tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Paladin's Training Ch. 02

A Paladin's Training Ch. 02


Hi all,

This is chapter 2 of the Aran series. I will most probably revise in the future as there are certain things I want to work on. Character development etc.

If you have any feedback please drop me a comment or an email.



Aran awoke, feeling refreshed. He turned to Elaina, but she wasn't there. Curious, and ready to rise anyway, he got up and left his room, not bothering with clothing. It was only he and Elaina at the Abbey, although sometimes the occasional villager or farmer would stop by to ask for help, or to deliver goods.

The Abbey had a hallway on the second level, where his and Elaina's bedrooms were. He knocked on her door, hearing no answer. He headed downstairs and through the kitchen, to where the bathhouse was. The idea of seeing Elaina in the bath sent a thrill of excitement through him. He opened the bathhouse door and was welcomed with the sight of her relaxing in the water. The bath was a large pool cut into the stone floor. It was big enough to easily hold six or seven people. Two large stone fireplaces at either end of the room were blazing away, heating the room nicely. Elaina was laying against the back of the bath, facing him. Her arms were stretched out along the stone coping and her head was back, her breasts were only just hidden by the water. She had her eyes closed. Just the sight of her had Aran rock hard and ready.

Feeling mischevious, Aran snuck into the room quietly, so as not to alert her to his presence. Using every ounce of grace and agility he possessed, he slipped into the water silently and moved across the bath. Elaina's legs were open, and he took advantage of the opportunity. He took a deep breath and ducked beneath the surface, honing in on his target; Elaina's smooth pussy. Once he was in range, he stuck out his tongue and licked her from her bottom to her clitoris. Her hips jerked and her creamy thighs enveloped his head. He could taste her even under the water. She tasted sweet, and he wanted more. Grabbing her ass, he dove in, lips and tongue ravaging her slit. He reached out with his feelings and could tell just how she liked to be licked, sucked and probed.

Aran lost himself in the act, giving his full attention to Elaina's hot pussy. He squeezed her buttocks possessively as he explored every inch of her with his tongue and lips. Wickedly, he drew on his power and amplified her pleasure, and just before she climaxed, he brought her back down again. Over and over again he tortured her this way, dimly realising in the back of his mind that he hadn't taken a breath in minutes, or needed to. He thought he could hear her wailing in pleasure even from below the surface.

Finally, showing mercy, Aran sucked her clit into his mouth and pushed with his energy, bringing her to a shattering climax. Her legs gripped his head like a vice. By Aros, she was strong! Elaina's whole body quaked as she rode the pleasure to it's end, finally releasing Aran from his delightful prison. He rose up, staying between her legs. She was a sight. Her face and chest were flushed, her breasts heaving as she caught her breath. Her clear green eyes were steady though, and she gave him a beautiful smile. Then she attacked him. Her lips were on his in an instant, her arms around his neck and those wonderful tits mashed up against his chest. They duelled tongues for a long moment, lost in each other. She trapped his cock between her thighs and he revelled in the warm softness.

Elaina pulled back and looked at him. "Sit on the step," she said in a smoky voice.

Aran did as he was told and sat on the smooth stone step that surrounded the bath. The step was high enough that his waist was almost clear of the water. Elaina approached him, wearing a wicked smile. Aran watched hungrily as she raised her upper body out of the water and brought her breasts forward, pressing them into his groin. Aran thought he might die of pleasure. Licking her lips, she squeezed her tits together around his cock, making a delicious tunnel of creamy flesh. Aran's cockhead only just protruded from the top of her cleavage. Elaina bent and sucked it into her mouth briefly, moaning wantonly.

She fixed those perfect green eyes on him. "Do you want to fuck my tits?"

Aran could only growl in reply as he started to buck his hips slowly, savouring the feeling of her smooth skin around his shaft and his smooth sack grazing her chest and belly. He also felt another sensation; his energy was jumping higher, no doubt Elaina was helping him along. For a brief second he thought he saw that white glow around her again, then it was gone. Aran diverted some of that energy back into his beautiful mentor.

"Oh, yeah!" Elaina moaned. "Fuck my big tits! Fuck them hard!"

Aran happily complied, thrusting harder. He wanted nothing more than to shoot his seed all over her massive melons.

As if reading his mind - and she probably was, at that - Elaina cried "Come on me baby! Come all over these big tits! Cover me in your come!"

Aran felt another leap of power deep within him and suddenly he was at the brink. He erupted with a roar, a geyser of come firing forth, hitting Elaina's chin and dripping down onto her tits. His cock continued to spurt and Elaina changed strategy, moving back slightly and jacking him with her hand, deliberately aiming his member at her wet tits. Aran loved how delightfully dirty she could be.

His climax eventually came to an end, and he relaxed back against the side of the bath, catching his breath. "By Aros, Elaina, you truly know your way to a man's heart."

Elaina grinned. "Thank you, my love." She slid her wet body up over him for a long, relaxed kiss.

Aran's cock was pressed into her belly, still hard as diamond, of course. He grasped her waist and moved her up slightly, positioning his rod at the entrance to her smooth pussy. He met mentor's eyes as he pressed her back down, sliding easily into her hot depths.

Elaina moaned as he entered her. Once he was all the way in, she began to grind slowly, rotating those beautiful hips as she looked down on him, eyes burning with lust.

She sat up straight, and he grasped a breast in each hand, fondling, hefting them, teasing and pinching her nipples. Water splashed softly around them as they fucked leisurely, in no hurry, just enjoying each other. They took turns building the energy in each other. Aran practiced bringing Elaina to the edge and back, flirting with her climax.

After a while, Elaina showed him who was the more powerful. Still atop him, she placed her hands on his chest and smiled a truly evil smile. Her velvet pussy squeezed him wonderfully tight. She said one word: "Come."

Aran's entire body exploded. He screamed with pleasure, going temporarily insane. All of his feelings and sensations melded into pure ecstasy. Her smooth skin on his, her pussy wrapped around him, her breasts in his hands, the water lapping against them both, his cock spewing his seed inside her over and over again. Pure pleasure. Dimly he was aware of Elaina having an enormous climax of her own, her body tense, her hands clawing into his chest. It was not painful. Even pain was pleasure right now.

Everything went black.


Eventually Aran's eyes opened. He was still in the bath, with the most beautiful woman in the world lying on top of him. He was still hard, and still inside her. He twitched his cock. She moaned softly, though her eyes were still closed. Although he was still hard, Aran didn't feel a pressing need to fuck again. He sat forward and stood, lifting Elaina with him. He was surprised at how light she was. Or was he just getting stronger? She was not a big woman by any means. She was fit and strong, yet built like a woman should be, round curves, hourglass figure and all. Maybe another benefit of his ability was physical strength? He would ask Elaina later.

Holding her just like she was, with his hands under her bottom - not an unpleasant feeling - he remained inside her as he carried her out of the bathhouse and upstairs to her bedroom. He lay her down on her bed and pulled the covers over her. He noticed surprisingly that they were both dry already. Somehow, in a strange way, that seemed to make sense. Not dwelling on it, Aran waited to make sure Elaina was peacefully asleep and left the room, closing her door behind him.

With this being his freeday and Elaina asleep, he thought for a moment about what to do. His stomach made the decision for him and he headed downstairs to the kitchen. He bothered not with clothing. There was no one due at the Abbey of Aros until tomorrow, when the peddler would arrive. He threw a quick meal together and sat at the simple kitchen table to eat.

He had just picked the last crumbs of the plate when he heard the wooden door in the entrance hall open. Aran was up in a flash. The entrance hall was near the stairs to the upper floor, and the kitchen was opposite. Moving quickly, Aran stood behind the kitchen door. Footsteps approached. Aran watched as the intruder entered the kitchen and looked around. Surprisingly, it was a woman. She had long, lustrous black hair that fell down to her lower back. She was slender, her figure covered by a simple woolen dress. He could not see her face, but somehow she seemed... familiar... Jeira??

She turned, revealing a pale, pretty face, lightly dusted with freckles. Her dark eyes fell on him and her lips made a perfect smile. "Aran!" She exclaimed, rushing toward him.

Aran forgot all about being naked. In two strides he was there, wrapping arms around her and kissing her furiously. She moaned into his mouth as she reached behind herself to undo the buttons of her dress.

Not wanting to wait, Aran grasped the garment at the neckline and ripped hard, the fabric tearing easily in his strong hands.

"Oh my!" Jeira exclaimed in surprise as Aran removed the remains of the dress from her body.

"You look better naked," Aran growled into her ear.

Jeira wrapped herself around him and began kissing and licking his neck. Aran moved them backwards, toward the small round table he had just had breakfast on. With a grunt, he reached behind his lover with one hand and swept the contents off the table.

Jeira whispered in his ear; "are you going to fuck me on the table?"

"What do you think?" the young Paladin replied as he picked her up by the arse and placed her on the table. Jeira laid back on the table and opened her legs. Her pussy was there for the taking. He could actually see moisture on the outside of her lips, and he hadn't even used his powers yet. She still had a little dark hair decorating her skin above her womanhood, but the lips were smooth and hairless, calling to him.

"Oh, Aran, please fuck me!" Jeira whimpered. "I've been dying for you to fuck me again!" Her hips were writhing up and down on the table.

Aran needed no more invitation. He had thought he would taste her pussy before fucking her, but he discarded that idea as soon as his cockhead touched her slick folds. He teased her, rubbing himself all over her lips. Aros, she was wet!

Desperate, Jeira reached down to grab his cock and feed it to her hungry pussy. Aran firmly moved her hand away. He wanted her mad for it before he gave it to her. He could feel her horniness skyrocketing as he deliberately tapped his cock on her button.

Jeira sounded on the point of tears. "Please put it in! I need it so bad!"

Aran silently marvelled at what he was seeing. Had he had such great sex with this woman that now she desperately craved him? Or had his power somehow imprinted itself on this woman, changing her? Aran hoped it was just the great sex; he didn't like the idea of manipulating or controlling women. This thought made him pause. If it was the latter, he couldn't have sex with Jeira anymore and hope to keep a clear conscience.

Jeira must have sensed a change in his energy, because she asked, "what's wrong, Aran?"

"I don't think I can do this."

"What? Why?" Jeira sat up and touched his face. "Did I do something?"

Suddenly Aran felt soft warmth pressing into his back, and two slim arms snaked around his torso to hold him tight. Elaina! And still naked, by the feel of it.

"Hello, Jeira." Elaina's sultry voice caressed Jeira's name.

"Hello, Elaina," Jeira replied with a cheeky smile, leaning back on her hands. She was seemingly unconcerned about Elaina's presence. She even stuck her chest out a little, displaying her handful-sized breasts to Elaina, her pink nipples hard.

Aran was a little dumbstruck. "You two know each other?"

In reply, Elaina moved from behind him to stand at the table beside Jeira. Then, shockingly, she bent and kissed the raven-haired girl hard. They were both naked, moaning into each other's mouths.

Aran's lust came roaring back. His cock had half deflated, but now it was the epitome of tumescence. The women continued their torrid kiss, hands were wandering, caressing, squeezing, fondling. Elaina's hand slid down Jeira's flat belly to her overexcited pussy. The buxom blonde began to rub Jeira's love button in little circles.

"You like it just like that, don't you." Elaina whispered into the younger woman's ear. All she got were whimpers in reply.

Aran suddenly remembered why he had stopped before fucking Jeira. "Elaina, wait."

Elaina broke her kiss with Jeira and looked up at him. Her hand continued it's work though, now sliding two fingers in and out of Jeira's pussy. She studied him for a moment. "Ah," she said suddenly. "You are concerned that your power has fogged Jeira's mind, and she wants to fuck you so badly because you have some sort of control over her, right?"

Aran was amazed, and somehow, it made perfect sense that Elaina could read his thoughts. "That is exactly what I'm worried about," he said honestly.

"Hmm," Elaina mused. "Well, it is true on some level."

Aran felt guilt rising up inside him. The last thing he wanted was to make people do things they didn't want to do.

"But on other levels, you are wrong." Elaina continued. The power that we have been granted by Aros is to do Aros' will. Aros believes in peace, love and pleasure. What we do is... coax... the feelings that people already have inside them to the surface, so they can enjoy themselves to the fullest."

Aran nodded thoughtfully. "So Jeira always wanted this deep down inside her?"

Elaina smiled. "Why don't you ask her?"

Jeira looked up and met Aran's eyes. Aros, she was a beautiful woman. Her voice was a little shaky, her breathing a little laboured. "Aran, I've always wanted to be able to express my self like this. I have restrained myself for the most part, except for times when my husband was around more. I've always been told it's not 'proper' to express one's lust. You and Elaina have helped me to be open and free, and for that I love you both." She smiled a wonderful smile. She radiated happiness. Aran could feel it.

He felt his guilt melting away and shared in her energy. "Thank you for telling me, Jeira. You are a very special woman. I love you too." It was true. He did. With every fibre of his being. He loved Elaina, too. They were both special women. With that, he stepped in and bent his body over Jeira's to kiss her with all the love he felt. She kissed him back with equal feeling.

Not surprisingly, Aran's manhood rose to attention. Elaina had removed her fingers from Jeira's pussy, and now spread the lips in preparation.

"Fuck her, Aran." Elaina said in a husky voice. "Fuck her like you fucked me in the bath this morning. Show her your desire for her."

Standing so close to Jeira, it was only a small thrust of his hips that put him inside her. They both moaned as her warmth enveloped him. He began to thrust with a steady pace. Jeira's breasts bounced slightly as they fucked.

Elaina did not stand idle. She leaned down and took one of Jeira's tits in her mouth, sucking and licking her nipple. Jeira's moans began to increase as her pleasure built. Careful not to overdo it, Aran lightly nudged her pleasure, taking her a little higher each time.

Between moans, Jeira managed a few words. "Get up here, Elaina, I need to eat your pussy!"

Elaina happily complied, climbing on the table to straddle Jeira's head, facing Aran. Aran leaned forward and got a mouthful of Elaina's tit, eliciting a moan from his mentor. All this stimulation was too much for Aran. His balls tightened and he groaned. "I'm coming!"

Jeira screamed from underneath Elaina. "Come inside me! Fill me up!"

Aran began to empty himself inside the gorgeous woman, his cock spasming wildly. Jeira too was spasming as she came hard around his cock, her juices leaking onto the table. Soon after, Elaina reached her peak, clutching her big tits and grinding her pussy onto Jeira's face, moaning in pleasure.

"Fuck that was good!" Jeira exclaimed between breaths.

"Mmmm, yeah," Elaina agreed.

The two beautiful women looked at Aran quizically. "Good?" They both said in unison.

Aran put on a serious look. "It's too early to tell. I'll need the rest of the day to be sure." He withdrew his pole from Jeira's pussy, resting it on her belly. He took a good look at Elaina. She had moved back slightly, to free Jeira's face from her smooth pussy. She was amazing. That beautiful face, big round breasts and round hips were perfect. His cock throbbed in response. He felt like taking command. He addressed Elaina. "Get off the table and turn around."

Elaina did as she was told. She moved to stand between Aran and Jeira. Her round arse was pressed up against his cock. What a feeling.

He grabbed a handful of her short blond hair and firmly but gently pressed her forward, over Jeira's body.

"Mmmm, I love it when you take control, Aran. It's fucking hot." Elaina said in a smoky voice.

"Shutup," Aran said firmly. "I'm going to fuck you now, and you're going to love it."

Elaina whimpered, "please fuck me, Master. I've been a bad girl."

With his right hand, Aran lined his shaft up with her wet pussy lips. The other hand he kept in her hair. He pushed forward and slid easily into her until his balls were touching her pussy. "Fuck, yeah, that's good."

"OOoohhh, yeah, Master!" Elaina cried. "Fuck that little pussy! Fuck it hard!"

Aran complied and began thrusting forcefully into her tight cunt. Over Elaina's head, he could see Jeira looking on. She had two fingers inside her pussy, thrusting them in and out.

"That looks so hot!" The dark-eyed beauty spurred them on. "Fuck her, Aran! Fuck her little cunt! Fill it up with your come!"

Aran pumped away hard, giving her everything he had. She took it all and loved it. He realised that Jeira was sitting right in front of Elaina's face, legs spread wide. "Eat Jeira's pussy, slut." He ordered Elaina as he slapped her arse. Her flesh jiggled delightfully when he did.

"Oh fuck yeah!" Jeira cried. "Eat my juicy pussy Elaina! I want to feel your tongue inside me!"

Elaina did what she was told and began eating Jeira's pussy, licking, sucking and nibbling on her lips.

Aran could feel Elaina was getting close. She absolutely loved being taken control of and told what to do. Aran knew that or he would not have said or done the things he did with her.

"Oooohhhh fuck! I'm coming" Elaina screamed loud as her pussy clamped down on Aran's cock, squeezing him tight, milking him.

Aran reached the edge. He pulled his cock out and pumped it fast. "I'm coming!" he yelled.

"Oh yeah, fucking come on us, baby!" Jeira cried. "Come all over us!"

Aran's first rope of come sailed over Elaina's back and onto Jeira's chest.

Jeira moaned. "That's so fucking hot," as the next rope hit her on the belly.

The rest landed all over Elaina's back and arse. She wiggled her bottom at him as he came. Fuck that looked good.

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