tagRomanceA Passion for Triathlon

A Passion for Triathlon


This story is a new venture for me, far less graphic and explicit, and much more about emotion and an off-beat romance. There is still a bit of fetish in there because that's my thing, but I wanted to try and get across an empowering sexuality borne out of an unconventional equality.

Hope it works, let me know your thoughts?


A Passion for Triathlon

Julia dug deep, she could feel the fatigue in every fibre of her being, her muscles screamed at her to stop. The cold water stung at her face and her extremities had long since lost their feeling while here and there the freezing cold lake made its way past the restrictive seals at her neck, wrists and ankles and seeped between the wetsuit and her naked skin. By any standard this was torture, she was exhausted, cold and still a very long way from shore.

But this is what she lived for, for some reason the screams of agony from her lactating muscles spurred her on and made her feel more alive than ever and as she looked at the water being kicked up by the swimmer in front of her she felt that familiar surge of adrenaline and she renewed her efforts to catch them, asking more than ever from her tired body...

Moments after crossing the finishing line Julia felt the elation that drove her to compete this way, her whole body buzzed and tingled and her once tired muscles felt as if they could run forever. A sense of supreme wellbeing, utter elation and if she was honest, power, coursed through her body. It was as if all of her senses were heightened: her eyesight was sharp and focused, her sense of smell taking in every tiny fragrance as if eager to savour every last drop of the experience. And then, there was that other thing.

With the heightening of all other senses and the adrenaline flooding her system, Julia figured it was hardly surprising that her sex drive was on full either. But it wasn't just that, she felt more sensual, more alive to the pheromones and hormones of everyone around her, more aware of the attractiveness of everyone she met... She felt her sexuality radiate from her inner core and was sure that others must be able to see it too, she had never felt more alive but knew from experience that soon the feelings would subside and be replaced by a slight yet nagging sense of disappointment.

Julia was used to the elation but also used to not having anyone to share it with. Her training regime and dedication to her sport gave little time for a partner, most of the time it didn't matter and the adrenaline rush at the end of each event was enough to sustain her, but every now and then she wished she had someone who would experience these highs with her and see her for the strong, fierce athlete that she was. She also secretly conceded that it would be nice to have someone to burn the adrenaline off with for she felt sure that sex when she was at this heightened state would be awesome!

And then it happened. She almost missed it and walked right by but for some reason she caught sight of him out of the corner of her eye and as she walked by him she took another look. He wasn't her 'type' and normally would have given him a second glance but for some reason the way he looked at her caused her to catch her breath slightly as if surprised at what she saw. He wasn't much to look at: sure he was tall at around 6'4" but he was older than her (late thirties, maybe early forties she guessed) and he wasn't exactly in shape (he had the look of someone who was once very strong and well-muscled but had allowed himself to get soft since then), but it was the look in his eye that really made Julia take notice.

He seemed to look right into her very soul, to notice all the things she was feeling about herself and for a brief moment it was as if the whole crowd including the dozens of people walking or standing between them, had just disappeared and that only they existed. He had the very faintest of smiles; slightly lopsided and accompanied by one slightly raises eyebrow, as if amused and at the same time intrigued. It wasn't a sneer or even the start of laughter, it was if he was happy to see her and just her, as if he had found what he had been looking for.

The whole thing lasted little more than a second and yet for Julia it was profound. She had the strongest feeling that someone had finally seen her, really seen her that is, in a way that no one else ever had. It was if in that one glance he had recognized all that she was, all that she had strived to be, had understood her uniqueness and all the qualities that she was so proud of yet no one ever seemed to appreciate. As she stood at the registration desk still dripping on the floor from her swim and feeling her skin cool inside the wetsuit she could think of little else but that stolen glance from the stranger in the crowd.

She got her time from the clerk and collected her medal at the end of the desk. Absent mindedly she hung it around her neck and walked away still mildly disappointed by the familiar feeling of anti-climax as she once again realised she had no one to share her triumph with. She collected her bottle of water from the station and found a place to sit on the sea wall to watch the other competitors finish and trudge out of the water. She clapped and shouted encouragement to those who looked like they needed it or didn't seem to have anyone else to be there for them and cheered on the occasional competitor that she recognised or knew by name.

Slowly she became aware of a presence, of not being alone and reluctantly took her eyes off the swimmers to look around her. Then she realised that the mysterious stranger from earlier was sitting no further than six feet away from her to her left, gazing out to see while sipping from a can of diet coke. Julia felt her breath catch in her chest, her heart seemed to leap as if trying to exit via her throat and suddenly she could hear her own heartbeat pounding in her ears. She looked away quickly, fearful that he might catch her staring at him but couldn't resist a second look for very long...

"I can't begin to imagine the amount of work it must have taken to be able to swim like that, I really do admire your dedication" he said, still staring out to sea. She wasn't sure he was talking to her, she certainly didn't want to make a fool of herself by replying if he was speaking to someone else. But slowly he turned to her and once more gave her that look. The look that once again made her blush and feel excited, nervous, and aroused all at the same time. As if by magic the rest of the world seemed to melt away, she could no longer hear the shouts and cries of the crowd and the rest of the world seemed to slip out of focus...

At some point he moved closer to her, but by now she was lost in conversation. They instantly hit it off: she found herself opening up this stranger and loved how he seemed to peer into her very soul as he listened to her speak. He didn't rush her, was open and unguarded about himself but genuinely seemed far more interested in hearing about her than speaking about himself. She found out his name was Tom, that he was seven years her senior, divorced nearly a decade ago, ran his own small business locally but had to travel quite a bit on business and that he was single!

She found herself telling him all about her childhood, her love of sport, how she had been in several long term relationships but somehow never felt understood, always feeling like a square peg in a round hole. She told him of her drive to succeed, both in business and sport but that what she wanted most was to be in relationship where she was treated as an equal. Even as she told him her deepest thoughts she couldn't believe how easy it was to talk to him and realised she really liked him, and maybe something more?

The minutes turned into hours but Julia didn't notice, she just got more and more lost in her conversation with Tom.. Slowly she realised that new feelings were stirring inside of her: there was something about his easy going confidence, the way he really seemed to hear what she had to say, the way he stole furtive glances at her body when he thought she wasn't looking, that imbued her with a self-confidence born out of a realisation of her own self-worth. She began to flirt with him, to test his reaction and her new found power over this charming stranger.

First she ran a finger up her thigh, luxuriating in the smooth feeling of the wetsuit against her hand. She pretended not to realise she was doing it but all the while she watched him for a reaction. From the corner of her eye she saw him try hard not to react but she saw him consciously pull his eyes away and heard the slight intake of breath. Next she absentmindedly toyed with the zipper, casually pulling on the long cord that ran round from the back and noticed the merest flicker of his eye with the sound of every tooth engaging or disengaging. Casually she flicked her hair back over her shoulder and lent back as if turning her face to better catch the rays of the sun, she knew all too well that this pushed her firm, petite but perfectly formed breast forwards, stretching the smooth black neoprene of her suit and forming two tantalising obsidian mounds for him to feast upon.

Julia had never felt this sort of power, it intoxicated her and she felt empowered like never before. She loved toying with him by finding new ways to tease him and taking joy from his attempts to remain unmoved. Whatever he did to try and hide it, she knew the effect she was having on him: he was having more and more trouble maintaining casual conversation as if forming basic sentences was now a herculean task. Minute beads of sweat were now forming on his forehead and his eyes darted every which way as he constantly fought the urge to stare at her statuesque female form. The realisation stuck her that she now had him eating out of the palm of her hand, she knew with absolute certainty that no man had ever wanted her more than he did now

Finally she could bear it no longer, the effect she was having on him, his reaction to her teasing was having just as big an effect on her. She could feel her nipples were as hard as bullets, pushing hard against the inside of her wetsuit, every movement seem to rub at them and their hypersensitivity in this aroused state sent bolts of electricity through her. She was certain that someone had lit a fire between her legs, the heat from her sex seemed to prompt a wetness that she was certain only the thin black neoprene hid from view.

Julia got up to leave, her heart pounding at the risk she was about to take, she said she needed to get back to her camper and change but she was terrified that the move would break the spell and that she would lose him. This would be all the more cruel as she had made her mind up to take a huge leap... But her luck was in: like many competitors Julia had a VW camper, one of the new T6 models with a pop up roof and a bed that could be made in seconds. It gave her somewhere to change, rest or even sleep during weekend long competitions. But now she planned to use it for another purpose.

They made her way back to where her camper was parked in a now deserted part of a field, most competitors and spectators had long since gone. They chatted casually as they walked, both seemed happy to keep the conversation light but secretly Julia was checking him out whenever she thought he wasn't looking: she like the way he moved in a easy way that hinted of a power from his large frame, he wasn't self-conscious at all and all the while there was that easy half-smile that just seemed to tell her everything would be okay.

For his part, Tom could barely keep his eyes off her, he loved the athletic way she moved, the way that the wetsuit seemed to mould itself to her body and accentuate the lean muscular beauty that had first drawn his attention. When they finally reached the van Julia pressed the remote and unlocked the doors with a beep and a double flash of the turn signals. Now came the moment of truth: Julia could feel her heart in her mouth, her blood was thumping in her ears and she was more nervous than she had been in years...

Yet somehow she was strangely emboldened, she had never been confident with men before but something here was different and she decided to act efore she lost her nerve. She stepped in front of Tom and reached for the handle on the large sliding door on one side of the camper. Tom was behind her now making small talk about how cool her van was as she slid the large door opened on its runners. In front of her she rejoiced that she'd left the double bed made up, taking as it did almost all of the inside of the van. Its nearside edge extended to within inches of the now open doorway. In one smooth and surprisingly confident move Julia turned to face Tom, grabbed each side of his face with her hands and kissed him full on the lips.

Toms eyes shot wide open in shear surprise and Julia got a huge buzz out of taking the lead and seeing that he hadn't been expecting this, never mind taking the chance of making lover to her for granted. While he was still in shock she moved her hands to his shirt, gripped each shoulder while keeping their lips locked and span him 180 degrees. After what seemed like ages but was barely a few seconds she pushed him backwards into the van and straight onto her bed. Tom for his part was surprised by the strength of this woman but was still buzzing from the jolt of electricity he felt when their lips touched, and as he fell backwards onto the bed he couldn't believe his luck.

Julia now moved with a fluid easy motion, stepping into the van and sliding the large heavy door behind her seemingly all at the same time. In moments she was on the bed, straddling this man that had captivated her all day with his easy charm and let her passion burst out. It was if someone else had taken over her body and as she grabbed his wrists to push them over his head she felt an undeniable sense of power as their lips touched once again. She had never felt so turned on and in control; she was pushing her normal need for caution and playing it safe to one side and riding on a tidal wave of emotion and passion.

Tom was lost in his own personal maelstrom of emotions as this fabulous woman assaulted him in the most passionate way, his mind struggled to take in all of the information and he was in danger of suffering a sensory overload. He could feel the pent up passion passing directly through her lips into his, he marvelled at the feeling of her powerful thighs gripping his torso as she straddled him on the bed and for the first time he became aware of the heady aroma from the neoprene wetsuit that accentuated every marvellous curve of his newfound lover as it was pressed urgently against him. She released his hands and he tried to turn her over onto her back but her athletic frame and innate sense of balance thwarted him. Instead he ran his hands over her firm, lean, powerful thighs and realised that he felt an extra thrill at how the firmness of her body felt through the smooth second skin of her wetsuit.

The kissing continued to raise the heat of their passion and Julia felt herself thrilling to his touch, she wanted to feel every part of him, to consume him and also to somehow make him feel how she felt. She wanted to do everything now, this very instant, to be part of him and joined with him, to blow his mind with passion and satiate his very need, yet she wanted to take forever to do it. His hands roamed over her rubber covered body and she felt herself start to gyrate her hips on top of him in time with the movement of his hands, she ground her hips into his crotch as if she could somehow rub through their clothing to allow the passion to flow freely.

His hands somehow found her pert, round perfectly formed buttocks and with every passionate caress of her beautiful derriere he felt his manhood grow and strain against the confines of his clothes. Suddenly she broke off their kiss and with one graceful movement span round to face the other way. Before he realised what was happening she thrust her crotch onto his face and started to grind away as if in search of a release, as he automatically started to lick at her sex through the material of her wetsuit he felt his zipper being undone. The feeling of fresh air on his manhood lasted just a few seconds before being replaced by a warm, moist, soft feeling that seemed to envelope every part of his member.

The sensations coming from his manhood were indescribable, he had never been so turned on and his hips started to thrust upwards as if of their own volition. He reached up to this wondrous beauty and felt her pert breasts through the thin black neoprene, caressing and rubbing them through the slick material which were in-turn met with moans of passion. He felt relief that he was somehow able to give some pleasure back as she worked her magic on him but realised that he was not going to be able to control himself much longer.

Amazingly he realised the gyration of her crotch on his face was increasing in their urgency and seemed to synchronise with his own thrusting pelvis and her ministrations on his manhood. He did all he could to control and delay the onset of his climax and somehow prolong this fabulous meeting of souls, but soon he realised his efforts were no match for her expert attentions and tried to warn her of the impending release. Whether she understood the muffled grunts emanating from her new lover as he was held firm between her thighs was not clear, but whatever the reason her own pace seemed to increase.

Unbeknown to Tom, Julia was lost in her own world of self-sustaining passion; she felt every bit of attention his large, strong hands paid to her firm body as if a jolt of lightning was being passed directly to her skin. She felt his manhood pulse and thrust in her mouth in reaction to her efforts and every reaction of his spurred her passion yet higher. She could feel a huge wave approaching her and realised that this would be an orgasm like nothing she had felt before. The reaction of this tall, intelligent and charismatic man to her body, her mind and her love making empowered her with a newfound yet long hoped-for sense of purpose and value. She realised that it was the meeting of their minds that was turning her on almost more than their physicality.

And as the wonderful, joyous realisation that she had finally met her soul mate, someone who finally saw her for who and what she really was, she let the colossal wave of joy and passion break over her and gave herself to an earth-shattering climax. Tom felt the lithe, athletic body above him start to convulse and shudder as wave after wave of orgasm wracked her body. He felt like he was being swept away in a sea of happiness that he had somehow been a part of bring happiness to such a wonderful woman and as he did so he could control himself no longer and came with a force that caused his world to spin and threatened to overwhelm him.

For her part she took his whole climax without spilling a drop and greedily drank him down as if it would somehow bring her closer to him.

As they layback beside each other, her hand lazily tracing patterns on his chest, she somehow knew that everything had changed. She looked up at him and saw that smiling face looking back at her and realised that this was just the start of an exciting new chapter in her life...

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