tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Pair Of Peepers

A Pair Of Peepers


When our kids were young, the only vacations we could afford were camping trips. We camped in state parks and most of the campsites were of the semi-wilderness type. They boasted large campsites where the campers, tents and trailers were not lined up like cars in a shopping center parking lot, but were scattered among the trees.

Our children slept in one tent and my wife and I in a second one. On the second or third night of one of our camping trips, I heard soft voices just outside our tent. At first I thought it was our kids sneaking around in the dark, but then I realized they were adults whispering to each other. I slid over to the side of the tent where the voices were coming from and through the netting on the tent I could see a couple with their arms around each other. They were our friends who, along with their children, were camping nearby in a pick-up truck camper. Unlike us, their children slept in the camper along with their parents. The moon was fairly bright and the light filtered down through the trees so I could just make them out. I woke my wife and softly explained what was happening just outside. My wife is not the voyeur type, but much to my surprise, and pleasure, she slid over next to me and we watched them together.

There was just enough light so that we could see them clearly but not as if they were standing in broad daylight. They had their arms wrapped around each other and they were kissing and grinding their bodies against together. She was wearing a cotton-looking nightgown that came to just below her knees and he was wearing jockey shorts. They were obviously horny and they had left their camper so they could make out without waking their kids. I don't think they realized just how close to our tent they were standing. She was leaning back against a tree and as they continued with their kissing their hands were all over each other. His hands had a death grip on her ass and he was pulling her tightly against his groin while they kissed and licked each other's lips, face, and neck. There was a lot of "umming" along with the usual slurping and sucking sounds that characterize deep tongue kissing. In today's vernacular, they were "sucking face".

The kissing and groping of each other went on for quite a while. Finally, he slid down her body and knelt in front of her. She pulled her nightgown up as he kissed his way up her thighs to where her pussy was covered by her white panties. She held the hem of her nightgown in both hands and used it as a sling, wrapped around the back of his head, to pull his face into her pussy.

Her knees were bent and her legs spread apart as he worked his mouth and face into her panties. My wife and I had been lying side by side on our stomachs and looking up through the netting. To my second surprise of the night, my wife rolled over on to her side and squirmed her ass back up against me. I took the hint and spooned her so I could press my very hard cock into the crack of her ass. She wriggled out of her panties and lifted her leg and rested it back on top of mine.

I squirmed into a better position and moved the head of my cock up against her pussy lips. I could feel her heat and her wet and I slid my cock up into my wife. She helped by wriggling her ass until I was firmly seated and her ass was tight against my groin. Holding on to her hips, we began to move together in that natural, opposing rhythm of love.

We were now lying on our sides and looking up at the couple who were no more than five feet from us. He stopped rubbing his face and mouth into her panty covered pussy long enough to pull her panties down. She lifted one foot out of them, leaving them dangling around her ankle. She again rested her back against the tree and lifting one leg she rested it on his shoulder as he pushed his face into her now bare pussy.

His arms were between her legs and he had his hands on her ass. The slurping sounds got louder as he sucked and licked around her cunt. She was now rapidly humping his face as she worked towards her orgasm. There were several times when I thought that she was going to fall over and take him with her.

Outside of out tent, a series of grunts and an increase in the speed of the humping motion signaled an orgasm before her body slowly relaxed against the tree. She must have let go of the hem of her nightgown during her climax because it now completely covered his head down to his shoulders. The movement of his head under cover of the gown showed that he was still kissing around her pussy. She kept her leg over his shoulder until he pulled back and out from under her gown. We could see him smiling up at her.

Now it was his turn. He stood up, pulled his shorts down, and stepped out of them. She spread her legs, arched her back and pushed her pussy way forward. He bent his knees to get the angle right and as he stood up we could hear them both groan with pleasure. You know the sound you make as it slides in "all the way".

He took his time and gently fucked her with his hands on her ass. She had her hands over his arms and up around his shoulders. She was standing on one leg with her back and shoulders against the tree. Her other leg was wrapped around his leg and she rubbed it up and down in time with their fucking motion. This went on for quite some time until he apparently ran out of stamina.

She asked, "What's the matter, can't you cum?"

He mumbled something back to her and she brought her leg down from around his, put her feet together and closed her thighs on his cock. At about this moment, my wife and I reached our peak of satisfaction, and we came together trying not to make any noise. He was much noisier and when he came his breath whistled through his teeth. They stood there holding each other and after a short minute they separated, picked up their underwear and crept back to their camper.

My wife and I were shaking as we silently laughed together at the whole episode. We joked in whispers about finding a wet spot on the tree in the morning. We wondered if there would be ants or honeybees swarming around their drippings when we woke up.

The next morning, as our two families shared breakfast, I asked the couple how they had slept. They replied that they had been tired and went to sleep as soon as their heads hit the pillows. We knew better.

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