tagLoving WivesA Parting Gift?

A Parting Gift?


It wasn't difficult to pinpoint the moment it started to go wrong, at least not in Sam's mind. He'd been dating Ellie for a good while and things were getting serious between them, very serious indeed. There was talk of marriage, mostly from her side to be fair, but still -- the question was out there. Which would have been fine, they were both coming up to the big 3-0 after all, what better time to settle down and move onto the next stage in their lives?

But then the doubts started, and Sam came to the conclusion that if he was going to marry Ellie, then he needed to come clean about his... unconventional desires. And so one day he sat her down and poured his heart out, he told her how much he loved her and how he wanted to be with her, but he had to come clean about his fantasies.

Ellie listened as he told her how he fantasised about being dominated by her, how he thought about her making him lick her pussy when he'd cum inside her, how he wanted to be teased and denied... even how he dreamed about watching her with someone else. It didn't go well. She didn't say much, it just kind of hung in the air like a bad smell... thereafter they both acted like it had never happened, hoping it would fade away, never to be mentioned again. But that never works, does it? Sam felt stupid, he wished he'd never said anything, sex became infrequent, awkward and unrewarding as they both tried to act as if everything was normal, but it was impossible.

Clearly the damage was done, Ellie became distant and the marriage talk stopped. It was clear she was disconnecting gradually and then one night they both just realised they needed to move on. They behaved impeccably, no arguments or recriminations, just a measured acceptance that this wasn't going to work out. Sam moved his stuff into the spare room and they co-existed as friends, he was looking for somewhere to go but was slowly coming to realise that his only real option was home to his parents. The thought of it sent chills down his spine, how could he have fucked all this up so badly and so quickly?

Three weeks down the line it was clearly time to move on, Sam got home to find Ellie ready to go out. She looked stunning and he felt like the biggest idiot on God's Earth. She moved around the flat in her 4" heels, her toned legs taunting him from under her little black dress. Someone was going to be hitting that tonight and it wasn't going to be him, he told himself. Ellie heard the taxi beep outside and walked past Sam towards the door, she looked over her shoulder at him, her gorgeous, long blond hair cascading down her back.

"I'll see you... later, maybe..." she said, with a hint of sadness in her voice.

"Yeah, okay... have a good time," he said, struggling to force the words out of his throat.

Ellie turned and Sam listened as her heels clacked down the stairs to the waiting taxi, he'd never felt so alone in his life. He slumped on the sofa for the first two hours of the evening, unable to think about anything but Ellie. It dawned on him slowly that this was what it felt like to be cuckolded, waiting alone while another man fucks your wife... he snapped himself out of it, Ellie wasn't his wife, she was a free agent and so was he, except... she was the only one who was out there looking. Besides, she was beautiful, but that didn't mean she was going to let just anyone fuck her... would she?

He turned to drink, it seemed the obvious answer and by midnight he was in bed, a half empty bottle of vodka on the bedside table. Everything would look better in the morning, he told himself. Beating himself up wasn't the answer, just accept it and move on, that's the spirit. Eventually he found peace in sleep.

--- --- --- --- --- ---

It was nearly 3am when he woke up, there was someone in the flat... he looked to the door and saw the light underneath. It took him a minute and then he remembered, it was Ellie coming home. He gave a huge sigh and turned over, the light went out and there was silence for a while. It must have been about ten minutes later when he heard his door creaking open, he had almost got back to sleep but the spare room door was notoriously squeaky and Ellie wasn't the quietest of drunks.

He felt the covers move and Ellie got into the bed next to him, she mumbled something incoherent in his ear and he turned to face her in the dark. She was naked and his cock was already starting to harden. Sam couldn't speak, he didn't want to break the moment. He thought he'd felt her skin for the last time and now here she was lying next to him naked. She reached out her hand and found his cock, within seconds he was rock hard. Again she mumbled something he couldn't understand as she began to stroke his aching dick.

Her head went under the covers and he felt her lips close around his prick.

"Oh fuuuuuck..." he moaned as she swirled her tongue around his meat. Ellie had a gift for drunken, sloppy blowjobs and she was giving it everything tonight.

Sam reached down and played with the girl's hair as she sucked him, but after a few minutes he felt her shift beneath the covers and straddle him. He felt her pussy brush against the tip of his cock and he tried to push upwards but she moved with him, keeping herself just out of reach.

"Yeeudungettofuckmenoow," she sighed incoherently. "Sumonelsedud... wannasee?"

Ellie slid up his body and planted her pussy right above his face, his eyes had adjusted to the darkness now and in the moonlight he could just make out her beautiful, smooth pussy. Ellie moved it closer still and Sam inhaled the scent of her juices, only this time he smelt something else as well. Another man's cum.

Before he could think or react, Ellie slid her pussy onto his mouth and ground it against his lips until his mouth slowly opened and his tongue slid out to taste her. Sam's cock was throbbing like it never had before as his fantasies started to come to life right before his eyes. Ellie reached down and used her fingers to gouge more cum from deep inside her well used cunt, pushing them into his mouth as he sucked and licked them clean.

"Tastheguudyheah?" she slurred. "Jushlikeuwanned."

Sam couldn't answer, this felt unreal... as if he was dreaming and one wrong word from him would bring it to a devastating end. Ellie slid back down his torso, her slippery cunt lips sliding either side of his throbbing stalk and then she moved sideways, off of him and out of the bed. She didn't say another word, but as she walked towards the door he heard a giggle.

Sam heard her close her bedroom door and threw the covers back. His hand reached down and encircled his cock, pumping hard as he replayed every last second of what had just happened to him over and over again in his mind. He didn't last long and soon his cock erupted a huge load, splashing all the way up to his neck, such was the violence of his orgasm.

As his breathing returned to normal he started to wonder what it all meant, was it a parting gift from his beautiful ex, or the start of something else?

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This should be in the Fetish category


I found no grammatical fault with your writing. After reading I think it would have been best put in the Fetish category as have some of your other tales. You make it quite clear frommore...

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