tagChain StoriesA Paperback Romance Ch. 01

A Paperback Romance Ch. 01

byMy Erotic Trail©

Ch. 01: River of Desire

Blue Hawk Soaring's forged muscles inflated with his hand's tight grasp. Pulling Shannon O'Brien closer and closer. She placed her long finger's on his bare Indian Warrior chest attempting to push herself away from his animal lust driven kisses that were ravaging her with nips at her nape and long tongue laps at her neck. Tasting her as if preparing to bite into his next meal.

His strong scent engulfed Shannon O'Brien's nostrils as her face was brushed by Blue Hawk Soaring's long wild, half-braided hair that lay as a vale across Shannon O'Brien's rosy red cheeks. Her body absorbed every warm touch of his lips upon her skin while her half-closed eyes watched the wind sway the forest trees and leaves. Shannon felt a kinship to this for she too was being moved in a passionate way,

Blue Hawk Soaring released his tight grip only for a moment to look into her deep blue eyes. His face directly in front of hers while they both breathed heavily. Shannon licked her lips as if thirsty for a kiss. She leaned forward as Blue Hawk Soaring lowered his head and the two kissed as one feather fell atop Blue Hawk's headband.

"Hot damn," Anna Belle yelled as she chuckled aloud. She took a quick glance around the front porch area and saw that the coast was clear. 'Hell, it is always clear.' Anna lives so far out in the piney woods of the deep south that the only male she ever sees is the Mail Man and he is 83 years old and still driving the same truck Anna has been seeing him drive for all of her 23 years of living.

Oddly enough Anna looked forward to seeing him because he usually brought her a paperback novel. Anna is in a book club that sends her a Paperback monthly. Between that and the dime novels that she picks up at the used bookstore and the friendly exchange of books with friends is pretty much the only journeys she embarks on.

"Go for it Shannon O'Brien, I would." Anna Belle snickered and snorted then put her nose to the book, pulled the book to her nose and fell quickly and anxiously back into the kiss of Blue Hawk Soaring and Shannon O'Brien. Reading, the Romance Novel: River of Desires.

"I'd kiss him and then some," Anna mumbled then sank into the string of words that took her on a literary romantic mental flight that quenched her thirst for a new read but also inflamed her desires.

Blue Hawk Soaring and Shannon O'Brien embraced each other as their lips pressed tightly together. Light moans echoed as exploring hands roamed cloth to find flesh and unlock the passage to passionate pleasures. Shannon's fingers trailed down Blue Hawk's rippled stomach while her lips feasted on his urges.

Shannon gasped as His hands moved from her waist to her breasts and pulled wildly at her clothing, tearing her blouse open fully as his mouth dove downward to suckle her exposed hard nipple. Shannon's hand fell to the back of his head and encouraged his ravaging with light pressing of her body towards his eager lips and tongue.

She leaned against a boulder and reveled in the feelings of a man's warm mouth eating her flesh. His strength revealed in ever meshing grasp of her breasts and thighs. She opened her legs slightly allowing Blue Hawk to feast in his frenzied passion.

"Oh My," Anna Belle squirmed in her seat, the front porch swing. She raised a foot and laid it on the bench while her hand run up the inside of her leg. "Blue Hawk can feast on me, anytime." Anna Belle's fingers pulled outward on the rim of her cutoffs, allowing room for her roaming fingers. Pulling the Romance Novel closer to her face as she began reading again with slowly twirling fingers.

The River slowly flowed by Blue Hawk Soaring and Shannon O'Brien as they remained busy tending to each other's desires. Blue Hawk pulled Shannon O'Brien downward gently and guided her to lie in the plush green grass. She lay on her back as He pulled her torn clothes from her body. Ripping wildly at her garments removing them piece by piece.

Shannon O'Brien now bare before him as he relished in the sight of her white, untouched by the sun, naked body. Looking up her leg and across her stomach and glaring at her perky breasts and firm pointing nipples. Then he looked at her luscious lips, settling with a gaze into her blue eyes. He leaned forward and kissed Shannon as his long strong fingers wrapped around her breast and began squeezing while his tongue rolled across hers.

Anna Belle held the paperback 'dime novel' with one hand while her other hand toyed with her pleasing her slit. A calico cat hopped up on the porch rail and 'meowed.'

"Not now Rebel, Blue Hawk Soaring is knee deep into Shannon O'Brien's..." Anna Belle snickered. She pulled her damp fingers from her pants and put her hand into her blouse. Grasping her bra less breast and tugging lightly at her own nipple. The pussy cat strolled the railing with flicks of it's long stripped tail. Anna Belle soared back into her reading.

Blue Hawk Soaring reached down and pulled his buck skin from his body and mounted himself atop Shannon O'Brien. His lips kissed hers as his hips swayed gradually and his hardened muscle found her wet opening. Her legs spread outward as her arms folded around his muscular body. Shannon's lips responded to his kisses with kisses in return while her fingernails trailed across his strong, arched back.

Weaving passion, love and desires in every grasp, kiss and moan. The River trickled sounds of lapping water against the shore while Blue Hawk pressed and pulled his hips in heated yet restraint thrusts. Pushing himself deeper and deeper with in Shannon as his kisses became feverish and excited.

"Damn, that Shannon O'Brien is a lucky lady!" Anna Belle spat as her hand trailed to rest between her legs. Stroking the outside of her cutoffs with brushing fingers. Rubbing lightly and pressing to pin point her desired areas of delight. She laid the book aside for a moment as she closed her eyes while absorbed in the feelings her fingers brought her. Pleasing herself with strokes across the material till her wants warranted more.

Anna Belle pulled the lining of her cutoffs to the side and allowed her fingers to freely touch herself. Pressing a finger deeply within her as she thought about Blue Hawk and Shannon O'Brien. Pulling and pressing against her inner walls with vibrant and frantic fingers reaching for satisfaction and fueling her lust. Melting into the touch that had her soaring to orgasmic heights.

A wet trail flowed down Anna Belle's leg as she came to her touch. Her head went back slightly as her body slightly quivered. She slowly removed her dripping wet fingers while fluids flowed heavily from her portal of passion. Slowly raising her head and eye lids as her body released her stored juices of passion.

Anna Belle mumbled in a low and relaxed tone, "Now that is a river of desires." The cat 'meowed' as if being spoken to.

"We'll finish the novel later, right now I need a shower." Anna Belle reached over and grabbed her books and stood up. She pulled another paperback romance novel out and read the title while opening the screen door to the house.

"Literary Desires!" Anna Belle smiled, as the screen door slammed shut behind her. Her pussy purred.

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