tagNonHumanA Panther's Gaze

A Panther's Gaze


After reading a few comments I decided to go back and re-read this story. I was a little horrified. So I have revised it while keeping the story the same. I hope you find it easier to enjoy. Let me know :)


Her entire life, Lyra had heard the stories. Stories of wild cats that can make themselves look like people. Some call them shifters, others call then skin walkers. All of them call them dangerous. She had never seen, or even heard a resent story about one. She had just dismissed them as stories to scare the kids in town.

The day that changed, she was walking through town when she saw a man heading in the opposite direction. His stride resembled that of a confident predator, unafraid of its surroundings. The grace seen in his every movement was magnified by the gorgeous flowing black hair that seemed to catch every stray breeze, brushing along his waist. Soft black clothes stretched tight over his solid muscles, framed in a deep, almost black, blue cloak. As he moved, his foot falls made no sound and even more unsettling, his bare feet seemed to leave no marks in the loose dirt. Looking up at the man headed her way, Lyra nearly tripped when she saw his eyes. Surrounding his black pupils was a faint band of gold.

As he passed, she heard him breath in and was a little shocked when he started purring. When she glanced back to get another look at him, he was gone. When she turned back to continue on with her day, she ran into a tall figure. Moments before hitting the ground, she felt strong arms slip around her and lift her back to her feet. Her gaze rose to meet the eyes of the man she had just passed.

A warm smile softened his hard features."You should be more careful."

She gazed deeply into his eyes, her voice a soft whisper."What are you?"

Standing, he gently set her back on her feet. His easily six foot frame gave him a wonderful view of her perfect body while he gazed down at her. She was a beautiful woman standing at 5'6, long chocolate brown hair, lightly tanned skin, with the most striking blue eyes. Because of all the stories the humans spread about his kind, he knew it wasn't good to be honest with her. Instead of lying to this beautiful woman, he instead gave her a smile and walked past her. As he passed her, his long hair brushed her face, his scent giving her a tingly sensation all the way down to her toes.

She turns after a few moments lost in thought."Hey I asked you a....."

The sentence was cut short when she saw him turn back to face her. His eyes were not more animal than before, his pupil dark slits in a sea of pure gold. Smiling at her shocked expression, he continued into the woods. When she finally snapped out of her shock, she ran toward where he disappeared into the tree line.

Finally catching up with him, she stood in front of him and asked what had been on her mind since first catching sight of him."Are you a shifter?"

Unsure of the intent of her question, he played it safe for the moment."Why do you ask?"

"I just," She paused looking for the right words."I always heard shifters were dangerous, but you seem...." She paused again thinking. "More interesting than dangerous."

Laughing softly, his deep voice vibrating, he asked "Who said I was a shifter?"

She stumbled with her words confused. "But I just saw.......you have to.......don't lie to me!"

He laughed again, enjoying making her flustered. "I never said I wasn't, you just shouldn't assume."

Still smiling, he started walking into the forest again. Lyra was unsure what had just happened. She had been told her entire life that shifters were dangerous and nothing more than animals that could walk on two legs. None of the stories hinted that they could be intelligent, caring. It could of course be a trap to just get her alone in the woods, but she was already inside the tree line and he wasn't forcing her to do anything.

Deciding she wanted to know more, she charged into the forest after him. It only takes a few minutes to realize that she had lost him. Sighing to herself, she turned and headed back toward town. She let out a small scream when a dark figure swept down from a tree, pushed between her legs and caring her on its back, ran deeper into the trees. Out of reflex she gripped the beautiful panther's dark fur to stay on its back. Her expression was a mixture of horror and excitement.

When they reach a huge waterfall, he slows to a stop and lowers so she can stand up. He shifted back into a man once she was standing, magic replacing his clothes over his strong body. Her voice is soft when she speaks again. "Whoa, where are we?"

Looking at her for a moment, he smiled and started walking toward the wall of moving water. "This is my home. What do you think?"

After a long pause, she slowly starts to follow. "But this is a waterfall. How do you life in a waterfall?"

Not answering her, he walked through the waterfall, somehow not bowing to the weight of the water. Curious, she follows him, having a more difficult time passing through the wall of water. She feels his strong hand take a hold of her own and help her through, pulling her into a dimly lit cave. As she worked the water out of her hair, he started walking again, going around a corner into a different area of the cave. She was once again compelled to follow him.

Around the corner, she gasped, looking around the smaller but warmer cavern. All around the space, there was a random mix of pillows, animals furs like wolves and bears, and different styles of blankets. It was a ocean of soft plush things around a fire pit. It was a wild man's dream home. When her gaze fell on the man she followed her, she saw he was staring at her.

Blushing deeply, her gaze returning to the cavern around her, she said the only thing that came to mind. "It's wonderful."

A predatory smile gave her a slight shiver and she watched nervous as he made his way toward her. His cloak joined the many soft things laying all over the floor, soon joined by his shirt. Only wearing pants, he stopped very close to her. Just as beautiful as his animal side, every muscle of his upper body were perfectly sculpted. Her eyes drifted from his strong chest to his tight six pack, stopped at the V that disappeared into the waist of his pants.

Gently biting her lip, she lifted her gaze back to his, her heart racing. His strong hand brushed the hair from her face and he gazed deeply into her soft brown eyes. "Would you like to see just what kind of animal I can truly be?" His gaze caused her heart to race even faster.

The longer they stood so close, the more his scent caused her to lose focus. All she could think about was his perfect body, his beautiful eyes, the deep vibrations of his voice. She couldn't focus enough to answer, just kept looking into his eyes. Not waiting for an answer, he stepped closer, his strong chest against her's and leaned down, kissing her. The feel of his lips against her's caused a flood of desire inside her and with that one kiss, she was his.

As he kissed her, his hands fell to her shoulders, sliding the dress off her shoulders, letting it fall to the ground at their feet. She didn't even know his name, but that fact didn't bother her enough to stop him. Her fingers wove their way into his soft hair gripping into him as he stole the very air from her lungs.

He drew a surprised gasp from her when he simply ripped off her corset, leaving her bare from the waist up, standing against this wild man in nothing but panties and shoes. She felt his strong grip cup her ass and lift her off her feet, her shoes falling off her feet in the same moment. He gently laid her on a soft spot near the fire pit still warm from the glowing embers.

Desire boiled deep inside her as he moved over her, looking over her body. Her naked breasts were perky with youth, little more than handfuls, looking perfect on her body. Lowering himself, he started kissing her neck. Each touch of his lips sent a wave of heat through her body, making her clutch at him, needing more of him.

Purring deep in his chest, sending vibrations through her's, his lips started to move lower. She arched into each kiss, lost in his soft touches. His lips traced along her collar bone, down the center of her chest. His strong hands slid up her body, gripping both of her perky breasts, squeezing them together. His mouth climbed the mounts of her breasts and started to kiss and suck on her nipples and the surrounding supple flesh.

By this point, she was on edge, her body trembling with need. Every touch of his body stroked the fire building deep inside her. His mouth once again lowered, kissing down her flat stomach. She looked down at him and blushed deeply as he took her panties between his teeth. Gazing into her eyes, he started to tug her panties down with his teeth, exposing more and more of her body. His hungry eyes fell on the view of her moist center and a new wave of her scent caused him to swell with desire.

After tossing her panties aside, he made his way back toward her center, kissing along her long legs. Her scent grew stronger as he spread her legs and gazing up into her eyes, he softly slid his tongue over her pussy. The taste of her sweet moisture was even more intense then her intoxicating scent. She had never been touched by a man before in such a way and her only response was to moan, arching her back to the sudden waves of warm pleasure.

Encouraged by her noises of pleasure, he pressed closer to her center, sliding his tongue between her wet lips. His tongue was much like a cat's, like wet soft sand paper, sending wonderful ripples of pleasure through her. He kept licking her, enjoying her every taste, each lick making her moan louder.

Her pleasure built more and more until he drove his tongue deep into her, swirling his tongue inside her. She cried out in surprised pleasure, the new sensation sending her over the edge, an orgasm tearing through her. Sweet juices gushed from her core over his tongue, the taste causing him to purr again.

Licking his lips, his body rose over her once again, and he gazed down at her face, basking in the after affects of her first orgasm. Smiling, he lowered and kissed her. She moaned when she tasted herself on his lips and deepened the kiss, once again loosing herself in his touch. She gasped into his mouth as she felt the tip of his cock brushed along her still sensitive lips.

Gripping his back, she arched into his chest, offering herself to him. Wanting her as bad as she wanted him, he lowered and began pushing into her. Her eyes widened and her breath caught in her throat, completely caught off guard by the feeling of a thick throbbing cock sliding deep into her tight pussy. Gripping his back with her nails, her legs wrapped around his waist, opening herself up more to him, offering him all she had to offer.

At first, he took his time, sliding his full length in and out of her depth. Gradually picking up pace, he started to swell with pleasure. He drove himself into her, lost in the pleasure he found deep in her core. Her heat, her loud moans, both building pleasure deep inside him. Gripping the furs under the both of them, she arched and cried out as she had her second orgasm of her life.

The feel of her hot orgasm and convulsing muscles sent him over the edge. He let out a loud animal roar as he came with her, flooding her hot core with his seed. Gripping the furs and pressing close to her, he ground his hips against her's, working out every drop deep inside her.

As they both recovered, she kissed his ear, and in a harsh whisper said, "More."

Growling in a pleased way, he slid himself out of her and rose up off her. His strong hands flipped her over and he pulled her up onto all fours. Grinning, she looked over her shoulder at him. His gaze fell to her perfect ass, his hands gripping her full cheeks. Purring deep in his chest, he lifted his cock drenched in a mix of their cum and slowly pushed it into her tight ass.

A strange animal like sound left her lips at the feel of his thick cock sliding into her body, flooding her with a new kind of pleasure. It was a pleasure laced with pain, the pain making the pleasure that much stronger. She arched her back, pushing herself back against him and closed her eyes, losing herself in the sensations.

Lost in the feel of her ass, he firmly gripped her hips and started to move his body. Each thrust into her body drew more animal sounds from them both, pleasure building inside them both like two forces of nature ready to collide. His movements got faster and rougher until finally they both let out loud sounds of pleasure. He came deep inside her ass as her own orgasm dripping down her thighs.

Worn out, both of them collapsed into the furs and pillows. Pulling her close, he kissed her neck softly, smiling into her soft skin. "You are my pet now." She laughed softly and replied with a playful growl before drifting to sleep, cuddled against his strong body. He kissed her again and then joined her in sleep.

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