tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Pair of Shoes

A Pair of Shoes


It seems odd now but it really did start with a pair of shoes

'Where did what start' I hear you say.

What started was the gradual redevelopment of my wife’s character from being a quiet unobtrusive little wife into the sex fiend that she has become.

And all because of a pair of shoes

As I write this she has just phoned from the pub to say that she is off to a night-club so wont be home for hours yet. Ill try to tell you the story to fill in the time.

You know how it is guys, her birthday approaches and you really DO want to get her something she will appreciate but lets face it you want some benefit too... Am I right?

Last year I had the answer. She always wears... or should I say wore those pretend high heels, you know the sort, the kind that lift her about 2 inches higher than normal. I had always had an urge to see her in something with more uplift say 5 inches.

"I'll buy you a pair of shoes for your birthday " I said

“Really?" the astonishment in her voice expressed what she had REALLY felt about the uplift bras and tiny wisps of thongs Id previously bought her for birthdays

I realised there was a danger of things backfiring on me

"But " I added, " I'll help you choose"

"You don't need to do that, you know how many shops I go around when I’m buying shoes"

"It’s my present to you... I will help you choose, " I said firmly

And that was that, the next Saturday I made the ultimate sacrifice and allocated an entire day for shoe shopping. Now I'm not an entire fool. I let her go around a few shops trying on the little miss schoolmarm shoe that she normally wore.

My discouragement skills were at their best

"MMMMM you do more for the shoes than they do for you " was one of my best lines and earned me a cuddle with her firm breasts pressing eagerly into my stomach

After an hour I had got her to elevate herself by a full inch, the 3-inch range. I began to be more praiseful

" That's nice but it looks as though the back of the shoe would nip a little"

By the time she was trying on 4 inch heels I felt I should reward her with a pub lunch and a few glasses of vodka

A little light headed and amazed at my patience she joined me on the next set of shops.

By now I had a good idea which shops sold the sort of shoe I wanted for her, there weren't many and its amazing how much the cost increases per inch of height

At 3-o clock I guided her into one of the most sophisticated shops in town

"Look its my present for you so I should be allowed to choose where I spend my money” Notice how I'm not helping her choose any more

By now she was so grateful for my patience and MY INTEREST she was going along with whatever I said

There was a minor rebellion when I selected a 5-inch heel from the rack

"But Id fall off them, I’ve never walked in anything as high as that before"

Notice she was inviting me to persuade her otherwise by now. She wasn't actually saying no.

"Try them " I said

Her faltering gait soon improved as she walked up and down the shop and I could have kissed the assistant "Oh yes madam, they really make the best of your legs"

"Do you really think so " murmured Karen not fully understanding the importance of commission to shoe shop assistants

"And you walk great in them " I added quite truthfully

"But" I added seeing with satisfaction her face falls " they look a little plain, have you anything a little more flamboyant " I asked my new ally

"Oh yes sir, over on this rack"

I followed her pointing finger leaving Karen wallowing in the continuing praise

The rack was exactly what I had been hoping to find, a selection of black shoes with a silver trim around the heels and over the toes, by now Karen wasn't going to notice they also had 6 inch heels

"Oh they are beautiful "she gushed, then "But the price... "

"It’s your birthday,” I said

" You're a lucky woman" said the assistant "I wish I could find a man like him" I made a mental note to write to her head office recommending promotion for her, either that or invite her out for a meal one night

An hour later we were home and she was practising walking around the living room, without thinking about it her tits were standing more firmly than normal, her stomach was flat and there was a hint of a wiggle

"So where are we going tonight for you to show them off?”

We settled on a city centre pub and I bet you are expecting me to say that she was pounced on by a gang of guys and we had a wild orgy all night, sorry but my plan was still in the early stages.

(I wonder which nightclub she has gone to... and who with.. and what she is doing... oh well Ill find out later no doubt.. stay there I'm just getting a drink)

When we got home that night she was in her element " I felt so sophisticated, my legs ache but it felt wonderful oh thank you darling " as she spoke she was reaching for my fly and lowering herself into a kneeling position.

Much later as we lay together "How did I look tonight darling "

"Oh... Wonderful " I said leaving an air of doubt in the air

"But... " she picked up on it straight away

" I don't know " I lied " I think it was the tights, they just seemed a bit too dark or thick or something I'm just not quite sure"

"I could always try a lighter denier I suppose"

The next day she went shopping alone

When she came in she ran upstairs "Stay there" she called

Ten minutes later she called " I'm coming.. ready or not"

The shoes appeared first, then thin nylon showing off her shapely legs then flesh with strips of elastic pulled taut in an upward direction over her thighs leading to a waistband of elastic,... stage 2 was in action

"I couldn't wear these ALL the time" she said " but I know you like them and it’s easier to get a thin denier in stockings than it is in tights"

That night we went out again, but selecting what she should wear proved more difficult than normal. Her panties were the full bottom type.

"These panties don't really go with the suspenders" she said

"Nor does the bra " I added helpfully

"Don't you think so? "

"For one thing its white and the suspenders are black"

" Well who is going to see... "

A look at my hurt face stopped her in her tracks "I see what you mean but I cant wear my white blouse with a black bra and anyway the only black one I’ve got is the one you bought me last... " once again she checked herself " and I think its time I wore it too. Ill wear the red blouse then no one will notice"

Minutes later I was admiring her body as the tops of her nipples jutted over the material of the half cup bra and she was tugging on the tiny thong which I had handed to her in silence, it was getting its first airing since I had bought it two years earlier.

She took a look at the full length mirror "Oh look I need a bikini wax "

"Don't worry I have the answer cheaper, quicker and less painful" I said quickly producing soap, a basin of warm water, a razor and towel " now lie down and let me get to work"

She lay in silence but I could sense her body relaxing as I gently massaged the soap into her and when I had finished she didn't make any complaint that I had given her much more than a bikini trim. The tight curving slit of her pussy was now clearly on show.

"Mmmmm not bad " she admitted, "it makes me feel quite decadent".

She stood admiring herself when her thong was back on clad only in stockings, suspenders, thong and the half-cup bra. I handed her the shoes and she slipped them on. The transformation was amazing if she had looked sexy before she looked ravishing now and we were an hour late leaving for the pub with her face clearly showing that freshly screwed look.

The red blouse only had two buttons so her cleavage was clearly on show accentuated by the style of bra and when we first arrived she kept both arms tightly in front of her to prevent too much being revealed.

A couple of drinks later and she began to relax, I had noticed a couple of lads admiring her furtively and I told her " Those two guys haven't been able to take their eyes off you all night "

"Really" She said " Where?" the way she looked in every direction except at them told me that she had noticed them too

"Two guys both in bright white shirts one in jeans the other in black dress trousers,” I said

"Oh yes " she said " Quite cute"

After that I noticed she adjusted her stance, her breasts jutted out even more and she casually licked the rim of her glass.

I had to visit the gents and out of pure curiosity I made a point of passing the two guys line of vision.

As I suspected when I returned they were standing either side of her, one of them casually had his arm against her hips and as he was jostled by the crowd pressed into her.

I took my time going back and managed to avoid her line of vision so I saw her licking her lips as she talked to them, laugh at their jokes, respond when the music changed and the black trousers grabbed her hips and ground his groin into her in time with the music. All the signs of a woman in heat.

Slowly I reappeared into her line of vision and instantly a guilty look came over her face and she edged away from body contact. Catching on fast the guys moved away.

"Told you " I grinned as I rejoined her, she flushed

"They just didn't like to see me standing alone it wasn't anything "

"Relax I'm not jealous, I like the idea of guys finding Karen attractive " I paused "And so do you"

She laughed " I must admit it was quite exciting being chatted up"

"Any kisses? "

" No " she hesitated " I think he was going to, but I looked away and the moment passed"

"Would you have liked a kiss " I knew she was talking about black trousers

" Well it would have confirmed he fancied me but Id have been terrified you would have got angry"

"What at another guy getting you excited when I'm going to get the benefit later?”

"Well when you put it like that, but are you sure you wont get jealous? "

" Not at all " Then I realised what she had said, it was as though she actually intended to kiss him.

We talked a little longer and the guys kept looking across and, when he thought I wasn't looking caught black trousers blowing her a kiss. She smiled and looked away.

A minute or two later she excused herself to go to the ladies, After perhaps 30 seconds I saw black trousers hand his drink to his friend and hurry after her to the stairs leading downstairs where the ladies and gents were both placed

I gave him 2 minutes and, avoiding his friend noticing I too made my way down stairs

In a little alcove I saw them, neither were facing me and he had his arms around her waist. I must admit I felt a tinge of jealousy but the sensation of excitement soon overtook that.

"OK" I heard her saying "but just the one "

Slowly their faces moved towards each other, their lips met gently his tongue prised its way between her lips forcing them open, at the same time he pulled her closer to him and her arms settled around his neck.

His hands roamed up and down her back down to the waistband of her skirt and over the cheeks of her bum and then back up and all the time she kissed him back.

This time when his hands roamed down to her bum cheeks I could only see one, she adjusted her position slightly and I saw the other disappearing into the cleavage of her blouse.

After allowing his caress for a few seconds she broke away and I turned tail before I was spotted, Quickly I made my way to the bar and bought us both fresh drinks. The friend in jeans was looking desperately all around him but relief came over his face when he spotted me emerging from the bar area with two drinks in my hands.

A moment or two later black trousers reappeared looking pleased with himself and a minute or so later Karen appeared looking a little flushed

I looked at her expectantly

"What? " she asked

"Did you get your kiss?”

She stared back trying to read my mind and saw the glimmer of amusement on my lips

"Yes I did,” she said finally

"Enjoy it?”

"I must admit I did but I still love you"

"Anything else happen?”

"Can I tell you later?. Yes a little bit but its embarrassing to talk here"

We left shortly after that and on the way home she played with my cock as I drove while she told me about his hand finding its way into the top of her blouse. She also told me that before they had parted they had kissed again and that this time she had stroked him through his trousers

Feeling my cock pulse in reaction to this news she leant over and took my cock in her mouth and sucked for the rest of the way home. Probably her way of compensating me for the terrible infidelity she felt she had shown

I was still hard when we got home and grabbed her in the passage before we got as far as the living room and tugged her blouse and skirt of before bending her over the stairs and tearing the thong off before plunging my rigid cock into her newly shaven pussy for the second time that evening. The thong was still in my hand as I plunged into her hot wet pussy and I noticed how damp the gusset was. She had clearly been just as excited as I had.

Later we lay in bed talking. "It really turned you on, me flirting with Carl didn't it?”

"It turned you on too "

"Yes... Can I ask you something "

"Ask away "

“Well we seem to be on the edge of something new in our lives don't we"

I nodded though I hadn't really thought of it in that way

"Well shouldn't we have some ground rules, I mean tonight although I was excited I was terrified how you would react, especially at him touching me and me stroking him "

I thought. Finally I said, "You're right really... What do you suggest"

"Well that is up to you. I mean truthfully how do you feel about Carl touching my nipples and me stroking his cock through his trousers"

"I really don't mind, I mean I’ve had the benefit haven't I"

"Yes and you always will but just suppose it had gone a bit further? "

There was a long silence while she cuddled even closer to me and put her hand on my cock

"Well how much further could it have gone if Id given you the green light?”

"The truth? "

"The truth " I confirmed

"Well I would quite like to have him find out I'm shaved and I would quite like to have touched him in the flesh but I'm not sure about any more than that "

"OK "I said feeling myself grow at the thought of another man exploring my wife's hot and ready pussy "How about short of fucking him and provided you tell me in detail about everything that has happened then you can do as you like "

"I was hoping you would say that" She leant over and kissed me deeply before crawling beneath the bedclothes and lowering her lips over my now rigid cock and sinking her mouth over it nearly to the balls. She hardly ever sucked me and fucking twice in one evening was a rare event so perhaps there was something to be said for this new style wife.

I lay back as her tongue moved expertly over me savouring the warmth of her mouth as it rode up and down slowly at first and gradually building momentum, her finger found the base of my balls and advanced to the little hole behind, it began nudging its way in as the tempo of her mouth sped up to a rapid bouncing rhythm I put my hands on her shoulders to warn her I was about to explode so that she could move her mouth. She shrugged me off and rammed her finger deep inside me as the eruption shot out into the back of her throat.

As I subsided she let me go and looked up at me and, making sure I could see the throat movements swallowed every last drop of my spunk. Now that was a first.

She crawled up my body and lay on top of me " Darling" she said, "what would you say if I was to tell you that Carl wants to see me again and I’ve got his phone number?”


The next day she was up with the larks. I could hear her singing and could smell the bacon frying long before I heard her climbing the stairs with a tray. She was dressed only in the stockings and suspenders from the previous night and sat on the bed watching me devour every mouthful before taking the tray from me and climbing in a 69 position over my body.

As we eased into the pleasurable zone and I could feel the ripples building up in her body and the gentle moans that indicate she is having the little precums before the big gush I patted myself on the back for having bought those shoes.

Later as I set off to work "you definitely don't mind if I phone Carl and arrange something?”

I gasped, yes last night Id agreed she could phone him but I hadn't realised she would do so, so quickly. I could only nod.

Two hours later she phoned me at work "Hi darling " she said.

"Hi " I replied wondering what had broken down

"I spoke to Carl"

"Oh... and"

"He's asked to see me tonight... And I said yes... is that OK?”

"Well yes " I replied stunned but nevertheless aware of the growing bulge as I anticipated the next level of intimacy which was clearly going to develop between them

"Thank you, I’ve arranged to meet him at 8pm in town, will you be able to give me a lift"

"Sure " I said wondering whether I could sidle into wherever they were meeting and watch as things developed, if only he hadn't seen me last night, then he wouldn't have any idea what I looked like

Watching her getting ready I realised that she had been shopping that day. Her lingerie was a beautiful white 3 piece satin set. The bra wasn't as low cut as last night but it did give a better uplift. She had bought new stockings and I watched fascinated as she clipped them to her stockings both of us very much aware that Carl's hand was going to be on that area of flesh between the stocking tops and the thong within a few hours.

Over the top she wore a short pleated white silky skirt and a white wrap around blouse that was almost sheer.

Stepping into her high heels at last I noticed again how her tits jutted out invitingly her stomach tightened and her ass stuck out provocatively.

I dropped her off in town having got her promise to tell me in detail how the evening had gone. She was to phone me when she wanted picking up.

Of course I didn't go back home straight away. I parked up nearby and strolled back to the pub where she was due to meet Carl.

Cautiously peering in the window I could see them sitting in a corner Her hand was on his leg and I wondered if it had already familiarised itself with the shape of his cock.

I went for a walk around the block, I was in danger of attracting attention to myself peering in pub windows. I got back in time to see them on their feet about to leave, quickly I scuttled into a nearby alleyway and watched as they walked past hand in hand.

Quickly they entered another pub. I gave them five minutes and followed, I knew that this pub was darker and had lots of secluded niches, which was no doubt why they had gone there.

I found them quite easily sitting well back from the main area and from where I was I could see them sitting at an angle with their backs almost fully to me. Carl had his arm around her shoulders and I saw their faces turn to each other and begin to kiss.

Carl's hand appeared to be on her leg but I couldn't be sure I didn't dare get closer for the risk of being spotted

I decided to go home and busy myself rather than tearing myself apart with this mix of jealousy and excitement.

It didn't help. I had work to get on with but all of the time I was imagining them kissing, touching, feeling, all sorts, what if his cock was bigger than mine or if he kissed better... The thoughts thumped around and around in my head.

After what felt like weeks the phone rang, it was still only 10. 45pm.

"Hi Darling” she murmured down the phone "Its me "

“Hi, how are you" I tried to sound calm

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