tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersA Partner's Guidance

A Partner's Guidance


A PoV-shifted continuation of 'Misguided Affections', the previous work uploaded on this profile. All important details are covered within, and the first-person perspective resides in a separate character. Familiarity with the story prior not required.



I pressed my face against my arms, feeling them mash against the surface of the table a little harder. This sucked. The absolute worst.

"You know it's just going to get worse the longer you put this off, Chris."

I raised my face just a little to peek out over the edge of my arms and give her my best glare. I didn't want to be reminded.

Dani met my gaze for a moment, giving me a considerate look, then turned away to finish scraping the eggy remnants on her plate into the trash, the oversized t-shirt she wore billowing about her waist and giving me a nice view of her thin legs, as well as a little peak at the beginnings of her butt.

She does look really hot, doesn't she? What a great body. Wouldn't I like to-


I pressed my face against my arms again, trying to drown out the voice in my head. Ugh. Even just the sight of her reminded me of what I'd been trying to keep my mind off of. Why had things had to go like this? We were supposed to be over this. Today was supposed to be LESS weird.


I'd woken up that morning feeling much, much better. The light was faintly beaming in through the gaps in our curtains, appearing blurry to my glazy eyes as I gradually gained awareness. It cheered me up. I was glad to greet the morning. The night before had been...confusing. But my sleep had centered me. Well, as much of it as I'd been able to get had, at least. The guy next to me...wait, no, the...the woman...

I'd been a bit confused for a moment, my brain remembering two different names for the person lying beside me as I tried to focus my drowsy thoughts. Ok, so I wasn't completely better. But I couldn't let it get to me. Dani needed my support. I settled on "woman." She and I could have a talk about our current situation later, answer questions like that then, figure out what she wanted to do.

I already know what I want to do with her, that naughty little-

I'd shaken my head, banishing the sudden invasive thought from my brain. No. Not that time for that. Sexytime was over. Thank god. No more weirdness. You have to focus, Chris.

Anyway. Dani had been a little...active during the night. It had woken me up, though I tried not to let her know. I guess because I couldn't really blame her? I mean, her body was really odd now, and it probably wasn't super comfy trying to get used to it. And, if she was the way I'd imagined she would be, I couldn't fault her for being a little antsy.

I felt my cheeks redden at that, reminded of the templates I'd unwittingly used to mold her body last evening. She'd...probably have some arousal issues. I hadn't imagined my little Dani as being complacent when next to my nude body, after all. Very much the opposite, in fact.

Still! That didn't mean she had to keep bumping me during the night. I'm sure she thought she was being VERY sneaky, trying not to wake me and all, but it's hard to ignore someone's knee or elbow hitting your groin while you're trying to sleep. Multiple times, even. That just doesn't happen by accident, you know. I'd lived with Dani long enough to know she wasn't as clever with stuff like that as she liked to think she was. And that clearly hadn't changed, even with her...

I felt myself getting a little down, thinking again about what I'd done to her. But no. I raised my body from the bed, sitting up and trying to steel myself. Dani groaned next to me, stretching her new limbs, rolling over, and then snuggling back into our sheets, not yet ready to get herself up. I couldn't let myself be all mopey. I had to be a new woman. She deserved that much. This was a new day, but it was still our lives. And the best way to deal with this had to be to continue living them as we always did. Right?

I had hopped out of bed, as chipper as I could be and ready to go. And the first thing that had to go was me. Bathroom time.

I padded out of our room as I heard Dani groggily shifting in bed behind me, turning to the left and opening the door into our toilet. The feel of the cold tile stung my naked feet. I hated that about her place, but Dani hadn't let me put in a rug. Said they got too gross in there, and she couldn't trust me to wash it. Jerk.

I reached down to pull my panties off, but I wasn't wearing any. Duh. We'd been a little...uh...

I'd blushed again. I...hadn't needed them much last night. That's all. Yeah.

Anyway. Pee. I had to. I'd sat down, relaxing my muscles and letting my body do its work. As I felt myself finishing, I grabbed for the toilet paper hung next to me, cleaning myself off.

And feeling the paper catch on something, tearing in my hand as I pulled it back. Uh? What was...?

Oh. OH.

"Aaaaaahhhh..." my voice came out, a weak stream of surprise parting my lips.

"AAAAHHHHH" my thoughts reciprocated, a strong scream of denial filling my head.

"Ahhhhhhh..." came the intrusive intermediary, an oddly satisfied urge living in my head. It reminded me a lot of...no.


"Daniiiiii..." I'd cried out, poking at the unwelcome addition to my anatomy between my legs, hoping that my girlfriend would be able to deny what I saw and felt there. My clitty was sticking out of me. Like, by at least an inch and a half. I'd never been able to see it without a mirror before. And certainly not like this. It was big, big enough to have hooked the paper in my hands on its tip, sticking out sharply from the flesh of my groin. And it was wide, stretching my poor clitty's hood around it, almost as wide as my pinky at its base. And it was...it was...

Oooh, that's a nice little penis I'm growing.


"What is it, Chris?", came Dani's voice, the bathroom door swinging slowly open before me, revealing her petite body, clad in nothing but a ridiculously oversized grey shirt, her eyes blinking drowsily at the overhead light. She'd clearly only just gotten up. "I'm a little occupied trying to find clothes that actually..."

She'd looked down at me, averting her widening eyes for a moment to try to give me some privacy as she realized where I was, but then double-taking, her gaze gluing itself to my crotch, clearly having noticed my issue. I felt my own eyes moisten. I didn't want this.

"...Oh", came Dani's eventual response, awkwardly looking down at my face, not sure where to point her eyes. "Ok. Is that...is that what I think it...?

I nodded vigorously, trying to stave off my emotions with movement. I didn't want to focus on what was between my legs.

It wasn't working.

"That...is unfortunate. I thought I felt something funny last night, but I didn't really think..."

She scratched her head for a moment, seemingly unsure where to go from there.

"I...I mean, I might as well ask, so just to be clear. It wasn't like that yesterday, yeah? Like, there's no chance you're not just, uh, inflamed, or...?"

I felt tears start to push out from my eyes as my lungs started to spasm, small hiccups leaving me despite myself as Dani trailed off. I felt the offending organ shift uncomfortably on my crotch at the force, but tried not to focus on it. This wasn't fair to her. I had to be strong Chris. I knew she couldn't do anything for me. I had to...I had...

"...Go back to our room for a sec, Dani. I'll follow you...when I'm done", I finally squeezed out, forcing myself to try to tap into the stronger, more dependable persona I'd found myself sporting during our incident last night. It didn't make me feel better, but it did make me feel clearer. Crying wasn't going to help either of us. I had to...WE had to think about this.

Which is how we'd ended up back on our bed, sitting cross-legged across from each other, both staring silently at the small, but distinctly erect, pink growth on my groin. We both knew what it probably meant, but I didn't really want to look at it. If I didn't, I could pretend not to see it. Not to feel it. Not to notice as it throbbed a bit between my legs, the blood of my body flowing into it and making it subtly bob every once in a while.

Too subtle, if you ask me. Why am I so hesitant about this, anyway? It's SUPER hot.

I felt my lip quiver, but didn't let go of my composure. That sealed it. That urge I felt in the back of my mind. I'd felt it before. It was much, much stronger before, but it was the same. I'd felt it when...

I'd looked across at Dani then, looking for guidance, not wanting to continue contemplating my crotch, but not really gaining any solace from her form either. She'd already gone through this. Because of me. Because I'd become that voice in my head for a single, crucial moment in our lives. I could still remember the sound her vagina had made when it inverted, when it spilled out of her, when it formed instead into a small bulge. The same bulge currently set beneath the equally small tent in her undies, pressing out visibly against the fabric, sitting unassumingly between her legs where HER clitty used to be. I could still see the look of confusion in her kind blue eyes as her breasts shrunk under my hands, still feel the sensation of them dwindling as that urge in my head beckoned me on, telling me to change her back to the way it made me remember her. I could remember the joy I'd felt when her long brown hair pulled back into a shorter, less overtly feminine style, retreating back until it sat around her ears.

I remembered the things it'd made me tell her, the things I'd said as I acted out a strange, real-life version of my...of the stories I liked to read. As the things I'd imagined as nothing more than sexy fantasies, as the things I'd just wanted to finally act out with her, came to life. As they forced her and I to welcome it as her body changed. Changed into that of a short, cute, effeminate guy, compelling us to speak as if we were in the stories ourselves. I'd called her a man. I'd called her a TRAP, for crying out loud, who even uses that word? Total porno line.

I didn't really know how it happened. I'd just suddenly...been able to. Or something. I still wasn't sure, to be honest. But, willingly or not, I'd used my ability to warp Dani. To steal her vagina. And her boobs. I didn't even have a problem with them! I loved the way she felt as a girl! But that stupid, stupid brain of mine just had to be all obsessed with dicks at the moment. Just had to tap into the cute, and innocent, and MALE version of Dani I'd enjoyed imagining occasionally, instead of the wonderful supportive woman I loved.

So...I guess I deserved this. I guess I deserved to-

Grow a nice, big cock to match her. It'd be perfect! We'd get to be cute lesbians still, but with a sexy pair of penises. How great would THAT be? And all I have to do is-

"You better not be thinking you deserve this, Chris."

Dani's voice snapped me out of my self-pitying stupor.

"Or that we're just gonna let you grow a dick and turn into a guy. I told you, didn't I? You never have been, and NEVER will be, a man. We're finding a way to beat this."

She always helped me feel better, even when I was getting too hung-up on something. But, well, me getting too hung seemed a little inevitable now.


Dani flopped herself down, her newly shrunken body lightly bouncing on the bed with the force of her movement as she pressed her face close to the perky button that signaled my oncoming change, her flat chest sinking into the sheets as she studied it. She was trying, and I really, really appreciated it. But I just didn't know how we could do anything to stop what was happening to me. I'd tried to change her back, earlier, but the urge that helped tell me what to do didn't seem interested in undoing anything.

"I just don't know what we can do, Dani. I mean, we don't really even know how it happened. Or why it happened. Last time I had to, like..."

"Last time you had to cover me with your icky white magic girlcum or whatever, Chris. Yes, believe it or not, I remember. But, I mean, that stuff came from you, you know? You said you were filled with it and all. Kept going on about it. It was pretty gross, to be honest."

Oh. Yes. I guess that WAS a thing. So, if that had caused Dani's changes...and it had been inside me...

"I'm changing MYSELF?" I cried out, realizing where she was going with this. "You mean this would have happened to me regardless?! Shouldn't I have been, like, resistant to my own magic, or something?"

Dani looked unusually sheepish at that. "Well...maybe? Probably? I mean, everything you put in me was in you first. You even ate a bunch of it, and that seemed to have more than enough effect on your mind, at least."

I shivered at her words, remembering how great I'd felt, how perfect and sexy and invincible it had made me feel. Not without a price, I guess.


Dani changed the subject hastily, snapping her gaze back towards my crotch, taking care not to touch me.

"It doesn't look like it's changed really, other than the size. There's no color weirdness or holes or anything. So maybe it's like last time?"

"Last time?"

"Yeah. You had to keep putting more of your junk on me, while you, y'know...did your thing. Is it still there? Maybe you just caught a bit of what you gave me? Maybe we can change you back to normal with it?"

I guess it was worth a shot? I didn't feel the oddly full, sticky feeling I'd felt last night. But maybe there was still something inside me. I decided to go for it.

Dani watched, interested, as I cautiously pushed my pointer into myself, trying my best to avoid the obstacle in the way. I didn't want to give it any ideas by feeling it up. Though I didn't feel much of anything inside myself either, now that I thought of it. Like my nerves had gotten dulled by panic. It was tight, too; I could barely...

"Nng..." I had gasped, a mild achy pain shooting through me. It was too tight in there. Dry, too. It felt rough. And it hurt. I couldn't push my finger in any further. It felt like I was spreading open a scab deep inside of me.

I pulled my finger from myself dejectedly. Not a drop of moisture on it. My clit wasn't the only thing preparing for new management. My poor vagina looked like it was slowly renovating itself too.

Well, of course. I've got to have a penis. That's non-negotiable. It's the most important part!

"No go, huh?" asked Dani somberly. I curled up on myself, pressing my eyes into the ring formed by my arms. I didn't want to think about what was going to happen to me anymore.

"Well, that's not the only thing we can try. You had to have me talk about it and think about it last time, remember? Your weird tell-all obsession? Maybe we can talk your body into being normal."

What, did she mean to just...speak to my groin? Ask it politely to turn back to a normal woman's size? That was...

"That's really stretching it, Dani", I mumbled out of the cleft between my arms.

She seemed to bristle at that, my eyes barely able to see her beneath me as her cheeks puffed out in a pout she'd never have been caught dead sporting before today. Her body wasn't the only thing I'd changed, though thankfully she seemed to be finding some happy middle ground with her more submissive persona.

"Well, it's your power! And it looks like it's going the same route it did for me! C'mon, Chris, you clearly have a...type, or something. Maybe this whole process has a preset order baked in. Chris-style."

I was pretty sure that was just my style of talking when I got all excited. It didn't happen often, and when I got really into things...well, I tended to go a little overboard. It was hot, ok?

But, then again, it's not like I had any better ideas.

Which is how we ended up in the rather silly situation of shouting encouragement at my groin.

"Oh, what a wonderful, normal woman you are, Chris!" Dani purred towards the lips of my vagina, batting her eyes sensually, like she was trying to butter it up or something. My crotch didn't seem to agree, remaining stoic and reactionless, maintaining its unfortunate size and splendor.

"I love the way my...my little clitty feels. Sitting all small on my pussy and...and stuff", I awkwardly spoke to myself, feeling decidedly goofy. The clitty in question seemed to ignore me, remaining very much the opposite of small.

And so we continued in that vein, taking turns trying to coax my cleft back to normal. Nothing seemed to work, and I was getting increasingly fed up with speaking to my insolent sex. This was embarrassing. I could feel the gaze of a dozen invisible people sitting in the room with us. JUDGING me. It was horrible.

And besides, we both seemed to have spent most of our words.

"...Well, uh..." Dani spoke, at last breaking character, her pep talk to my pussy seemingly over. "I mean, maybe we have to touch it, too?"

Yes, touch my penis. Make it grow bigger, and thicker, so I can spurt-

"No, I don't think that's gonna help, Dani", I sighed. "The opposite, actually. My brain's really trying to get me to go through with it. To help it grow, no matter what. It's, uh, really insistent. Not as much as it was with you, but I can still kind of tell what's going to make it-




Dani pushed herself back up, sitting again, her study of my crotch apparently over. Instead, she examined my body, her eyes beginning to sparkle with interest as she ran her vision up and down my frame. An idea seemed to form for her. What was she thinking?

"...Chris", she eventually spoke, seemingly uncertain. "Is there something different about your breasts?"

WHAT. I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't that. My hands jerked to my tiny breasts, checking to make sure they were still there. Her words shocked me. They scared me. I couldn't get even more boyi...less feminine than I was. I couldn't! I hadn't even considered the other parts of my body, I was so focused on the most obvious one. No, not them. I barely even had-

"They seem...larger. More womanly. Like, besides what's going on with your new penis, you're looking pretty nice."

Huh? Larger? What was she-?

Ooooooh. Oooh, that felt good.

My eyes closed reflexively, basking in the pleasant prickliness bubbling up in my chest. My titties felt warm, and really, really nice, pushing up happily on my chest despite their tiny size. It felt like a Jacuzzi in my breasts, a constant stream of warmth and sensation pushing against me enjoyably. It made my pussy pulse too, finally and reassuringly giving me some sensation, reminding me I was still a woman, even with the pounding little sprout of skin I could feel tingle appreciatively between my legs at the same time.

I really am gonna look good. My bigger bust will contrast my balls deliciously.

My eyes shot back open, looking down at myself in fear, scrambling to open my legs wider to give myself a better view. It was as I was afraid of. My clitty was at least two inches long now. Maybe more. What was Dani THINKING? She'd spoken like I already had a...a penis. Did she WANT me to lose my pussy? I doubled over to verify, feeling my breasts swaying on my...my breasts sway? But I didn't-

I pulled back from myself slowly, watching as the modest mounds of olive-colored mammary on my chest jiggled subtly. I'd never felt that before. It was bizarre. Hesitant, doubting my own senses, I'd grabbed them in my hands, fondling them. I could feel them move, the soft flesh within molding to the contours of my fingers, if only slightly. I actually...I had breasts! Actual holdable ones, if only just barely! This...this was good! This was...

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