tagErotic CouplingsA Passionate Encounter

A Passionate Encounter


This story contains a somewhat slow buildup. There are graphic depictions of oral sex below. This story is not suitable for minors.

A little gift for the delightful gimmie_your_load at Literotica.com. Comments and criticisms welcome.


A Passionate Encounter

1 - Introductions

. . . she pulled back until just the head was in her mouth, her jaw still achingly wide to accommodate his fat knob. She gave his balls a squeeze as her tongue flicked back and forth over the sweet spot just under his head. His nuts tightened and his head swelled even more as the cum began to . . . *BAM! BAM!* "Jimmy, you dead in there, man? We gotta go! We're gonna miss the train!"

Jim gasped as Dan rudely interrupted his hasty jerk-off session. Dammit, he thought, turning on the faucet to give himself a few moments to clean up. So close . . ."I'll be right out," he said, wiping up the copious precum leaking from his achingly hard dick. He tried to will his hardon down as he stuffed it back into his slacks.

Jim was crashing with Dan for a few weeks while he found a new place to live. It was mostly a nice arrangement, except that he hadn't had the opportunity to relieve the pressure in his balls for over a week now. Between work and Dan's insistence that he "get back out there," he hadn't had more than 5 minutes to himself.

He had just broken up with his long-time girlfriend a couple of months ago. He knew it was for the best, but he still didn't feel like going out and meeting people. Still, Dan was a (mostly) good friend and he did enjoy getting out of the house and out of his head. Maybe I can squeeze one out in the shower tomorrow, he thought. He double-checked his tall, lanky appearance in the mirror, giving his best cheesy grin and winking to himself before exiting the bathroom.

"Damn, dude, I thought maybe you fell asleep in there. Everything come out okay?" Dan asked as he slapped Jim on the back.

"Yeah, fine, Dan. Thanks for asking. You're a real sweetheart, you know that?" rejoined Jim, slapping Dan on the back equally hard. "So are we gonna go out or just stand around and stare at each other?" Jim said, grabbing his jacket and heading for the door. Dan smiled as he hussled after Jim, locking the door on their way out.


" . . . which is why the aerodynamicity of the quadrophenia is so important in motorcycle racing," explained Dan to the fake-titted blonde next to him at the bar. Jim couldn't help but roll his eyes as he tried not to listen Dan's explication. He can be a complete tool sometimes, but dammit all if it doesn't work, Jim thought to himself. He set down his drink and turned to survey the bar for the umpteenth time that night. His half-hearted scan was rudely interrupted when his eyes came across the cute brunette in a booth at the back. He caught her just as she was laughing at something her friend said, and the genuineness of her gaiety immediately caught Jim's attention. He couldn't really see her body from this vantage, but she was really cute. Soft, shoulder-length brown hair and a gorgeous smile.

Their eyes met just as she pushed her hair over her ear, still grinning from whatever humorous story her friend was sharing. Jim smiled back and gave a slight nod, and thought he saw the girl blushing slightly as he turned back around. Come on, Jim. Just walk over there and talk to her. And say what? 'Hi. You're cute and I'm not creepy, I swear'? Well, it's better than sitting here with a drink by yourself, he thought to himself.

Just as he had mustered the resolve to go over there, Dan turned to him and whispered, "Hey, bro. Nancy and I are going to head back to her place. You can use the master bedroom tonight if you want to."

"Really? Thanks, Dan. That's actually really cool of you," Jim said, a little taken aback.

"Just be sure to wash the sheets, okay? Good luck tonight, Jimbo," he winked as he downed the last of his drink. "Oh, where are my manners? Jim, this is the enchanting 'Nancy.' Nancy, this is my esteemed friend and colleague, Jim." Nancy giggled and Jim tried not to roll his eyes once again.

"Pleasure to make your acquaintance, m'Lady," he said only a little sarcastically as he kissed her hand. Nancy just giggled again. What does he see in these girls? You mean, besides those knockers? Touché.

"Goodnight, mate," Dan said as he put his arm around Nancy and they headed for the door.

Jim, shaking his head, turned back to look for the cute girl in the back booth. To his dismay, the booth was empty. Damn. Well, probably would have just made a fool of myself anyway.


I can't just go home. It's only 10 o'clock. We'll try one more club, see if I run into anyone I know, Jim thought to himself, sitting on the train. Damn you, Dan. You never did get the concept of 'wingman.' Probably because you never needed one. *Wham!* Just then the train jolted around a curve, sending the back of Jim's head into the window behind his seat. "Ow! Damn!" he exclaimed, leaning forward into the aisle and rubbing the back of his head.

The train slowed to a stop and people started piling on again. Normally Jim would happily give up his seat for any ladies getting on the train, but he was still bent over, making sure there were no signs of blood. Someone in some pretty impressively-high heels stopped in front of him, facing away, as Jim slowly looked up. As his vision cleared, he couldn't help but notice a gorgeous pair of legs connected to those sexy shoes. His eyes widened further as he got to her plump round ass, deliciously highlighted in her short skirt. Jim felt his neglected cock pushing its way down his left pant leg, thickening up at the sight of this gorgeous woman.

She turned slightly to reach up and support herself on the overhead bar, giving him an amazing view of the side of her bust. He involuntarily gasped at the size of such lovely, large breasts pushing against that poor top. The woman turned at the sound and Jim looked up into her eyes, only to be face-to-face with the girl from the bar!

Before his shock even had time to register on his face, the train took another sharp left and the woman in heels swayed a little, lost her grip on the bar above, and fell backward right into Jim's lap with an unceremonious "Oop!" He put his arms around her waist to keep her from sliding off. It was then that he realized that his fat, erect cock was pressing firmly up into her buttocks. His irrepressible hardon gave a lurch at the thought, and now it was the woman's turn to gasp. She turned to look at him with the most enchanting, deep brown eyes he had ever seen. The blush on her face and the look of barely disguised desire decided his course before he even had time to think. Instead of blushing himself and sputtering apologies, he merely smiled nonchalantly at her and said, "Jim."

"Excuse me?" the woman said a little breathlessly, pushing her hair over her ear. Jim liked this girl already.

"Jim. My name's Jim. And you are . . .?"

"Jim. No, uh . . . Lucia. Sorry," she laughed and blushed still further. He decided to twitch his cock again to confirm his suspicions, and sure enough he caught the minute flutter of her eyelids as he did so.

"Would you mind standing up for a sec?" Lucia looked at him quizzically for a second, and then suddenly came to herself and hastily rose from her seat on his lap. Jim then smoothly stood and offered the seat to her, smiling pleasantly.

"Oh, uh . . . thank you," she said.

"Not at all," Jim replied, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Lucia. Weren't you just over at Henry's?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah! I thought you looked familiar!" she laughed, that same deep, genuine laugh he saw at the bar. He liked this girl, and dammit all if she wasn't a super-hotty to boot!

"What happened to your friends?" he inquired politely.

"We were going to go to that club over on 32nd, but once we got out of Henry's they both decided to call it a night. Can you believe that?"

"That is absolutely unbelievable," Jim intoned dryly. Lucia squinted up at him and then they both laughed.

"This may seem forward, but could I buy you a drink?" he asked. At this Lucia bent forward and looked up and down the train-car. As she did this, her tits pushed forward and attempted to squeeze their way out of her top, barely restrained by what could only be an industrial-strength bra. Jim's cock hadn't deflated much, but at this sight it renewed its iron-rod impression.

"They seem to be all out," Lucia quipped as she looked up at him. Jim chuckled, Damn, and witty, too? This can't be happening. Then he caught her glance back down at his crotch, where her eyes clearly fixed on the prominent bulge running down his left pant-leg. Well, something sure has this poor girl hot and bothered; let's see where this goes. God knows I could use some help with this thing.

"Do you want to get off with me?" Jim asked as Lucia stared, transfixed by the lump in his pants. Then his words registered and, blushing again, she looked up at him.

"I'm sorry, what?"

"At the next stop. Do you want to get off with me and let me buy you a drink? Milo's is only a couple blocks." A mixture of comprehension and regret registered on her face. Oh, shit. I think this girl wants it even more than I want to give to her.

"Milo's? Yeah, that sounds like fun. Let's go," she replied cheerfully glancing again at his pants, just as the train began to slow into the station.


Okay, one quick stop to see if I'm reading this girl correctly. If I'm wrong, God, help me to salvage this night. Go big, or go home . . .

As they walked in front of the Quick Stop, Jim reached over to grab Lucia's hand and said, "Hey, come here real quick. I could use your help with something." As they entered, he saw the clerk busy with something behind the counter and he quickly led Lucia toward the restroom in the back. She looked at him quizzically but excitedly as he opened the door for her and glanced around to make sure no one saw them.

"What is it you need help with, exac . . . mmm," Lucia looked up at him a little seductively, before Jim gently grabbed her face and brought his in to kiss her on the lips. She pursed her lips almost instinctively, but in no time she had closed her eyes and was passionately kissing him back. He moved his hands around to her lower back and squeezed her tight against him and felt her hands move to his hips, pulling him in.

He gently eased her back and looked down into her eyes. She looked back up at him with those amazing brown eyes and bit her lower lip. Damn, she is gorgeous. Now for the real test . . . Jim slowly raised his hands to her shoulders and gently pushed down. Lucia's eyes widened and her mouth opened in shock, but she steadied herself against him as she lowered herself to her knees. Jim knelt down a bit and helped her put her knees on his shoes, which he hoped were softer than the floor.

And there she was, on her knees in front of him with her hands resting on the front of his thighs, looking expectantly and more than a little hungrily at his crotch. As Jim watched she moved her right hand ever so gently and traced his length with her thumb, and then she actually licked her lips! Holy shit! I was right! Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you . . . Now don't fuck this up!

"As I was saying, I was hoping you could help me with a little problem I've got here . . . " he said as he gestured toward his crotch.

"Little? Honey, it feels like you've got a log stuffed in your pants. I think I know just the thing," she said as she slid her hands up to his zipper.

"Well you see, I haven't cum in quite awhile and my balls are aching something fierce," he said, gently stopping her hands and opening his zipper for himself. Then, instead of freeing his cock, he reached a little lower and gently pulled out one testicle at a time. This was an even more delicate procedure than usual considering how sensitive they were in their swollen, blue state.

Lucia's eyes widened as he freed first the right and then the left testicle, each one slightly bigger than a golf ball. He was afraid she was going to turn or yell in disgust, but when she licked her lips again all doubt about the progress of the evening was removed.

"Do you think you could help me, Lucia?"

"Are you sure I couldn't . . ."

"I think maybe if you kissed them they'd feel better . . ." Jim said, looking down at Lucia kindly. This time the flush in her cheeks wasn't one of embarrassment. She licked her lips a third time and leaned in to kiss his left testicle. Jim's breath drew in sharply as Lucia let her's out slowly, inches from his very swollen sac.

"Oh, honey, you gotta take better care of these boys. They look absolutely terrible. Do they hurt?" Lucia said in a sweet, teasy voice, her warm breath caressing his tender nuts. Without waiting for a reply, she leaned in and planted the softest of kisses right in the cleft made in his sac by his bulging balls. She then began kissing over each ball, bringing her tongue into the mix. Oh . . . my . . . God. This girl is a dream. I keep waiting for Dan to burst in and wake me up. She's sooooo good . . .

Lucia then brought her right hand up and hefted his sac in her palm. His two balls together took up almost her whole hand in their current over-filled state. She seemed almost mesmerized by their size and weight for a moment. She then leaned in and sucked the right one into her mouth entirely, putting gentle pressure on it and laving it with her tongue. Jim threw his head back in utter ecstasy as Lucia continued her ministrations and alternated her tender attentions on each testicle. At one point she even forced them both, one at a time, into her mouth sucking and massaging them. Jim reached down and tenderly stroked her cheek distended with his ball-meat, staring deep into those lovely brown eyes.

Lucia released his package from her mouth with a soft *pop* and gave each ball a soft parting kiss.

"Better?" she asked up at him, inquiringly.

"Ohhhh, much. Thank you," Jim said reaching down once again to his zipper. Lucia followed his hands expectantly, clearly hoping to be rewarded for her efforts with the main course. But Jim gently hefted his testicles and put them, one-by-one, back into his trousers. Lucia looked on, a growing look of confusion on her face and then looked up at him.

"Don't you want to . . ." she began, as Jim helped her to her feet and brought her close for another passionate kiss. This time he gently brushed her neck as pushed his tongue into her mouth just a bit. He wasn't overly fond of the musky taste of his own scrotum, but he wanted to show his appreciation for her loving attention. She kissed him back firmly and their tongues met. After a few moments, Jim stepped back again, checked to make sure his pants were closed and clean, and said, "Now come on. I promised you a drink."

As he turned for the door, he caught a glimpse of Lucia surreptitiously grabbing a paper towel off the sink and dabbing at her inner thigh. He pretended not to notice and reached back for her hand as he opened the door. As she put her hand in his and they headed back out to the street, Jim thought to himself, This girl is in for the night of her life . . .

2 - The Tables Turn

"You really said that to him?" Jim asked incredulously.

"Hell yeah I did!" Lucia exclaimed as they both burst out laughing once again. They had only been at Milo's for about 20 minutes and already Jim was having a better time with this girl than he could remember having in a long time. Those deep, brown eyes enchanted him every time she looked at him, and the way her tits shook when she laughed . . . not to mention that this girl could actually hold a conversation!

They had managed to find an open booth in the back as soon as they walked in, and their cute waitress had brought out their drinks very promptly. They had started at opposite ends of the booth, facing each other and enjoying each other's company. How he had managed to hold up his end of the conversation while looking at this beautiful, sexy creature was beyond Jim. He was just glad that she seemed to be having a good time, as well.

As their laughter died down, they both made eye-contact once again. Jim felt a tingling in his chest at the blatantly hungry look in Lucia's eyes, and his cock (enjoying a brief reprieve during their pleasant conversation) sprung back to life. Geez, I don't know how much longer I can hold this girl at bay. I've got to make this a night she'll never forget, and something tells me having her blow me in the alley isn't quite going to cut it.

Maintaining eye-contact, he slowly slid his way to the back of the booth, and Lucia soon followed. Once they were hip-to-hip, Jim brought his left arm and put it around Lucia's shoulders, still staring intently and passionately into those seemingly bottomless brown eyes. He couldn't help but spare a quick glance down at her tremendous cleavage; soft, round, and very flushed for some reason. God, I just want to bury my face in there and suck and chew on those girls! He remembered himself after a moment and looked back up into Lucia's face, to see a knowing smile looking back at him. It was Jim's turn to blush as he tried to be nonchalant.

Jim was once again distinctly glad that he'd worn black slacks tonight, as his copious precum had soaked through his boxers and was leaving a growing wet spot on his left pant-leg. Just then he felt Lucia's hand under the table make contact with his left knee and slowly begin rubbing its way up his thigh. Jim tried to play it cool and stared intently into her eyes, as she exuded the most intense sexual desire he had ever felt from a woman. Suddenly her hand came to the wet spot and encountered his bulbous knob at the same time. Lucia gasped involuntarily as she squeezed the hard, spongy cockhead that filled her palm. Her eyes glazed over for a second and then sharpened into focus quizzically.

"Did you cum already?" she asked after a moment, the disappointment in her tone palpable.

Jim maintained his gaze deep into those brown eyes and chuckled to himself. Her look of disappointment was quickly turning to one of annoyance. Careful here, idiot. Just because she's turned on doesn't mean you can be an asshole. Remember yourself.

"I'm sorry to laugh, that was rude. But no, Lucia, I haven't cum. You'll have to forgive me; 'he' gets a little bit . . . leaky when he gets excited," Jim responded in a gentle tone. Lucia's eyes widened as Jim's words connected with the sensation on her hand.

Just then Jim saw the waitress coming round and turned toward her. He felt Lucia give another squeeze and lightly scratch her nails across his cockhead through his slacks as she brought her hand back. Jim was almost able to repress the shudder that spread through his body at her touch, and hoped she didn't hear the moan that escaped his lips. He then saw Lucia openly bringing her palm up to her face and lick the sticky juice that had accumulated there. Jim's jaw almost hit the table and he forced himself to look back up at the waitress.

"I'm good for now, thanks. Lucia . . . " Jim asked and looked back at her. She looked directly into his eyes as she addressed the waitress.

"I'm terribly thirsty, but I guess I'll have to settle for water for now," she said as those deep brown eyes seemed to devour him at the table. Jim and Lucia were a little preoccupied to notice their waitress, Valerie, blush deeply as she mumbled something and scurried away, incredibly embarrassed at how turned on she suddenly was.

Jim struggled to keep his cool as he thought, What in the hell have you gotten yourself into? Did you really think you could tease and control this firecracker so easily? Just keep it cool, buddy. You've got to keep her on her toes, or she's going to have you actually cumming in your pants before too long.

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