tagErotic HorrorA Party to Remember

A Party to Remember


Damien loved Halloween. The sexy girls in tight costumes, barely bothering to cover themselves up. Guys hanging all over them trying to pick them up for one night stands. The food, candy and alcohol all being downed by party goers. His girlfriend, Angel, had chosen to be a princess this year. The outfit looked hot as hell on her. It was a dress. Light blue that was tight on top and flowing on the bottom, reaching her ankles. She paired it with silver hooker heeled shoes and a silver tiara. He could take her right now and skip the party. He came up behind her as she was finishing pulling her curly hair up into place, put his hands on her hips and began to kiss her neck. Angel giggled and pushed him away. "Wait until later. You'll get yours" she promised with a hungry look in her eyes.

He sighed in frustration and went to finish his costume. He had chosen to be a pirate this year. In fact, it was the first year he had really gone all out. There was the sash, the parrot, the boots, everything to make him look like the real thing. After tieing up his shoes he went downstairs to wait. The party was being held by his friends Victoria and Seth who lived just a half mile down the road. Because they knew already that they would be drunk they had decided to walk to the party rather than drive. His focus was drawn from the TV to Angel as she came down the stairs. Damien got hard just seeing her. Those beautiful DD's almost popping out of the low cut dress, the sparkle from the tiny studs in her ears, and those never ending legs beneath that dress.... He cleared his throat, but to no avail. He just couldn't take his eyes off her.

She blushed under his gaze and looked down bashfully. "Sun will be down soon. You ready to go?" she asked. He nodded and took her hand, leading her out the front door. The air was crisp and cool outside. The sun was setting on the horizon in pinks and blues. Orange and red leaves fell around them. It would have been perfect, if only half way there they didn't have to walk by that stupid cemetery. It always creeped him out. Dead people, laying there rotting, he shuddered just thinking about it. Angel and Damien stayed on the opposite side of the street whenever they had to walk by. "You know, after the party we could sneak in there for some fun" Angel whispered in his ear. "Oh, gross. That gives me the heebie jeebies just thinkin about it. That's not funny" he scowled. Angel just giggled and they walked faster.

They rang the doorbell and Victoria answered. People had already begun to arrive and the party was thriving. Just like every year Seth and Victoria had gone all out. Decorations in the front yard, ghosts, skulls, and every other imaginable thing decorating the entire house. This year they had done something special though. They had turned the basement into a full blown torture chamber, but no one was allowed down there until after midnight. Angel and Victoria hugged as they entered the house. "You look ravishing!" Victoria said. "No, you do" Angel replied looking over the cheerleader outfit. "If I weren't straight, I'd hit on you" she giggled. Victoria just shook her head and laughed. They knew almost everyone there. Ted was at the bar downing shots, Constance dressed like a stripper and dancing on a table, Trent all but drooling over some chick he was talking too. Yes in deed, yet another groovy Halloween.

They danced for awhile before his best friend cut in to dance with Angel. He winked and left her in his hands, heading over to the bar. "Beer please" he said to the bartender. "Anything in particular?" he asked. Damien frowned and shook his head. Beer was beer to him. "Oh, and a shot of whiskey too please." The bartender nodded and poured the shot. After downing the shot he picked up the beer and turned around in the bar stool to watch the party. There was a hot gothic chic standing in the corner of the room who caught his eye. Black hair, black eye shadow, black corset, and a long black skirt. It was dramatic against her pale skin. Damien glanced away, and when he looked back she was gone. As the party wore on he caught glimpses of her here and there, but she kept disappearing. He wondered who she was.

By eleven o'clock he was smashed. Barely able to walk, Damien decided enough was enough, he needed to see the torture chamber. Surprisingly the door wasn't locked and made his way down the basement stairs. It truly was a sight to behold. Iron maiden, the table with the leather straps on each corner, and a chopping block with a fake beheaded girl. The attention to detail was phenomenal. Fingers brushed against his neck as the unknown girl walked around to his front. He couldn't stop staring, she was so beautiful. Tits weren't quite as big as Angel's, and she was a bit shorter, but who cared? Feeling a little tipsy he closed his eyes for a second. When he opened them again she was still there.

She leaned in to kiss him with those ruby red lips. All he could do was stare at them as they came closer and closer. When their lips met he kissed her feverishly. She smelled of lilac, so soft and sensual. His hands moved from her waist up to her breasts, caressing the exposed flesh. The kiss became more impassioned as he untied the corset and it fell to the floor. He pulled away to look at them in all their perky glory. Damien's cock was so hard by now it was ridiculous. His hands grabbed her and pulled her in close to his body. Some quick movements and she had him naked. He groaned as he moved down to take her nipple in his mouth, his other hand caressing the other breast.

The girl rolled her head back and closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of his tongue licking her, the other breast being massaged and pinched. Her hand reached down to stroke his cock while he played with her. After a while she pushed him back and lay him down on the table. The leather straps tied him down by the hands and feet. As she stripped off the skirt, she spoke in a silky voice, "I've been wanting you all night, wondering just how good your cock would fill inside me. Do you want to find out?" In response he mumbled some gibberish and nodded, unable to take his eyes off her for a second. She climbed up on the table and positioned her pussy right above his face. "First I want you to lick me. Tease me until I cum." His focus moved to the wet pussy just inches from his face. She settled on top of him, rocking back and forth as he worked magic with his tongue. "Ohhhhh, fuck baby, yeah, right there....." she moaned arching her back as she came, shaking from the shock waves. It felt like an earthquake just ripped through her very core.

Now that she was soaking with her juices, she crawled backwards and positioned herself just above his long, thick, hard cock. "Tell me what you want" she begged, her tits sliding down his chest. He tried to reach for her, but couldn't move. "I want your pussy. I want to fuck you like never before. Slide it in baby" he said. With that she slid her pussy down onto his cock. It slid in with ease, but was so big it was stretching her out. Now she was moaning as she started to grind, and her tits bouncing up and down. Slow at first, but picking up speed as he began to thrust into her. Time stopped as she orgasmed over and over, coating his cock with her cum. His own climax began to build. Straining at his restraints, he shoved himself as far as he could into her and shot his hot cum, filling her up.

She was shaking so bad it was several minutes before she could stand up and untie Damien. The handcuffs and leg cuffs and left marks on him from all his fighting to get free. He turned his attention to getting dressed, and when he looked back up she was gone. No trace she had ever even been there. Just then the basement door opened and people began to file down. "Damien! You cheat! What are you doing down here already?" Seth asked. Damien was at a loss for words.

Everyone at the party was heading into the basement to see the torture chamber, but Angel couldn't find Damien anywhere. She scanned the faces in the crowd, but nothing. Maybe he went upstairs. She hiked up her skirt and slowly climbed up the stairs. There was no sign of him anywhere. Angel walked into the master suite. It never failed to impress her how big it was. Even with a king bed and all the furniture, there was just so much room. The door slammed behind her, startling her. "Damien? This isn't funny" she yelled, but there was no answer. Maybe it was a breeze? But she hadn't felt anything. Weird. Then the lights went out, plunging her into total darkness.

Now she was scared, her nerves on edge. Something brushed against her in the dark. Her eyes straining to see something, anything, but to no avail. She spun around and tried to find the door. Something grabbed her from behind and threw her onto the bed. Angel screamed, but no one heard. There was a cold wind that passed over her body, and she was pinned down, unable to move. She struggled and fought as her dress was removed. She couldn't see anything, couldn't feel any hands, there was nothing there. But she could feel lips on her neck, moving down to her breasts. She gasped as something grabbed hold of them and rolled her tits around, her nipples hardening into peaks.

It felt like there was something between her breasts, like when Damien was fucking her tits. Her eyes had finally adjusted enough to see that there was nothing there. No one in the room with her. She started to scream again as something pushed her legs open, exposing her moist pussy. There was a mouth on hers, forcing her to kiss air, but it silenced her screams. There was a sensation of fingers entering her, and something playing with her clit. Angel was writhing on the bed, her pussy getting wetter and wetter. She was still unable to scream, but she no longer wanted to. Instead moans began to escape her beautiful mouth. Something much bigger slammed into her. Angels' back arched as something invisible thrust into her, pounding in and out, making her cum over and over again. Then something entered her ass, both holes were being pounded now, hard and fast. Something was ramming her for all it was worth. She kept Coming, each one sending shock waves through her body. Pleasure and ecstasy racking every inch of her body. Her body finally exploded in the king of orgasms, her limbs shaking, leaving her unable to move.

Then there was nothing. She was alone in the room, naked on the bed, her cum soaking the bed. Minutes ticked by before she could get up. Shakily she got dressed and found the door. Angel didn't look back and she ran down the stairs and into Damien's arms. They were both still flushed from their experiences. "Take me home, take me home now" Angel begged. "I want you to fuck me like never before." Damien stared into her eyes and nodded, feeling his own hunger growing again. The left the party early to go home and play their own Halloween games.

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