tagBDSMA Party To Remember

A Party To Remember


My Master and I had been together for a year. The time went by so fast, I felt like it couldn't possibly have been more than a month. He was everything I had dreamed of, strong, handsome, and able to read me like a book. He knew where all my limits were and pushed the envelope wherever and whenever he could. I had a safe word, but I had never had occassion to use it. I wanted so much to please him that things I had told him I would never do, I craved for HIM.

One thing I had told him was a hard limit was piercings. Ugh. Just the thought made me cringe. Who would mutillate their body like that? But he thought about it constantly. I could tell. He talked about it whenver the chance arose. If we were at a party and it was obvious a woman had pierced nipples, he would suggest I ask her questions about them. How do they feel? Did it hurt? Would you do it again? Luckily, it was never an order, and I never asked.

One night, we were at a party with other Masters that he considered his closest friends. Most of the submissives were in various stages of undress. And all of them had piercings. There was a multitude of pierced nipples, noses, lips, eyebrows, and tongues.

There was one particluar submissive that was stripping for her Master, in front of all of course. She had rings in each nipple. As she gyrated in front of her Master, she fondled her small breasts and started pulling on the rings. I was sitting on Master's lap and he wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me close to him. He turned my head and told me to watch her.

As I watched, he whispered in my ear. "Your breasts would be even more beautiful to me with piercings little one. I would love to pull on them, making you gasp with pleasure, and maybe a little pain too."

As he said it, he was unbuttoning my blouse, stroking my nipples to hard nubs, then pinching and twisting until i was squirming on his legs. As I moved around, I could feel his cock, hard as a rock under my ass, pulsing as we watched this beautiful woman mauling her tits, pulling so hard on the rings I though sure she would tear her own flesh.

He kept whispering as he played with me. "I want to lick your nipples and pull on your rings with my tongue."

His words mixed with the his hands torturing my nipples and the display before me was making me so hot. My nipples were so sensitive and I was wondering what it would feel like for him to flick his tongue over a ring attached to them. "Please Master, please fuck me." I started to whimper as I begged him for his cock. I wanted to feel him thrusting into my tight little pussy while we watched her dance for her Master, tugging on her nipples, pulling her little tits away from her body. It was so erotic. I could feel my fluids leaking down my thighs.

Master twisted my nipples cruelly between his fingers. "No cock for you llittle slut. Keep watching."

He brought his hands underneath my skirt as we watched her now nude body writhing on the floor. Her Master encouraged her to please all the people watching her. She slid her hands down her body to her bald cunt and pulled her lips apart, exposing her open pussy to the onlookers. The shiny jewelry she wore on her clit hood was visible to all.

Just as she opened herself to us, Master's hands found my clit and stroked it firmly. "Can you imagine what it would feel like to have your clit ready to explode all the time my little slut? Just a touch of the ring and you would be in exstasy. Think about it, you would be forever on the verge of a huge orgasm, yours at a touch."

My clit was on fire and my hips were humping his hand, trying to force his fingers harder. As he talked I could feel the urge building, and I wanted to cum so bad. "Please Master, may I cum?"

He pulled his hands away from my soaking wet twat and answered me. "No." That was his entire answer as he pushed me off his lap and walked away.

I sat on the floor stunned for a moment and watched as he walked away from me. He sounded mad at me. What had I done? I couldn't think of any breach of etiquette or any way I could have embarassed him. Tears filled my eyes and rolled down my cheeks as I buttoned my blouse. I looked around the room to see several of the Masters looking at me with smirks on their faces. Some of their submissives seemed to be watching me wtih the very same expressions.

I sat there unsure what to do. Should I follow him? Should I wait near his chair? I had never felt so uncomfortable at one of these parties. Master loves to come to them just to see how far he can get me to go. I was still embarassed to show my submission around others, and he was teaching me to feel comfortable in my submission to him, to cherish it. But I had never been without him for longer than the few minutes it could take to go to the restroom.

Not long after Master walked away, the beautiful pierced submissive listened to her Master's whispered instructions and walked out of the room, still nude, and proud as she flaunted her perfect body and jewelry. She went in the same direciton.

After 10 minutes, I decided I had to find him. Had he left without me? How would I get home? Would he even want me home?

I was trembling as I stood up and slowly walked in his direciton, hoping I would find him comng back to me. As I got to the door, I heard Master's laughter, and the sultry voice of the little pierced submissive. My heart was in my throat as I walked through the door. I stopped when I saw my Master, flicking his tongue over her nipples, one hand toying with her clit piercing as he moved from breast to breast. He looked up at me like I was an intruder.

"Did you want something slut?" He stared at me letting me know I was not welcome. I could see the lust in his eyes. He wanted her, not me.

"I-I-I need the car keys. I'm going home." I managed to get the words out but felt ready to pass out.

"If you want to go home, you can walk. Or you can wait here like a good slut and watch." He went back to what he was doing as the little pierced submissive panted in anticipation of her orgasm. But then he abruptly stopped and turned to me and smiled. "Unless you would like to take her place little one."

Master's smile lights up my world, but I was totally confused. He was playing with someone else's submissive and acting like I did something wrong; and now he smiles and its all supposed to be better? "What do you mean Master?" I was almost whispering, eyes to the floor, afraid to look at him, and at her.

He walked away from her without a glance and stopped directly in front of me. He gently lifted my chin and looked into my tear filled eyes. "My precious little slut, I love you so much, and I want to make you into my perfect submissive. And right now, its time to push your limits farther. You can say no, if you really feel its still a hard limit. But you know how much I love to play with piercings." And at that moment he turned and looked at her, lust again fiilled his eyes.

"You want to pierce me? Now? Here?" I was visibly shaking, his hands dropped to my arms and stroked them, trying to calm me.

"Yes baby, here, and now. If you say no, I"ll understand, but from now on, I will make you watch when I play." And again, he looked at the gorgeous submissive, so beautiful, so sexy, so ready to serve my Master when I wasn't fulfilling his needs.

He had never hidden the fact that he played with others. He told me that there was no intercourse involved, but he loved percings and he would find others to play with if I wasn't interested. But it had never been with me present. And I never knew who he was with. If I had met them, they were discreet and never made it known.

I looked up into his eyes, and he brushed away the tears that were falling down my cheeks. He whispered to me. "It's OK to say no baby. I won't be mad, but if you say yes, it will be the best anniversary present you could give me."

I bit my lip and took a deep breath. "Please Master, I want you to pierce me."

His face lit up, and he pulled me tight to his body, leaning down to kiss me tenderly, but I could feel the fire behind it. He was as turned on as I had ever seen. There was a look of joy and excitement in his eyes I had never seen before.

He gently took my hand and led me to a room at the other end of the hallway. I felt like I was in a daze as I followed him into the dimly lit room. I looked around and saw a chair that looked like it was made for bondage, there were straps everywhere. There was a tray table nearby and a stool. I saw disinfectant bottles and what looked like sterilized packages of some kind.

Master walked me to the chair and silently motioned for me to sit. He started talking quietly to me as he methodically strapped me into the chair. "I am very experienced baby. I've pierced everyone in that room out there. They all knew why we were here tonight, because I wanted you to give in to the idea of being pierced. They were all rooting for us." He smiled at me, and I melted.

He leaned over and kissed me deeply, sucking my tongue into his mouth. When he broke the kiss, I saw one of the other submissives I knew as Kandi standing nearby, smiling kindly. "It's OK Lynn, the pain will be over quickly, and the pleasure will be so worth it. Your Master pierced me years ago, and I'm so glad that my Master wanted it done. And I've assisted your Master many times, it will be quick."

I smiled weakly, still overcome with the emotions from the last half hour. She held out the antiseptic swabs to my Master as he very professionally looked over my tits, deciding where and how to pierce them. He pulled and twisted my nipples to get them nice and hard and carefully marked where he was going to put the needles.

"Are you ready my prescious slut?" I smiled and nodded and he applied a clamp to my right nipple. I jumped a little but Kandi put a hand on my shoulder, and I stared at Master's face, which calmed me more than anything else could have done. The needle was in so fast that I barely noticed. He looked up with a grin and pushed the jewelry through the hole he made, and I gasped with the sudden pain but then it was over. "Good girl, I'm so proud of you baby."

I was amazed at how fast he was able to pierce both nipples. I looked down and soaked in the sight of the nipple rings. They felt strange, but in a good way. Even with the throbbing pain I was feeling in my tits, my nipples were hard as a rock. Master leaned in and gently flicked his tongue on the onderside of each nipple which made me shiver with lust.

"Too bad we have to wait so long for them to heal. I would love to play with them now. I"ve given so many couples the lecture on waiting, and now I have to take my own advice."

He stroked my cheek with his hand and I moaned. I love him so much. Why did I wait so long for this? I expected him to start unstrapping when I realized he was breaking the seal on another sterile package. "Aren't we done Master?"

He laughed and looked up at me with a sly grin on his face. "Not yet little one, I have one more for you." He started to slide his fingers into my soaked pussy and up to my sensitive clit. "Mmmm, you are a hot little slut aren't you? You are dripping baby. As much as you won't admit it, this is turning you on, isn't it?"

I looked up at his face and realized he was right. Seeing him playing with the little submissive's piercings had made me so hot, wanting it to be me! I realized then that as soon as I saw him with her, I wanted him to pierce me. And I would accept any and all he wanted me to have.

"I have to have your clit fully engorged to make sure I place this just right baby, so bear with me. Looks like it will be a vertical hood piercing for you my little slut. One of my favorites." He grinned up at me from between my legs. I was so fucking turned on at this point. I wanted his cock buried in my pussy, I wanted him pounding into me.

I couldn't take my eyes off of him as he diligently worked at bringing my clit to it's maximum state of arousal. I was so close to cumming, but without Master's permission, I had to hold it back. He looked up into my eyes and I could see how much he loved me. "OK baby, just a moment of pain, and then only pleasure for you my little slut, only pleasure."

He quickly pushed the needle through, followed by the jewelry he had so carefully chosen for me. When he was done, my pussy was quivering, my body shaking with need. The pain had been intense for a moment, and I was literally on the edge of an explosion. "Look at me my beautiful baby, look into my eyes and cum for me, NOW!" As he gave his command, he slowly moved the bar over my clit and I immediately started to spasm, locked in the chair unable to move. My entire body jerked against the bonds holding me there so tight, and he held my face to watch me as I had the most amazing orgasm of my life!

He talked to me the whole time as my body shook, my heart pounded in my ears, and my lungs felt like they were going to explode. "That's it baby, cum for me hard, cum for your Master." I could feel his hands gently stroking my skin, it seemed like everywhere at once. Finally, my spasms subsided, and I began to come back to earth. I opened my eyes to see the most amazing look of joy and love on my Master's face.

As he undid the bindings I slid into his arms. My body felt weak and empty. I needed to feel him claiming my body with his hard cock. "Please Master, please fuck me. I need to feel you filling up my cunt, please?"

He looked at me with pure lust on his face. I wanted him to fuck me even after undergoing the thing I feared the most. "God I want to fuck you so bad right now my prescious little slut. I can't fuck your pussy, but I can fuck your beautiful ass without injuring your piercings, and hopefully, not causing you TOO much pain." He had an edge to his voice. I could tell he was as turned on as I was.

He helped me down to the mattress next to the chair and onto my hands and knees. In this position my nipples and clit ached and throbbed, but I didn't care. I needed to feel him take me, hard. I felt him behind me and could feel his well lubed cock head pushing insistantly against my tight hole. I pushed back at him, wanting him inside so badly. "My little slut is more than ready I see. We should have done this a long time ago baby. I really didn't think it would turn you on this much. You're like a bitch in heat. Is that what you are? My little bitch?"

I moaned as his cock head pushed through my tight ring. "Yes Master, I'm your little bitch, and I need to be bred." He slowly slid his cock all the way into my ass and I was pushing right back at him. Master started to fuck me gently, his cock moving in and out in a lazy rhythm. I knew he didn't want me to be in pain, but I wanted the pain. I needed it!

"Master, please fuck your bitch hard!"

I felt his fingers dig deeper into my flesh as he pushed into my ass, harder, faster. "Is this what you want my little slut? Then a hard fuck is what you will get my love." With that I felt his pelvis hit my butt cheeks and he slammed into me full force. I shrieked in pain and lust, begging for more. I needed to feel owned, and my Master definitely owned me, mind, body, and soul.

I could feel his cock pulsing in my ass, felt it start to shoot ropes of cum into my bowels. His arm wrapped around my waist, holding me tight into him as his hips ground into my ass. Normally he would be playing with my clit, and I know it took all his mental skill to stop from doing that now.

The force of his thrusts made my new jewelry move slightly in the raw holes causing me some sharp pain which put me over the edge. I fell into the throes of a massive orgasm as my beloved Master pumped his seed deep into my ass. My body lost control under his, and I screamed out my pleasure, my love and devotion to him.

I felt him collapse over my back, breathing just as hard as I was. He laid down on his side and pulled me to him so we could spoon, his stomach and chest pressed up tight against my back. He stroked my still shaking body and lightly kissed and licked my skin.

I laid there in his arms, feeling more loved than I had ever felt before. I heard a noise and looked up. The little beautiful submissive was standing there watching us, her Master's arms tight around her waist. She smiled at me and they walked away arm in arm. That's when I knew it had all been part of Master's plan. I smiled to myself and fell asleep in my Master's arms.

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