tagRomanceA Online Love Affair Come True

A Online Love Affair Come True


Stephen slumped back in his chair. The words on his computer screen were unmistakable, and they hit him with the force of a knife in the heart. He had waited all night to find Tina on line, but the conversation he was hoping to have did not materialize. Her words were short and to the point. While she said she loved him, and enjoyed their time together, she wanted to give her ex-fiancée one last chance. To be true to him, she told Stephen that they shouldn't continue to contact each other, that it would be too painful. In fact, she was planning to make this last meeting in the chat room their last conversation. Ever. Although his heart sank at the news, Stephen was able to think up something quickly. Typing rapidly, even as tears formed in his eyes, he asked her if she was still planning to visit him next week, as they had planned.

"I don't think that would be appropriate. I would have to decline," was her terse reply. Recovering quickly, he asked if he might call her in the morning, one last time. "Fine. I work at 9 AM. Call me after that." With that, Tina disconnected from the chat room, leaving Stephen stunned and alone.

Sleep would not come easily for him that night, as he thought of the wondrous miracle that had been their relationship, and the cold reality that it was all over. Random thoughts filled his mind as he lay in bed. What to do next. Would he beg her to take him back? Was revenge a better option? Was there a chance that they might salvage something of their relationship? He would toss and turn all night long, but those questions would remain unanswered until the next morning. All the while, he kept remembering how their initial chance encounter led to many hours of online meetings and later, phone calls. Then his visits down to her. Thousands of miles had separated them, yet they seemed to be able to surmount all obstacles placed before them. Now this. Less than two weeks before she was flying out to see him, and she was calling it all off. What went wrong?

Tina's fingers raced across the keyboard. Damn it. She had meant to be civil, to say goodbye, but she had accidentally logged herself out of the chat room. What would he think? As the familiar icons crossed the screen, she scanned for his name. Nothing. He had left. Well, she thought, maybe it's for the better. We can't go on seeing each other like this; he has to be out of my life completely if I'm going to make this all work out for me. Too bad he won't be a part of my life, but I have to stand firm. As she thought back on the love that they had shared, she burst into tears. Her fiancée raced out from the bedroom to see what was the matter. Sobbing and crying, Tina buried her head on his shoulder as he led her to bed. His arms wrapped around her as he attempted to console her, but she drew away.

"Leave me alone, just leave me alone!" she pleaded. He backed off, withdrawing to his side of the bed. Tina wrapped herself in a blanket and lay on her side, facing away from him. "I'm doing the right thing, really, she told herself. Then why do I feel so awful about it?" was the question that wracked her brain for the rest of the night. Try as she might, the luxury of drifting off to sleep never came.

She hadn't been at work for five minutes the next morning when the phone rang. "OK, Tina, be strong, you have to do this, it's for everyone's own good," she kept telling herself. During her entire sleepless night, she had anguished over her decision, but she was bound and determined to stick with the position she had chosen. What happened next was something that she hadn't expected. Stephen was looking for closure, to find out what went wrong between them. Most importantly, he wanted to know if there was anything that he could have done, or could still do to make their relationship work. Despite all of her preparation, Tina didn't have an answer for him. What had seemed so right just a few days earlier faded as she spoke to him. Caught off guard by his approach, Tina relented, a little. In a mutual agreement with him, they decided to continue their friendship, for now. Tina and Stephen agreed that while they could still call and write each other, these would be less frequent. In addition, certain topics that they both still found painful to approach would be off limits.

Satisfied as to their conclusions, Tina was about to finish their call when Stephen reminded her of the plans they had made for the following week. While she didn't think that a visit that would basically end up as a weekend spent entirely in a hotel bedroom was appropriate, she did admit that she would still like to do some sightseeing. Because there was quite a drive involved for Stephen, she graciously allowed him to plan on sharing their hotel room. But in no uncertain terms, she made sure that he knew that he would be sleeping on the couch. Deciding that the opportunity to see her one last time was sufficient, he agreed. After all, he had no illusions about just how much contact they would share once the weekend was over. Her tone had told him that.

The intervening days between that phone call and her impending visit passed quickly. For her part, Tina worked at putting the pieces of her life back together, accepting the fact that Stephen would no longer be a part of it. It had been her decision, but she still had some reservations about it. One thing was certain, her boyfriend, back in her life, was not doing all that much to maintain his position. While he had every right to be hurt at her previous rejection of him, it was becoming apparent to her that his return seemed more for his convenience than out of any mutual longing for each other. Her friends and co-workers noticed too, when she had been with Stephen, there had been a glow to her, a perkiness that was now missing. Tina had always been a happy, outgoing person, but now she seemed more melancholy. In fact, one day when Stephen had called her, and talked to a friend of hers at work, her change in mood was extremely obvious.

Catching the tail end of the conversation, she heard her friend say to him "So, how was your weekend? Oh, you don't want to talk about it, I see. Well, anyway, here's Tina for you." When she first heard that he was on the phone for her, her face lit up, but as her friend turned and handed the phone over to her, her spirits sank as she knew just how much pain she had inflicted on him. After a brief conversation, her friend took her aside. "Tina, what's wrong between you guys?" she asked.

"I told him it's over, that I have to give my life down here one more try."

"Well, it's none of my business, but you seemed to be a lot happier with Stephen instead of him."

"Damn right it's none of your business," was her cold reply. Taking a deep breath, Tina resolved that no matter what, she had to stay with the decision she had made, and nothing could be allowed to change that.

The morning of her flight, Stephen called again, with a rather interesting question. "Hey, how am I supposed to greet you at the airport? I can't just sit in the parking lot waiting for you; you'd never find me. And we can't say hello the way we used to now, can we?" That had usually entailed a passionate embrace, and never failed to lead to the bedroom.

"Well, we're just friends," she emphasized. "Greet me like you would any other friend flying in for the weekend."

"A handshake then?" he asked.

"No! Silly!" she laughed. "I suppose a hug would still be OK."

"Arm hug or real hug?"


"OK, that works for me...you know, I'll still be tempted to kiss you."

"Wait right there, that's going a bit too far..."

"Air kiss, then?"

"Ugh! No! Jeez, you really are taking this seriously. You may give me a friendly kiss." Before he could ask another question, she continued. "On the lips or on my cheek, doesn't matter."

"That's fine, I'll take lips. Hey, Tina, how about tongue...church tongue or porn tongue?" he joked.

"I'll see you at the airport, don't be late." Hanging up the phone, she had to laugh at their little exchange. Even after all they'd been through; he could still make her smile.

A few hours later, her flight arrived. As she expected, he was waiting for her at the end of the jetway. Saddened because she knew that this would probably be their last visit, she walked down the passageway to seem him. As they agreed, he gave her a hug when she reached him. Then, as a complete surprise to her, he kissed her...twice. In the air, about an inch over each cheek. "Idiot" she laughed and smacked her lips onto his, giving him a brief taste of the sweetness that he had once enjoyed. Breaking off the kiss before either one of them got any other ideas, they headed down to baggage claim. Their nightmare down there lasted only about an hour, until the airline could finally locate her suitcase. "It figures," she said as they headed to the car. "The only time I bring a suitcase, they manage to lose it on me."

"Well, at least they did manage to find it. And the damage doesn't seem to be too bad."

The drive to the hotel was short, and they were soon in their room. "I'm kind of beat, you don't mind if I have a quick bath do you? asked Tina.

"Go ahead, I brought a book." Was his reply. Tina gathered her toiletries and headed for the bathroom. Stephen sat on the couch and clicked on the TV.

"You know, that's the first time we've done that." She said, ducking her head out of the bathroom.

"What do you mean?"

"Watch TV together."

"Well, things are different now, right?"

"Right, they are. I'll only be a little bit." With that, Tina ducked back into the bathroom. After a few minutes, Stephen headed to the bedroom of their suite to get his bag. When he walked past the bathroom door, he noticed that it was slightly ajar. Pressing against it ever so slightly, so Tina wouldn't notice he watched her image in the mirror. How beautiful she was, what a shame it would be to lose her. Still, if she had made up her mind, there wasn't a whole lot that he could do. In the tub, Tina was relaxing in a steaming hot bath. From his angle, Stephen watched as she closed her eyes and tilted her head back, allowing her silky black hair to cascade down into the water. Nothing he had ever seen could match the beauty of her face. Her big brown eyes were shut, but the vision of her would never fade in his mind. Her full, luxurious lips were curved up in a slight smile, reminding him of the times that that sexy mouth had beckoned him and him alone. His eyes followed every sensuous curve of her body, down past her smooth shoulders and delectable neck. He allowed his gaze to linger on her voluptuous breasts as the jutted out of the water.

Fond memories of them ran through his mind as he mentally ran his hands over them. Those endless nights of passion they had shared how wonderful it had been to bury his face in her cleavage and let his hands creep down her sides. Tina possessed a perfect hourglass figure, while her facial features and slim waist belied her Asian heritage, the fullness of the curves of her hips and breasts were definitely a sign of her European side. And he had loved every inch of her body, in previous visits he had spent literally hours worshipping her as if she was a goddess. Which to Stephen, she still was, although now he was only able to indulge himself from afar. Tina stood in the tub to get out, and before she could notice him spying on her, Stephen quickly retreated back to the couch. After toweling off, she dressed for bed and joined him. Wearing a silk dressing robe over her pajamas, she sat beside him, gently resting her head on his shoulder. Sensing that he might have one last opportunity, Stephen slowly slid his arm around her. In response, she snuggled in tightly to him. It triggered her own memories to do so, and she quickly sought to break the tension building between them. "What the Hell was that at the airport?" she asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Air kissing? Come on, what's the matter with you?"

"Hey, it's not what I wanted, but I thought I should give you the option."

"Then how did you want to kiss me?"

"You don't want to know."

"Well, at I thought at least you would have let things flow naturally."

"How?" he demanded.

"Like this?" With that, Stephen caught Tina looking up at him, her mouth opened slightly. Without hesitation, his lips found hers as he kissed her tenderly. Sensing no resistance from her, he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer to him. Their kiss grew in intensity, her lips parted before his as she reached around to hold him tight. Tina thought that she wanted a friendly embrace, but the fires of their passion were growing. Once their lips met, she melted into his arms, letting him kiss her passionately, and returning his kisses with equal fervor. His kisses were hot, wet, enticing as he drew her into him, letting nothing stand in the way of the love that they truly shared for each other. Just that one kiss led to another and another, bringing back those joyous memories for both of them. This was a love that they had shared once before, and now, as they prepared to bid each other farewell, forever, their love surfaced once again, engulfing them completely.

Slowly, Stephen reached his hand around his back to find hers, and took her firmly in his grasp. Standing up over the couch, he slid his arms beneath her and gently picked her up. Her hand never left his, their lips never parted as he carried her down the hallway to the bedroom. No protest left her mouth as he gently lay her down on the bed and allowed his kisses to explore further down her body. Tina pulled him closer to her, holding his head tightly against her as he let his mouth trace down her neck to her shoulders. A small voice inside her told her that she shouldn't be doing this, shouldn't let him continue, but as her hands pushed him back slightly, he was back on her, kissing her breasts now, kneading those impressive globes with his hands. The voice grew silent after that, and as he found her nipples, was replaced by a contented sigh. Tina placed her hands on his chest, her fingers furiously tearing at the buttons on his shirt, then reached down to his belt buckle. Stephen kept bathing her with hot, wet kisses, pausing only to let her tug off his shirt and pants. Their bodies pressed together on the bed; nothing at all separated them. Nothing they had ever experienced could match this, the feeling of love and passion that drew them together was so intense, and it joined them in a way that nothing could ever separate.

As Tina wrapped her arms around Stephen again, he drew his kisses back up to her mouth, their tongues joining them in a union like no other before. The heat from her body drew him into her fully; it was as if they shared one soul. Slowly, Tina spread her shapely legs, angling up her knees to allow him access to her. In one gently motion, Stephen slid his cock inside her wet pussy. They both gasped at the wonderful sensation of their bodies joining together, for each of them the feelings were the same yet somehow different. For Stephen, she was hot and wet and inviting as he started to slowly maneuver his cock inside her. Tina felt his thick, sexy shaft slipping in, no other man she had ever had felt so good or fit so right, he had to be the one for her. She had lost sight of that once, but as he thrust into her, she vowed to never forget these sensations again. He took her delicate hand into his, pulling her arms up over her head, his mouth and hers were engaged in the most passionate, enticing kiss that either of them had ever experienced. The cold fear that the love between them was lost burned away by the heat of their embrace. As Stephen thrust himself inside her, taking her body and soul for his own, Tina coated the sides of his face with her kisses, he nibbled briefly on the base of her neck, then traced his electrifying kisses back across her cheeks. Her hands squeezed his back tightly as he propelled himself into her harder; her short, soft moans escaped her lips between their kisses as the two lovers shared the ultimate union. Stephen's hips bucked into her harder, faster; she thrust upward to meet him as their passions grew. Tina wrapped her legs around his back, pulling him down into her with each successive stroke, knowing that nothing could be allowed to take him from her ever again. "I love you," he whispered into her ear as her soft moans increased in tempo.

"I love you too," was her impassioned reply, which was soon followed by a series of gasps as he continued to make love to her. "Oh, baby, that's the spot, right there!" she moaned, pulling him in even tighter. "Don't ever leave me, sweetie, I love you, this feels so good, so right!"

"Oh, Tina, I could never love anyone the way that I love you."

"Then do it to me, baby, make love to me, make me yours. You're the only man I'll ever want again." She felt his pace quickening, experience told her what was near, her mouth opened as if to call out to him again. As the first scream of her orgasm was about to escape her lips, Tina felt him kissing her hard and deep, felt his final thrusts into her pussy as he stifled her screams of pleasure, she felt his cock letting go deep inside her, filling her cunt up with his hot creamy cum. Tears of joy rolled down her cheeks as she drew him in close to her in a madly passionate embrace that would last them into the morning, and the rest of their lives.

Although they would make love many more times that night and that weekend, and during the course of their lives together, neither Tina nor Stephen would ever forget that sweet seduction that won her back to his side, and would change their future, forever.

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