tagInterracial LoveA Payment of Reparations Ch. 01

A Payment of Reparations Ch. 01


The Auction Block

It is with great fondness and clarity that I recall the thrill of standing naked upon the auction block with my arms and legs bound in chains, as Black hands worked over my body in particular grabbing my ass and fondling my cock and balls. My collar was chained to my wife's collar, and I watched through the corners of my eyes as she too was fondled, with Black hands feeling her D sized breasts, taking hold of her ample round ass, and inspecting her lovely pussy. I don't know as though my wife ever looked better than she did that day, standing naked in chains with her beautiful and curvy body out on display.

On each side of us were other white couples, naked and bound in chains upon a stage that served as the auction block. Black Couples made their way around to inspect the "goods" on display. Sometimes they would stop to look us over, and shift through the brochure to find the page with our stats and contract terms listed. The room was filled with excitement and I was both nervous and excited. I could hardly keep myself from trembling. The other white couples on display looked very nice, but it seemed my wife and I received much attention and groping. I have observed that many Black Men appreciate curvy white women, and this point was proven. My wife is quite attractive with dark brown hair, deep brown eyes, and standing at 5'8", and the Black Men (and a few Black Women) could hardly stop feeling her up. I have a rather athletic build and stand at 6' tall, blond hair and blue eyes. I heard lots of positive comments about us, and our endowment. We were shaved of all body hair, as a sign of submission, and our shaved pubic regions made the fondling all the more sensitive.

The hammer pounded and the bidders were asked to take their seats. A local BDSM club was kind enough to offer the use of their facility and to operate the auction. Members of the BDSM club were there working and watching, but it was only invited Black Couples that would be bidding on the white couples that were offered up. The lights were dimmed down outside the auction block, while overhead lights shown down upon us white couples to provide an effective display. The auctioneer began to explain the bidding process, as we white couples were paraded around the stage. It was the cheers from the crowd that determined the bidding order of the white couples. It was gratifying and erotic to hear cheers for us, as my wife and I were lead by a leash, still naked and with restricted movement in chains, around the front of the stage to be viewed by the bidders.

We were all back stage and I could only hear the excited bidding, the loud cheers and the auctioneer's rambling voice as the first white couple was put out, auctioned and sold. When it was our turn, we were lead by leash to the front and center of the stage, with the bright spotlight shining down upon us. My stomach was turning with nervousness, and my wife was also squirming with anxiety. We had no idea who would end up owning us when we entered the auction. Now under the spotlight, we could hardly see into the dimly light audience to see who was bidding on us. We could only hear the rattling, motor-mouth of the auctioneer, but we could feel the excitement and the energy.

It was this kind of energy that had brought us to this point in the first place. This event was a journey into our greatest adventure, and my wife and I are still very glad with our decision. We are lucky to live such fulfilling lives and to be a part of our Owners' lives. We get great satisfaction when we get to submit and serve. Every journey has its beginning, and it is here that I will tell how we arrived at the auction block.


Life was pretty good for us. We were entering or mid-thirties and both our careers were really taking off. My wife had been promoted to Director of Nursing at a home health company, and I was a Biomedical Equipment Supervisor at a hospital. We had survived some hard times but were now living rather well. Our two children were in school and doing well. Things seemed good, but my wife and I still felt a little hollow spot in our lives. Having been through the Great Recession, we appreciated things more and liked to help out by volunteering and financially contributing to charities and church. Still, the void was still there. Having become bosses at work, we found that we still had the desire to please and we needed an outlet.

For our anniversary, I bought some DVDs on tantra. Normally my wife and I would do yoga together after the kids were in bed. This night we tried tantra...and loved it! We could really feel the sexual energy that was generated and released. We worked techniques like breathing, positions, chakra alignment, massage, exercises, etc. We experienced full body orgasms and learned to control orgasms. Needless to say, we started reading all we could on tantra. We found books on tantra that also introduced us to BDSM. We jumped into this also and experienced more sexual energy building up as we tried BDSM power exchange play. This led to blissful orgasms that were so great we started to think about sharing this with others.

Up to this point, the only sexual partners either my wife or I had were each other. This probably made us curious about trying other sexual partners, but working in the medical field, we were hesitant for fear of STDs. Working in the medical field fed our desires to heal others, and we learned that tantra and sexual energy can be applied for healing purposes, or so it was claimed. That, we agreed, was exactly what we wanted. We would share sexual energy with others (swapping partners) for healing purposes.

We started searching online and looked at a lot of sites about swinging, tantra, and bdsm. Nothing had grabbed our attention as strongly as one particular internet group that was focused on "white couples serving Black Couples". Perhaps the interracial aspect was an intriguing proposal in itself, but the group was focused on reparations and healing past wounds and the healing is what had "sold us". My wife and I agreed that the Black race had suffered at the hands of whites through slavery, and it was time to give back and heal past wounds. We felt a need and desire to reverse the energy by experiencing the servitude and slavery while empowering and returning good energy to the Black race. We were willing to serve a Black Couple and to not only offer up our bodies for sexual use, but also do slave duties and work as part of giving back. We both had desires to do this in a 24/7 total power exchange manner, but that is very hard these days. For one thing, we have kids and jobs, and it would be a financial burden for anyone to keep slaves these days. We decided that we would offer ourselves up as part-time slaves. Part-time slavery was still giving more than nothing, and we hoped to find other white couples willing to also pay reparations.

We joined this online group and introduced ourselves stating our desire to serve a Black Couple. We were a little disappointed that the group had low activity, and the Black Couples that were interested lived too far away for us to serve them. Another dilemma arose when someone pointed out that African slaves were captured and auctioned off without being able to pick and chose who their new Owners would be. My wife and I decided that we wanted to experience this too, but as we were volunteering our slavery, we wanted to ensure safety as well. After a lot of thinking, I devised a plan and put it in action.

With the group moderator's permission, I promoted the group and a slave auction across the internet, focusing on our regional locality. I put in some long nights trying to put the word out that our group was going to auction of white couples to Black Couples as a means of reparations and to heal past wounds. Membership in our group rose and several more white couples offered themselves up as slaves to be put on the auction block. Black Couples took a keen interest and I was able to set up a pre-auction meet-and-greet between potential Owners and slaves.

I reserved a private banquet room at a local restaurant and had the white couples show up early with some papers or brochures to pass out stating their stats, contract terms, limits, talents, and any personal info they could use to sell themselves. I encouraged the white couples to have some drinks to loosen up and gave out pens and papers. I asked everyone to wear name tags with their screen names on it. The Black Couples were able to work their way around the room of potential slaves and sit down and have a face-to-face interview with the white couples. It seemed that everyone was nervous, particularly at first, but things went rather well and there were lots of smiles and some laughing as the meet-and-greet went on. The white couples passed on their papers and brochures to the Black Couples in hopes that the Black Couples would buy them at auction. As part of a safety and consensual procedure, the white couples were able to write down the screen names of the Black Couples they would like to bid on them, and any Black Couples they wanted barred from that particular bidding. It was optional to bring a doctor's note of good health (STD free) and the Black Couples that did this, which was most of them, went on our list to be able to bid on us.

I found a local BDSM club that was willing to conduct the auction for us. They were very helpful and all too willing to watch the spectacle and participate. A lot of work went into the planning and the BDSM club promoted the event and sold tickets. Black Couples were able to earn points from various participation activities online, and the points would be traded in for play money to bid with at the auction. Our internet group buzzed with excitement as the auction day drew nearer and nearer. My wife and I found ourselves getting more nervous and scared, but also thrilled and excited.

After dropping our kids off to grandma and grandpa's for the weekend, my wife and I prepared ourselves. We showered together and shaved off all body hair to identify us as slaves. My wife checked her appearance in the mirror over and over, wanting to look her best on the auction block. We got dressed with shirts reading our screen name and grabbed our contract and sat waiting for the designated hour. Our contract stated that we would serve real-time one weekend a month and one night on-line a week, and pay a specified tax to our Black Couple, as well as some of the services we could provide. We had only the obvious hard limits and we had some limits that would be negotiated annually like, being marked, loaned out or sold, etc. Some of these things were typical slave procedures, but as we were new to this we just wanted time to warm up. The contract was to be presented and read at auction to ensure consensual agreement on all parties. I kept the contract in a nice big envelop with our screen name on it and kept checking it as we watched the time.

At the planned time, my wife and I locked up our house for the weekend and started walking down the street. It was a peaceful evening and we were both quiet and wondering what would happen as we strolled hand-in-hand into the park. I tried hard to contain myself and not spoil it. We found ourselves in a secluded area and a van suddenly pulled up beside us and gang wearing ski masks jumped out from the doors. We tried to run away but we were tackled and captured. We both struggled and the ski masks were rough with us as they hog tied us and threw us into the van. Our mouths were duct taped and our hands and ankles bound. There were other white couples already in the van having been captured by our gang of friends at the BDSM club. The van made several more stops to capture more white couples, all wearing T-shirts that identified them by their screen names.

The van arrived at the BDSM club and we were all taken inside. There was a large turnout by the BDSM club and they seemed to delight in watching us captured couples be scared and helpless. Our bounds were cut and we were ordered to stand up. We were then ordered to strip naked and place our clothes in the bags provided. It was rather embarrassing to strip naked before such a large audience, I think especially for the women. Our screen names were written on our clothing bags, and also upon our chests, arms, and butts. Our hands were bound and are legs shackled. We were all collared with a chain connecting to our spouse's collar. From here we were arranged on display upon the stage.


There we were with our turn on the auction block. A club Mistress led us around and tried to display us well while working the crowd up. There was a lot of hooting and hollering and the terms of service from our contract were read and displayed on an overhead display. The bidding opened and it felt as though time had stopped as my wife and I stood naked for what seemed an eternity awaiting the exciting end of this rather humiliating moment of being offered up for sale like pieces of meat.

"Sold!" cried out the auctioneer as he brought the hammer crashing down on the podium.

There was some applause, and the Mistress led us off the stage. We were taken in the back where we were to sign our contract with our new Owners and surrender into their service as we were handed over to the highest bidder. I could hear the next white couple being auctioned off as we made our way back and knelt at a table with our contract on it. My wife and I both waited with high anticipation to see who had bought us and who our new Owners would be. This experience was thrilling and has led to a journey of surrender and service and healing.

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