tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Paladin's Training Ch. 03

A Paladin's Training Ch. 03


Hi all, this one's a little shorter - still packed some hot action into it though :)

I love feedback so please feel free!


Shield forward. Swing, backswing, parry. Aran's mace whizzed through the air, the morning sun glinting off the spiked steel ball. The weapon was heavy; you had to be careful it didn't carry you off balance. He used it's weight to his advantage as he moved across the training yard behind the abbey. The warm morning sun coaxed sweat from his pores, and droplets ran down his shirtless chest.

He had given his tussle with the direwolf - Elaina had said it was indeed a direwolf - some thought. Had he been a little quicker, the wolf would never have gotten him down. He had almost been killed because of lack of skill.

I'll work the mace for a while, then I'll move to the sword, then the axe. He had been training intensively for more than an hour now, and wasn't the least bit tired. Something had changed since yesterday. He could feel a fountain of energy bubbling up from his centre, giving him strength.

Jeira had left early this morning; she wanted to get back to the farm. He hoped he would see her again soon.

"Make sure your feet are planted before you swing," Elaina's voice came from behind him.

Aran nodded instinctively, accustomed to her teaching. He swung a few more times, deliberately planting his feet, then swinging, so as to get used to the feel.

"Good. Have a rest. I need to talk with you." Elaina turned and walked to a nearby log. Aran enjoyed the view of her ample ass swaying.

They sat together on the big log and Aran took a moment to catch his breath.

His beautiful teacher met his eyes, green on brown. She seemed a little somber. "It is time for you to move on."

What? "How do you mean, move on?" he asked her, surprised to say the least.

"Now that your true ability has manifested," she said sadly, "you must move on to begin new learnings."

Aran remained silent.

Elaina continued. "You are my first student, Aran. I watched you grow from an uncertain boy into a confident, attractive man. Once I felt your true power, even as undeveloped as it is, I knew that Fate had chosen you for much more than staying here with me."

Aran nodded. In his heart, he knew it to be true. He wanted to see the world. He would miss Elaina terribly. "Thank you for teaching me. You are a wonderful teacher, and an amazing woman. I will miss you. And I will return, even if it's for a short time. I promise you."

Elaina gave him a heartstopping smile. "Thank you. I must tell you I've been in contact with Master Smythe in Ironshire. He is expecting you by tomorrow. You will have to leave soon to get there in time."

Aran nodded. "I will leave immediately."

Elaina's smile changed to a wolfish grin. "Maybe not immediately." She began undoing the buttons of her shirt.

With a growl, Aran leaped at her, tumbling them both off behind the log where the grass was soft. He wasted no time. He ripped the shirt right off her body, freeing the mammoth tits he loved so much. Elaina answered in kind, ripping his own shirt to tatters. Their lips clashed in passion as they tore at each others breeches.

Finally, Aran plunged into her, eliciting cries from both of them. They began to rut. This was no tender lovemaking. This was fucking. They were like animals, biting and clawing at each other. He slammed into her repeatedly, going as deep as he could. Elaina's fluids squirted again and again, her legs clamped tightly around his waist.

After a while he pulled out and flipped her over. Elaina willingly raised up on her knees so Aran could drill her from behind. Her big tits swayed in time to the pounding he was giving her. Aran wanted to give her his load. He flipped her back over again and straddled her chest. Elaina happily squeezed her melons together for him.

"Fuck my tits, baby. I want your load all over my face."

Aran happily complied, sliding his slick cock into the tunnel of breast flesh. It didn't' take long before Aran came with a roar, spurting ropes of come onto Elaina's beautiful face, chest and neck.

Aran sat there for a minute, watching Elaina licked the come from her lips. She shivered as Aran rubbed some around her nipples. They got up and went inside to clean off.

They bathed together, relishing the last time they would spend together for a while. Both excited and sad, Aran gathered his things. They kissed at the door, and Aran departed for a larger world.


Elaina stood at the door, watching Aran until he disappeared into the forest. She would miss him, but she was also happy. He was going to become a great Paladin. Perhaps the greatest in history. She would have some time until the Order sent her a new student. She would resume her training immediately.


Aran had decided to go to Jeira's house, thinking that he would surprise her and hopefully sleep there tonight. Unfortunately, her husband, Hamlin, had answered the door; he was home in between trips. Once Jeira had explained that Aran had saved her life, however, Hamlin had welcomed him into their simple cottage. Interestingly, Aran discovered that Hamlin was not a bad fellow.

After they had eaten dinner together, Jeira had left the table to clean up. Aran and Hamlin had gotten to know each other better. Hamlin had dark hair and darkish skin, and a medium build. Aran had expected a fat merchant with the personality of a fence post - Jeira had not told him much about Hamlin, and Aran had chosen not to delve too deeply into her personal thoughts - but instead he found Hamlin to be quite a decent fellow.

Aran had matched his energy with Hamlin's, and as such, Hamlin was talking to him like an old friend. Jeira had gone to bed when Hamlin had confessed his feelings.

"Being away from Jeira is so hard, Aran. She's so beautiful and I love her so much."

Aran just listened.

"I just feel like I'm not good enough for her. She deserves the best and I'm just a farmer. What can I give her? I made a mistake, Aran. There was a woman in Heart. She wasn't half as pretty as Jeira. I can't live with myself."

"Tell me, Hamlin. Why did you feel the need to have another woman?" Aran inquired gently.

Hamlin shrugged his shoulders. His eyes were downcast. Aran could feel he was ashamed. "I thought for sure she was seeing another man while I was gone. I was feeling down and unwanted, so I slept with another woman. I just wish I could undo it."

Aran made a decision. "You are right. She did think you were seeing another. To ease her pain, she and I.... I'm sorry, Hamlin, I did not know she was married."

Aran expected an uproar from Hamlin. But the dark man just shook his head ruefully. "I don't blame her, you know. She deserves someone great."

Aran had not expected this. Something compelled him to ask; "do you truly love her?"

For this first time in a long while, Hamlin met his eyes. A fierceness burned in them. "With all my heart, Paladin."

Without thought, Aran reached across the table and laid a hand on Hamlin's forehead. They connected as one, and Aran pushed some of his... essence... into the other man. Hamlin gasped and jerked in his chair for a moment before Aran removed his hand.

Hamlin stared at him wide-eyed and trembling. "What have you done to me?"

"I have given you some of my own energy. My confidence, my strength, my love, my truth. It is up to you what you do with it, man."

Then Hamlin laughed. A deep, rich sound that reverberated off the wooden walls. "Gods, Aran. I feel alive! I deserve Jeira! She deserves my deepest love! Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!"

Aran smiled at him. "Go to her, man. Go to your woman."

Without another word, Hamlin left the room.

Aran stared up at the stars. Jeira had prepared the loft for him, but he felt like sleeping under the stars tonight. It was a fine night for it. He felt a little drained after giving his energy to Hamlin, and sleep wasn't far away.

A sensation turned his head towards the cottage. It was Jeira he could feel, ghosting across the grass in the moonlight. She was naked. Without a word, she got down beside him and slid under the cloak he was using as a blanket. Aran was also naked, and the sight of a nude Jeira had hardened him. Without saying a word, the raven-haired beauty slid down under the covers.

Pleasure bloomed in him. Her mouth was over his cockhead. She sucked him leisurely, lovingly. For what seemed like an age, she serviced him. Aran could feel her love, feel the pleasure she got from pleasuring him. He lost himself in the moment. After some time, she silently climbed atop him and sat all the way down on his rod, sighing contentedly as she did. There was no effort involved; she just gently rode him. He squeezed her breasts, stroked her from her hips to her shoulders, and breathed with her as they lost themselves together in the night.

Aran awoke the next morning as the sky began to grey. He smiled at the beautiful feeling of Jeira lying against him, one leg over his body. He gently extracted himself and began pulling on his nearby breeches. He would have to leave soon.

Hamlin appeared from the cottage and called to him. A spike of uncertainty reared in Aran. What would he say about he and Jeira being together again last night?

"A good morning to you, Paladin," Hamlin offered cheerfully.

"And to you," Aran said carefully.

"For the first time in nearly a year, Jeira and I made love last night," Hamlin said with a wide grin. "Afterwards, she said she wanted to go and thank you." To Aran's surprise, he still sounded cheerful! He continued. "Gods take me, but I didn't mind! If anything, I was happy for it! Gods know I love her to death, and I love seeing her happy. You, Paladin, have saved our marriage."

Hamlin extended a forearm, and Aran clasped it. He could feel Hamlin something like he could feel Elaina and Jeira, but a little different. Intimate, but in a different way. More like a brother or a close mate. Maybe because he was a man.

"I never thought I would say this to anyone," Hamlin said seriously. "But you, my friend, I will share my wife with you." Hamlin did indeed look a little incredulous at the words escaping his mouth.

Aran realised that Hamlin had an unconditional love for Jeira. He could feel it radiating off the man in waves. Was that what he could see around the man? Trick of the mind, probably.

"You two are good people, Hamlin," Aran said with a warm smile. "You will have a happy life together." He felt Jeira come up behind him. He turned to regard her. She was still naked.

"I will miss you, Aran," she said, reaching up to hug him. Aran had not donned a shirt yet, and her soft body melded into his chest. Her nipples were hard from the cool air. She kissed him softly, and went to stand with her husband, putting an arm around him and pecking his cheek. Hamlin slipped an arm around her nude waist.

Aran watched them together and smiled. He had done something good here, even if it was a little insane. They watched him as he went off a short way to finish dressing and gathering up his belongings.

He turned and waved as he made his way back to the path through the forest. One last look before he entered the treeline showed Jeira and Hamlin kissing madly, hands everywhere. He smiled as he disappeared from sight.

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