tagNonHumanA Pack of Tales Ch. 06

A Pack of Tales Ch. 06


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A Pack of Tales Ch. 6 -- Red/the pack

Shoes and other things (story)


"Mm, what?" She lifted her head from the tablet which Rikki had loaned her and on which she had been fiddling with one of her photos.

"Max has left his door open."

She and Rob stared at each other. They both began lightly panting. Rob's soft brown eyes were yellowing with mischievous glee. Red's hazel eyes became paler.

"Christ!" Red said huskily. "Are they in there?"

"Yeah," Rob said. "I can smell them."

A sudden wicked grin curved Red's mouth. Sharp teeth sparkled in the savage smile. Her face took on an elfin prettiness under the scrubby mop of badly cut hair with the red dye still growing out in it.

She pressed 'save', turned off the tablet and put it aside.

They went up the stairs together: lightly panting, silently laughing, jostling each other softly. Rob's yellowing eyes danced under his tousled thatch of blond hair. Red's pale eyes glinted in her unexpectedly pretty face.

"Collars off?" Rob whispered in husky suggestion.

Red hesitated, but she had realised that Rob had no interest in her other than as a playful partner in cubbish tumblings. She had never yet had the courage to take off her collar at the farmhouse and now the opportunity seemed too good to miss.

She sniggered and nodded, slipping off to change in the little room she still occupied. Christa had offered her a bigger room downstairs but Red clung to the night-time protection of the pack leader and pack mother.

Rob was waiting patiently by Max's half-open door when she came trotting back, his tousled furry blond body poised, his snout turned about to sniff for her, his yellow eyes sparkling with fun. This was very good of him for the delicious scent was coiling out of the room into their nostrils, making the saliva drool from their panting mouths. (Or perhaps he didn't want to risk being caught in the room on his own.)

With as much detached interest as he could spare from the exquisite perfume tickling his nose, Rob noticed that Red made an attractive bitch: muscular and shapely. She smelled off to him although he knew it was a scent that drove other wolves wild. She had a ginger brown coat and with the silent laughing longing look in her bright eyes, she looked like someone who might be a lot of fun in a muckaround, rather than someone who would always be shrinking towards the nearest door when the others started fighting. He had hoped she might be a pal, ever since he first saw the look in her eye when Max poked his elegantly shod foot into Rikki's tummy to give him a tickle. That was why he had generously gone to offer her a share in this piece of mischief -- and how right he had been. He was very impressed with how quickly she had grasped the potential offered by Max having for once forgotten to latch his door.

They paused to exchange a panting open-mouthed laugh and as if saying: Go! leapt side by side into the room. Red flattened her stocky ginger brown body to the ground and ran round the foot of the bed as smoothly as flowing water. Rob bounded onto the bed with a powerful thrust of his haunches and big blond shoulders and then jumped down off it. They each seized one of the pair of fine Italian leather shoes in savage teeth and streaked out the door and down the stairs.

Christa looked up from shaking out the sofa cushions. Her face broke into an excited smile. "Look!" she exclaimed. "Red's gone out for a run with Rob."

Max looked up from the i-phone which he had been scanning. He walked over to stand by Christa's side and look out the windows. He also smiled, raising one eyebrow over a jewel-like blue eye.

"My God, what an attractive bitch," he said. "You'd never think she had such a good figure in those disgusting rags she wears."

"Why d'you think she wears them?" Christa laughed. "She doesn't want the males after her, does she?"

"That's no reason to go round like a fashion assassin," Max said with arrogant disdain, casting his eyes back down at the screen of his i-phone.

Christa watched Rob drop whatever was in his mouth and spring on Red, snapping at the object she was biting. The two cubs started tugging and pulling it over the grassy hillside. Christa was delighted to see Red finally out, innocently playing, rolling and leaping in the fresh outdoors.

Red braced her haunches and forepaws, crouching to the ground to get better purchase on the shoe in her mouth. Rob dragged and worried at it, tugging hard and tossing so that Red's shapely ginger brown head went from side to side. Red was play-snarling at him, her lip lifted back from her clenched sharp teeth. She made a sudden rush forwards and Rob fell over. He rolled to present his white blond tummy. She loped off, but slowly, looking back over one furry shoulder with a teasing glint of laughter in her eye. She waggled the object in her mouth; he scrambled up to chase after her and try again to get it away from her.

"What's that they've got?" Christa mused. "Need I ask! They've found a pair of shoes somewhere. How nicely they're sharing them."

Max lifted his head from the i-phone. He suddenly shoved it in his pocket, moving swiftly across the sitting-room and out the door.


Red came into the kitchen and paused by the door, flushing up with shy anxiety. There was a stranger sitting at the table with Christa. He was a tall thin young man who lifted dark eyes to her with a gentle smile. He sat round the corner of the table from Christa with a mug of tea in front of him, weak wintry sunshine falling over his head of loose dark curls and his shoulders onto the scrubbed pine table.

There was a peacefulness to the two of them sitting drinking tea in the kitchen, a warm quiet feeling which had been absent in the farmhouse the past few weeks.

Col's vile temper was like some evil supernatural mist, seeping into every corner. The cubs had not been able to persuade him not to drive the van the day after he split up with Bryony. He'd run it off the road on the way to the builder's yard and struggled to complete the building work he'd had in hand while it was being repaired. He started losing the good reputation he'd worked so hard for. It didn't help when he showed up on the job with a face blue and yellow with cuts and bruises and a truculence like a ton of chips on his shoulders. When anyone tried to talk to him he would blame Bryony, saying she had ruined everything for both of them. If his mobile rang, he jumped. He would answer whoever had called him in an even more vile temper, if that was possible.

Christa stood up smiling her gentle smile at Red. "Hullo, sweetheart," she said. "Come on in and have a cuppa. This is Gavin."

He stood up and held his hand out. She shook it hesitantly, unused to this adult politeness. He gave her the gentle smile again which she recognised this time as Christa's smile.

"Mam's made up to have a girl in the pack," he laughed.

Red slid her gaze sideways at Christa who lifted affectionate eyes from the tea she was pouring.

It would make Red's breath come short when they treated her not as if she were some sexual prize but as if she were just special in some ordinary way. Christa could do it to all of them. She could make them all feel as if they were her special babies.

Presumably this really was her special baby.

Red laughed silently at herself for thinking it as she looked at him: a fully grown young man. Christa was explaining that he worked in social services. He had stopped by on his way down the valley from visiting one of the families he was working with.

"Always plenty of work for the social hereabouts," he laughed. His laughter rang out unexpectedly loudly in the kitchen.

Rob had ambled in. Red saw his brown eyes light up and start to go yellow. To her surprise he dropped his head and hung off and on round the doorway instead of bumbling round to Gavin in his usual puppyish manner.

"C'mon, boy," Gavin laughed, clicking his fingers by his knee.

Rob walked slowly round the table. He stood a little distance from Gavin although he and Gavin must have known each other for years. Rob had been with Christa since he was in his early teens. Gavin took a step forwards as if he might give Rob a good scratch behind the ears. Then he just put his hands in his pockets. He stood smiling at Rob and at Red.

"Why don't you take the cubs for a run," Christa suggested. "Red, won't you go for a run?"

"Oh ... I dunno," Red said uneasily. She had not taken her collar off since she and Rob ran off with the beautiful pair of Max's fine Italian leather shoes.

Max had been livid and Christa had had to intervene to save the two of them from a savage nose-smacking. Max said they'd have to buy him a new pair but Rob only worked two days a week for Col and Red had no work at all as yet so this was more gestural than actual punishment.

And they had secreted the delicious shoes, still only half-chewed, in a special corner behind a wheel of Col's office caravan.

"You'll be alright with Gavin," Christa urged but Red only looked uneasy. She said she would go for a walk but keep her collar on.

Rob had rushed off to change, ever eager for a good run up the hillside. As Red walked out of the house with Gavin, he shot past them, his tousled big blond body brushing lightly on their legs. Gavin opened the five bar gate and he loped off: a lovely big blond blur in the weak sunshine, tossing his muscular shoulders and haunches as he leapt about the muddy tussocks of grass. Gavin smiled the soft gentle Christa smile as he watched Rob run.

He said: "Bummer about Col and Bryony. It would've been nice for you to have another woman about."

"Oh well," Red said awkwardly. "She was human." She dropped her head to watch her feet in the old Doc Martens picking a path between the tussocks of grass.

They none of them liked to say anything that might be taken as against Col of course.

"Mm," Gavin said. Red suddenly flushed up with embarrassment, she had forgotten momentarily that Gavin of course was human too. He only smiled, saying: "I used to wish I was a were -- like me dad. I said it to Col once, 'I wish I was a werewolf.'" Red looked sideways at him, the blush still hot and high in her cheeks. Gavin laughed that attractive noisy laugh like a stream tumbling down the hillside. "Col said, 'No you foocking don't.'"

Red laughed too, silently panting, her mouth curved and her sharp teeth showing.

"Did you mind," she asked, "when your mam took in the cubs?"

Gavin looked surprised. "Oh no," he said with evident sincerity. "Mam's never happier than sorting out some bit of trouble, especially for some young 'un. When I was growing up, the pack was just Da and the Jenkinses," Red looked puzzled, he elaborated: "Jenks and Nye. It was lonely for him and mam, but he's not the aggressive kind. Others wouldn't come and join the pack. It was when I went to college that they started collecting the cubs. Bloody relief to be honest," his laughter rippled out, her ears twitched forwards and back to hear it. "In my first term Mam was always popping by my digs with a load of home-cooked food and trying to get my laundry off me!

"I was made up for Da when Col came along," Gavin said. "He wouldn't have me any different to how I am, but he and Col are close. When he and Mam started taking in the cubs I could see Da worrying about the future of the pack. Col's Alpha Plus," he grinned ruefully. "He's always on the watch for the good of the pack. Crap at doing what's right for himself, mind." He sighed.

"Rob was the first cub," he said. "It was me who brought him here." Red looked at him. He was gazing up the hillside at the leaping blond blur that was Rob with a smile softening his gentle face. "I heard one of my lecturers in social work talking about Rob," Gavin said, turning those dark eyes back towards Red. "His mam had had him very young and his dad was only a kid 'n all. When Rob hit his teens and started changing, there were three or four other kids by then -- different dads, of course. His mam didn't want to let him go but she couldn't manage him. The social workers were at their wits' end how to foster Rob. I put them onto Mam." He made that warm rippling noisy laugh. "Mam said the papers she had to sign were unbelievable." When he spoke, his accent was usually muted out, but when he said 'unbelievable' he drew the word out like his laughter until he ended it with a bump on the final 'l': un-be-e-lie-ievabul. "There was all sorts of bother about trying to pretend Da was normal, but he wasn't because he was why they wanted to put Rob with him and Mam, but they didn't want any human kids put up to be fostered in a pack!" Red pricked her ears towards the friendly relaxed noise of his laughter. "Suits Rob," Gavin said. "His mam -- and his dad, live up the valley, he can catch the train up to see them whenever he likes. His dad comes down to take him for a pint now and then. He tried taking Rob for a walk in the early days, but y'know how cubs are, Rob ran off on a scent and so his dad said he'd rather just take him down the pub. Oh shit!" he said in a suddenly sharper tone.

Red lifted her head and saw on the brow of the hill three or four dirty white woolly blobs.

Her heart started thumping and the drool collecting in her mouth, she panted lightly.

The wind was blowing from them to the sheep, the sheep's scent was going away over the hill. Rob was rolling in something he'd found on the hillside; he had not yet noticed the sheep. Gavin lifted his hands to his mouth and shouted: "Robi-in!" in a long appealing call.

Red was surprised, she flicked a quick look sideways at Gavin.

Rob's blond head lifted instantly, although Red could tell that he'd found something really enjoyably smelly to roll in. His ears and eyes focussed on Gavin and he came bounding down the hill to them and thrust his big-shouldered tousled blond body against Gavin's legs.

"Bloody Hell!" Gavin grumbled. "What the hell is that you've been mucking about in? You stink!" He sank his hands into the thick ruff of smelly fur around Rob's neck and gave the cub an affectionate fondling around the ears. He looked up at Red and seemed to become embarrassed.

"I've known Rob for a long time," he said. "That's why he comes if I call his name."

Red said, "Oh no, it's just that I thought his name would be Robert, not Robin."

Rob had rolled over on his back and was wiggling about in the mud and grass, whining hopefully as he offered up his fluffy white blond tummy to Gavin. Gavin squatted down and gave him a good tickling. He avoided Rob's groin. Red noticed Rob's long lupine penis was erect with the red tip poking out of his sheath.

"His dad was a Batman fan!" Gavin laughed. "That's how young the silly kids were when they had Rob. C'mon boy, c'mon you soppy beggar. Better get you home and give you a treat. Good boy," he said, belatedly, giving Rob another ruffle around the ears.

When they came into the courtyard, Col was leaning on the side of his caravan and staring angrily at his mobile phone. He lifted his head and tried to smile when he saw Gavin.

"There's no foocking signal here," he said.

Gavin went over and put a brotherly hand on Col's shoulder, giving it a hard squeeze. "I'm sorry about you and Bryony, butt," he said.

It was the first time Col's face had shown anything other than anger since the split. He dropped his head, looking suddenly ashamed. Then he tightened his shoulders and growled: "Yeah, well. Better off, mate. Foocking bitch was nothing but trouble."

Gavin only squeezed his shoulder before turning to Christa, who had come out of the house putting her coat on and carrying a handbag.

"Where are you going?" Col said in surprise.

"Gav said he'd give me a lift into town," Christa said brightly. "To the shops," she added.

"Can I come?" Red asked. "I need to buy a skirt."

There was a silent pause. Col twisted his head suspiciously at Christa. She flicked a look at Gavin and said in the same bright tone of voice: "Of course you can. I can help you choose one."

Rob was bumping up against Gavin's legs, thrusting his big blond body up to Gavin who laughed and scratched behind his ears, saying: "You don't want to go shopping, you daft beggar! Go and change, mam'll give you a treat when she gets back."

"What d'you want to go to the shops in town for?" Col said.

"Because I'm a wo-oman," Christa laughed, her soft sing-song accent dragging the word out. "I like shopping. Shall I bring you back a skirt too, my sweetheart?"

Col made a grimace that might have been an attempt at a smile.

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