tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Part Time Career

A Part Time Career


Having been a widow for just over 30 years and trying to raise a son, there were times when life was not exactly a bowl of cherries. My husband passed away at an early age and as any young, married woman I was left in a financial depression.

I was working as a nurse in a small, one doctor, physiotherapy clinic and although the money was OK it was not great. I remember wondering how I was going to make ends meet and one day a patient came in with a severe sciatic nerve problem. My job was ultrasound and massage so routinely I did as I was supposed to.

The patient was in his fifties and quite attractive. I asked him to lie on the table face down and began o massage his upper leg through the medical gown we had given him to wear. A moment later my intercom buzzed.

It was my doctor explaining that he had been called to emergency. As this was the last patient he said he would not be back. I should mention that in the mornings I book appointments and do the billing as my doctor only works in the afternoon. This has been the case for the 36 years that I have been there.

I returned to the patient and continued my massage. I asked him to turn over and lay on his back while I applied the ultrasound to the side of his thigh. After coating his skin in antiseptic gel I worked the machine against the tender area. I have always been very careful to move clothing so as not to expose areas that should remain hidden.

This time, however, for some reason the robe moved too far and I was suddenly staring at the patient's penis. I was slightly shocked as his member was erect and stood at attention pointing at least eight inches in the air.

I apologised to the patient and tried to cover him up, but in so doing I accidentally brushed against it. I heard him moan slightly and again I apologised.

No need," he said. "That felt nice. I assume it is part of the treatment." The man smiled, which put me slightly at ease. He stared into my eyes. "I'm serous," he said. "I will gladly pay extra."

I was shocked and did not know where to turn. I stammered and blushed and fidgeted with the ultrasound wand. Again he spoke. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. It's just that I find you attractive and thought you might want some extra money.

One part of me was offended while the other was flattered. The money concept did cross my mind and the thought of prostituting myself was quite exciting. When my husband was still alive we had often role played scenarios where I was a whore and he pad me for sex. I found it to be quite a turn on.

I returned my gaze to the patient's penis, which still stared at me in its erect position, and slowly moved my hand to the base. I rubbed along the skin around his testicles and assumed I was doing it right when I heard him moan. I looked to his face and saw he had closed his eyes. I slowly moved my fingers to his balls and rubbed them gently.

My hand continued to explore the region and I shivered slightly when I thought about grabbing him hard. Slowly I moved my fingers along the shaft and pulled back the uncircumcised skin to expose the shiny, purple head. Again there was a moan and I slowly moved my fingers up again.

I continued this action speeding up with each motion. I wrapped my hand around his shaft and squeezed harder. I knew he was enjoying it by his movements and I thought he was close to reaching an orgasm.

"Suck me off," he said, as he stared into my eyes. I had certainly performed oral on my husband, as well as several guys before I was married, but it had been at least a dozen years since I had done it to a stranger. Something inside me, however, told me to proceed and I did.

I lowered my head until my lips were millimeters from the purple head. I could smell the semen as it leaked from the tiny hole in his cock. I parted my lips and pushed my tongue forward coming in contact with the head. I tasted the pre-cm and liked it.

I have never had a problem with the taste of semen. Most of my friends are squeamish about swallowing but I find it enjoyable. I also like the thought of being in complete control.

I lowered my head and felt his juicy cock slide between my lips, deep into my mouth. I pumped up and down and tasted his cum droplets as they mixed with my saliva. I was startled when I felt his hand slide up my leg and as l leaned over my patient's naked groin region.

My first instinct was to stop, but I knew he needed to feel me, besides, I found the sensation quite enjoyable.

I spread my legs a little and gave his hands the opportunity to wander. He moved up and finally came in contact with my womanhood. I was wet and his touch was good. Without lifting my mouth from around his cock I reached down and pushed both my pantyhose and my panties down my legs.

His hand slid between my thighs and a moment later his finger found my love hole. I squirmed as he penetrated my most private area and found myself sucking him harder. It wasn't long until I felt his cock stiffen like a steel rod. His stomach muscles tightened and suddenly I felt his sperm shoot hard against the roof of my mouth.

I continued sucking, swallowing as he came. It must have been a long time since his last release, because there was a great deal of cum in his penis. I waited until he relaxed and slowly slid my lips away from his pulsating shaft.

He smiled, as did I and I reached for a Kleenex to dab at the few drops, which still flowed. "You are wonderful," he said. "I haven't felt this good in a long time."

I smiled back. "How is your Sciatic?" I asked, with a grin on my face.

"Better than ever, he replied.

"I will leave you to get dressed and will see you in the waiting room." I left him and returned to my desk in the reception area. I waited and thought about what I had just done. Strangely I did not feel guilty or ashamed, but quite adventurous.

The patient came out and handed me several bills. "Can I schedule my next appointment?" he asked? I looked at my book and we agreed on a date. "Will the doctor be out again?" he asked. I smiled and changed his appointment to a morning, knowing that I was always alone in the office.

I looked at the money and was shocked to see $100. Remember this was twenty-five years ago. As soon as he left I removed my stockings and panties and satisfied an urge which was consuming me. I came immediately, but needed more. I continued to finger myself until a second orgasm approached. I shook and cramped and came violently. It was one of the best orgasms I can remember.

Over the next few weeks I discreetly hinted at other patients and was surprised by the number of positive recipients. Over the past 25 years I have grown a business where I offer 'special' services to patients during the off hours in our office. I have made thousands of dollars and my life has been good.

I am grateful to that first patient who gave me the opportunity to explore a side of life that I would otherwise never have found. And yes, I still see him from time to time. He is now 79 and still maintains that I give the best blow jobs he has ever had.

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