give a big presentation on day two and was having a hard time concentrating on the day one events. Jennifer, or Jenn, as she was usually called, had left home and her husband and two kids early that morning and made the two hour drive to AC. She would be staying the night at the hotel.

After she finished up on Friday she would make a thirty minute drive down the coast to stay at a friend's beach house. Her friend Sandy, who she had known since college, had offered the use of the house for the weekend. Her husband and children were supposed to join her on Friday evening but a rescheduled baseball game meant they wouldn't arrive until Saturday morning. It was late June and the summer season didn't really kick into high gear until the Fourth of July. They were planning a quiet, relaxing weekend.

The day's scheduled meetings drew to a close and Jenn told herself that she just needed to get through the group dinner and then she could head back to her room to finish prepping for her presentation. As dinner wrapped up, she was being pressured to hit the bar with a part of the group, including that asshole Phil. This made it a little easier for Jenn. She hated Phil. He was one of those people that always had very critical comments to make about what others produced but never seemed to produce anything himself. Plus he always seemed to leer at her. He was a true low life as far as she was concerned.

Jenn returned to her room. She looked at herself in the mirror and thought "This is it". She was 39, still looked good and was about to give a presentation that could give a major boost to her career if it was received well. She pulled out her lap top and got to work.

Scott was packing some clothes for the weekend. He was twenty six and finishing up a degree. It was the pursuit of that degree that led him to turn down an offer to join a group beach house for the summer season. This weekend, he was able to find the time and would be at the house with his friends as a 'guest'. He had to pay the house guest fee but that wasn't an issue. He was looking forward to hanging out with his friends and letting off some steam. School and work had been all consuming and this weekend would be a nice break.

Scott's plan was to go to work on Friday and leave a little early. From there he would head straight for the coast. He was hoping to get out ahead of the worst of the traffic. Once at the house, it would be time to kick back and enjoy. The weather was supposed to be perfect.

Jenn was ecstatic. The presentation had gone great and when Phil had some negative comments, she was able to shoot down everything the asshole said. Her boss was grinning from ear to ear when he told her how great she had done. She called Mark, her husband, and let him know the great news. She also wished her son well in his game. She was a little bummed that she wouldn't have anyone to celebrate with tonight but cranked up the music in the car and let her hair down for the short drive to Sandy's house.

Jenn pulled onto the island and stopped at the liquor store for some beer and grabbed a sandwich for dinner before heading to the house. It was small but would do nicely for the weekend. She quickly shed her clothes and headed out onto the deck beer and sandwich in hand wearing loose shorts and a tank top. She was reflecting on how great her day had gone and what may lie ahead as she sat gazing out across the bay. She was feeling invincible.

Scott slogged through some slow traffic but made it to the house relatively early. He entered the house and joined a couple of friends who had already arrived. He presented a bottle of tequila and threw his bag into one of the bed rooms. It was time for the drinking to commence. As the evening wore on, the house and the island began to fill up.

At 10:30, Jenn was feeling tired and bored but was still a little too wound up to go to bed. She felt like she needed to do something. She had spoken with her family earlier and knew that they would be leaving at about 8:00 the next morning. That meant Jenn would see them at about 10:00 or 10:30. So, she didn't need to get to bed early. She wanted to do something.

Although in her younger days she had never been one to go out alone, tonight she decided that was what she was going to do. She knew that a few blocks away was an Italian restaurant called Tony's. Tony's had a large bar area that was separated from the rest of the restaurant. At night, after the diners were done, a band would set up behind the bar which would be packed. There was no dance floor. People would just hang out around the bar and dance in place. It was always a good time,

Jenn threw on a pair of sandals, grabbed some cash and an ID and headed out the door in what she was already wearing. She quickly made the short walk to Tony's, arriving at about 11:00. She paid the cover and headed in. The band was playing and it was already loud and pretty crowded. She made her way to the bar and ordered a beer.

Scott was standing with his friends when he saw her come in. She was alone which was unusual here. He waited to see if she went looking for anyone but she only went to the bar. She looked great. She was thin, about 5'5" with shoulder length brown hair and had a nice set of tits, possibly a C cup, and a great ass. He was guessing she was in her early thirties.

As Scott slowly made his way closer to where Jenn was standing, she was taking in the room. There were a lot of guys in their twenties. It brought back memories of when she could walk into one of these places and just pick someone. She wondered if she still had it at her age. She spied Scott as he was walking along the bar getting closer and thought he would definitely be someone she would be interested in back then.

Scott sidled up to the bar right next to Jenn. He ordered a beer and then startled her when he turned to face her and said "Hi, I'm Scott."

Jenn was caught by surprise but recovered quickly and said, "I'm Jenn." She smiled but didn't say anything else.

Scott was searching for something to say. He thought she was hot although up close she seemed to be a little older than he initially suspected. He was guessing mid thirties. He finally took the easy way out and said, "The band's good. Have you seen them before?"

She replied, "No." She said no more. She wasn't making this easy on him.

Jenn was flattered that a cute younger guy was trying to flirt with her and was having fun making it difficult for him. She wondered why he would approach a married woman then realized that she had forgotten to put her rings back on. She was thinking this could be fun.

Eventually, the two of them started to make some small talk. When the band came back on, they danced together or danced the best they could standing at the bar. They were both having a blast. Scott was hoping this would lead somewhere and Jenn was confident that it wouldn't. She loved how the attention she was getting from Scott was making her feel. She was feeling physically desirable. It was nice to have that feeling again after 16 years of marriage.

As the band finished, they stood finishing their drinks. Jenn looked at Scott and said, "How old are you?"

Scott replied, "Twenty six, how old are you?"

She looked at him and said, "How old do you think I am?"

He hated that response. Now he had to be careful. He figured she was mid thirties so he said "thirty one."

She smiled at him and said, "I wish. I'm thirty nine."

He was mildly surprised. He thought she looked great for thirty nine and told her so. She thanked him and said, "It was fun hanging out with you tonight. I'm going to head back now."

Scott was desperate to keep things going and offered to drive her home. She insisted it wasn't necessary. Besides, she was walking. But he insisted that it would make him feel better.

She gave in and they left. As they were started walking, Jenn felt that little tingle inside that she used to get when she met a new guy. It had been a long time since she felt that.

He reached for her hand and she let him hold it. What was the harm, right? As they turned a corner, he moved her toward a doorway and kissed her. She was shocked and stepped back from him. She couldn't get any words out and they just stared at each other for a moment.

She was feeling excitement and fear mixed together. He leaned toward her to kiss her again and she let him. Her mouth parted to allow him access. Their tongues danced together in a passionate kiss.

She stepped back again, looked into his eyes and then they were back in another tight embrace. Their lips were again locked together, tongues entwined. She felt his left hand slide over her ass and then give it a nice squeeze. She felt like fireworks were going off inside her. She couldn't believe how excited she was becoming. But this was wrong and dangerous. If she didn't stop soon, she wouldn't be able to stop.

They again broke their embrace and once again looked into each others eyes. Scott never took his eyes off her as he placed two fingers under the strap of her tank top and slowly let them trail down her breast until they slid over her nipple. They then traveled back up, crossing her hard nipple again. Jenn bit her lip to stifle a moan.

She gave in to her feelings and they again started walking. This time they moved at a much faster pace, barely speaking.

As soon as they entered the house, Jenn was immediately in Scott's arms. Their kiss was passionate and Scott's hands were roaming all over her tight body. He pulled off her top and roughly grabbed both off her breasts. Jenn let out a throaty moan and felt for Scott's hard cock through his pants. They left a trail of clothes as they stumbled their way down the hall to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, Jenn dropped her panties to the floor and stepped back into Scott's arms. As they were again locked in a kiss, Jenn was able to free Scott's cock and held it tightly while pushing his underwear to the floor. Scott lifted her and practically threw her onto the bed.

Jenn again reached for his cock as Scott sucked her nipple into his mouth. His hand drifted down her stomach and she could barely contain herself as she felt his fingers slide through her closely trimmed pubic hair and into her slit. She jumped when his finger crossed her clit and let out another loud moan as a finger slipped into her pussy.

Scott could not believe how wet she was. He easily slipped a second finger into her and she was almost growling as she moved her hips, attempting to hump his fingers. He withdrew his fingers and moved between her legs. He wanted to taste her.

He plunged his tongue into her as far as he could, savoring her sweet juices. He then slid his tongue up to her clit. She was bouncing around so much that he needed to hold on to her. Jenn came and let out a scream. Scott sunk his tongue back into her pussy, lapping up her flowing juices.

Jenn reached down to his shoulders. She pulled him up and almost yelling said, "Fuck me, just fuck me."

Scott moved up. Jenn grabbed his cock and lined him up with her opening. Scott paused for a second to ask about using a condom but Jenn grabbed his ass and lifted her hips. Scott was balls deep on entry.

He fucked her hard and fast. She was screaming and moaning the whole time. As he felt his orgasm approaching, he said "Where do you want me to cum?" Jenn wrapped her legs around him and held him tight. He couldn't hold back any longer and emptied his balls deep inside her.

Feeling his hot cum inside her pushed her over the edge and she came again. Scott stayed inside her until he softened and then rolled off. They lay side by side panting.

Jenn got up to clean up. Scott admired her tight ass as she walked to the bathroom. He couldn't believe his luck. She was beautiful and an animal in bed. Jenn couldn't believe she had just cheated on her husband But what really shocked her was she wasn't feeling guilty.

She walked back to bed, admiring Scott's body on the way. It had been a long time since she had been with a twenty six year old. Scott was also admiring her sexy body and understood why his friends said older women were so hot.

Jenn crawled back into bed and was mindlessly playing with Scott's cock and balls as they talked. Scott started to grow hard again. A recovery this quick is something else that Jenn wasn't used to.

She stroked him until he was hard and then got onto her hands and knees. She wanted to be taken from behind. Scott got onto his knees and entered her.

This time they took it slower. There was less urgency. After they had been at it for a while, Scott started to pick up the pace until he was slamming into her. Jenn was in a state of bliss. Scott gave her a playful slap on the ass and was surprised to hear Jenn pant, "Harder. Hit me harder."

Scott started slapping her harder and Jenn got louder. She was approaching another orgasm. When she came, her contractions around his cock pushed Scott over the edge. He filled up her womb again.

The next morning, Scott awoke to Jenn playing with his cock and balls. He sleepily looked over at the clock and saw that it was only 8 AM. Jenn brought his cock back to life and then climbed on top of him and impaled herself on him.

She slowly rode him, enjoy every sensation. Scott laid there admiring this beauty that was clearly enjoying herself. She picked up the pace and smiled at him.

When she sensed he may be getting close, she got off him and engulfed him with her mouth. This is something she had never done before. She had never wanted to taste her own juices. This time though she felt she had to because she wanted to taste Scott's cum and feel him erupt in her mouth. This would be her only chance.

Scott couldn't believe what was happening. He felt his balls tighten and then he emptied what he had left into her mouth. She swallowed every drop.

She sat up and smiled at him while she licked her lips, savoring his cum. Then she patted his chest and said, "You have to leave now. My husband and kids are on their way down."

Scott was stunned. "You're married?!"

"Yes," replied Jenn. "I've never done anything like this before. You were fantastic. I'll never forget it". With that, she got up and got in the shower. When she came out he was gone.

She stripped the bed and got the sheets into the washer and then threw on her bikini and made herself a bloody mary and sat out on the deck. She couldn't believe the night she had had but still wasn't feeling all that guilty. This surprised her.

Scott was feeling guilty. When he got back to the house where he was staying, his friends saw the pained look on his face and wanted to know what happened. He had never been the type to go after another man's wife. That just wasn't done in his book.

A little after ten, Mark arrived with the kids. She greeted them all with a kiss. Mark gave her ass a playful squeeze when the kids weren't looking. It had been a couple of week since they had had sex and Mark was going to be expecting it tonight.

Jenn wasn't sure she'd be up to more sex but also wasn't sure how'd she'd get out of it. Within thirty minutes, they were on the beach relaxing while the kids were playing.

Mark told Jenn all about the baseball game and the team's come from behind victory. Jenn told Mark about the presentation. How she had wowed them and how she had put Phil in his place. This made Mark smile. He loved her competitiveness.

She also told him how she had ventured out to Tony's all by herself last night and been hit on by a cute guy in his twenties. He laughed. Inside he was smiling for a different reason. He knew from past experience that it made her horny when younger guys hit on her.

After dinner, Jenn and Mark took the kids out for ice cream. As they walked out of the ice cream parlor, they literally almost bumped into Scott and one of his friends. Jenn was shocked. Scott virtually had a deer in the headlights look.

Jenn quickly put a smile on her face that she hoped wasn't too forced looking. She turned to her husband and said, "Mark, this is Scott. I met him at Tony's last night. He saw I was alone and took pity on me."

Mark extended his hand and said, "Nice to meet you, Scott." Scott managed to reciprocate. He also introduced his friend Jim while the whole time thinking this was just too weird. After a minute of small talk, the two groups went their separate ways.

Jim turned to Scott and said "Is that her?" Scott only nodded. Jim said, "Dude she's hot. I can't believe you hit that. And now you got to meet her husband. That's so fucked up."

Jenn could not believe how it made her feel. When she saw her husband shaking the hand of the man that had fucked her last night and again this morning, instead of feeling guilty, or horrified, she felt horny. This was turning her on. She could already feel the wetness between her legs.

All doubts had been removed from her mind. She was going to have sex with Mark tonight. For the first time in her life she would have sex with two different men on the same day.

That night, after the kids were in bed, she and Mark headed off to the bedroom. Jenn was waiting in bed for Mark to finish up in the bathroom. She was already naked which was unusual for her.

He had a surprised smile on his face when he saw her. He went to her and kissed her. She had an animal passion that he hadn't experienced for a long time.

She broke the kiss, moved down and took him in her mouth. Her second cock of the day. She swung her legs around and planted her pussy over Mark's face.

He extended his tongue and started to lick her pussy. The same pussy that had been filled with another man's cock and another man's cum just this morning and last night. Jenn was on fire. She had never felt this slutty and was loving every second of it.

She kept flashing back to the hand shake, her husband touching the fingers that had been buried in his wife's pussy, talking to the man who had so thoroughly fucked his wife just that morning.

She was so hot now. She moved along his body and lowered herself onto Mark's familiar cock. She rode him like she hadn't done in years. He moved to be on top of her, never disengaging. He slammed her hard and she met every stroke, pushing her pelvis back up against him.

Her orgasm was followed quickly by his. He emptied his balls into her. Jenn held him tight, savoring the feeling. He finally rolled over and said, "Wow, what got into you?"

Jenn just smiled and thought, "If you only knew."

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Wow, what great galactic sex. And she totally got away with it!!

And if she has the opportunity, she'll do it again. And again. And one day she won't get away with it. And when she gets caught and claims in distraught tears that this was the only time, her cuckoldmore...

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How about we all kill you dumbass. WTF is wrong with you?

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One day he will

And that day won't end well for the family

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