tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Paladin's Training Ch. 02

A Paladin's Training Ch. 02


CHAPTER TWO -- Mentor & Lover


*** ONE YEAR AGO ***

"Secondly," the mysterious woman -- Elaina -- continued. "This place is one of the last standing sanctuaries for our kind."

"Our kind?" Aran asked, momentarily forgetting that he was naked and in a room with the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen, let alone the fact that she was effectively naked herself; the sheer robe she wore hid absolutely nothing. "What does that mean?" A sudden thought occurred to him, and he asked without thinking. "Are you not human?"

A throaty chuckle escaped Elaina's full lips, and she flashed white teeth as she smiled. Aran felt part of himself melt as she beamed at him. "I'm very much a human, Aran, as are you, but we are somewhat different than the rest of our people. I'm sure you've always felt that there was something that set you apart from your friends and family?"

Aran couldn't argue that point; he'd always felt a little different from the other people he'd grown up with, and he'd never understood why. He nodded and listened as Elaina continued. "You were born with a Gift, Aran," she said seriously, her emerald eyes intent on his face. The capital in 'Gift' was clear in her pronunciation. "A very special Gift bestowed upon you by the god Aros. That's why I left the letter on your pillow that would lead you here."

God? Nobody worshipped gods anymore, everyone knew that. Aran thought Elaina might be having fun at his expense, but there was no sign of it on her stunningly pretty face. He wondered for a moment if Elaina might be crazy, living all the way out here in the wilderness, removed from the world. The thought of politely thanking her and leaving crossed his mind, but there was something about her that made him hold his tongue and keep listening. Besides, he didn't really want to stand up in front of this woman while he had an erection that refused to abate.

"If you'd be more comfortable with clothes on, please feel free to dress," Elaina generously offered.

Aran exhaled in relief. "That would be great, Elaina, thank you. I must admit I was feeling uncomfortable. I'll only be a moment."

Elaina nodded, her short flaxen hair swaying slightly. "It's no bother, I will wait."

A long, awkward moment passed for Aran as he realised that she was going to remain right where she was while he donned his clothes. She looked at him expectantly, sitting there with one smooth, pale leg crossed over the other and her hands folded on her knee.

Elaina broke the uncomfortable silence. "If it's all the same to you, Aran, I am not concerned by your state of undress, nor should you be concerned with mine. It's something you will become used to very quickly."

Aran doubted that very much, but chose to stay on the bed regardless. And what did she mean by her last statement? The way she was talking had a sense of permanence to it, as if Aran would be staying here indefinitely. He didn't know why, but that thought bothered him less than it should; sure, he had friends and family back in his village, but something inside him felt safe here, as if he belonged.

Risking exposing himself, he took one hand away from his crotch and grabbed a pillow so he could cover his lap. Elaina just watched him, and the corners of her mouth quirked slightly as he fastidiously secured the pillow.

"You're probably wondering," Elaina mused, "why I'm talking about gods when the rest of the world has all but forgotten them."

Happy with the pillow situation, Aran met her eyes and nodded. "That's more or less exactly what I was thinking, to be honest." He noticed he was beginning to feel somewhat more comfortable around Elaina, and it was easier to speak openly. There was a pleasant warmth about her presence, something Aran couldn't quite put his finger on.

"As well you might," Elaina sighed sadly. "Considering that the old teachings are fading into memory. We were once a great Order, Aran, with Temples in every city, and hundreds of smaller chapels in towns and villages all across the land. Now, we are but a handful of survivors hiding from the world, relics of a time long past."

Aran doubted anyone would ever call Elaina a relic; she was, by all appearances, a woman in her prime. "Why have I never heard of this?" He asked curiously. Maybe she was mad, but he was willing to hear her out, for now.

"Because," Elaina explained. "After the Darkening, our enemies burned us from the histories. Entire libraries were torched if there was even the suspicion that it contained knowledge of the Order of Aros. Those that survived the Darkening scattered across the world to hide and protect what precious little was left of our Order."

Aran's mind was slowly beginning to spin. Gifts? Gods? Darkening? Maybe it was the all-but-naked, distractingly beautiful woman sitting across from him, but he was having trouble keeping up. "Darkening?" He asked dumbly.

Elaina took one look at him and clucked her tongue. "My apologies, Aran, I'm going too fast, and this is the first you've heard of the real history of the world. That, and you're probably still recovering from your first touch of the Gift. Might I suggest we go downstairs, and I'll prepare us something to eat?" Aran's stomach chose that moment to grumble loudly, and Elaina chuckled. "I'll take that as a yes," she said as she stood and made for the doorway.

Time seemed to slow down as Aran watched her move, her shapely body captivating his gaze. For the first time, he got a good look at her bottom, which looked somehow plump and firm at the same time, framed by round hips that flared from a slim waist. Any woman back home with a face and body like Elaina's would have a line of men a mile long outside her door night and day just hoping to catch a glimpse.

She turned back before leaving the room, catching him staring at her behind. Aran reddened, but Elaina appeared nonplussed. "Your clothes are there, as you know," she said, gesturing to his clothes on the floor next to the door. "But if you would like something more comfortable, there is a robe in the wardrobe."

At that, she vanished, leaving Aran sitting on the bed and clutching a pillow to his infuriatingly hard cock. Darting to the door, he closed it and began pulling his clothes on, not even bothering to open the wardrobe, as he felt he already knew what kind of robe would be awaiting him.


Aran opened his eyes, a smile creeping across his face as he recalled the passionate, erotic night he'd just spent with Elaina. Eagerly anticipating another taste of his busty lover, he turned over, but found he was alone in the bed. His first instinct was to go searching for her, but then he realised he didn't need to; he could just use his Gift to find her.

Taking a breath, he closed his eyes and focused inward, on the warm, radiant light that shone inside. He didn't really know what he was doing, but it felt right. The Gift hummed steadily, stronger than yesterday, as if it had grown overnight. His sense of the room around him sharpened, and he could feel the space clearly, as if he were touching everything at once, the walls, the floor, the furniture. He could even feel the tiny, infinitesimal cracks in the stone walls, invisible to the naked eye. Opening himself up further, he widened his senses to include the entire Chapel, and an answering light pulsed from a room down below; a Gift like his, but unmistakably unique.

A vision flashed into his mind of Elaina, naked and beautiful, relaxing in the bath chamber downstairs, the firelight from the hearths at either end of the room playing across her creamy skin. Needing no further motivation, Aran was on his feet and out of his room in a heartbeat, drawn to Elaina like a moth to flame.

The Chapel was a good-sized building, with a few bedrooms on the second level -- though only two were occupied, as he and Elaina were the only residents -- and a dining room, library, kitchen and bath house on the lower level. Aran crossed through the library, his heart beating a little faster as he pictured making love to Elaina again. When he reached the bath house, the door was open, warm air spilling out into the corridor from the blazing fires. Elaina was reclining back against the side of the bath, her arms extended out to either side along the stone coping, her mammoth breasts only just submerged, a pink nipple breaking the surface every now and again. Her eyes were closed, and her head was back, her shoulder-length flaxen hair wet and slick.

Aran watched her for a moment, wondering how he'd been chosen for such good fortune as to have a woman like this who desired him. Not to mention Jeira, who in Aran's eyes, was just as beautiful. Unsurprisingly, he was as hard as diamonds, his cock pointed at his luscious mentor like an obscene dowsing rod.

"You getting in, stud?" Elaina asked. "Or are you just going to watch all day?" She hadn't moved a muscle that Aran could see, apart from a small curve of her full lips.

"Can't say the view isn't good," Aran responded casually, crossing his arms and leaning against the doorframe.

"Is that a no?" She clucked her tongue in mock disappointment. "That's a real shame. Who's going to eat my pussy, then?"

Aran grinned. He loved the taste of her pussy, and she knew it. "Alright, fine!" He sighed, feigning annoyed reluctance. "I suppose it will have to be me!" A second later he was in the pool and wading towards his lover. She opened her generous thighs as he approached, and he took the opportunity to duck beneath the water and bury his face in her perfect, bald pussy. Her Gift was humming vibrantly, reaching out to intertwine with his own as he made contact with her thick outer lips, kissing them gently as he grasped her opulent buttocks, using the pliant handholds to keep her at the right height.

A howl of pleasure, muted by the water, floated down to Aran's ears when he slipped his tongue into her slit, licking her from bottom to top, making sure to increase the pressure when he reached her love button. Reading her Gift, he gave her exactly what she wanted; long, broad strokes of his tongue intermingled with fast, firm flicks of his tongue on her clit. Hands tangled in his hair as he pleasured the sexy Paladin, pulling his face harder against her needy snatch. Dimly, he realised he had not taken a breath in some time, and strangely enough, he felt like he had plenty of air.

Utilising his newfound power, he pushed at her Gift, raising her pleasure almost to its peak before letting it simmer back down again. He repeated this over and over as he dined on her honey flavoured pussy, bringing her right to the precipice and back, tormenting her with her own delayed climax. Her wails of pleasure were increasing in volume, now easily audible to Aran despite his ears being submerged.

Feeling merciful, he decided to tip her over the edge, but not before his Gift told him there was something else Elaina wanted, right before she came. Grinning wickedly, Aran interpreted her desire, and pressed his finger against her puckered, pink asshole, slowly applying pressure until the digit slipped inside. Oddly, she felt quite slippery, as if her ass was lubricated somehow.

In response, Elaina twitched violently, her loudest cry yet piercing the veil of water as she began to climax. At the same time, Aran gave her Gift a good shove with his own, sending her spiralling even higher.

It was lucky he didn't seem to need to breath at the moment, for Elaina's smooth thighs had locked to his head as she quivered through the pleasure, trapping him beneath the water in a delightful prison of soft, creamy flesh. Releasing her buttocks, he reached up to take her breasts in his hands -- or at least, as much of the epic orbs as he could manage to hold -- squeezing them firmly while he waited for her to level out.

Eventually, she released him, and he emerged from the water, taking his first breath in many long minutes. He didn't need to ask to know that the Gift had aided him in his endeavours, allowing him to hold his breath for much longer than normal. What other benefits did this marvellous power grant him?

"Fuck!" Elaina gasped in between heaving breaths, her tits bobbing up and down with the motion. Her face was flushed, her full lips parted in a smile, her emerald eyes on his, lidded with lust. "You read me well, stud! I didn't even know I wanted your finger in there until you did it!"

Aran slid forward to take her in his arms, and her legs wrapped around his waist. His rock-hard cock rested lightly against her slit. "I'm glad you enjoyed it, my love," he said before kissing her. She moaned into the kiss, her tongue dancing with his.

She pulled back suddenly. "Sit on the step," she demanded in a smoky voice.

Eager to see what she had planned, Aran perched himself up on the highest of the smooth stone steps that occupied the inside of the bath at each end. They were designed for entering and exiting the water, but also made for a convenient seat. The top step was only just submerged, putting Aran mostly clear of the water. He watched transfixed as his sexy lover stood up, bringing her luscious tits into view, droplets of water cascading down the monumental globes.

Kneeling on the step below, she pressed herself in between his legs and rested her bosom on his thighs. Licking her lips, and eyeing him hotly, she pressed her tits together around his burgeoning cock, enveloping it in a soft, creamy tunnel. "Do you want to fuck my tits, stud?" She purred, biting her lip.

Aran could only growl in reply as he slowly began to buck his hips, savouring the feeling of her smooth skin around his rampant shaft. He felt his Gift pulsing in time with Elaina's, expanding, growing, intensifying. For a brief second, he thought he saw that white glow around her again, then it was gone.

"Mmm," she moaned, watching the way his angry crown emerged from the cavern of her cleavage before disappearing again. "That's good, stud. Fuck my big tits!"

Aran was quickly learning that he loved the way she used filthy talk when they were together. He could barely believe that this was the same woman that had trained him, taught him and pushed him almost to the point of breaking many times in the past year. Now, here he was, with his cock trapped between the most perfect pair of tits he'd ever imagined, and she was loving it as much as he was!

"Are you going to blow, stud?" She asked him, gazing at him hotly. "Are you going to paint my fat tits with your come?"

Aran groaned in response, doing his best to hold out just a little longer, to revel in this most wonderful of moments, but then his Gift surged in response to a firm push from Elaina's, and suddenly his balls were lifting, churning, and his cock flexed and spasmed as it began to fire forth long ropes of hot come onto his mentor's face and drip down to her abundant chest. To his delight, she opened her mouth, catching what she could until the geyser ebbed to a slow trickle. Aran couldn't believe how much he'd come! Elaina's grinning face was plastered with several streaks, and there was even more on her tits!

"Wow, stud!" His mentor exclaimed, her tongue flicking out to retrieve some of the come near her lip. "You've certainly picked up your game since yesterday!"

"I don't understand," Aran mused, leaning back against the coping. "Why so much?"

"Because I like it!" She replied, as if it made perfect sense. Seeing his confused look, she explained. "Your Gift reads your partner's desires, Aran, and gives you the means to fulfil them where possible. I happen to like being sprayed with plenty of come from time to time; it makes me hot. Your Gift responded to what I wanted and made it happen."

Aran shook his head in wonder. "Is that why I could hold my breath so long before?"

Elaina nodded, scooping up some of the come from her breasts and sucking it from her fingers. "Exactly. For instance, right now, I'm noticing your come has changed flavour." When Aran's eyebrow's rose, she continued. "As you know, I love apples, and you've very kindly added a hint of apple to your taste." Aran chuckled at that, and Elaina said more. "You will be amazed at some of the things you will learn, stud. With practice, you'll even be able to change the size of your cock to suit your lover!"

Aran was starting to feel a little overwhelmed at the possibilities running through his mind; this Gift was truly an amazing thing, to be sure. "Why don't you wash up and come dry off with me?" He suggested.

"Sounds good, stud," she agreed. "I've been wanting you inside me all morning, and our antics have just made me hornier, I'm afraid."

Aran hopped up and stood with his back to the fire. It had burned down somewhat, but it was still giving off plenty of heat. He watched as Elaina washed herself off, doubting that he would ever grow tired of looking at her lush, ripe body. Seeing him watching, she made a show of it, moving to a low step so she was clear of the water from her thighs and above. Aran's cock had never gone soft, and it twitched eagerly as Elaina slowly soaped herself up, paying particular attention to her voluminous breasts, and turning her back to him so he could see her doing the same to her ample bottom.

She took her time, and Aran appreciated every second, but eventually, he found himself lying on his back on the warm stone floor near the hearth, and Elaina was throwing a long leg over him, lowering herself until his rigid pole began to slide into her slick pussy.

"Oh, fuck," the busty Paladin whispered as her bottom touched his thighs. Aran mimicked her, relishing being buried to the balls in her hot depths once again. Maybe it was happy chance, or maybe it was the Gift, but Elaina just seemed designed for him -- his ideal woman. Her hands were on his chest, and his came to hers, gathering her heavy tits and kneading them gently.

They fell into a gentle rhythm, Elaina's ample hips rocking back and forth, riding him with no urgency, as if they had the rest of time to enjoy each other. Aran hoped that was true; he could happily spend the rest of his life right here with this woman. Idly, he wondered how Jeira would feel about him and Elaina. He could sense her, off to the northeast, in the direction of her farm.

Wait, was she closer today than yesterday? Aran couldn't be sure, but he thought she might be slowly moving toward him. He smiled at the thought of seeing Jeira again, despite being somewhat concerned about how she would receive the fact that Aran and Elaina were lovers.

Elaina's hips ground to a halt, and she looked down at him quizzically, her jade eyes catching the firelight. "What's bothering you, stud?"

"It's Jeira," Aran replied. "I think she might be on her way over here, and I'm not sure how she'll feel about you and I."

His mentor studied him for a moment, her expression unreadable. Then, to Aran's surprise, she chuckled, and touched his face. "You have much to learn, yet, young Aran Sunblade. Cast your fears aside, for Jeira will be fine. Trust me."

Aran wanted to stop worrying and get back to the sex, but he couldn't. "How do you know?"

"Because, stud," Elaina began matter-of-factly, a secretive smile on her lips. "I've met Jeira, remember? I firmly believe that young farmgirl is partial to women, as well as handsome young men."

"Really?" Aran asked. "What makes you so sure? It is your Gift telling you?"

"Partially," Elaina replied. "But mainly I know because when she came here over a year ago, we had sex."

"What?!" Aran spluttered, releasing her tits and pushing himself up on his hands. "Why didn't you tell me?"

Elaina giggled, which did interesting things to the walls of her pussy. "It wasn't time for you to know, stud. Now that your Gift is awake, I can divulge more to you than I could before." She wiggled her hips, eager to get back to the fucking. "Truthfully, even though it wasn't the goal, I was hopeful that you and Jeira would have sex, though you far exceeded my expectations by Bonding with her."

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