A Pale Court in Beauty and Decay


Thanks, self repair subroutines.

The nanites worked at lightning speed and every chunk of debris that had been sent flying towards the demons slammed into a rough barricade thrown up by my nanites. The demon cackled. "Knew that'd bring you out, boyo..." he said, cackling as he floated down to land on the ruined floor as I yanked my pants right up.

"That's it, you dick!" I said, angrily. "I...Radi, have we figured out a way to depossess him?"

Um, no, Radi said. Kandarian demons have never been recorded very much, beyond the encounter previously mentioned.

"Great," I whispered.

Then Maddie walked past me. She paused, gasping. "Oh! A demon!" she said, her voice shocked. She sprang behind me, her hands on my shoulders. "You can stop him, right Xandy-poo?"

I felt like someone had just flicked me right between the eyes. Not very hard, but enough to completely scramble my brains. That was such an un-Maddie statement that the only thing, literally the only thing that came out of my mouth was a confounded: "What?"

The demon possessed Eric grinned at me with teeth made of filed bone. Black bile dripped from his mouth as he leaped towards me. His body slammed into mine and I went flying back into the storage closet. Ai ducked and turned into a fox in the same smooth motion, scampering out as dust filled the air and stone cracked with the impact. I smashed my forehead into Eric's head and sent him reeling backwards. But then I felt that sickening surge as his control over electromagnetism coursed through my body. It was more focused this time - deeper and stronger and I heard both Radi and myself and every other Altaran in my body screaming at once.

I fell to my knees as the possessed Eric leaped backwards and started dancing and laughing.

"No powers for you!" he jeered.

Nanites...inert...barely functioning... Radi gasped.

I panted, ducking my head forward. But then Eric grabbed my head with his hand, yanking my hair back. He looked down, laughing as his pale white eyes flickered with delight.

"Let him go!" Maddie shouted, charging forward. I reached up, wanting to stop her - but then the demon grabbed her forehead, stopping her as if she was a younger sibling and he was the older child. As her arms flailed at him, I strained.


"What a cutie," the demon gurgled. Then Eric sagged. His eyes faded back to their normal hue, his face twisting as he shifted back to his dignified, human look. He thumped onto the ground as Maddie fell away from me. Her hair fell across her face as she sprawled on the rubble strewn floor. I sprang forward. My arms might have been only human strong, but I was able to lift Maddie up, looking into her eyes, my eyes wide as saucers. Then her hair fell away and her eyes snapped open...and they were pale white.

The Kandarian demon, through Maddie, laughed and clawed at my face at the same time. Her legs wrapped around my hips and I flailed my arms out wildly, falling onto my back next to Eric. Her fingers dug into my forehead as she laughed. "She's mine now, bitch!"

My palm slapped down on the necklace.

Give or take a few seconds, huh?

I glared at the demon - and prayed to the Gods that Maddie's plan would work. Then I threw the necklace as hard as I could into the wall. It struck and shattered into a thousand pieces.

And nothing happened.

Maddie's possessed body grinned wide enough to split her cheeks. Her teeth welled with black, dripping goop as she leaned forward over me, opening mouth in a wide parody of a kiss. As she came closer and closer, I felt my heart sinking. I didn't know what to do - but a horror filled me, deeper and darker than anything I had ever felt.

"Annnnnnnnnnd boom goes the dynamite," Maddie said.

I and the Maddie sitting on me both looked back at the door.

Standing there was...well...Maddie. A non-possessed, non-naked Maddie, dressed in her normal T-shirt and jeans combo. She had her hands in her pockets and looked smug. The Maddie demon on me sprang to he feet and I scrambled up as well. I blinked a few times, then gaped as I noticed the edges of the demon Maddie's shoulders were...

Shimmering. A glowing haze started to flake off of them, buzzing away like glitter.

"W-What is happening!?" the demon Maddie asked.

Maddie grinned. "Oh, you just possessed a hard light hologram, remote controlled by yours truly," she said, cheerily. "I projected a surface- level scan of my brain patterns into it, enough that a demon might think that an actual soul was in there." She shrugged. "You've got about fifty seconds before that body dissolves. And since there's no soul in there, you don't have anything to tap for magical power."

The demon's eyes bugged as it looked at its claw-like hands. Ii was growing more and more indistinct. More flaking bits of light fell away as the cohesion of the hard light fell apart under the strain of reality sans projector. Which I now realized was the necklace. Duh.

"W-What happens?" the demon asked, sounding utterly terrified.

"Well, I know what happens to a human when they die," Maddie said, her voice quiet. "We go to an afterlife we deserve. But I don't know. People don't actually kill demons. At least, none I've read about have. They usually just banish them. So, I think you just..." She took her hands from her pockets, spreading them. "Stop. Like going to sleep. But forever."

The demon was nothing but a haze of light and a vague outline of a face.

"I..." Its voice quavered. "I'm afraid."

Maddie leaned forward, and for that moment, all cheer was gone. There was the face of a woman who had been a President and a super-villain. Hard edges. Cold eyes. Utterly pitiless voice.

"I know," she hissed.

The demon vanished.

Maddie slowly breathed out. Slid her hands into her pockets. Turned to face the crowd of other demons. They weren't actively evil, like the Kandarian demon was. They were bureaucrats, trying to enjoy a nice costume party between their job as tormenters of the wicked. All of them stood, stock still as they looked at Maddie.

"That," Maddie said, pointing at where the Kandarian had been. "Is what happens when you fuck with my boyfriend. Got it?"

Every demon nodded.

"Now," Maddie said. "I hear we have some paperwork to do?"

I grinned weakly as the demons started to immediately break away from us. But a faint dizzy spell that had started when Eric had depowered me became a piercing headache, a faint haze of white light, and finally - blessedly - unconsciousness.


"I feel like I've been put through a woodchipper," Eric rasped.

"Hey, it could be worse," I said from my hospital bed. My arm was about a foot above my head, resting on a large, sleek looking rest that was connected to a trio of bags. One of them was filled with a gray sludge. One was filled with green sludge. And one was filled with black sludge. All of them were being pumped into my arm and it felt weird as fuck. I looked at Eric again. "You could have this goopadoo in your bod."

That's not goopadoo! Radi said, cheerily. The first is liquefied silicates, which we're using to rebuild the nanites that had been disabled by the Kandarian demon. And the others is-

The door to the hospital room opened, saving me from having to listen to Radi. Maddie walked in, her hands in cuffs, escorted by a pair of guards. She beamed at me.

"Xander, you're looking better," she said.

I gave her a thumb up. "Hey, wait, why are you in handcuffs?"

"Pff," Maddie said, rolling her eyes. "I may have slipped away from the Great Working without orders to do so to save your cute butt. But in my defense, I had completed my part of the ritual."

I nodded slowly, then frowned at one of the guards. "Go get Janus," I said, too tired to be polite as I leaned back in my seat. Eric chuckled, his voice as raspy as if he had been gargling chain-mail, as the guard saluted and turned away and headed off. As he walked away, Maddie hopped onto my bed, handcuffs or no handcuffs. She leaned forward and kissed me, the slight motion of the bed making the baggies that were feeding me goop sway from side to side. Her lips locked with mine and I grabbed her hips. My head turned to the side. Our tongues met, played, and I reveled in the sensation - just...relaxing now that we were out of danger.

Director Janus coughed from the doorway.

Maddie kept kissing me. Her hands caressed my chest. Since I was clearly under sway of an evil supergenius, I kept making out with Maddie. My hands cupped her butt.

Director Janus coughed again, loudly.

This time, Maddie drew her mouth back, panting softly. Her rump rested on my crotch, which had the nice side effect of hiding my hard on. I panted, then looked at Director Janus, who had his arms crossed over his chest and was glaring at the two of us.

"Well, this is a fine mess," he said, dryly. "The Chinese pantheon is up in arms, Yama is still in traction, and the Great Working has been completely ruined by your little girlfriend's improvisation."

Maddie blushed as I glared at her.


"Improvement, I think," Maddie said, nodding.

"Maddie..." I closed my eyes, leaning back slightly. "What did you do?"

"I redirected the spiritual energies that the Great Working is designed to concentrate on a single day," Maddie said, grinning slightly - her eyes glittering slightly. "Really, the modification was simple. I added a morality filter..."

Janus stepped forward. "That's what that secondary spell effects you put on the damn thing are? Half of our magic staff are tearing their hair out, trying to figure out what it does." He frowned. "Deinhardt, if you ever want to get into a parole hearing ever again, you will tell me, right now, where you sent the evil spirits too."

"Welllllllllll..." Maddie bit her lip, grinding her butt against my crotch.


"My Lord Nefarion Hellscream." Adjutant Grimgore bowed low as he entered the black spiked hall of Lord Hellscream. The walls were covered with writhing half-living prisoners and slaves captured from the many conquests of the Nightmare Armada. Their pain was unto music to the immense slab of walking muscle and red armor that was Lord Hellscream. He reclined on his throne, his right hand drumming a staccato pattern on his armrest, while his other hand held his ceremonial Hellstaff, decorated as it was with a stylized black obsidian H that could be served as a focus for his hellpower.

"Yes, sniveling one?" Hellscream asked, his voice a deep boom at filled the hall. "What news do thou bring me?"

"I bring you word that the Nightmare Armada has returned to full strength and the Legions of the Damned are ready to once more march to your whim. What worlds shall burn beneath your iron shod heel, oh wicked one?" Adjutant Grimgore asked.

Hellscream surged to his feet. He thrust his staff at the wall. A crackling bolt of lighting shot from the stylized H, creating a massive illusion of a familiar blue, green and white orb. Grimgore clutched his misshapen gray hand to his chest, the black bile he used as blood racing through his withered heart. He felt something he had not felt in a very long time.


"My lord!" He turned to face Hellscream. "You cannot think to attack Earth!"

"But of course," Hellscream said. "Earth is the home of the Cosmic Font, endless power and unlimited prestige for the Hellscream clan." His eyes glowed. "Where Klugar the Destroyer and Darkthornn have failed, I, Lord Nefarian Hellscream will...will..." He paused, his brow furrowing slightly. "Do you hear that?" He cocked his head. Grimgore looked around the room. The faint moaning of the slaves was being drowned out by a soft pair of voices. Singing. Children's voices. The innocence of those voices made Hellscream's eyes narrow.

"One two, Freddy's coming for you..."

"What is this madness?" Hellscream muttered, starting for the door. When he opened it, he found himself facing a scene from a nightmare. His Legions of the Damned - in their black armor and carrying their hell-lance rifles - were beset by all sides by creatures from every dark imagining and mythology of a race long overburdened by horrors. Legionaries fell before flashing finger knives, while rusted chains rushed from the darkness to grab and rip soldiers apart. Sudden pain surged through Hellscream's body as something slammed into his ankle. He fell to one knee, gasping as he looked down and saw a child's doll slamming a knife repeatedly into his ankle.

And that was when the dozens of gremlins burst from the throne and rushed the screaming lord would have been Emperor.


Maddie popped another popcorn kernel into her mouth.

I looked from her to the screen, then back again. "Isn't the popcorn in bad taste?"

"What? Helebrians are evil!" Maddie said, gesturing towards the view the spy-camera was feeding us. Project Aegis had, for a long time, been keeping tabs on the Helebrian Empire, ever since Lord Hellscream had taken it over in a bloody coup. "Don't worry, I encoded an order on the translocation, the evil ghosts and spirits won't hurt the slaves."

Director Janus reached up and shut off the screen. He turned to face me and Maddie, frowning.

"You should have asked for permission," he said, flatly.

Maddie threw a popcorn kernel at him. Janus batted it away, then sighed, looking away at the door. He looked thoughtful. Then, slowly, he looked back at us.

"Well, since you did successfully save the world from a Helebrian invasion, Archive and Eric from a Kandarian demon, and made Halloween safe for all future generations..." Janus chewed his lip. "I think we can think about a parole hearing."

"Yay!" Maddie said, sitting up brightly.

"Now, I need to go. Needs of the state. But, remember this: You're walking on thin ice, girl," Janus said, pointing his finger at Maddie. Maddie nodded cheerily. As Janus turned and left the observation room, I leaned back in my seat. I felt drained from the past day - fighting demons, avoiding a possessed super-villain, almost getting killed by Chinese bureaucracy. It was a lot to take in. I closed my eyes and just spent a few moments trying to absorb the fact that Maddie was getting a parole. She crawled onto my body, her warmth pressing against me. She whispered in my ear.

"So, you weren't even slightly tempted to just forget me and bang the fox spirit?" she asked.

"Heck nosauce," I said, nodding.

Maddie bit my neck gently. Then harder, since I was super tough again. Thank you, Radi.

You're welcome! Radi said.

"Liar," Maddie whispered, drawing her mouth back. "You were totally tempted. But if you hadn't lied, I'd have been upset." She giggled. "Also, it's an excuse to bite you again." She paused, then bit down on my neck. I grunted.

"So, next year..." I cupped her butt, gently. "What do we do on Halloween?"

"What do you mean?" Maddie asked, kissing my nose gently, then my forehead. She nuzzled me gently, her hair spilling around my head. I smiled slightly as my fingers started to slide her pants down. Her hot sex filled my palm as I caressed her gently - knowing exactly where to touch her. My thumb found her clit and I rubbed her with just enough force, my finger sliding in and out of her. Maddie gasped and moaned quietly.

"Well, since we won't need to fight every evil spirit in the world, since you dumped them on the Helebrians," I said, grinning slightly as I added a second finger, thrusting into her faster and faster. Maddie liked it slightly rougher after a mission. Her breasts bounced under her shirt as she arched her back, gasping softly.

"Oh, ah, fuck!" She gasped. "We go, mmm, trick or treating!" She nodded, her face gleaming with sweat as she panted hungrily.

I paused, then slid my finger from Maddie's sex. My fingers touched to my lips as I licked them slowly clean. I closed my eyes, my tongue slipping along my middle finger, tasting her sleek juice. I sighed happily, then grinned. "So, is that my treat?" I whispered.

Maddie chuckled. "Yes," she whispered. "But you're also going to pull a trick."

Her hands grabbed the lower hem of my pants and shoved it down. My cock sprang free and she didn't waste a single second. Her palm cupped and squeezed the base of my dick, grinding the head of my cock against her pussy. She ground her hips forward and backwards as she whispered, her voice husky.

"We'll get to wear sexy costumes too," she breathed.

"Don't I always wear a sexy costume?" I whispered.

"Different ones then," Maddie grunted as she pushed herself down on my cock. My member filled her to the brim and Maddie crooned deep in her throat. SHe hung her head forward, panting softly as her hands slipped along my shoulders.

"That always feels good," she whispered.

I grinned. "Thanks," I said, leaning forward and kissing her on the mouth. I started to rock my hips forward, thrusting into her gently.


"I understand that the woman who saved my court from that vile Kandarian is in this building?" Yama, the King of the Underworld (at least, one of the kings of one of the Underworlds) asked as he walked alongside Director Janus. Janus smiled ever so slightly.

"Yes, she is just going over the magical ritual that we recently finished," Janus said.

"I wish to speak with her," Yama said, his voice soft as his hands caressed along his belly and hips, making sure that his ornate robes were laid as flat as possible. Janus hid his nervousness underneath a simple smile. He was a diplomat - being the head of a world spanning, U.N backed superpowered agency required being diplomatic more often than he had expected when he took the job. So, with a quiet prayer, he led Yama towards where he had last left Deinhardt and Archive.

Please, Janus thought. I left them alone for five minutes. Even teenagers-

The door to the viewing room opened.

Yama's eyes widened.

"Oh my," he breathed.

Janus put his hand over his face.

"Oh Archive!"


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