tagLoving WivesA Party In Her Panties

A Party In Her Panties

bySally Tart©

To all my fans. Sorry my new story has been so long in coming. Most of you that e-mail me know I've been have computer problems. But here it is. A little long but I think you will like it.


This Monday morning was starting out just like so many others have in the last year. I woke up around eight am feeling oh so horny. My Husband Chuck had left for work at six am, the same time as he has for the last twelve years. I pushed the blankets off myself and was lying there with just my light blue silk night shirt and black lace string bikini panties on. I closed my eyes and slowly began to massage my 34B breast with both hands. Both my nipples grew hard as little rocks in a matter of minutes. I then started squeezing them between my thumbs and index fingers. I let out a low moan as the pleasure shot through my body. Next I unbuttoned my nightshirt and pulled it all the way open.

I could see my hard nipples pointing up at the ceiling, wishing someone would suck and kiss them. I softly rubbed my finger tips around my neck then back down to my breast Then I moved my hand down to the waist band of my little black panties, as my other hand was playing with my breast and nipple. Every so slowly my fingers made their way down to the crotch of my little panties. I could feel my hard little clitoris pushing against my crotch. Slowly I started rubbing my clit right through my panties. I could feel my panties getting wetter as I slowly and softly rubbed my clit around with my index finger. My hips had a mind of their own as they started rocking up and down in time with my finger.

After just a few minutes of this I was slipping my hand down inside my panties. My index and middle fingers found my pussy slit to be very hot and wet. I sank my middle finger deep inside myself, slowly pulling it out and rubbing my wet juices all over my hard clitoris. I knew that I would be having a great orgasm before long.

My sex life with Chuck had really gone down hill in the last year. We have been married for twelve years and a few months. We were both twenty when we got married. Now at the ripe old age of thirty-two I'm starting to feel like an old hag or something. I still keep myself in great shape. My vitals are 5'8" at a 133 pounds, 34B-28-35. I was a cheerleader back in High School, an still can fit in my little outfit. The top is a little tighter now days, my breast grew a little, but I can wear it. Chuck really loved me to wear it from time to time. But he's not even asked me to do that in a long time.

It seems like things started going bad back a long time ago. This one weekend we went to this big water park with his friends. It ended up five guys and one of the guy's girl friend and me. We had a blast on the water slides and lazy river ride. We kept going back to the car in the parking lot to have a beer from time to time. By early afternoon I think we were all about half drunk. That's when things got a little crazy.

I came down the big slide and landed in the pool at the end of it. Once I popped up out from under the water I grabbed my mat that you sit on and started out of the pool, it's only waist deep. As I stepped up on the first step to get out I noticed every body looking at me in kind of a funny way. Not sure what they were looking at I looked down at myself and about died. I was totally topless. My bikini top was not just miss placed it as gone. I screamed and jumped back in the pool going under until just my head was sticking out. I crossed my arms over my breasts as I moved around the pool looking for my top. Some guy walked up with it in his hand and asked if I needed any help getting it back on?

I was so embarrassed as I yanked it away from him and said no thank you. I got my top back on under the water and walked out of the pool. I got a lot of cheers and clapping as I made my way through the crowd that had been watching me. Chuck stopped me and asked were I was going. I said, did you see what just happened too me? He said yes, nice show. I said well it embarrasses the hell out of me, I'll be in the car until you guys get done. I then walked on passed him and sat in the car until they all came out a few hours later.

Once back home later on Chuck was all over me. He said, fuck Cameron that turned me on so much all them guys seeing your tits. I was really surprised to hear this. I was thinking more on the lines that he would be pissed off. Well, sex that night was wild. As we were screwing he kept asking me if all them guys seeing my tits turned me on. I told him that it embarrasses me more than turning me on. So that was the first time that I even got a hint that Chuck liked other guys checking me out.

So from that day forward Chuck started being more, what would I call it, kinky? He likes me going out braless when it's a little chilly so guys can see my hard nipples. Short skirts and dresses so guys can get little shots of the panties I'm wearing. Then he started asking me things like, do I think about how another guys cock would feel inside me? Or do you think you would like getting screwed by two guys at once or one right after the other? All these things I lied to him about and told him I never think about that stuff.

A week or so later he brings home this rubber cock that looks like a real live one. It vibrates and is a lot longer that his cock. That night in the bedroom he used it on me. He lubed it all up with some Vaseline petroleum jelly before trying to stick it inside me. It hurt a little at first when the head popped inside me. I had never had anything this large pushed in my pussy before. Chuck started slowly pumping it in and out of me. It started feeling better as time went on. Then he turned it on, and it started buzzing inside me. By now it was feeling really good. It wasn't long before I was moaning out for him not to stop. This was my first time with a vibrator and I liked it a lot. I had one great orgasm with that rubber cock inside me.

Chuck then pulled it out and got on top of me. He said, okay Cameron now your going to see what it feels like to get two hard cocks in a row. So I welcomed his hard cock deep inside me. He kept asking me if I liked getting fucked by two cocks? I moaned out yes that it feels so good. A short time later Chuck moaned out that he was cumming. Then he unloaded his sperm deep inside me.

From that time on all most all the times we had sex, Chuck would always use that rubber cock on me first. Then he would screw me and ask how I liked two cocks? He never failed to give me two or three orgasms. But then he started asking me if I would really like to screw another guy? Or tell me that he would like to watch me get it on with another guy. As long as it was just in bed sex talk I was fine with it. But Chuck was trying to get me to really fuck another guy. I told him flat out that I was not going to let some other guy screw me. Well, that pissed him off and he's still not gotten over it. So that brings me back to the start of this story. That is why our sex life has gone to shit over the passed year.

Now back to my morning wake up. I was pulling on my hard nipple as I continued to rub my now very hard and wet clit. In my mind I was thinking that my sexy mailman was running his tongue over my clit. Again I sank my index finger deep in my wet pussy. Then pulled in out rubbing my wetness all over my clit. I was holding my ass up off the bed as my orgasm took over my body. Rocking my hips up in the air as I moaned out that I was cumming. Then I collapsed on the bed feeling very good.

After a short amount of time I started feeling horny again. I got up and slipped my black lace panties off. I then got the rubber cock that I told you about out of the drawer. I got it all slick with KY jelly and got back in bed. I spread my legs as far as they would go. I turned it on to a low buzz, then softly touched it on my clitoris. I had another orgasm in just a matter of a few minutes. Once I stopped shaking from that orgasm I slowly started pushing the head of it inside myself. Oh it felt so good going in, I moaned out loud. It wasn't like this was the first time I've done this.

This rubber cock and I have become good friends over the passed year. I'm thinking I use it on myself four times a week. It all depends on if Chuck and I had had sex that week or not. A lot of times I have to go a month before he jumps my bones, but that's another story. I slowly started pumping it in and out, each time taking a little more inside me. Well, it wasn't long at all until I was humping my hips up in the air moaning out very loud. I was pumping that cock in my pussy at full speed. Then my third orgasm started cumming. My poor little head was flopping from side to side as I got near the point of no return. I then yelled out, OH GOD, I'M CUMMING. My orgasm went through my body like a hot poker. Making me jump and quiver all over. As my orgasm ended, I slowly pulled that buzzing cock out of my pussy. I laid there on the bed the longest time a very happy and satisfied woman. I later got up and did my daily routine around the house.

So that is how all most all my days start out any more. And the following day started out the same way. I woke up, masturbated wail thinking about Chucks sexy boss. I didn't even really know this guy at all. All I knew is that he has one sex body that would make any girls panties wet. After I was done I took a long hot shower. Making sure I washed all that slick KY Jelly off my pussy. Back in the bedroom getting dressed I slipped on a little pair of bright pink string bikini panties. They had a lace see through little front v and the back was sheer see through that clung to my ass very nicely.

I was just starting to put on my bra when the phone rang. It was my girl friend Mary Sue. I laid back down on the bed and we talked for the longest time. It turns out her Husband Steve was out of town working and she was bored and needed someone to talk to. We have been friends for years and years. She didn't have a thing in the world until she Married Steve. All of Steve's family has a ton of money coming out of their butts. So Mary Sue is now very well to do. They have this very large house out on a golf course. A big fenced in back yard that has a pool and hot tub. They're also just a short walk away from the Country Club that they belong too. Mary Sue invited me to come over for a day of swimming, sunning and girl talk.

I was more that happy to tell her that it sounded like fun. Chuck was working late tonight so I had all afternoon to kill. I told her that I would be over around noon sometime. After hanging up I went digging through my drawers looking for just the right bikini to wear today. I picked out my little yellow string one. It would look so good on my very tan body. I slipped my pink panties back off and stepped into the bikini bottoms and pulled them up and into place. Next I put on the top and tied it in place, pushing and pulling on my breast to get them in just the right spot. I then walked over to the mirror to check myself out. Oh my, I'm sure glad that I had totally shaven off all my pubic hairs, or I'm sure you would have seen them hanging out.

Next I slipped on a short off white sundress. It was so thin you could clearly see my yellow bikini through it. I then packed a little bag with my pink panties, bra, shorts, top, sun lotion and a towel to go. It was now only ten am so I had a few hours to kill. I started to fix myself something to eat but changed my mind thinking I would eat something over at Mary Sue's later on. So I did some house cleaning until around noon then headed for her house.

I pulled up to the gate to get into Mary Sue's sub-division. The guard had to call her to get permission for me to enter the sub-division. Once inside I drove to her house. Once in her driveway Mary Sue came out to greet me. She was wear a little; I'm talking real little black bikini. Her breasts were all but falling out of that little top. Her and I are about the same size, but I feel that she is cuter than I am. We kissed and hugged then went into the house.

Once inside Mary Sue fixed me a big glass of wine. I'm not sure what kind it was, but it sure tasted good. We drank one glass inside talking, refilled and then moved out to the pool. Putting the wine on ice we both took a set in the lawn chairs. I pulled off my sundress and started to apply my sunscreen. Mary Sue was doing the same thing. We helped each other out by rubbing it on each other's back. Now all oiled up we laid down drinking our wine and talking as we soaked in the warm sunrays. After about an hour and a few more glasses of wine Mary Sue started laughing and said shit girl friend, we killed that bottle of wine fast. She then jumped up and ran into the house. I few minutes later she return with an open new bottle. Mary Sue then filled my glass and hers again. We did the cheer thing by tapping our glasses together.

Then I was really surprised when I seen Mary Sue untie her black bikini top, dropping it on the ground next to her chair. Her fully tan breasts looked very firm, as they stood up unsupported by them selves. Her nipples are about the same size around as mine. Mine just stick out a lot farther than hers. She took her seat and started rubbing sunscreen all over her breasts. I laughed and said, I see this is not the first time that you've tanned topless. She looked at me and said oh no that I lay out all the time topless. This high fence makes it really nice and private out here. You should take your top off and get some sun on them tits of yours. The wine on an empty stomach was starting to hit me. I felt kind of brave as I said ok, sure. I sat up an untied my top setting my breasts free. The sun felt so good beaming down on them. Mary Sue then said that I had better get some sunscreen on them white tits, or I'm going to burn them off.

I laughed and said your right as I then started rubbing the lotion into my breasts. Mary Sue then said, are you horny or what girl? I looked at her as if to say, what are you saying? She then said, God your nipples really stick out, I don't think it's cold out here? I laughed and said they have always stuck up like that. They just get very hard when I'm turned on or cold for that matter. Again she laughed and said don't let Steve see your nipples. He loves nipples that stick out like yours do. He calls them sucking nipples. I laughed and said I'll try to keep them covered when Steve's around, as I downed another sip of my wine. We both went back to laying back and tanning our now nude breasts.

As I was laid back day dreaming I started thinking what it would feel like to have Mary Sue's Husband Steve sucking on my nipples? I could feel them getting hard as I was thinking about this. Then out of the blue Mary Sue asked me how's my sex life with Chuck? With my mind in a haze from all the wine I said it's all fucked up. Mary Sue turned on her side and said what's wrong honey as she refilled my glass of wine? Just what I needed more wine, right? So I told Mary Sue the whole story as to why my sex life was so bad.

Then she told me that Steve had asked her to screw another guy before also. I asked her what she said to that? Mary Sue's reply about floored me. She said I did it and enjoyed it. I looked at her in shock and said your kidding, you really fucked another guy and Steve went along with it? She said oh yes that he was like a wild man after it was over. I couldn't believe that he got into it as much as he did. Still in shock I asked, who was the guy? Mary Sue laughed and said, guy? There have been six deferent guys over the pass two years. I could not believe that she had just told me this.

Then I had to ask, were do you get these guys and were do you do it at? Mary Sue said that all the times that she has done it, it has always been when they were on vacation someplace. She would pick the guys up in the hotel bar and bring them back to their room. Steve would be hiding someplace in the room and watch the sexy show she put on with the guys. I was still in shock as Mary Sue got up and ran back in the house to get bottle number three of wine.

My mind was buzzing all over the place as Mary Sue returned with more wine. To tell the truth I was down right drunk by this time. I asked Mary Sue, so was it fun doing it with them other guys? She said, fun, it was great. You would not believe how many times you can cum with a new cock inside you, and the fact that your Husband is watching you cum with this guy. I said damn, you make it sound so easy. Makes me horny thinking about it. Mary Sue then asked me how many guys have I had? I said Chuck is the only one unless you count my vibrator. I couldn't believe I told her that but we both busted out laughing.

She then asked, how about females? Ever been with another woman? I laughed and said no, I'm not a lesbian I like men. Mary Sue laughed and said I don't think I'm a lesbian either but I've made it with other females before. Again in shock I said no way, really, who? Mary Sue smiled and said just said some girls we met on vacation. And Steve knows about this, I asked? Mary Sue replied, oh yes he was all for it. He had been talking about a three way forever. You know him and two girls, so we made it happen. Then the girl and I made it as Steve watched. I was all wide eyed as I asked her what it was like being with a girl?

Mary Sue then got up out of her chair and sat down on the side of mine. She leaned over me and said very softly, it was unfucken real. Was it like being with a man or what I asked? Now very softly Mary Sue said close your eyes and I'll show you. I just did as she told me, closing my eyes and laid back. The next thing I felt was her lips sucking my now hard nipple into her mouth. Oh God I moaned as she started sucking and kissing my nipple, then moving over to the other one. She started squeezing both my breasts as she took turns on each nipple. I could not believe how good her nipple sucking felt. Mary Sue then stopped, taking my hand in hers, and said, lets go in the house and get more comfortable. As she pulled me along we both went into the house, both still topless.

Once inside we more or less fell on the soft carpet of the living room floor. I was laying flat on my back, eyes closed as Mary Sue started kissing my neck and playing with my breasts. She kissed her way down to my super hard nipples and on down to my tummy. She ran her tongue in my belly button and all around it. Mary Sue's hot mouth was driving me wild.

Next she kissed her way back up to one of my hard nipples. She was kissing and sucking on them in a way that Chuck never had. It just felt so different the way she did it. And the bad thing was that I liked all this very much. As she was taking turns jumping from one nipple to the other I felt her hand slid down my tummy. Her hand went on down over my little yellow bikini bottoms, stopping right on my crotch. Again I moaned as her fingers started working up and down my pussy lips right through my bottoms. Something told me this wasn't right, but I couldn't stop myself. Then I felt Mary Sue's fingers start moving under the waistband of my bikini. Slowly her fingers went down over my bare hump stopping once they came in contact with my hard little clitoris. I moaned out loud as she softly rolled it around.

Oh my God she knew just how to touch me, something that only another woman would know. Her finger then ran up and down my hot wet slit a few times and came right back to my clit. My head was flopping from side to side as my hips got a mind of their own and started working in time with her finger. Oh God it felt so good I couldn't help myself. I started moaning out, OH YES, DON'T STOP, YES, YES THAT'S IT, OH GOD YOU'RE GOING TO MAKE ME CUM. Then my orgasm took over my body. I yelled out, OH GOD I'M CUMMING, YES, YES, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. My God I had a great orgasm then more or less collapsed.

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