tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Paladin's Training Ch. 02

A Paladin's Training Ch. 02


*** ONE YEAR AGO ***

"Secondly," the mysterious woman -- Elaina -- continued. "This place is one of the last standing sanctuaries for our kind."

"Our kind?" Aran asked, momentarily forgetting the fact that he was naked and in a room with the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen, let alone the fact that she was effectively naked herself; the sheer robe she wore hid absolutely nothing. "What does that mean?" A sudden thought occurred to him, and he asked without thinking. "Are you not human?"

A throaty chuckle escaped Elaina's full lips, and she flashed white teeth as she smiled. Aran felt part of himself melt as she beamed at him. "I'm very much a human, Aran, as are you, but we are somewhat different than the rest of our people. I'm sure you've always felt that there was something that set you apart from your friends and family?"

Aran couldn't argue that point; he'd always felt a little different from the other people he'd grown up with, and he'd never understood why. He nodded and listened as Elaina continued. "You were born with a Gift, Aran," she said seriously, her emerald eyes intent on his face. The capital in 'Gift' was clear in her pronunciation. "A very special Gift bestowed upon you by the god Aros. That's why I left the letter on your pillow that would lead you here."

God? Nobody worshipped gods anymore, everyone knew that. Aran thought Elaina might be having fun at his expense, but there was no sign of it on her stunningly pretty face. He wondered for a moment if Elaina might be crazy, living all the way out here in the wilderness, removed from the world. The thought of politely thanking her and leaving crossed his mind, but there was something about her that made him hold his tongue and keep listening. Besides, he didn't really want to stand up in front of this woman while he had an erection that refused to abate.

"If you'd be more comfortable with clothes on, please feel free to dress," Elaina generously offered.

Aran exhaled in relief. "That would be great, Elaina, thank you. I must admit I was feeling uncomfortable. I'll only be a moment."

Elaina nodded. "It's no bother, I will wait."

A long, awkward moment passed for Aran as he realised that she was going to remain right where she was while he donned his clothes. She looked at him expectantly, sitting there with one smooth, pale leg crossed over the other and her hands folded on her knee.

Elaina broke the uncomfortable silence. "If it's all the same to you, Aran, I am not concerned by your state of undress, nor should you be concerned with mine. It's something you will become used to very quickly."

Aran doubted that very much, but chose to stay on the bed regardless. And what did she mean by her last statement? The way she was talking had a sense of permanence to it, as if Aran would be staying here indefinitely. He didn't know why, but that thought bothered him little; sure, he had friends and family back in his village, but something inside him felt safe here.

Risking exposing himself, he took one hand off his crotch to grab a pillow so he could cover his lap. Elaina just watched him, and the corners of her mouth quirked slightly as he fastidiously secured the pillow.

"You're probably wondering," Elaina mused, "why I'm talking about gods when the rest of the world has all but forgotten them."

Happy with the pillow situation, Aran met her eyes and nodded. "That's more or less exactly what I was thinking, to be honest." He noticed he was beginning to feel somewhat more comfortable around Elaina, and it was easier to speak openly. There was a pleasant warmth about her presence, something Aran couldn't quite put his finger on.

"As well you might," Elaina sighed sadly. "Considering that the old teachings are fading into memory. We were once a great Order, Aran, with temples in every city, and hundreds of smaller chapels in towns and villages all across the land. Now, we are but a handful of survivors hiding from the world, relics of a time long past."

Aran doubted anyone would ever call Elaina a relic; she was, by all appearances, a woman in her prime. "Why have I never heard of this?" He asked curiously. Maybe she was mad, but he was willing to hear her out, for now.

"Because," Elaina explained. "After the Darkening, our enemies burned us from the histories. Entire libraries were torched if there was even the suspicion that it contained knowledge of the Order of Aros. Those that survived the Darkening scattered across the world to hide and protect what precious little was left of our Order."

Aran's mind was slowly beginning to spin. Gifts? Gods? Darkening? Maybe it was the all-but-naked, distractingly beautiful woman sitting across from him, but he was having trouble keeping up. "Darkening?" He asked dumbly.

Elaina took one look at him and clucked her tongue. "My apologies, Aran, I'm going too fast, and this is the first you've heard of the real history of the world. That and you're probably still recovering from your first touch of the Gift. Might I suggest we go downstairs, and I'll prepare us something to eat?" Aran's stomach chose that moment to grumble loudly, and Elaina chuckled. "I'll take that as a yes," she said as she stood and made for the doorway.

Time seemed to slow down as Aran watched her move, her shapely body captivating his gaze. For the first time, he got a good look at her bottom, which looked somehow plump and firm at the same time, framed by wide hips that flared from a slim waist. Any woman back home with a face and body like Elaina's would have a line of men a mile long outside her door night and day just hoping to catch a glimpse.

She turned back before leaving the room, catching him staring at her behind. Aran reddened, but Elaina appeared nonplussed. "Your clothes are there, as you know," she said, indicating his clothes on the floor next to the door. "But if you would like something more comfortable, there is a robe in the wardrobe."

At that, she vanished, leaving Aran sitting on the bed and clutching a pillow to his infuriatingly hard cock. Darting to the door, he closed it and began pulling his clothes on, not even bothering to open the wardrobe, as he felt he already knew what kind of robe would be awaiting him.


Aran smiled as his eyes opened, fond memories of the previous night drifting through his mind. Looking over, he realised that apart from himself, the bed was otherwise empty. Curious, and ready to rise anyway, he got up and left his room, not bothering with his robe. It was only he and Elaina at the Chapel, and by all accounts, they were well past being concerned about nudity.

The Chapel had a hallway on the second level, where his and Elaina's bedrooms were. Hearing no answer when he knocked on the door, and seeing the room empty when he poked his head in, he headed downstairs to check the bath house, hoping she was there. The idea of seeing Elaina in the bath sent a thrill of excitement through him.

Reaching the bath house, he opened the door and was indeed welcomed with the sight of the beautiful fair-haired Paladin relaxing in the water.

The bath was a square pool cut into the stone floor, easily big enough to hold six or seven people. A large stone fireplace sat at either end of the room, both blazing merrily and heating the room nicely. Elaina was laying against the back of the bath, facing him, her arms stretched out along the stone coping. Her head was back and her eyes were closed, her impressive breasts only just hidden by the water. Just the sight of her had Aran rock hard and ready.

Feeling mischievous, Aran snuck into the room quietly, so as not to alert her to his presence. Using every ounce of grace and agility he possessed, he slipped silently into the water and moved across the bath. Elaina's legs were open, and he took advantage of the opportunity, taking a deep breath and ducking beneath the surface, honing in on his target; Elaina's mouth-watering pussy. Once in range, he extended his tongue and licked her from her bottom to her clitoris. In response, her hips jerked and her creamy thighs enveloped his head. He could taste her even under the water; she was sweet, and he wanted more. Grabbing her ass, he dove in, lips and tongue ravaging her slit as he reached out with his Gift, interpreting just how she liked to be licked, sucked and probed.

Aran lost himself in the act, giving his full attention to Elaina's pleasure, squeezing her ample buttocks possessively as he explored every inch of her with his mouth. Wickedly, he drew on his Gift and amplified her pleasure, and just before she climaxed, brought her back down again. He was surprised at how well he'd taken to using his Gift, obviously a benefit of all the training. Over and over again he tortured Elaina this way, dimly noting in the back of his mind that he hadn't taken a breath in minutes, nor had he needed to.

Finally, showing mercy, Aran sucked her clit into his mouth and pushed with his energy, bringing her to a shattering climax, her thighs gripping his head like a vice. By Aros, she was strong! Elaina's whole body quaked as she rode the pleasure to its end, finally releasing Aran from his delightful prison. Emerging from the water, he remained between her legs and slid forward to embrace her.

She was a sight; her face and chest were flushed, her breasts heaving as she caught her breath. Her clear green eyes were steady though, and she gave him a beautiful smile, right before she attacked him. Her lips were on his in a flash, her arms around his neck and those wonderful tits pressed against his chest. They duelled with their tongues for a long moment, lost in each other.

Elaina pulled back, eyeing him hotly. "Sit on the step," she said in a smoky voice.

Aran did as he was told and sat on the smooth stone step that surrounded the inside of the bath. The step was high enough that his waist was almost clear of the water. Elaina approached him wearing a wicked smile. Aran watched hungrily as she raised her upper body out of the water and brought her spectacular breasts forward, pressing them into his groin. Licking her lips, she squeezed her tits together around his cock, making a delicious tunnel of creamy flesh, his cockhead only just protruding from the top of her cleavage. Elaina bent and sucked it into her mouth briefly, moaning wantonly.

She fixed those perfect emerald eyes on his. "Do you want to fuck my tits?"

Aran could only growl in reply as he started to buck his hips slowly, savouring the feeling of her smooth skin around his shaft and his hairless balls grazing her belly. He felt his Gift pulsing in time with Elaina's, expanding, growing, intensifying. For a brief second he thought he saw that white glow around her again, then it was gone.

"Oh, yes!" Elaina moaned. "Fuck my big tits! Fuck them hard with your big cock!"

Aran happily complied, thrusting harder into the jiggling cavern of breast flesh, hardly believing that the woman who had been his mentor for the past year could use such filthy language. Now more than ever, he wanted nothing more than to shoot his seed all over her massive melons.

As if reading his mind -- and she may very well have been; Aran had no idea how deep a Paladin's abilities ran - Elaina cried, "come for me, Aran! Come all over these big tits! Cover me in your come!"

Aran felt his Gift leap upward again, and suddenly he was at the brink. He erupted with a roar, a geyser of come firing forth, hitting Elaina's chin and dripping down onto her chest. His cock continued to spurt and Elaina changed strategy, moving back slightly and stroking him with her hand, deliberately aiming his spurts at her wet tits. Aran had never imagined how delightfully dirty she could be.

His climax eventually came to an end, and he relaxed back against the side of the bath, catching his breath. "By Aros, Elaina, you truly know your way to a man's heart."

Elaina grinned. "Thank you, my love." She slid her wet body up to give him a long, relaxed kiss.

Aran's cock was pressed into her belly, still hard as diamond, of course. Not breaking the kiss, he grasped her waist and moved her up slightly, positioning himself at the entrance to her smooth pussy. He met her eyes as he pressed her back down, sliding easily into her hot depths.

Elaina moaned as she slid down his full length. Once he was all the way in, she began to grind slowly, rotating those ample hips as she looked down on him, eyes burning with lust.

She sat up straight, and he grasped a breast in each hand, fondling, hefting them, teasing and pinching her nipples. Water splashed softly around them as they fucked leisurely, in no hurry, just enjoying each other. They took turns building the energy in each other. Aran again practiced bringing Elaina to the edge and back, flirting with her climax.

They enjoyed this for a time, then Elaina showed him who was the more powerful. Still atop him, she placed her hands on his chest and smiled a truly evil smile. Her velvet pussy squeezed him wonderfully tight. She said one word: "Come."

Aran's entire body exploded. He screamed with pleasure, going temporarily insane. All of his feelings and sensations melded into pure ecstasy. Her smooth skin on his, her pussy wrapped around him, her breasts in his hands, the water lapping against them both, his cock spewing his seed inside her over and over again. Dimly he was aware of Elaina having an enormous climax of her own, her body tense, her hands clawing into his chest. It was not painful; even pain was pleasure right now.

Everything went black.


Eventually Aran's eyes opened. He was still in the bath, with the most beautiful woman in the world lying on top of him, apparently sleeping soundly. Still hard, and still buried inside her, he twitched his cock, and Elaina moaned softly, though her eyes remained closed.

"Are you well?" He asked, wondering if he should be concerned.

"Mm-hmm," she mumbled sleepily, snuggling her face into his neck.

Despite his hardness, Aran didn't feel a pressing need to fuck again, and Elaina was obviously in need of some recovery time, so he sat forward and stood, lifting her with him. He was surprised at how light she was, either that or he was stronger than he thought. She was not a big woman by any means, but solid, fit and strong, yet well-curved and comely. Elaina had said that the Gift, as it developed in him, would carry with it many benefits; perhaps enhanced physical strength was one such.

Holding her just like she was, with his hands under her bottom - not an unpleasant feeling - he carried her out of the bath house and upstairs to her bedroom, remaining inside her the whole way. Laying her down gently on her bed and pulling the covers over her, he noticed with surprise that they were both dry already, despite the fact they had not towelled off. The Gift again? He would have to ask Elaina when she awoke.

Satisfied she was comfortable, Aran quietly left the room, closing the door behind him.

With this still being his free day and Elaina soundly sleeping, he thought for a moment about what to do. His stomach made the decision for him, so he headed downstairs to the kitchen, deciding to remain naked. Throwing a quick meal together, he sat at the kitchen table to eat.

He had just picked the last crumbs of the plate when a strange sense brought his head up. Somehow, he knew someone was approaching the Chapel. What's more, he knew who it was.

The dark-wood front door opened inward just as Aran reached it, the golden sunburst of Aros glinting in the sunlight, and a pretty brunette standing on the doorstep.


"Aran!" She exclaimed, throwing herself at him.

Forgetting all about being naked, he met Jeira's embrace, wrapping arms around her and kissing her furiously. She moaned into his mouth while reaching behind herself to undo the buttons of her dress.

Aran's Gift pulsed inside him, filling him with energy. Despite his night and morning of sex with Elaina, he felt like he'd just had three days' rest. Unable to wait for Jeira to undress, he grasped the garment at the neckline and ripped hard, the fabric tearing easily in his strong hands.

"Oh, my!" Jeira said with a giggle as Aran deftly removed the ruined dress from her body.

"You look better naked," Aran growled into her ear.

Wrapping herself around him, Jeira began kissing and licking his neck while Aran moved them backwards, toward the small round table in the kitchen on which he had just had breakfast. With a grunt, he reached behind his lover with one hand and swept the plate and cutlery to the floor.

Jeira whispered in his ear. "Are you going to fuck me on the table?"

"What do you think?" the young Paladin replied as he picked her up by the ass and placed her on the wooden surface, where she laid back and opened her legs, offering herself to him. Moisture was clearly visible on her pink nether lips as she ran her hands over her body, desire taking her over. She had a small patch of dark pubic hair above her womanhood, but the lips were smooth and hairless, calling to him.

"Oh, Aran, please fuck me!" Jeira whimpered. "I've been dying for you to fuck me again!" Her hips were writhing up and down in anticipation.

Aran needed no more invitation. He had intended to taste her pussy before fucking her, but he discarded that idea as soon as his cockhead touched her slick folds. He teased her, rubbing himself all over her lips. She was soaking wet.

Desperate, Jeira reached down to grab his cock and feed it to her hungry pussy. Aran firmly moved her hand away, wanting her mad for it before he gave it to her. Due to their strange connection, he could feel her lust raging as he deliberately tapped his cock on her love button.

Jeira sounded on the point of tears. "Please put it in! I need it so bad!"

Aran silently marvelled at what he was seeing. Had he had such great sex with this woman that now she desperately craved him? Or had his Gift somehow imprinted itself on her, changing her? Aran hoped it was just the great sex; he didn't like the idea of manipulating or controlling women. This thought made him pause; if it was the latter, he couldn't have sex with Jeira anymore and hope to keep a clear conscience.

Jeira must have sensed the sudden change in his mood. "What's wrong, Aran?"

"I don't think I can do this, Jeira," he said glumly.

"What? Why?" Jeira asked, sitting up to touch his face. "Did I do something?"

Suddenly Aran felt soft warmth pressing into his back, and two slim arms snaked around his torso to hold him tight. Elaina! And still naked, by the feel of the pillowy breasts on his skin.

"Hello, Jeira." Elaina's sultry voice caressed the brunette's name.

"Hello, Elaina," Jeira replied with a cheeky smile, leaning back on her hands, apparently unconcerned about Elaina's presence. She even stuck her chest out a little, proudly displaying her handful-sized breasts to the other woman, her pink nipples hard.

Aran was a little dumbstruck. He wanted to ask questions, but the words wouldn't form.

Elaina moved from behind him to stand at the table beside Jeira. Then, shockingly, she bent and kissed the raven-haired girl right on the mouth! The two nude beauties locked lips for long moments, moaning into each other's mouths.

Aran's lust came roaring back. His cock had half deflated, but now it was the epitome of tumescence. The women continued their torrid kiss, hands wandering, caressing, squeezing, fondling. Elaina's hand slid down Jeira's flat belly to her overexcited pussy. The buxom blonde began to rub Jeira's love button in little circles.

"You like it just like that, don't you." Elaina whispered into the younger woman's ear.

Jeira nodded, whimpering in reply.

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